Dark Souls 3: guide to unlock all endings - conditions

In Dark Souls 3, there are four different endings and we show you how you will unlock all endings. But beware - spoilers! We don’t reveal indeed what happens in the end sequences, but must meet the conditions of their victory. Particularly complicated preparation requires only one of the ends with Dark Souls. 3

For each of the normal ends in Dark Souls 3 you will be rewarded with a trophy or a success. Three of these ends are normal, while there is also a fourth secret end. In the following guide we show you what conditions need to fulfill for all ends. We give you a trick that you can unlock all the ends in one game. It's up to you which approach you choose.

You can unlock all endings in a single shot, first you have to save your gameplay at a specific point. Save this on a USB stick or an external hard drive. Once you have played through to the boss fight against the Soul of Cinder, defeat this boss and finish the game at this point. Save game at this point is now crucial for the attainment of all ends in a single shot. The conditions must meet in advance. In the following, we show you the conditions for all the ends that will help you to reach all or a selected end.

Linked to the First Flame - End no. 1

This is the simplest of all ends in Dark Souls 3. What you have to do is to defeat the final boss only (Soul of Cinder) and then to light the bonfire. You will be asked if you want to bind the first flame and once you confirm, the video sequence will start at that end.

The End Of The Fire - End no. 2

For the second end you have to fulfill some conditions before the final boss. First of all, you have to find the secret area Untended Graves. There you will be on a somber version of Firelink shrine encounter where you have to pick up the eyes of the Fire Keeper. This can be found behind a destructible wall, which is located behind the actual seat of the miracle trailer Irina of Carim.

If you back in the actual firelink shrine, you have the eyes to pass on to the fire guardian. Notice the music in the background - this is about to change. Now you can face the final boss and ignite the beacon in connection, use the call symbol of the Fire Keeper.

The End of Fire - End no. 3

This end in Dark Souls 3 is particularly for dedicated players, since it requires a lot of sacrifice and preparation. You are never allowed to heal during the entire game, and you never pass the Fire Keeper soul. In addition, you must not use a purifying stone. The only thing that is allowed is the use of fire. To experience the last end in Dark Souls 3 do as follows:

- Nearby the foot of high wall bonfire at Undead Settlement you’ll find Yoel of Londor. Speak with him.

- Speak with him again If the firelink shrine to Yoel of Londor. Here you can level up for free by clicking point to the True Power Option.
- Kill yourself 8 times, so you can level up another four times with Yoel.
- Now teleport you out of the firelink shrine out and be right back. You will notice that Yoel is dead and will take him Yuria of Londor. Speak to her until she has to tell you nothing new.
- Go to Beacon Semisolid (path of sacrifice) and speak with Anri of Astora.
- Eliminate the deacons of the abyss and go to Anri in the firelink shrine.
- Defeat the Guardians of the Abyss and go to the entrance of the Catacombs Carthus to talk again with Anri.
- The next time you meet Anri towards Overlord Wolnir next to the suspension bridge - Speak there with Anri.
- Go to Smoldering Lake near Old demon king and kill there Horace. Go back and talk again with Arni.
- Make your way to the bonfire Yorshkas Church (Irithyll of Nordwindtals) and speak again with Anri. Kill after the Sulyvahn High Priest.
- Go back to the firelink shrine and speak with Yuria of Londor. Then you can marry Anri under the bonfire Anor Londo (Irithyll of Nordwindtals). It does not matter what gender you for your class you chose as Anri adapts.
- Speak one more time with Yuria of Londor. Now you have completed all the steps and can defeat the final boss - then ignite the bonfire.

The Usurpation of Fire End no. 4

The Secret end with Dark Souls 3 you loose again easily. Go as in the second end and when the fire keeper at the bonfire appears, you need to kill him quickly. So you can watch the fourth and final ending in Dark Souls 3.

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