Overwatch: how to earn more XP, loot boxes and level up fast

To level up fast and earn more XP in Overwatch, you should play more logically. While you deserve a majority of the experience points, there are also some tips and things should note it in order to increase your yield. In our guide we show you some useful tips for quick level up, so that you can also get many Loot boxes.

As in many games with level rises, in Overwatch also you need more experience points in order to ascend each next level. Until level 22 this XP-amount increases continuously while thereafter 22K XP are needed for each additional Level. A detailed list you can find below:

Level - XP Needed

1 - 1.500
2 - 3.000
3 - 4.500
4 - 6.000
5 - 7.500
6 - 8.500
7 - 9.500
8 - 10.500
9 - 11.500
10 - 12.500
11 - 13.500
12 - 14.500
13 - 15.500
14 - 16.500
15 - 17.500
16 - 18.500
17 - 19.000
18 - 19.500
19 - 20.000
20 - 20.500
21 - 21.000
22 - 21.500
23-100 - 22.000

Each Level you will also get a new Loot box with cosmetic goodies like Skins, spells and heroes intros. This Loot boxes you can also buy with real money.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to earn more experience points and level up faster in Overwatch.

- Play whenever possible in a group with friends. In this way you will receive at the end of each match as much as 20% bonus XP.
- Through a game in the group are also increasing your chances of winning. This rewards you again additionally with 500 experience points.
- Finish a match, whether by victory or defeat, you get 250 XP.
- For every second that an active part you take in a match, you get 4 experience points to your account. While your hero is dead, stop this timer.
- You additionally get experience points based on your earned medal during the match. A bronze medal gives you 50 XP, a silver medal 100 XP and a gold medal 150 XP. You can only earn a medal per match.
- If you play several games in a row, you'll get 200 bonus XP for each additional match.
- Come unto one game at that is already running, you get 400 bonus XP at the end of the match.
- Plays the daily missions whose final grants you a hefty bonus of 1,500 experience points.

The level system of Overwatch is clearly designed for team play, as this will be rewarded with experience points in addition. Individual benefits are recognized only by the medals, which account for a relatively small part. If you play regularly in a group, you will level up faster in the game.

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