Android: encrypt your data, guide to activate security feature

To protect your data stored on the Android phone from theft or abuse, the encryption of your smartphone or tablet PC is recommended. This is possible from Android 3.0. How this works, we show you in our guide below.

An encryption of your smartphones or tablets means that data can only be read when the device is unlocked. In particularly an effective security measure in case of loss or theft. For example: via a USB connection, even without the PIN code an unauthorized person can access the unencrypted data.

The encrypted data such as e-mails, documents, contacts, account information, photos, videos and downloads. We show you below how you can activate the encryption feature on Android devices. Please note that this guide is based on the Android version installed on Nexus devices.

Step 1 - Enable encryption on Android

- Encryption can be reversed only by a reset to factory settings, all files are deleted.

- Depending on the version of Android, it may be possible that you already defined before encrypting a screen lock (PIN, password or pattern) as in step 2.

- Please note that your battery must remain charged for encryption and still connected to the power supply, otherwise remains hidden option.

- To enable encryption, first you must open the settings and then scroll to menu "security" and open it. Here you can find the entry "Encrypt phone". Tap on this.

- Selfsame button you reach down scrolling at the end of the menu. Tap thereon, and the encryption is started. This can take some time and initiates a reboot of your device, vary depending on memory usage.

Step 2 - Set up screen lock

- After the restart and the successful encryption, you have to set up a screen lock. Go to the settings "Security" menu.

- Tap now on "screen lock" and then select the preferred type. For example the PIN option. This you must enter and confirm now.

- Now requires the pattern to "PIN to start the device" and tap on "Next" and "Finish." Your files are encrypted from now and when your device is locked the data can be access only when it has been unlocked via the defined PIN.

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