Noted as 2D platform game it is not so easy task nowadays. Among which is a very veteran genre that has received numerous masterpieces throughout the short history of video games and the boom indie have launched many titles of this type, we have reached a situation in which only the best get excel and get the attention of the public.

When Frozenbyte released Trine on PC and PlayStation 3 in 2009, was a good platformer and 2D puzzles with a great local multiplayer and great personality that while it enjoyed some success, never finished to highlight or to sink as if do large. This was something that totally changed with the release of its sequel, a game that surpassed its predecessor to unexpected and managed to take away the audiovisual section encourages a dream, offering one of the prettiest games we've had the pleasure of levels play to date. And on top with online multiplayer.

For this reason, when it was announced Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power , we could not only celebrate in style and noted on our wish list, since little to maintain the level of its second installment know that there is us defraud. What it has caught us a little by surprise was the fact that a certificate has been put up for sale this week as a game on Steam early access just one month after its announcement, a model that believe to be very consistent with a platform game straight cut, but that surely help the studio to create the third party we all want.

This has also given us the opportunity to try it for the first time, allowing us to see firsthand and very briefly what we offer Trine 3. Currently only available two levels of history, a screen editor is still something green and a level of challenge, a kind of extras phases of great difficulty, independent of history and raised to test the skills of a particular character.

A playable level, the title again make use of the hallmarks of the series. That is, three characters with different skills that we must learn to combine to make our way through the various traps and puzzles that we encounter along the phases that become completely linear, so we have no objective other than the get from point A to point B without many options to get out of the way fixed, but with a bunch of secrets to find.

The protagonists are again the usual trio of the series. The first is the noble Pontius the knight, able to block attacks and plan your shield, easily dispatching enemies with his sword and perform powerful thrusts, making it the ideal choice destroy our enemies. On the other hand we also have to Zoya, the charismatic thief. It is the most agile of all character and can use a bow to attack from a distance, although its more useful artifact is your hook, allowing you to hang from different sites to overcome obstacles and even give you the possibility to use a rope to solve many puzzles.

Finally, we can not forget the poor Amadeus, the magician who never managed to master his coveted spell fireball. As always, your deposit will be to create boxes that can be used as platforms and move and levitate objects of all kinds. To emphasize here the mechanics of the boxes has been simplified and no longer have to "draw them" to create them, so it's enough to press a button to appear, but in return we can not resize it.

But the big news of Trine 3 is undoubtedly its way into the third dimension. Unlike the first two installments, now have the opportunity to move in 3D, but the level design is very similar to its predecessors, which manages to convey the feeling of playing a lifelong Trine, but with the advantage of having more mobility and possibilities for action.

In fact, the move to 3D has been done so intelligently that has taken everything that has been the stage for raising new puzzles that would previously have been impossible to hide secrets and develop new game mechanics, which manages to provide a lot of freshness to its development and make us believe that this is the logical evolution of the saga.

We would also like to emphasize how well the controls have been moved to this new dimension. With either mouse or keyboard command, with both options all perfectly controlled and very accurately, which seems essential in this type of game.

As to the levels we played, being the first two we have found very simple and easy, but long and varied, with great puzzles posed perfectly studied jumps and fights about something loose without appealing too, but these are not too frequent.

As always, Trine 3 is very fun to play alone, but is in its cooperative multiplayer for three people where unleashes its full potential, because here will not suffice us that one character overcomes an obstacle, but we shall have to settle for collaborate with our colleagues and get the three can move forward together and no one is left behind, making each situation much more interesting.

Graphically we are back to a very strong game, not for its technical section and for its spectacular art direction, with fantasy scenarios tale of great beauty, full of details and well differentiated, so they will not be seldom that you to stop to admire the scenery.

The sound is not far behind, with a wonderful soundtrack that has again been composed by Ari Pulkkinen, the usual composer of the saga, who returns to delight us with issues of great quality and fit like a glove everything we see on screen. The effects also have a remarkable quality and dubbing has some good performances.

It is still too early to start valuing Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, as it is a game that is still under development and that only we have seen a couple of levels, but our first contact with him has been very satisfying and rewarding, so we cannot expect when finally throw down the gauntlet to the final version and live completely new adventure of this charismatic trio of heroes.

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The Sadist (The Butcher) - Boss

He is a particularly "pretty" opponents, his face is covered for the most part with mask provided with spines. However, like any opponent disfigured simply evil and a very large and bulky.

He meets you in the game and often varies armed with a deadly butcher knife or even "deadly" with a chainsaw!

At the first encounter in the game, he can not be killed because he is unarmed. You just have him to escape. You can kill him only if he has the chainsaw! (For example, in chapter 3 and 6).

Ruvik - Boss and Main Antagonist

Ruvik is the main antagonist of Sebastian, he is apparently the root of "evil" or the horrors that befall Sebastian!

His physical appearance is that of an "ongoing carcass" that is bad disfigured and burned!

All supernatural phenomena and events seem to go on his account, so it makes it seem. Ruvik has almost supernatural abilities, he can walk through walls and make things disappear or transform the reality in the eyes of Sebastian into a living hell.

He is invulnerable and he can kill with one touch! Bullet fly easily through him, but whenever he appears to have enough time to escape him.

- He is content to create the horror world where Sebastian is tortured.

Dr. Valerio

Dr. Valerio is not a boss and only slightly harder to kill him like normal Damned (zombies).

- He is armed with a sickle-shaped knife, but he is very large and cumbersome.

- He is part of the story is told in Chapter 4.

Laura - Boss

Laura is an almost spider-like creature with multiple arms or legs, and claws, this can not be at differentiate accurately. It has a woman's face and otherwise she has nothing more to be human!

She was born from the memory of Laura, who died so tragically, Sebastian has never got over.

Laura is another cruel creation of Ruvik.

In any case, she is much less sweet than her name!

- With her sharp claws she is a deadly enemy. - However, she is slow and you can escape her relatively easy.

- Ball make it not so much, but it is difficult to fire. Here is her weak point!

- For the first time you met Laura in Chapter 4 , there you have the essence simply escape. Only in Chapter 5 you have the chance to kill her!

The cemetery twins Ten and Nine

These two "giants" lurking in the cemetery of Chapter 6 (the labyrinth) . Sorry, you have to attack both opponents simultaneously.

They are very large and unfortunately not slow, but in the narrow streets of the maze you can escape them again and again, size is not always an advantage.

- No. 9 is the guy with mask - he always runs towards you and you tried to cycle.
- No. 10 is armed with a mace and tries to catch you with it.

The Cemetery Guard Dog

This creature cobbled together from several other dogs and body parts.

We meet him in Chapters 6 and he is hard to kill, and it is unnecessary to do so! History gives you other action option.

The Guardian - Boss

The Guardian is an extremely large man, armed with a hammer and an extended arm has more than a lump of flesh, an arm - equipped with a sting.

He also wears a safe on his head.

- His weak point is the head. If this is taken as he dies, exploding arrows, and the sniper rifle are active!

- You meet him first in Chapter 7.


In Chapter 10, you can see the first time "trauma".


Amalgan-Alpha is the final boss of Chapter 10th


In Chapter 11, a Fishy creature is on the loose in the water.


This creature pursues you in Chapter 12, during ride by bus.


In Chapter 14, you are fighting against this creature.


The final boss of the game.

The Damned - Restless

Restless appear again and again ( for example, in Chapter 5 ). They are very dangerous because they are invisible and can be identified only by noise when running, for example through puddles. You can wear a straitjacket and have no face, just tentacles and a mouth. They will try to grab you and strangle this to then eat up your face!

The Damned - Type-Normal

Cursed are actually zombies! There are different types of you, some cursed missing half of the head or put an iron rod in it ..... or the face is hidden by a mask.

There are both male and female Damned and of course in every size and weight class! The horror world of "Evil Within" is full of cursed!

But there are different armaments:

- With axes and stabbing weapons
- Curse with Molotov cocktails.
- Curse with sticks of dynamite
- Chainsaws and arrow-machine guns.

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How to get all the outfits of Ezio Auditore, the legendary sword and unlock all the rewards!

This section of the Guide to Assassin's Creed Chronicles China shows you how to get all the rewards, site Uplay, including the legendary Dao Wang Yangming and the costumes of Ezio Auditore!

The following rewards can be unlocked from the site Uplay and equipped in the options menu of the game!

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China review

Unlockable for 20 Uplay points.

Unlockable for 30 Uplay points.

Unlockable for 20 Uplay points.

Unlockable for 20 Uplay points.

Unlockable for 20 Uplay points.

Unlockable for 30 Uplay points.

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Assassin's Creed, Warcraft and Uncharted are some of the games that won book version. Check out the list of some of the Best Selling Books Inspired by Video Games:

Assassin's Creed Renaissance

Assassin's Creed has already launched several books, but in Assassin's Creed Renaissance that the series got a huge success. Not by chance, as it was this book that started the saga, and inspired by the game that is considered the best by the fans: Assassin's Creed 2.

Renaissance work of Oliver Bowden, tells the story of Ezio, murderer who was to become master of the Order, years later, from its beginning and first mission. The book chronicles the entire history of the game, but in more detail.

Diablo - Book of Cain

Diablo - Book of Cain is hardly the adaptation of a game, but it is totally based on the Diablo universe. Written by Flint Dille, the book is fictional author Deckard Cain himself, ancient sage of the series universe, which has several of his stories and characters.

Besides having a neat script, the book has a very well developed art, with pages that more resemble an ancient manuscript and embossed on the cover art.

1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die is another book that does not follow the story of a specific game, but works as a combination of several striking and memorable games that have been released over the years.

Despite the almost morbid title, the book is really fun and presents organized by seasons, games you need to make in some way because they are considered excellent. Despite some unexplained absences, such as Mega Man series, the book covers quite securities huge fan base, as Halo and Tomb Raider.

StarCraft: Critical Point

StarCraft Critical Point is a very interesting book, it is of utmost importance for the history of the series. It tells the story that goes on between StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty StarCraft 2 and Hearth of the Swar.

Written by Christie Golden, the book chronicles what happened to Sarag Kerrigan, after being converted back to his human form at the end of Wings of Liberty, and after being rescued by the love of his life, Jim Raynor. It is interesting because in Hearth of the Swarm we do not have so many explanations of these facts.

Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth

Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth valley by curiosity. Although not exactly a great story, is the only of the Uncharted series available in Brazil, and also has a unique saga, which is not in games.

The saga takes place in various locations including New York, scenery which is also unprecedented in the game Uncharted. The adventure is written by Christopher Golden and has characteristic moments of the saga, as exploring ruins.

God of War

The God of War is another interesting book. After all, as a game that is pure action can yield a book of over 200 pages? The pair of writers Matthew Stover and Robert E. Vardeman did a good job with the adaptation.

World of Warcraft War Crimes

World of Warcraft War Crimes is more a book of author Christie Golden, this time focuses on one of the most important sagas in the history of famous MMORPG. This is considered by fans one of the best literary works of Wrarcraft.

In the War Crimes pages we see the story centered on Garrosh Hellscream, who was taken from his head office Warrior Horde and now must pay for his crimes. Despite being based on the game, the book has a very dense narrative and lots of "politics" of the WoW world.

Mass Effect Revelation

Mass Effect Revelation is written by Drew Karpyshyn and passed well before the main game series, and long before the rise of Commander Shepard. The central figure is David Anderson, still at the beginning of his career, dealing with problems.

The book chronicles some of the events that will unfold in the game, in the future, and also provides some races and characters that will be important in Shepard saga. Extremely well written, it deserves the attention of fans of the series.

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Mortal Kombat X is the latest installment in the popular fighting franchise, which has just come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One with beautiful graphics, improved gameplay and more game modes. But does MKX is beautiful when compared to its predecessor, MK9? See the comparison.

For comparison, we used images captured directly from the games without any editing or manipulation. The screenshots show the game similar scenes, menus and other features. The images Mortal Kombat X will always be placed above. Screenshots of Mortal Kombat 9 will come soon after, below the new game images. We use the PS4 version for MK X since the game only released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the second half of the year. MK 9 version used was the X360.


With the battles going on, it's easy to notice the evolution of Mortal Kombat X from the previous version. The game bet in bold colors and contrast to create beautiful surroundings. The character models are also much more detailed, and their animations are more fluid and convincing.

Scam like Fatalities and X-Ray Moves also took advantage of the power of consoles and PCs, and are most striking, beautiful and bloody. Another highlight is the scenarios, full of lighting effects, fire, water and other elements that make the look even richer.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9


In the campaign cut scenes also show dramatic improvements over the MK9, starting with the faces and expressions of the characters, much more polished and neat.

Quality textures and better composition of the scenes also help to improve the visual impact of short films that mark the intervals between fights.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9


The Mortal Kombat X menu also changes from the previous version, focusing on a simple, minimalist look with many shadows and little color. The effect is nice, but not like much those who were enjoying the most lively and garish version of MK9.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9

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Now the second DLC is to The Evil Within appeared. In The Consequence, you take the role of July Kidman again. As you pass through the horror trip and reach the credit without too much trouble, you can see in our walkthrough. If you want to collect all 19 collectibles then check out our Collectibles guide!

Chapter 3: Illusions

Police station

Chapter 4: A ghost is born

Leslie and Ruvik
The slaughterhouse

Chapter 3 - Settlement
The second DLC chapter of The Evil Within starts and Kidman embarks on the search for Leslie. Just so she has a chance to fulfill its mandate and to escape from the terrible dream. Also you will meet at the beginning of an old acquaintance. The fight against the headlights Monster goes into the final round.

Chapter 3 - Police Station
Looking for Leslie stumbles July ever deeper into the dream. After many hardships you come with Kidman at the police station. There, you learn more about the time prior to their use at the local police. How your order is divided into the big picture?

Chapter 3 - Krimson
After a long time in the dark, it will be much brighter. To get to the Beacon, Kidman has hit through the ruins of Krimson. But in the ruined buildings lurk many dangers. Glad you can also set to defend soon.

Chapter 4 - Leslie and Ruvik
Finally Leslie is on the heels and gets him even closer enough to touch. To protect him from Ruvik, you have to destroy paintings with his own image. A tricky task with all the enemies in the area.

Chapter 4 - The slaughterhouse
Soon is out hunting for Leslie and the Beacon a hunt for Kidman colleagues. You come Sebastian's movements through the main game's tricks and hints around the dream and STEM condense.

Chapter 4 - Awakening
Now standing at the grand finale. As in the main game you get to the Beacon and thus to STEM, which keeps you in a dream. But before you can do something, Kidman's client have a say. Now it is in the great struggle against Mobius.

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