PES 2017 tips on scoring from Free Kicks

In PES 2017, as in real football, you’ll get free kicks and they are continuing as one of the best opportunities to score goals. However, the standard situations and their execution have always been one of the greatest difficulties in football simulations. Nevertheless, there are some variations on how to score from free kicks.

Traditional Way - simple direct kick

The most basic of collections is a simple kick, which seeks to go over the barrier and catch the goalie off guard. Although easy to implement, the collection is very efficient and requires some training until the batter gets used.

To hit, aim in the space between the goalkeeper and the woodwork and try to hit exactly in the middle of the bar, with a light touch on the shot button. To avoid a deviation from the barrier on closer charges, it is necessary to slightly raise the sight.

Low Free Kick

One of the best ways to convert a free kick is with a very strong low shot, looking at one of the corners goalkeeper. These balls are extremely difficult to defend, a good option for teams without much talent scouts.

To use the low shot, hold the right stick up until the crosshair is leaning on the lawn. Mire in barrier-free corner and press the power bar completely for a bomb.

Curve Kick - Left / Right

Option dedicated to more technical and precise game scouts, the curveball is complicated to perform, but rewards the hit with an almost certain and generally very beautiful goal.

Use the left stick to add curves in the kick direction indicator. Note that if the player has no attributes for this, the kick will lose almost all of its direction. A good idea is to aim at the top angle or make the ball touch the ground to confuse the goalkeeper.

Second Man Free Kick

In addition to direct shooting at the goal, PES 2017 also allows players to arm themselves set pieces to get advantage in the hit time. One is charged with a second player.

To call a second batter, hold L1 / LB and press down. Now, hold the L2 / LT and kick. This will make the main batter stand still while the second player kicks the ball quickly.

Dummy Free Kick

The classic technique of "Dummy" the ball and let charge for second batter is also available in the Konami game. With it you can move the barrier and even open spaces in the defense to sugared passes.

To call a second batter, hold L1 / LB and press down. Press the shot button and then quickly pass button to move the ball. Now kick back at any time using the second batter.

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