FIFA 17: new story mode and graphics engine Frostbite details

FIFA 17 is already in pre-sales and has suggested retail price ranging from $ 200 for the most basic version and also there are two other editions, Deluxe and Super Deluxe and the release date is scheduled for September 27 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Among the novelties are changing the Frostbite graphics engine. The engine brings better graphics and is the same graphics engine used in games such as Battlefield and Mass Effect and also the inclusion of career mode with Alex Hunter.

Career Mode The Journey

For the first time in FIFA series, a game will bring a career mode. Unlike EA Sports UFC, where you create your fighter - in FIFA 17 you will build the story of Alex Hunter. Hunter is the promising young 17 year old player who just got a space in one of the teams of the Premier League, the top division of English football. Because of the technical requirements, this mode will not be present in versions of PS3 and Xbox 360.

In an interview with the IBTimes site, a producer of FIFA 17, Aaron McHardy explains the reason of preventing the creation of the player in career mode: "Customize your own player may seem simple, trivial, but it has many ramifications for history, leaving it wide. So allow this level of personalization could go beyond our work and play so that we are building. "

Alex comes from a family of football players. He is the grandson of Jim Hunter, legend of English football who scored 20 goals in the 1966/67 season, and that was also one of the promising athlete guides for the basic categories. Like his grandfather, he wants to leave his mark on history, and FIFA 17 players will be responsible for success or failure.

Users can choose which team Alex Hunter will play. From there, the athlete's success depends on the performance on the field and also the attitudes and decisions taken during and after the matches. For example, the choices during the game bring consequences and affect the reaction of other athletes. Also you can choose the answers during the interviews, which influences public opinion about you.

There will also be extra-field stories, as his relationship with his mother, the humble environment where he came from and also living with Gareth Walker, a childhood friend who is also growing in the player's career. The goal is to show that there is much more in the life of an athlete than just games and training.

New Graphics Engine

Fifa 17 started using the graphics engine Frostbite, also used in other titles from Electronic Arts as Need for Speed , Dragon Age and future releases Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect: Andromeda .

Besides the aim of improving graphics performance and the physics of the game, including career mode also weighed in the decision to change the engine. The story of Alex Hunter will far beyond the lawns, through various places like the locker rooms, the manager’s room, planes and cars.

The level of detail of emotions and reactions must also be increased, in order to tell the story so that the players feel involved with everything that happens. Four athletes movements were trapped - which also illustrate the cover of the game: James Rodriguez, Real Madrid; Marco Reus, Borussia Dortmund; Anthony Martial, Manchester United; and Eden Hazard, Chelsea.

Changes in Gameplay

FIFA 17 will bring improvements in many features of the game. Physical disputes have been completely revised. It is now possible, for example, give leaps back in disputes. The athlete’s intelligence has also been improved, with better spatial concepts and new types of racing - feigned, feint, among others.

Also included new skills, now with a wider range of actions during matches. Among the new features are the choices of direction - toward the lawn, for example - placed ball, with bow, and goal shots with more direction, which allows building fast counterattacks. There will also be a new passes in which players can keep the ball at low altitude.

On top of that, several parts of the game were rebuilt, as the penalty shoot-out, side and corner kicks. Now you can configure how the player will hit the ball - for example, the outside of the foot. On penalties you can run towards the ball at different angles and spees, which add "personality" to the kick.

Corner Kicks will have a new mechanic of choosing which team mate will get the ball, and the side will be possible to have greater control of the collection, like pretending that kick to deceive opponents.

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