Stardew Valley unlock masks and hats

Stardew Valley makes you look good and indeed with hats, bows, caps, headbands and masks. In Stardew Valley, you will find a hat shop. There you can buy hats, masks and etc... they cost you 1,000 gold. However, the hat purely cosmetic and let your little farmer looks good.

Overall, in Stardew Valley hat shop there are 35 different hats. However, at the begining you cannot acquire all the hats and masks, as they are still subject to quality control. You unlock the hats by reaching their various achievements. This includes success at festivals in Stardew Valley. Which Achievements you for what hat and what form must obtain, you can find out in the table below.


Cowboy Hat: The cowboy hat is made of old, cracked leather, but it is still pliable. It smells a bit musty (A Complete Collection)

Bowler Hat: This melon or the felt hat is made from smooth felt (Millionaire)

Top Hat: This cylinder is a classic for a true gentleman (Collect 8,000 Qi Coins in Qi's Casino)

sombrero: This is a festively decorated hat of woven straw (Legend)

Straw Hat: This straw hat is light and cool. It is a true joy for every farmer (Spring Festival - Complete the egg Search game)

Hat: The trucker hat makes for a cool head (Artisan)

Fedora: This soft felt hat is a must for any city dweller (Stardew Valley fair - Collect 500 stars at the fair)

Santa Hat: This Christmas hat you can spend the magical wintertime (Networking)

Hard Hat: This yellow hard hat is protected you in every job (Adventure's Guild)

Sou'wester: This yellow rain hat protects every sailor in storm and thunder(Fisherman)

Cowgal Hat: This cowboy hat is pink and has a belt with fake diamonds (Monoculture)

cowpoke Hat: This cowboy hat is gray and a must for dairy expert (Polyculture)

Plum Chapeau: This plum-colored hat just looks trendy and well (Sous Chef)


Official Cap: These officials Cap looks as if she had heard a policeman or a postman (Ol 'Mariner)

Hunter's Cap: This Plaid Hunters Cap keeps you warm in the deep forests (Living Large)

Sailor's Cap: A reasonable sailor wearing this fresh, stiff sailor cap (Winter Festival - Win the fishing contest (Good Ol 'Cap)

This old cap with visor, has already experienced (Greenhorn)

Cool Cap: The vivid blue cool cap is a bit faded, but still looks good (Homesteader)

Gnome's Cap: The gnome who owned this cap, had a large head (Craft Master)

Archer's Cap: Whether you are now an archer or not, this green archer hat is stylish for everyone (Gourmet Chef)


Bluebonnet: This blue dome reminiscent of simpler times (Treasure Trove)

Watermelon band: The color scheme is based on this hair band with bow at the ripening in summer melon (Mother Catch)

Delicate Bow: At this loop sparkle small, pink jewels (Cook)

Tropiclip: This clip is shaped like a small palm tree (Moving Up)

Butterfly Bow: The red Butterfly band is quite soft (A New Friend)

Lucky Bow: The centerpiece of this green loop is made of solid gold (cowpoke)

Polka Bow: With this chic red bow and its yellow dots you look great (Gofer)

Eye patch: It's hard to tell if this patch is real or just part of a costume (Master angler)

Tiara: This small diadem of gold and bears in the middle of a large amethysts (Cliques)

Daisy: Herewith adorns your hair with a fresh spring flower (DIY)

Cat Ears: Yet come to the cat ears added whiskers adorning your face (The Beloved Farmer)

Mouse Ears: These funny mouse ears are made of fine fibers (Best Friends)

Earmuffs: Keep your ears warm with this lined with velvet ear warmers (Popular)


Skeleton Mask: The red eyes of this skeleton mask glowing mysteriously (Adventure's Guild)

Goblin Mask: The neighborhood is creeps when you wear this Goblin Mask. Rubber ear joints also make for a great effect (Full Shipment)

Chicken Mask: With the chicken mask you get everyone to smile and laugh (A Big Help)

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