Dead by Daylight: Shrine of Secrets - Iridescent Shards guide

The developer Behaviour Interactive has released a new update for Dead by Daylight Shrine Of Secrets. The patch 1.2.1b brings new in-game currency called Iridescent Shards that allows users to buy Teachable Perks. But what if you already have the teachable perks and how the new in-game currency system works, you will find out the answers in our guide below.

DbD: Shrine of Secrets

Each individual Survivor and every single killer has three special abilities that give him advantages over the other party during a match. for example: to a skill such as the Self Care of Claudette, you have to bring her to at least Level 40 in order to unlock level 30, 35 and 40 her special perks as teachable Perks in the blood web.

Only then you have the chance to unlock these teachable skills while levels of other Survivors in the blood web. A lengthy process, but consequently all Survivor or killers have to get to at least level 40.

Now things have changed with the Shrine Of Secrets integrated into the game. Whether it is now really easier to get at the teachable perks is another question.

DbD - How the Shrine of Secrets Works?

In Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets, you will find always 4 teachable Perks. These are mixed, so it may be that of the killers as well as by the survivors in it. Hovering over about each one, then you can see how much it costs. Payment is made with Iridescent Shards, which is also new to the game.

There is a weekly rotation, which means that every week you can find new teachable perks that appear mixed. Since these appear randomly, it is not notify when your favorite teachable perks appear next time. Therefore, you should act quickly when it appears in the Shrine Of Secrets.

If you buy one of the teachable Perks on the Shrine Of Secrets, you'll get the chance to unlock this skill in each of the character-blood webs so that you don’t have to buy them again. After purchasing this ability off the market you cannot buy them again until the rotation starts again.

Decide to buy a Teachable Ability, which you have already, then you don’t get it again, but get it for 25,000 Iridescent Shards that can distribute arbitrarily for leveling.

Get Iridescent Shards

You get Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets by playing any mode other than "Kill your friends," where you play in a private lobby. You see your in-game currency appears upper right of your rank and under your name.

So it seems like you get an Iridescent Shards per minute by play in a match, but then again only a maximum of 10 after each match. So even if your match takes 15 minutes, you will end up with only 10 Iridescent Shards. For example: if you killed by the killer at the beginning, after 3 minutes, you have earned only 3 Iridescent Shards.

The teachable perks cost the shrine of secrets 550-750 Iridescent Shards. So you have to play a lot to buy something from the Shrine of Secrets, and maybe you'll have a few weeks to get the 750 points you need. But because of the weekly rotation, your favorite teacher perk is not there and you have to wait.

Moreover, currently rumored, if there is a maximum for the Iridescent Shards. It is assumed that you are allowed to currently have only a maximum of 1,000 in your account.

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