Dead by Daylight - play as Wraith: strategy guide

In Dead by Daylight, Wraith also known as Banshee is a spectral killer who is more on cunning and malice as if to force, like his companions The Hillbilly (Hicks) and The Trapper. Nevertheless, the killer is similar in his approach but has different weapons and special skills.

The Wraith has the ability to make almost invisibly. You make the Wraith invisible by holding the right mouse button (M2). Likewise, his acts, if you want to make him visible again. Here you will hear a bell sound that makes your victims down the spine of the shower.

There are two small compromises towards the survivors. Firstly, the skull can be easily seen, because there is to see his stature blurred where he stands. But to see this, the survivors would have been very focused on and observe well. Second, the Spirit don’t harm as long as it is invisible. Incidentally you can still collide with objects or other players.

But while you are disguised as a ghost, you have much more freedom. Therefore, you should make him invisible immediately after start of the game, before the victims would have had the chance to see you. So you can stalk around at your prey and close approach before you show yourself. So you can patrol the generators or waiting near the hook until a victim wants to free another.

The Wraith can be made visible on the move, you should use this feature while you jumping on your prey. But keep in mind that you can move slowly during the invisibility. Therefore, the secret here is the timing and positioning. Ideally, you attack from behind or from the side.

Also always be attentive. Watch for footprints; leave the survivors on the run and listen for sounds their making:

- Clinks and noises of the drill screws tell you that one of them is working on a generator in your area.
- A bang tells you that there is an explosion of a generator.
- Also you can hear your victim's breathing, for example, if they are located in a closet.
- If survivors are injured, then they moan and whimper suffering.

When hunting, you should be smart and pay attention to your surroundings. Attempt to understand the survivors, trying things, how to get around windows which slows you down. Best to go diagonally passing blocking objects. If The Wraith loses his prey out of sight, then bet to go invisible again. When weigh your sacrifice in safety, then you can catch.

The Wraith: Perks

These three Perks are ideal for The Wraith:

- Shadow Born: Your Vison is brighter and your visual field wider. However, you are so sensitive to light and can be blinded more quickly, which takes a little longer to return from the state of glare.
- Bloodhound: You smell the traces of the blood of the injured in a large range. So fresh blood marks are clearly recognizable and you can follow these longer.
- Predator: This capability allows you, sounds that your prey makes exercising longer and stronger.

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