Mafia 3 Find all Collectibles: magazines, paintings, posters

In Mafia 3, you’ll be able to find a total of six different collectible items. These include magazines such as Playboy and Hot Rod as well as paintings and propaganda posters. Unfortunately, finding all these collectibles will not get you any achievements or trophies but they represent a pleasant trip into the past and emphasize the charm.

In this guide to Mafia 3, we will show you how to quickly find all collectibles in New Bordeaux.

Collectible items at a glance

The collectibles are divided into six different categories.

- Playboy Magazine: The most popular men's magazine in the country.
- Album cover: A whole generation found their rebellious voice in the music of the 1960s.
- Vargas Paintings: Each Vargas painting in the game was a gift from Sal Marcano to one of his men.
- Hot Rod Magazine: An automobile icon that has helped the age of muscle cars.
- Communist Propaganda Poster: "The damned Communists believe they could just hang this shit everywhere" (Donovan's quote).
- Repent Magazine: A church magazine for the New Bordeaux faith community.

You can see the collectible items at any time in the game menu under the item "collectible" and look at how much percent you have completed. You'll find the magazines, covers, posters and paintings scattered across the ten districts of New Bordeaux. Once you are near a collectible item, you will also see a corresponding icon on the mini map.

To find all the collectibles you do not have to search blindly, but you can make things much easier. Each city district is subdivided into several zones, all of which have their own junction box, which you can use with TL-49 fuses. In this zone, all available items on the map are marked with blue dots. Now you can simply set the target markers and collect the objects conveniently.

Junction boxes are displayed on the map by a white round icon with an opening at the bottom. The necessary TL-49 fuses for wiretap are indicated by the same symbol in green on the map. Through the wiretapping, you will not only find collectibles on the map, but also more fuses.

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