Dragon Quest: Builders - find cod and water (locations)

In Rimuldar, Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2, you have to face an outbreak and you fight with medicine, food and drink. The cheeky little folks want special dishes such as cod. On the other hand it is clear that the patient must drink a lot, and that in such cases, water is essential.

Find Cod

Morten talk to you quite early in the chapter on that he would like an Angel. Since his request is very reproachful and cheeky, one tends to refuse his request. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t, because you will need later on cod, sardines and other fish. A small sickly boy in your hospital needs cod to recover from his illness.

The picture below shows you the bird's location. This island you reach through the blue portal. If you have repair the roof then from there, you nee to go to south-east until you come to the stone structure in the picture. On this water you will have great chances to catch a lot of cod.

Find water and build chamber of cool water

The beauty of this room is that it produces fresh water within the contaminated area directly from the soil. This allows your small inhabitants to produce objects that are related to water. If you want to build this chamber of the cool water, you have the items put in an empty space, the Casey enumerates you. However, the problem is the water block. This is simple water that should fill 10 blocks. The guidance of Casey (these you get after the construction of the chamber) includes:

At least 10 blocks of water
Two pots
A Wash
A Comfortable Stool
A Chest
A Light Source
A Door (is not in the manual)

Since you already have in your settlement a small source of water, you need to extend this only. Simply beat the earth blocks around the water, and so increases the source on 10 blocks.

As you can see, you get to the building of the Chamber of cool water. Bring this water to the sick in your village and help them get well.

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