Dark Souls 3: Red Eye Orb location / invade players

In Dark Souls 3, the item "Red Eye Orb" brings a little more excitement and fun to the game. With the Red Eye Orb you can easily enter the world of other players. Here you walk around as a sinister spirit and can even invade other gamers. This guide shows you how and where you will find the item "Red Eye Orb" and how you consequently invade other players.

Invaded Players in PVP Zone - How it works

In fact, you will find this Red Eye Orb at game start. Here, however, is "Cracked Red Eye Orb". That is not THE ONE "Red Eye Orb" because these cracked versions are only used to invade other players. In contrast, you can often penetrate to the Red Eye Orb in other player worlds infinitely. To make identify the location of this particular "Red Eye Orb", however, you must do some tasks and, speaking especially to Leonhard the ringfinger.

The "Red Eye Orb" and Leonhard ringfinger

Leonhard ringfinger, is a truly enigmatic NPC. So he enters permanently into the worlds of other gamers and serves there on his embers to accommodate his strength. Leonhard can be found in firelink shrine. He leans the upper area next to the throne of King Lothric. You must, however, have only played for a while and be advanced in the story of Dark Souls 3 before you can find him there.

Once you’ve found Leonhard, he will give you first 5 cracked, Red Eye Orb and advise you to attack and enter other worlds. But that's about it for now. Now you have to continue playing a little to get the "Red Eye Orb" without crack.

Later in the game you get an important quest from Leonhard ringfinger to find the one "Red Eye Orb". Then Leonhard is so impressed with your many exploits, he hands you the keys to the elevator room. With it, you can take the elevator that leads you down to a cell. This included a sinister spirit which has the flawless, "Red Eye Orb".

Location of the Red Eye Orb

Once you have this quest of Leonhard ringfinger, you should teleport "on the wall tower" from the bonfire in the firelink shrine. From there go two floors further down. If you have reached the bottom, then look for the door that leads to the elevator room. It should be located right behind you. On your way you will also encounter a few enemies that you must defeat.

Now use the elevator room key to get into the elevator and then go down. You are now entering a roundish space. It is a kind of dungeon, stands in the middle of the sinister spirit. He has turned you back. Go slowly and thoughtfully toward him and then begins the fight. Ideally, you start with a heavy blow on his back to make a lot of damage on the first hit.

This fight is not difficult. So simply escape from the attacks of the sinister spirit and finish him.

If you battle ended successfully, then you will receive a reward, "Red Eye Orb," this brings you unlimited invasions.

Information about the "Red Eye Orb"

- The "Red Eye Orb" is a playful line item with which you can enter into the worlds of other players and they can invade and conquer.
- Formerly the Red Eye Orb was used to search for humanity and continue to plunge down into the darkness.
- Unlike the cracked, Red Eye Orb, the normal, red eyeball can be used as often as desired.
- The Red Eye Orb is usable in any multiplayer-enabled area.
- You can only penetrate into the areas where you have not killed the player.
- Here you will either meet higher opponents or to a maximum of those with a lower level of maximum 10%.
- By using as blue ghost, as a kind of phantom wander in the world of the other player.

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