The Division - Gear / Equipment Mods, types and bonuses

In Tom Clancy's The Division, not only weapons can be modified but also Equipment such as your jackets, masks and other gear items. There you will notice, not all items that are modifiable. How this works, we will show you in our guide below.

As equipment for The Division all west / jackets, masks, knee pads, backpacks, gloves and holster apply. Each of these objects can be modded, provided that it has a Mod Square. See the description of the equipment, you can read it in the text below. In terms of Equipment mods, there are two different types of Equipment Items in the game.

1. Equipment parts without space for Equipment Mods
2. Equipment parts with space for Equipment Mods

Only the second version of the Kit Items can be equipped with Equipment Mods.

With the Equipment Mods in The Division you can strengthen to a three attributes:

Primary PLC: Displays the damage per second.
Hit points: Displays the amount of life energy of your character.
Skills strength: Shows the strength of your skills.

The Equipment mods have an increase in one of the three categories in the description, strengthen this, and thus increase the corresponding attribute. This means that you increase your life energy, you decide for Equipment mods that have this effect. The names of the Equipment Mods also give you an indication of which attributes it primarily support:

- Power Mod: This Equipment Mods improve mainly your life energy.
- Electronics Mod: This can increase strength of your skills.
- Weapon Mod: Uses weapon mods to increase the primary PLC.

Other bonuses of Equipment Mods

We come to the second advantage of the Equipment Mods in The Division. In addition to the bonuses on these three attributes, you add these other extras. For example, you can improve your critical damage, the pulse-action time or the first aid self-healing. Logically, the weapon mod for weapon damage and power mod is responsible for first aid self-healing, etc. This means that if you have found an equipment-part having a Mod Square, you should benefit of Equipment mods and you opt for the modification that best suits your playing style.

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