Taylor Swift stopped by “Good Morning America” and performed to thousands of people at Times Square in New York this morning (30).

The singer continues to celebrate the release of her fifth studio album, "1989", which took place earlier this week and has already sold over 600 000 copies, and get to the top of iTunes chart in 89 countries.

Swift performed two promotional tracks "Out Of The Woods" and "Welcome To New York" alongside her group, promoting the new album.

Check out the performances below:

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The 5 Seconds Of Summer released late on Wednesday (29) behind the scenes footage from the recording of the music video for "Good Girls", their new single.

In the video, the musicians appear playing with megaphones and filming scenes that are part of a group of classical music, explaining the concept of the clip with director Isaac Rentz, also responsible for the visual of "Amnesia".

It is the fourth promotional track from the band’s self titled debut album, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and has shown great success on "She Looks So Perfect".

Check out behind the scenes and watch the video for "Good Girls" below:

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Fifa 15 has a huge list of teams from various countries and leagues. The game also offers two locked teams, which can be achieved exclusively by catalog of items. Check out how to unlock Adidas and MLS All-Stars teams.

Step 1

In the game's main menu, go to "Catalog" option. Note that you must be connected to the internet.

Step 2

In "Gameplay" tab, look for "2014 AT & T MLS All-Stars Team." Note that you must have reached at least level 14 to unlock the team.

Step 3

To unlock it, click A / X on it and select "Redeem Now".

Step 4

To unlock the team of superstars sponsored by Adidas, search for "adidas All-Star Team," also in the Gameplay tab. To open this team you must have reached to level 24.

Step 5

Repeat the same process and click "Redeem Now" to release the team.

Step 6

To use times, go to a quick game or online game against a friend. Teams can not be used in online competitive modes, or career. Both teams can be found in the league "Rest of the World" (Rest of World).

Step 7

MLS side, you will find a team of the best players from last season in the American Soccer League. Among the major superstars are Bradley, Yedlin, Dempsey and superstars Henry and Cahill.

Step 8

In the Adidas team level is even higher, with a lineup built by superstars sponsored by the German company. Some of the names are Bale, Suarez, Xavi, Neuer, Van Persie and Argentine Lionel Messi. The bench is also packed with stars.

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Fifa 15 has a nice variety of unlockable items, such as new football boots, balls and even classic uniforms of major teams. They can be achieved using the FCCs, game currency that functions as a kind of XP achieved in matches. Check out the tutorial.

Step 1

In the game's main menu, select "Catalog".

Step 2

In this screen, the available items are listed by category. They require that the player has achieved a certain level in the game so you can buy them, and they cost different amounts.

Step 3

in "Gampelay" tab, the items that can be used directly in the game, such as football boots and balls are available. To buy one, position the cursor over it and press A / X.

Step 4

Click "Redeem Now" to purchase the item. The coins will be debited from your account immediately, and the item will be ready for use. In the case of football boots, simply access the Edit menu for players to use them in your favorite athlete.

Step 5

In the same category, there are still different celebrations, tribute to real stars, and classics uniform kits, which honor older versions of uniforms of the big teams in football world.

Step 6

In the Ultimate Team, players will find a variety of good items dedicated to game mode, as rare contracts, items that increase the list of downloads and bonus coins.

Step 7

In "Online" to ensure extra items for the "Seasons", improvements to the athletes' Pro Clubs "and other bonuses related to the multiplayer modes of the game.

Step 8

In the tab "Career" options are available for fans of the career mode of the game. Since Scouts smarter until extra money from investors, or simply dribbling best for your player.

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List of Easter Eggs found: Breaking Bad, Godzilla, NBA Jam, Pink Floyd, Super Mario Bros and 2001 – A Space Odyssey.

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel is the newest installment in the Borderlands video game series from 2k. During the long campaign, several references to other games, movies, series and other pop culture icons.

Check out the list of Easter Eggs in the game.

Daft Punk

In the Moxxi’s bar, a couple of DJs is responsible to ambient noise. When you get close to the characters, it's easy to recognize the similarity with Guy and Thomas, of the band Daft Punk.

Breaking Bad

In the mission "Let's Build a Robot Army", if you are playing as Clap-Trap, you can hear the catchphrase "Yeah! Science, BI**H! ", popularized by the character Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad series.


The colossal Godzilla was also honored at game. In Serenity's Waste, it is possible to confront a secret boss, curiously called Iwajira (similar to Gojira, as the character is known in the East). The appearance of the big ugly is also easily related to the film star.


The classic basketball game of the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive was also the target of one of the plays of the game. In a secondary mission called "Boomshackalaka" (catchphrase repeated to exhaustion by the narrator of the game), it is necessary to follow one of the characters try a dunk attempt (unsuccessfully) with the help of one of the game jump pads.

Pink Floyd

The legendary rock band was one of the pop icons to appear in a reference in the game. In the Triton area Flats, you can find various prisms emanating lights of different colors, as on the cover of the classic album, The Dark Side of The Moon.

Also in relation to the band, you'll face enemies on the same field with the name of Darksiders, another tribute to the band’s album.

Super Mario Bros.

Amid the Easter eggs in a game, it's hard not to come across a reference to the classic Nitendo. In the mission "The Beginning of the End", you will find some round lifts, which can lead to a secret area of the game.

It is a room built entirely in 8bits style, complete with blocks, pipes and other references to Nintendo's plumber.

2001 – A Space Odyssey

The classic Stanley Kubrick was also remembered in Easter eggs of The Pre-Sequel. In one of the stages of the game, you will find a hidden cave, with a sort of portal present in the film. To pass through it, the player is transported to various places, with the possibility of finding loot boxes.

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Belle & Sebastian released the first single from their new material "The Party Line" will be on "Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance", the band’s first album in five years.

If this serves as the first single off the album, which comes out on the 19th of January next year, fans can expect a very different band than they are accustomed. "Party Line" is a pop song as melodic and tends to be the band's songs, but it also has an electronic and danceable side rarely seen in the group's sound.

Listen to the song:

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