Pokémon Go: Candy and Stardust guide

Pokémon Go brings two special new concepts into play: There are now Candy and Stardust, which are for your captured Pokémon and many of them can take to the next level. However, for this you need a lot of sweets. It is surprising that the developer Niantic Labs has adopted from the classic level structure. Now you have to feed them well. However old Pokémon fans are already aware about the special sweets.

Pokémon Go: These are the functions of Candy and Stardust

Each captured Pokémon in Pokémon Go you will receive both Candy and Stardust. The Candies are always tuned to the Pokémon type. If you start something a RATTATA, you also get RATTATA sweets. A Pokémon can only be developed further with the "own" candy, which is why it is definitely worth to catch a Pokémon repeatedly.

These are the functions of stardust and sweets:

- Levels: If you take a look at your Pokémon data, you see the ads for candy and stardust of each of your Pokémon. To bring a Pokémon to the next level, you must use their stardust. Simply presses the Option Power Up and your Pokémon is stronger. Unlike candy, stardust can use on each Pokémon.

- Further development: Even if your Pokémon has always more muscle, eventually want to bring it to the next level. This task required in Pokémon Go a lot of time. You collect the candies almost exclusively through the capture of each Pokémon. Catch Pokémon quiet often, so that the display of the required sweets fills up quickly. You can also use the "Send" option, which lets you duplicate Pokémon again blank in the wilderness. If you do this, you will receive a gift from Professor. This includes candy, which can use for the Pokémon to improve it.

In Pokémon Go also can receive stardust and sweets through the hatching eggs.

Tips for Candy and Stardust in Pokémon Go

We have collected a few tips for you. An important piece of information is that it is probably better to develop the Pokémon and level up then, as it probably brings better bonuses for overall statistics.

Collect a few sweets, catch Pokémon - that does not sound all very difficult, but it is more complicated than you think. You need the luck to find the right Pokémon and it requires a lot of candies to next level. Remember that each Pokémon has its own specific sweets. This means that you can only farm Charmander sweets when you catch Pokémon from this family, either provide a Charmander or Charmeleon or Charizard. Squirtle has its own candies that Squirtle sweets. They cannot be used for Charmander, Spearow, Bulbasaur or another pocket monster.

Also both candies and stardust help to increase the CP (Combat Points) and HP (Health Points). Here, CP describes the average of the statuses of your Pokémon, while the HP shows health. If you encounter on your journey more Pokémon that have a low CP, then be patient and try to climb the training level. This can help you find a pocket monster with higher CP, because if you have more experience, then you can also find more Pokémon.

Incidentally, the fighting in the gym doesn’t affect your status values. Points that you get here, remain virtually in the Gym Practice.

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