Best The Finals Season 2 settings to increase FPS, Visibility

In article, we’ll share with you the best in game settings to max visibility and FPS in The Finals Season 2.


Display & Resolution

Window Mode - Windowed fullscreen

Resolution - Native

VSync - Disabled    

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - On

Frame Rate Limit - Unlimited 

Resolution Scaling Method - TAAU

Resolution Scale - 100


Field Of View - 90

Motion Blur - Disabled

Lens Distortion - Disabled

Best Settings, Finals Season 2, Increase FPS, Visibility

Ray Tracing

NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination - Static


Overall Quality Level - Custom

View Distance - Medium

Anti-Aliasing - Low

Shadows - Low

Post Processing - Low

Texture - High

Effects - Low 

Foliage - Low

Global Illumination Resolution - Medium

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