In the new tactics game from Firaxis there are some console cheat codes with which you can build facilities without additional work, fill certain resources, provide soldiers invulnerability - all that is possible with the XCOM 2 cheats. In the following table we show you the previously known console commands. The list will be extended when new codes are known.

XCOM 2: Enable Cheats

Before you use the XCOM 2 cheat codes, you have to activate them. Click Steam library with the right mouse button on XCOM 2 and choose "Properties". Then click on "Start options define ..." and use the following command in the next window: "-allowconsole".

When you start the game, you can use the buttons "^" or "~" open the game console and use the XCOM 2 cheats. Entering a cheat code confirmed each with the Enter button - that's it.

XCOM 2: Console Cheats

Here is the list of known console cheat codes for XCOM 2. X should be replaced with the desired numerical value. Some console commands can be activated or deactivated again by a "[on]" or "[off]".

Cheat Commands
You get
giveresource CorpseAdventOfficer X; X bodies of Advent officers
giveresource CorpseAdventShieldBearer X X bodies of Advent Shield carriers
giveresource CorpseAdventStunLancer X X bodies of Advent-lancers
giveresource CorpseAdventTrooper X X bodies of Advent soldiers
giveresource CorpseArchon X; X Archon Corpses
giveresource Corpseberserk X X Slayer Corpses
giveresource CorpseFaceless X X Faceless Corpse
giveresource CorpseSectoid X X Sektoide Corpses
giveresource CorpseViper X X viper Corpses
giveresource EleriumCore X X Elerium
giveresource Supplies X X Inventories
giveresource AlienAlloy X X Alloys
giveresource EleriumDust X X Elerium
giveresource Intel X X Info
give Engineer 1 1 Engineer
give Scientist 1 1 Scientist
givefacility OTS X Guerilla Tactics School
givefacility  Foundry X Test Area
givefacility PsiLabs X Psi lab
EleriumGenerator Elerium Power Relay
PowerUp Invulnerability and infinite ammo for your troops
TakeNoDamage Your troops are invulnerable
SetStratagyFacilitiesFree [on, off] The construction of facilities costs nothing
SetStratagyFacilitiesInstantBuild [on, off] The construction of facilities is completed immediately
SetStratagyFacilitiesSuperSpree [on, off] You can build for free from the beginning all the facilities
SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll [on, off] The construction of all facilities will open

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After a very exciting episode 11, The CW unveils the trailer for Postcards from the Edge, episode 12 of season 7 of The Vampire Diaries.

In episode 11, Damon has burned the body of Elena! An unconscious act during which Damon was hallucinating from Henry. The vampire does not seem to forgive such a crime and confesses the truth to his brother Stefan.

The images of when Damon realizes that the burned body is that of Elena (not Henry) continue to haunt him. Our hero decides to take part in battles against other vampires, organized by Julian. Damon put his life in danger, greatly worried Stefan.

Damon's brother is wanted by Rayna, played by Leslie-Anne Huff. "She tracks down those who have a scar X on the body, such as that Stefan in the future. Clearly it is the hunt and its primary prey. She will do everything to uncover it. "said actress Anne Wersching in an interview with TV Guide .

Producer Caroline Dries explains in more detail the events that await Stefan, with the Stone of Phoenix: "We saw Stefan and Damon both be stabbed by the sword, we will begin to understand what is happening with this mythology. Everything is connected. Once we understand the rules of the sword, who owns it and who is forced by the sword, essentially killing vampires, all this will make sense. "

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The Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is now available for PS3 , PS4 , Xbox One , Xbox 360 and PC. The game brings back the classic chapter, originally released for the GameCube in a remastered version and with even better graphics.

Among the many challenges, there are complex puzzles plaguing the player's life throughout history.

Learn how to solve one of the most challenging game of puzzle.

Find the pointer and adjust the hours

To solve the clock puzzle, you must first find the pointer that is missing. It is located on the floor of the room 2F, which opens with the Fire Key. Inside, turn the light on - the switch at the end of the room. Then push the small table to the head of Elk on the wall. Then take the pointer on top of it.

Go back to the clock room and use the pointer. Now you need to hit it. First, adjust the hours to place the marker in the eighth. Then position the minute hand at fifteen. Then go to the "OK" option.

The new doors will open and the player can now continue the story of Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster.

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The AMD released the Crimson driver for your video card to replace the old Catalyst. Among the advantages, the new tool has a number of advanced options that are not available in previous driver. Moreover, the software improves the performance of some components and makes a recommended update.

Here's how to find out if your AMD video card is enabled to work with the Crimson or the Catalyst.

Remember that the arrival of new driver is not good news for anyone who has a bit older video cards, launched by the middle of 2012. The Crimson does not support some components and therefore we need to know the model of the video card to know what is the correct driver.

Step 1. The safest way to find out the compatibility of your video card is on the AMD website ( ). On the page, download the service by clicking on "Download now" on the "Automatically detect and install the driver." The file will scan your PC and detect which type of latest driver you should apply;

Step 2. Alternatively, you can manually process that does not require the installation of detection tool. To do this, navigate to the Windows Control Panel and find, Hardware and Sound, Device Manager;

Step 3. Find the "Display Adapters" option and click to display the information. Below are shown the names of graphics processors present on your system;

Step 4. Write down the name of your video card. If the displayed name is AMD Radeon HD 5xxx or AMD Radeon HD 5xxx (where "x" are random values), bad news: your video card cannot run Crimson, but only the latest version of Catalyst. Even older cards, the Radeon 4xxx and previous series, are also restricted to Catalyst;

Step 5. Now that you know your video card, you can download the driver manually on the AMD website. To do this, navigate to the configuration area "Select the driver manually."

Step 6. Complete the line with the information fields and settings of your system and click on the orange button "Display Results";

Step 7. On the next screen, you will be taken to the download page for the most current and appropriate driver to your computer. Download and install normally.

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In Xcom 2, you have a total of five classes to choose from. Basically you are best placed when you have at least one soldier in each class in your squad. This list shows you all the skills that are waiting for you.

Lieutenant - Hide
Each round the Ranger has the opportunity to go into seclusion.

Captain - Relentlessly
You should manage or create more kills in this round, you get a complete train paid.

Major - Secure cover
You should not have attacked in this round, you go automatically in coverage.


Standard Capacity - Sword Stroke
The Ranger can attack enemies with his sword attack at close range and cause great damage. Depending on the spec he becomes a fighter in secret or even a melee beast.

Scouts Skills
The skills that get as a scout, make a rule that you do from the Ranger a Ninja as they rely heavily on it, not to expose the unity.

Corporal - Phantom
Even if all the soldiers are revealed, this unit remains hidden.

Sergeant - Shadow Attack
As long as your Ranger is hidden, he gets +25 Accuracy and +25 crit chance.

Colonel - Rapid Fire
You must shoot at an enemy twice in a row, but 15 target securities are withdrawn. (No cooldown)

Storm Skills
Decide in your Ranger for storm-skills, you get more opportunities for close combat and quick action.

Corporal - Blademasters
Your sword directed at future +2 damage.

Sergeant - Shadowstep
Reflex shots and fire protection have no effect at this soldier.

Lieutenant - Storm and Shot
Want her to run far and still perform an action, you are storm and shot the opportunity. Cooldown 3 rounds.

Captain - Bladestorm
Complimentary melee attack that also ensures that you attack automatically when you are attacked in melee.

Major - Untouchable
You should kill an enemy, you missed the next attack automatically.

Colonel - Grim Reaper
This melee series loses with each attack strength, but miss the first blow in any case.


The Grenadier is the henchman, virtually a tank. He holds out a lot and can bring about large-scale devastation. To this end, he performs a grenade launcher that allows him to throw grenades over a greater distance.

Explosives Expert skills
As explosives expert you have the opportunity to do great damage and more likely to act.

Corporal - Explosive Protection
Thanks to an improved armor, get your Grenadier an extra armor point.

Sergeant - Snap Shot
This shot destroyed the cover of a target, but does not apply the goal itself.

Lieutenant - Heavy Hand
The number of grenades in grenade space increases to 2.

Captain - Explosive Mixture
All this grenades Grenadiers generate +2 damage and have +1 blast radius.

Major - Salve
The use of weapons as a first action, the round ends and not consumes any action.

Colonel - Range Attack
You fired a conical field in the target direction, that also has the opportunity, the enemy cover to destroy.

"Heavy Shooter" Capabilities

The heavy shooter focuses on skills of his main weapon and uses it also to support other soldiers.

Corporal – Rip
Your primary weapon shredded the armor of your opponents.

Sergeant - Supporting Fire
This bombardment keeps your goal in the coverage. However, should leave the target, it bombards  directly.

Lieutenant - Holo Destinations
Once he fires at a target, it improves the shots the rest of the soldiers on the same goal, regardless of the fact whether you hit or not.

Captain - Chain Shot
With this shot, you automatically fires one more time. However, the chain surplus is subject to a penalty of -15 marksmanship.

Major - Shot Hail
This shot hits the target guaranteed, but consumed for a lot of ammunition.

Colonel - Rupture
When opponents with a lot of energy, you should first use the rupture, as all other attacks inflict damage +3.


The specialist has an electronic companion. The Gremlin drone allows him to hack enemy technology over long distance and gets more skills with every new level. The basic capability of the drone, a soldier gives additional protection to his current position.

Combat Medic Skills
This alignment of capabilities focused on healing and remove from Mali.

Corporal - Medi Protocol
This skill allows you to use the Gremlin UAV for distance healing. At least one of your specialists should have this skill.

Sergeant - Armor Protocol
As the cure, you enable this skill to send your drone to a fellow soldier. In this case, the following negative statuses are removed: Lost, Dazed, panic and Unconscious. Can not poisoning or fire remove.

Lieutenant - Paramedics
Did your specialist already have the skill Medi protocol, you should give him this skill also. Has the specialist a Medikit in his equipment, are now three thereof.

Captain - Covering Fire
Set your future fire protection specialists with this one, you shoot at any enemy action, in movement.

Major - vigilance
Consume the specialist all actions on movement (yellow enriches), then he automatically receives fire protection.

Colonel - Recovery
This function cures each squad member, or it revived.

Fight Hacking Skills

Corporal - Battle Reports
This skill Gremlin fly to an enemy unit to inflict guaranteed damage. It is when the target is a robotic or technical unit, the damage is greater.

Sergeant - Over Record
If mastered, this hack attempt, you take the controller over an enemy. But only temporarily. Alternatively, you can also turn off after successful hack attempt the enemy. For this, you have a better chance.

Lieutenant - Scan Protocol
This capability lets you scan the field in a large radius for enemies and enlarged one round the view radius of specialists.

Captain - Risk Assessment
This skill complements the standard capacity auxiliary protocol to fire, however, extended the cooldown by one lap.

Major - Guardian
If the specialist fire an enemy, there is a 50% chance that it gives off another shot.

Colonel - Capacitor Discharge
In this attack, the Gremlin unloads a strong charge in an area and damages all enemies within radius.


As the name suggests, the sniper focuses on the use of his sniper rifle, which he can attack your enemies at long range. His basic ability allows him to aim at any enemy that can see. In addition, he has as a secondary weapon a revolver, which can also cause major damage.

This alignment specialize your drone on fighting skills such as attack and takeover of enemies.

Sniper Skills
These skills enhance your possibilities with the sniper rifle.

Corporal - Distance Protection
With this you can cause fire by party perspective.

Sergeant - Heavy Shot
This shot has but a reduced target security produced for significantly higher damages.

Lieutenant - Death From Above
Attack an opponent from an elevated position, will cost the shot only one action.

Captain - Firing Zone
This capability specifies a field in which it always triggers a reflex shot as soon as an object is moving or attacking.

Major - Steady Hand
If the sniper does not move in the previous round, increase his target security and his critical strike chance by each +10.

Colonel - Series
Enable this series, you get for each kill with the sniper rifle action back.

Gunfighter Skills
As the gunman sniper gets more opportunities to use his revolver.

Corporal - Return Fire
If the sniper under enemy fire, he automatically fires once per round back with the gun.

Sergeant - Lightning Fast Hands
A free shot with the revolver. However, 3 rounds cooldown.

Lieutenant - Quick Drag
Shoot the sniper in his train first with his gun, stop not round.

Captain - Confrontation
Fire the gun a shot at every visible enemy from.

Major - Destinations
After the sniper issued in coverage, he gets +20 objective safety in the next round.

Colonel - Shot Series
With this skill the sniper fired three times on the same target.


The Psi-soldiers you get after you have built a Psi-Lab. You can develop into a Psi-soldiers by an upgrade two recruits simultaneously. The special thing about this class is not only the supernatural abilities, but also the fact that Psi-soldiers can learn all the 12 skills that are available and don’t have to choose between one of the sides. The basic skill Soul Fire is a strong shot that organic enemies damage regardless of armor.

Telepath Capabilities
These skills are more offensive, but also include buffs.

Corporal - Madness
This attack weakens the opponent and adds a random Malus as mind control.

Sergeant - Soul Capture
Through this skill Soul Fire heals the future Psi soldiers by half the damage inflicted.

Lieutenant - Encouragement
A permanent aura around the Psi-soldiers away from Mali allies and protects them.

Captain - Schism
This skill improves the ability madness. A small amount of damage is now on guarantee and the target receives rupture.

Major - Detonator
Attack an opponent an explosive device with him, you can leave these detonate remotely.

Colonel - Zero-Lance
This strong beam damage all targets in his line of fire.

Resonant Capabilities
These skills include primarily the defensive variety.

Corporal - Inspire
This capability allows the Psi soldiers to return another soldier an action.

Sergeant - Stasi Shield
The Stasi sign can you apply to any unit to it for one lap to protect them from any damage. It is, however, unable to act at this time. In some situations, you can help that too at opponents.

Lieutenant - Withstand
Suffers of Psi-soldier so much damage that he would die, he will automatically go into stasis.

Captain - Bulwark
The Psi-soldier is immune to fire, poison and explosive damage.

Major - Mastery
You take control of an enemy unit. In contrast to the takeover of the specialists this controller is permanent (until the unit dies). This skill can only be used once per round, if he succeeds.

Colonel - Empty Gap
The Empty gap is a kind of psycho-grenade. Some opponents are repeatedly attacked randomly and assigned random Mali, as mind control, disorientation, etc..

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Need for Speed , the popular racing video game series, was born in 1994. Developed by Electronic Arts, the series evolved graphically quite rapidly and, today, already has games with high quality graphics. Find out how this evolution happened and where it all began.

The Need for Speed

The first Need for Speed was successful mainly on the PC and on a Multiplayer console called 3DO. It was not for less, since the 3D graphics impressed since that time, although today did not represent so much. In addition, Need for Speed has evolved not only in looks, but also in the gameplay.

Need for Speed 2

The second game came only in 1997 for Windows and PlayStation. But the delay did not justify the graphical evolution. Despite the visual 3D have remained very similar to the first, the game brought some visual innovations, such as the insight and overview - that yes, a visual innovation.

Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

It was in Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit that the franchise has a great visual jump. Launched in 1998 for PSOne and Windows, the game used all the power available in the devices to display the most beautiful game in the series so far. Fastest cars, wider tracks and true cracks against the police were the main novelties.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

After spending some time on the same platforms, Need for Speed got another graphic leap in 2002 when Hot Pursuit 2 came out for "new generation" consoles at that time such as PS2, Xbox and GameCube. The game kept everything that worked in the first Hot Pursuit, but far more beautiful and polished form.

Need for Speed: Underground

This is perhaps the most famous title in the series, in addition to being one of the more pleased the fans. Launched in 2003 for PS2, Xbox, GameCube and Windows, Underground surprised not only by changing the climate of the franchise - introducing tuned cars - but also for having one of the best visual of the time, especially on the PC. Lights, glare, visual effects through the city, all impressive enough.

Need for Speed: Underground Rivals

Need for Speed: Underground Rivals was the first portable game in the series to actually have impressive graphics. The GBA had already received some titles in the past, but nothing compared to that which came out in 2005 for the PSP, Sony. The visual Underground followed the same style, with some elements "worsened". However, playing in palm and with decent graphics consoles was amazing.

Need for Speed: Carbon

Despite not having been so well received by fans, Need for Speed: Carbon opened the game on Xbox 360 and PS3 and therefore presented another great leap in graphics. The highlight was the scene with canyons, mountains and other stunning features.

Need for Speed: Shift

Released in 2009 for PS3, PSP, Windows and Xbox 360, Shift was one of the games in the series to bring back the simulation factor. That said a lot to the graphics, since it was now necessary to not only pass the real sense of speed with visual, but also much more elaborate damage to vehicles. It is one of the most beautiful titles of the franchise.

Need for Speed: The Run

The Run represents another big jump in the graph series. Released in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, Wii and 3DS, the game had a cinematic narrative climate and therefore needed to perfect the look. This was reflected not only in the elaborate graphics of cars and tracks, but also the characters, which were the focus of the plot.

Need for Speed

The next Need for Speed has no subtitle. Released for next generation consoles and the PC, the game should be one of the nicest of the franchise for what was seen at E3 2015. As the game marks the series debut on PS4 and Xbox One, EA put all the effort to make it really beautiful and visually distinctive.

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