Dark Souls 3: unlock / find and recruit Karla

Karla is a powerful witch and sorceries in Dark Souls 3. With whom of you can learn dark magic. However, she is trapped in the dungeon of Irithyll and must first be freed her from the cell before she accepts your services. We show you in this guide where you can find Karla and recruit her for your Firelink Shrine.

Here's how to find Karla

- Make your way to the lowest level of the dungeon of Irithyll past the first dungeon tract and the area with the sleeping giant.

- You come in a large range of cells with many guards who patrol the area.

- The first cell on the right side is home to Karla the witch. The cell is closed and also you cannot talk to her.

- To unlock her cell, you need the Jailer's Key Ring.

- This can be found when you move on to the Profaned Capital.

- Stay tuned here on the right, you come into a toxic swamp area with a small chapel.

- Climb onto the roof and go past the chapel up the stairs back into the dungeon of Irithyll.

- At the end of the hallway you will find the Jailer's Key Ring at a corpse.

- Now you can go back to Karla's cell and use the key to unlock it.

- Select in dialogue with options "offer assistance" and "save her anyway" so she teleports to firelink Shrine.

In firelink Shrine, you can find Karla in an alcove under the stairs near the blacksmith Andre.

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