Stardew Valley: tips on earning extra income from Fishing

Immediately after your arrival in Stardew Valley you’ll get a message from Fischer Willy. He invites you to his house. To meet him you have to go to south of your farm down to the beach and go there on the jetty. Then it will start a cutscene in which you get an old bamboo fishing rod from Willy.

Now to catch your first fish, eject the Angel. Then press the views of the sea to the land, hold the left mouse button and wait until the display bar fills in green color. Then you should release the button and the line is played. When the bar is filled completely in green, then appears a "MAX", because you have reached the maximum length. Now we have to wait. However, don’t be confused by the bubbling noise.

Click as fast as possible on your bait in the water as soon as you hear the plink sound. When a fish has taken the bait, then displayed a large "HIT" and a new ad with a fishing pole and two bars appear. On the left side you see a fish and a little green bar. Directly to the right of it is another bar, the green fills up when you're getting close to catch the fish. The bar fills red and sinks to the bottom, then you have unfortunately lost it and the minigame is ended.

Now you must act quickly. The fish will move up and down in the bar at random. Hold the left mouse button when the fish moves upward in the bar, then the green bar moves in the height. Bar and fish have always superimpose. If the fish back down, then you have to let go of the left mouse button, as well as the green bar drops again.

If you could hold the fish for a while, then it is trapped. But the bar has completely color in green in the right groin. However, you need a little bit tact. Some fish fast at the beginning into the air and then you have to react quickly. Exert best as often as possible. Each fish that you catch, you bring good money.

Fishing equipment

In addition to the fishing rod you can also get other items to improve your fishing and makes fishing easier. This includes a tackle. This is the float and the hook on a leash. It increases the chance that you catch something. Particular fish can be attracted to bait. Something you get in angler shop on the web. It is operated by Willy, of which you have already received your bamboo fishing rod. Here you can even sell your caught fish.

You can’t expect to catch fish always. Sometimes you will catch trash items, such as algae, broken CD's or glasses. But don’t throw them as some of these items can still be useful and bring you even money:

- Jodi requires 1x seaweed
- Evelyn wants a can of Joja-Cola
- Linus delights in Trash

The quests of Evelyn and Jodi can be found on the notice board in front of Pierre's General Store, where you can take the task directly. You earn a little gold once you bring both their desired object.

To establish friendships, you must give presents to the Valley- occupants. Here, Linus, lives in a tent above your farm, he delighted in such scrap items.

Catch a treasure in Stardew Valley

Sometimes, when fishing a small treasure appear in your bar, if you have a fish on a hook. Then you have to try to keep the green bar above the chest. However, it moves contrary to the fish not in the bar. To raise a treasure, of course, is even more difficult. You have to try to do both: to catch the fish, and thereby to recover the treasure.

In Stardew Valley, the variety of fish species is widely spread. Overall, you'll find over 50 different sea creatures. The availability of fish depends on the season, but also the weather, time of day, location and time of year. That is why we show you here, when and what marine animals you can catch:


Anchovies - all day (beach)
Eel - in the early afternoon and in rain (beach)
Halibut - all day (beach)
Herring - all day (beach)
Catfish - all day in rainy weather (ponds and rivers)
Shad / bluefish - all day on rainy days (river)
Smallmouth Bass - all day (River)
Sunfish / God salmon - all day, when the sun shines (river)


Halibut - all day (beach)
Octopus - morning (beach)
Pufferfish - the early afternoon when the sun (beach)
Red Mullet - all day (beach)
Red Snapper - on rainy days, all day (beach)
Super Cucumber - at night (beach)
Tilapia / Cichlid - all day (beach)
Tuna - all day (beach)
Pike - all day (ponds)
Dorade - all day (River)
Rainbow Trout - all day in the sunshine (river)
Shad / bluefish - all day on rainy days (river)
Sunfish / God salmon - all day in the sunshine (river)


Albacora / albacore tuna - in the morning or at night (beach)
Anchovies - all day (beach)
Red Snapper - all day when it snows (beach)
Sea Cucumber - all day (beach)
Super Cucumber - at night (beach)
Catfish - all day in the rain (ponds and rivers)
Lingcod - all day (River)
Salmon - all day (River)
Shad / bluefish - all day on rainy days (river)
Smallmouth Bass - all day (River)
Tiger Trout - in the early morning or early afternoon (river)
Walleye - afternoon or at night, when it rains (river)


Albacora / albacore tuna - in the morning or at night (beach)
Halibut - all day (beach)
Herring - all day (beach)
Red Mullet - all day (beach)
Sea Cucumber - all day (beach)
Squid / Octopus - at night (beach)
Tuna - all day (beach)
Catfish - all day when it snows (ponds)
Perch / bass - all day (ponds)
Pike - all day (ponds)
Catfish - all day when it snows (river)
Chub - daytime (river)
Lingcod - all day (River)
Perch / bass - all day (River)
Pike - all day (River)
Tiger Trout - all day (River)
Walleye - afternoon or at night, when it snows


Green Algae - all day (beach)
Sardines - all day (beach)
Seaweed - all day (beach)
Trash / Garbage - all day (beach)
Carp - all day (pond)
Chub - all day (ponds)
Periwinkle / beach snail - all day (ponds)
Snail - all day (ponds)
Bream / seabream - at night

In the mine

Ghost Fish - level 20, 60 and 100, all day and all year
Ice Pip - level 60, all day and all year
Lava Eel - level 100, all day and all year
Stonefish - level 20, all day and all year
Sturgeon - mines Lake, all day in summer and in winter

Like any skill in Stardew Valley fishing also has a limit, 10 levels in total. However, you must not discourage if fishing on the top does not work so well. You will still go up in the level, if you practice enough. Incidentally, there are different levels of quality in fishing: silver, gold, and star fish. This should sell or use as a gift for Valley residents. Anchovies, carp or sardines can use as a fertilizer for your plants.

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