The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: find all Paintings - locations

In The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine, new decorative items, shields and paintings for your Corvo Bianco vineyard you can get either as a reward for some quests or buy from art dealers. In addition, you can also display unused armor and weapons in designated areas. Or you draw up your trophies, which you can get for winning the fist fights or Gwent tournament.

Even you can earn a painting through the Witcher contract "Big Game Hunter". This you start on a note to one of the notice boards in Toussaint. When you start the quest you should accompany Count Beledal for sightseeing tour of the flora and fauna of Toussaint where he takes pictures of panthers, centipedes and peacocks with a kind of camera.

It is important that you accept his invitation to the exhibition. Later, he thanks you for your service and will reward you with a painting / portrait of the sorcerer, that you can hang in your Corvo Bianco vineyard.

Heroes Portrait of Geralt

Another painting in the DLC can be found in the side quest "A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man." This quest starts near the marketplace of Beauclair. He appeared there but only on after you have completed the side quest "The Warble of a Smitten Knight". He makes a portrait of you and let you choose between three poses, each with or without grasping the background.

Prison Poster

Have you caught the bad end of "Blood and Wine" and ended up in jail, you can come into possession of a prison Posters here. Go to the secret hiding place left of the large main gate and you will find a note that starts the quest "The Perks of Being a Jailbird." Grab now hammer and chisel from the cart on the other side and hid them where you have the records found. Then meditate for seven days and you will find the prison Posters depicting a woman in secret hiding.

Find Decorative shields - Ancient Elven Shield

Shields you can just hang like paintings. An ancient Elven Shield you get in the side quest "Extreme Cosplay". This quest you get from a man you encounter at northeast of Francollarts. You need to complete the sidequest to get the Ancient Elven Shield, but you must keep it at the end and hang in your vineyard.

During the side quest "The Warble of The Smitten Knight" you can just decide on one of two shields. Please subscribe to the Enroller for the tournament, you can choose ’s Shield (no. 1) or Ravix of Fourhorn’s Shield (no. 2). This entails two different shields, you can earn. Depending on what name you pick, you get the corresponding sign as decoration.

Decorative win trophies

For winning the big Gwent tournament of Beauclair and in the side quest "Wild at Heart" if you win all fistfights, you will receive each a gold trophy, which you can put you on the shelf in your bedroom.

Other Paintings from the main game and "Hearts of Stone"

If you have not sold the paintings that you have found during the base game or the first DLC "Hearts of Stone", you can also hang them. You can display the following paintings:

- Hierarch Hemmelfart: This painting you get from Halflings during the quest "A Poet Under Pressure" when you save Dandelion in the main game.

- Starry Night Over the Pontar: This painting you can get during the auction in the quest "Open Sesame" for a about 20 crowns in auction. This takes place in the DLC "Hearts of Stone".

\- Portrait of Iris and Olgierd: Even this painting you get in the DLC "Hearts of Stone". Specifically in the bedroom of Olgierds during the quest "Scenes From a Marriage".

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