Star Cores location guide - Fallout 4: Nuka World

In Fallout 4 World Nuka, to get the power armor Quantum X-01 you must first complete the Star Control quest. They can be found in the same area of the park, located in the Galactic Zone. There is a host computer, you have to fix once and for that you need the star cores. Actually in this case you need 20 of them, but if you succeed in finding all 35 Star cores, you will get Quantum X-01.

The Star cores are distributed throughout Nuka World.

- In the RobCo Battlezone locations there are 6 for these items.
- In Starlight Interstellar Theater you can find 4 star cores.
- Vault-Tec: Among the Stars can be found 6 star cores.
- In Nuka-Galaxy you can find 7 star cores.
- More 7 star cores can be found in the Galactic Zone.
- Outside the areas you have to get off on the search for another 5 of these items.

Complete the "The Grand Tour" quest to create the conditions to find star cores, to turn on power. Don’t worry, it creates in the course of this quest.

- If you have collected all have 35 star cores then only you need to work around the bulletproof glass, behind which you’ll find Quantum X-01.

The following YouTube video shows all locations of the star cores and in this way you can unlock the new combat suit.

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