Remnant 2: how to Use Blood Moon Essence? Crafting items

In Yaesha at the Blood Moon Altar is where you can buy various useful items in Remnant 2. Blood Moon Essence, though, is something you must have and it's not exactly simple to get. This article explains where, how to farm and use blood moon essence.


How do you get Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2?

Blood Moon Essence is dropped by purple root wisp creatures that only appear during a Blood Moon and it is a random event.

If you are in an outdoor area during the Blood Moon event, you can encounter purple root wisp creatures in the woods. They die when hit and immediately drop Blood Moon Essence.

There are two ways to get a Blood Moon:

1. Till the Blood Moon appears, use a World Stone to teleport back and forth between different regions of Yaesha. Pay attention to the environment's color to recognize it

2. During the Ravager main quest, kill the red Doe. As a result, a Blood Moon will fall over the region. However, you will not be able to meet the Doe if your quest directs you to the Abomination.

You can respawn the purple wisp once a Blood Moon has been summoned by leaving the region and entering it again through doors. Avoid using world stones for teleportation as doing so will cause the Blood Moon to disappear again.

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How to Use, Crafting Items with Blood Moon Essence?

At the Blood Moon Altar, you can craft a variety of items with Blood Moon Essence. In Yaesha, the altar can be seen in a number of locations. It is also indicated on the map. We found it near the Koara Kuri Nest.

For some items you need Lumenite Crystals in addition to the Blood Moon Essence and Scrap.

Faded Grimoire - 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystals, 1500 Scrap

Knotted Helm - 5 Blood Moon Essence, 300 Scrap

Knotted Cage, body armor - 10 Blood Moon Essence, 800 Scrap

Knotted Greaves - 7 Blood Moon Essence, 600 Scrap

Knotted Gloves - 3 Blood Moon Essence, 250 Scrap Metal

Soul Anchor - 10 Blood Moon Essence, 3 Lumenite Crystals and 1000 Scrap 

Soul Guard - 5 Blood Moon Essence, 2 Lumenite Crystals and 750 Scrap

Blade Gul - 10 Blood Moon Essence and 1250 Scrap

Sanguine Vapor - 1 Blood Moon Essence and 500 Scrap

The Faded Grimoire allows you to unlock the Summoner archetype.

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