I Am Setsuna: strategies, tips and boss battle guide

I am Setsuna is a Japanese RPG video game from the developer Tokyo RPG Factory. The gameplay is based deliberately on 90s role playing, and is different from the modern RPGs. The installation is used principally an Active Time Battle system like in Final Fantasy and Trigger Chrono.

Why this title? It's simple: The central theme of I am Setsuna is sadness, which can still be incredibly beautiful. Therefore, you should listen to the wonderfully dreamy and magical music.

Before you immersed in the history of I am Setsuna and meet on the first characters in the game, the most important thing to know before you start playing I Am Setsuna is that the gameplay will not save auto automatically. It is stored on special memory points. So be careful when you spent five or more hours in the game, and forgotten to save your gameplay, then it can happen that you have to start from scratch.

PC gamers are getting some keyboard customizations here. Instead of the usual way to use the keyboard and the mouse to play, the game uses mainly the so-called Home Keys. They are part of the 10-finger typing system. These are the starting key from which all other buttons can be reached on the keyboard. There is a spacebar to confirm and "H", "J" and "K" to pull down the menu or close again.

The "U" and "I" buttons take over the position of the shoulder buttons (like on a controller), while the mouse is not actually used.

Momentum Mode

The momentum always builds up when you are waiting to be able to select an option that is filled to your active timepiece. The momentum pauses when an enemy uses an attack or ability.

The activation of Momentum mode via the keyboard is a bit awkward, since the process is actually designed to push a button on the controller and that at the right time. So go play it carefully and get used to it to achieve this by pressing the "H". Pressing "H", when you want to perform an action and your momentum bar is filled.

Incidentally, you can fill the bar up to three times to have a particularly strong effects - this may be useful especially in boss battles.

In addition to the Momentum fashion, there are other related mechanisms, which are not so well explained in the tutorial. Fluxation and Singularity are two randomly occurring events that only show up if you also use the momentum. While it is not guaranteed that it happens in every battle, but the more you operate the momentum with tech skills, the more often these events will occur.

The bonuses that you get are selected randomly every time. When the Fluxation appears 200 times you get also the Achievement "Ruler Of Heaven And Earth".

Surely you've noticed during your struggle to fight the Grinding wins that you get no money for the fighting. The currency in I am Setsuna you earn by completing quests or by selling loot from the various monsters drop.

Nive Village

During the tutorial mission, you will not need any help, there is virtually no way to make mistakes. So you lead the game into the killing of small, sweet "Penguins" who only care about their own things, to entering into their territory.

Here you can also unlock the Achievement "A New Direction".

After you have finished the Tutorial, a mysterious man comes towards Endir who offers a contract killing as Job: Kill an 18 year old girl on an island. Of course, since Endir is a mercenary, he accepts the job. The game finally begins right when the boat is heading for the island Nive where Setsuna lives.

Battle Strategies

At the beginning, during the initial scenes, there are not many options that make reference to the battle strategies, such as the benefits of talismans or the insertion of tech skills. Nevertheless, Here are some useful points that you should keep in mind.

- Cyclone Tech - It is not very effective on a single enemy. Use it to damage multiple targets.
- You can do more damage if you use your momentum on part and multiply, 2 or 3 times.
- If you have only Endir in your group, then 2 cyclones are enough to wipe out a group of enemies.
- Tech skills as Cyclone, batch and Heal cost a lot of MP, especially early in the game. So you can buy them at the seller in Nive, because it can happen to you that you run out of MP during boss fights.
- Teams on the Home Island will apply to you any status effects. Therefore, it is wasteful to use your 5000 Start Gold on items that "Sap", "Paralysis" heal etc.

Grinding - levels can be useful

Everyone knows that you go through the time portal to the "Millennial fair" in the game Chrono Trigger. But one has only fought oodles of monsters in "Guardia Forest" up to 3,000 G collected to buy the "Lode Sword".

Although in Setsuna, there is no such powerful weapon that can save you, you should still leveling in "Dazzshire Woods" because the first boss battle could be somewhat tricky. However, you can fight him already at level 3, at level 4 it will be slightly easier and level 5 should not be a problem with this Boss. However, in the next boss battle you should not, the time, afraid to grind a little.

The time you can also use to get to the "All-Seeing Eye" Achievement. For this you need to kill enemies with basic attacks, which may lead to their exact killings performs.

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