Tom Clancy's The Division: all talents at a glance

Tom Clancy's The Division offers great opportunities besides an exciting ending story as role-playing game (RPG). These include all those skills that will help you in improving your playing style. In addition to the Skills and Perks particularly the talents are important, so that you can draw the character of your agents in a particular direction.

Unlock Talents

The talents enhance the skills of your agents. Your talents can assist you, for example, if you want to use really powerful weapons. The talent is passive skills that support your agents. The Division has a total of 24 talents. You may change your talents anytime and switch back and forth. Talents are the way, made available through certain activities under you take with your agent if you have unlocked for the corresponding slots. It requires an update to activate a talent.

The activation of talent is also dependent on the unlocking of the three wings of the base of operations:

- Medical wing
- Tech Wing
- Security wing

An example: The Talent "Precision" is unlocked when you kill an enemy who is at full health with a single headshot. Then this talent you own, increases immediately the damage that makes in head shots, 10 Seconds to 25%.

The following talents are available to choose from (the upgrade applies to your equipment):

Medical Wing

Adrenalin: You gain a Overheal if you use a health kit in not full health.

Required Upgrade: Decontamination Unit

Triage: Your skill cooldown is reduced by 15%, you heal allied agents with a skill.

Required Upgrade: Decontamination Unit.

Shock and Awe: your movement speed is increased for 10 sec by 25%.Teams spiking in coverage.

Required Upgrade: Pharmacy.

Battle Buddy: The damage taken is reduced both for you as well as for an allied agents
10 sec. By 50% when you revitalized him.

Required Upgrade: Pharmacy

Critical Save / Rescue Medicine: your damage resistance is increased for 10 seconds to 40%, if it's a health kit.

Required Upgrade: Counseling.

Shrapnel: There is a 30% chance that the bleed effect to all enemies in a
Range of 10 meters spreads when an enemy deals damage to the bleeding effect.

Required Upgrade: Counseling.

Combat Medic / Paramedic Field: Your health is increased by 40%, if you do use Medikit near team members or friendly to agents within 20 meters.

Required Upgrade: Pediatric Care.

Strike Back / Counter: The cooldown active skills is reduced by 20% if your health is low.

Required Upgrade: Pediatric Care.

Tech Wing

Tactical Advance: increased weapon damage by 2% per meters covered for 10 seconds.

Required Upgrade: Central Heating.

Demolition Expert / Explosives Expert: Your explosive damage is increased for 15 seconds to 40%, enemy kills with an explosion.

Required Upgrade: Central Heating.

Clean up: You will receive a 25% chance to fill all your ammo types when you kill
an enemy with the skill.

Required Upgrade: SatComms.

Fear Tactics: You will receive a 30% chance that the effect shock to all opponents
spread in a radius of 10 meters, if you deal damage to an opponent with the effect shock.

Required Upgrade: SatComms.

Evasive Action: Your damage taken is reduced by 30%, if you do successfully the other moves by a cover

Required Upgrade: Recalibration.

Tech Support: The effect of a skill is increased by 10% if you use this skill to kill an opponent.

Required Upgrade: Recalibration.

Wildfire: There is a 30% chance that the effect "burning" on all opponents in a
Range of 10 meters spread when you may cause damage to an opponent with the effect "burning".

Required Upgrade: Recharge Center.

Death by Proxy: The power of your skills will increase by 30 seconds - long by 20%.

Required Upgrade: Recharge Center.

Security Wing

Steady Hands: The recoil of your weapon drops for 10 seconds to 25% when you behind one.
Marking hidden.

Required Upgrade: Procurement Team.

On the Move / In motion: your damage taken is reduced for 10 seconds to 30% when you kill an enemy while

Required Upgrade: Procurement Team.

Precision: Your headshot damage increases for 10 seconds by 25% if you kill an opponent by

Required Upgrade: Guard Posts.

Chain Reaction: you deal 40% more damage when you injured several enemies with an explosion.

Required Upgrade: Guard Posts

Desperate Times: The precision increases with blind fire by 20% if your health
is low.

Required Upgrade: Shooting Range.

Stopping Power: The headshot damage is increased by 25% for 10 seconds for if you a
spiking enemy in his coverage.

Required Upgrade: Shooting Range.

Repo Reaper: You get a magazine (30 rounds) for your primary weapon when you /
team kill with a secondary weapon.

Required Upgrade: Canine Unit.

One is None: Headshot has 50% chance to not use a bullet.

Required Upgrade: Canine Unit.

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