Paragon: Howitzer - character guide, abilities and skills

Paragon from the developer Epic Games takes you on an action-filled. If you do hear exploding left and right, Howitzer is not far. He is a very good champion, if you like flank opponent groups. He can quickly go out of danger and bring opponents either apart or hurl you and your allies. Also, you can get away from a surprise attack for a short time on the battlefield, and you select the best escape route.

Abilities and Skills

The basic ability of Howitzer is his missile releases to medium distance and splash damage by the explosion. Especially for group fights is his passive ability Rapid Reload very helpful as the cooldown is reduced when Howitzer lands a kill. Thus, can still bring some harmful even at the end of a group fight.

The skills of Howitzer

R 2000: Meet enemy at long range with a rocket.

Landmine: If the mine explodes, it produces damage and throws back both opponents and Howitzer.
Slow Grenades: Release three grenades that slow down your opponents.

The ultimate capacity of Howitzer is Let it rain. It rises in the air and can rocket in a large area rain down on his enemies, causing a lot of damage. With the R2000 can already attack your enemies from high distance. This is particularly well suited to catch fleeing enemies or to your opponents always to force them to take action. Use your land mine to escape from melee or hurl enemies to your team members.

Howitzer can easily defeat many minions particularly in end game. This makes him push into the enemy base, or he can make his opponents very hard to push themselves. Your main task is to eliminate as many henchmen and make enemy damage dealer incapable.

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