Lies of P: how Consumables work in LoP?

In Lies of P, consumables are things that you can use to restore your health, acquire a brief weapon buff.

During you play lies of P you may worry that your consumables may be valuable or have other purposes for later. Luckily, the game has plenty of Legion Magazines, Fable Catalysts, Attribute Purification Ampoules, Attribute Resistance Ampoules, and Sawtoothed Wheels. All other consumables you acquire have a maximum of 20 copies, with some—like Cat Dust—only appearing four times. I advise using the rarer consumables on numerous bosses

There are three special status elements and four attribute status elements in the game. Decay, Break, and Disruption are the elements that might interest you.

Decay will gradually lessen the durability of your weapon. Therefore, avoid fighting when suffering from this.

Brake The HP gain from utilizing pulse cells will be significantly reduced by brake. So make sure you wait it out before healing.

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Disruption will instantly kill you if the bar fills. So be very careful with how much Disruption damage you take.

Break and Disruption can be cured with a Special Resistance Ampoule and Special Purification Consumables, respectively.

The Decay can be cured with the Attribute Purification Ampoule and the Attribute Resistance Ampoule, respectively.

All of these can be found in the world as treasure or purchased from Polendina and Hotel Krat.

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