Increase no of Surveys and Earn more Google Play Credits

The Google Opinion Rewards is a program developed by Google which aims to reward users, who respond to surveys, with Google Play credits. The service app can send notifications to the phone, allowing the user know whenever there is a questionnaire available.

What many don’t know is that there are factors that can influence the number of surveys you will receive. See the guide below to learn how to increase the number of surveys suggested on Google Play. Lasting one year, the credits can be used to buy apps, games, movies, TV series, magazines, music and even make purchases within applications.

For those who use the phone with the turn off location feature or does not use data plan / internet, it is very common to spend months without receiving a single survey. The problem is that the application Google Opinion Rewards needs your location to suggest the survey, as it needs to know which shops or establishments you go.

Because of this, you should access the location of your device option and activate it. You can do this by device settings or directly from the notification bar. Also, when out on the street, you need to leave the 3G / 4G enabled.

The trick to get more surveys is passing by establishments known as major retailers, cinemas, shopping malls and places like that. Surveys will not appear immediately, usually they appear the next day.

Enable the "Location History"

Usually this option is already enabled, but if for some reason it is disabled, it may be the reason that you don’t receive surveys. To enable the "Location History" in Android Marshmallow, go to "Settings" and then "Location" and access the latest "Google Location History" option. Tap it and the option that will open, select "On". In other versions of the system, you need to touch the three points at the top of the screen.

Location History is essential for Google Opinion Rewards to function properly, through it Google will suggest surveys to its partners. Everything is done anonymously and contractors have access to your location or personal data, only the information that a number of anonymous people who walked in their establishment.

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