In Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom, the center is the attack mode, quasi the story mode, in which you re-enacting the events of the first season and by missions you increase your regiment ability in level to unlock new equipment, which you can produce with materials from fighting. Here, you take depending on the mission to control the characters Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi, their abilities differ and you can improve each one separately in level up to seven times and that is accompanied by new skills.

Once you have played the game, you can watch the story again in the Real attack mode. Here the difficulty is higher, but it also deserves the best materials for the high-end equipment in the game. In addition, you can control a total of up to 10 different characters from the series and complete them with the optional finding missions to earn more Regiment funds and materials.

Combat Titans Effectively

Most of the time, you will be busy with fighting against the Titans and they are partially in masses on the map. You can kill Titans by attacking their neck and bring the appropriate life bar to zero. Titans come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they appear without their arms and legs.

The following tips will help you to the fight against the Titans:

- By separating certain parts of the body you deserve additional materials for equipment. This you recognize the golden stone icon at the corresponding body part.

- If a titan attach on you, it is sometimes difficult to perform a free attack on the neck. Here, the two types of grenades (flash and sound) will help you. Depending on Titan they are either against lightning (yellow) or sound (purple) vulnerable, what you can see on top of the screen by a symbol, if you have a titan in the target. Another useful strategy is the cutting off of one leg, then attack directly the neck in the back.

- Pay attention to the guns, some of which stand around on many battlefields or unlock them by side missions. An aimed shot to the head area kills normal Titans immediately. But don’t let them to come close to you, otherwise they can destroy the gun at a stroke. In addition, guns have limited ammunition, but again automatically recharged after a short time, after you have left (recognizable by the yellow bar).

- A fight can be especially difficult when there are many Titans at one point and they cover each other with their body parts. Such situation you can use grenades to stun them or try to disperse them.

- Besides normal Titans, there are still abnormal and bizarre versions. Abnormal fixed on characters and sometimes very fast. They crawl on the ground or jump. Bizarre Titans turn differ in male and female forms. Females are particularly fast, jump and kick a lot, while male are especially robust and powerful. In both versions, you also need only to aim at defensive parts, ie cut off their legs or arms before you attack the neck.

The right combination of equipment

Depending on the style of play you should focus of your equipment. Your gear consists of the three components blades, sheaths / containers and 3D maneuvers equipment together. Each part has three characteristics favoring certain combat situations. Most equipment is strong in two of the three properties. Below we show you which values can be neglected the most.


- Sharpness (very important): Focus describes your attack power and determines ultimately the damage it inflicts. Especially, later in the game this value cannot be high enough because, otherwise it takes a long time to subdue a titan. Short blades cause usually the highest damage.

- Blade length (important): The longer a blade, the higher the combat range. That is, you have a body part not fly right to the point and still meet. In addition, the chance several Titans rise to meet at a time when they are close together.

- Durability (rather unimportant): the gas indicator shows your blades durability ad. The higher this value is, the longer you can strike with a sword before it breaks. But since you can fill your blades usually at the logisticians, this is often the most neglected. However, you should be good vaginal / have containers that can hold many blades, otherwise it is annoying.

Containers / Cylinders

- Remaining gas (rather unimportant): The higher the value, the longer you can with a gas cylinder. The same applies here as in the durability of the blade, as long as you have enough gas cylinders in reserve and fills in logisticians, this value is negligible.

- Gas pressure (important): gas pressure determines your movement speed in 3D maneuvers. A high value here is recommended to quickly get from A to B and to respond quickly to new situations.

- Remaining blades (important): A reserve of blades is especially important if the shelf life is correspondingly low. Sheaths / containers with a capacity of at least three blades are recommended here.

3D maneuvers equipment

- Roller speed (very important): A high roller can speed you faster after your anchors have fixed in a body part. Especially with the nimble bizarre Titans, a high value is very important because body parts sometimes are open only for a short time and attack you as soon you can.

- Anchor range (important).

- Anchor strength (rather unimportant): High-strength anchor you can longer swirl around a Titan before the armature detached from a body part again. This you recognize on the display below the armature.

Use skills of the characters correctly

During the game you have the chance to take control of 10 soldiers who are made up of recruits of the 104 session and the members of the reconnaissance squads. In attack mode, you take the roles of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi. After the end of the last mission you can also with the other characters Jean, Connie, Sasha, Christa, Hanji and Erwin, repeat main missions or play the optional finding missions.

The values of each character can be reviewed on the Player Info menu. These are less marked for strength, endurance, skill, health, concentration and guidance every soldier and cannot be improved on level rises, so always remain the same. Level climbs bring you only new skills. I]It is more important to know what are the strengths of the four main characters.

- Eren (battle rating B): A balanced character with no special abilities or vulnerabilities. Only when you learn the Titan transformation with him, he is very powerful. Every time when the yellow bar has been filled by militant actions, you can transform with Eren in a Titan and defeat other Titans very fast in melee.

- Mikasa (Battle Rating S): The strongest character to Levi in the game. Mikasa can subdue the Titans very quickly and also controlled the chain attack directly. This allows you a body part after the first attack directly attack twice what even stronger Titans usually brings a sudden fall. In addition, the decisive battle at Mikasa longer active, which gives you an extra attack power.

- Armin (battle rating B): your strengths lie in leadership and not in combat with Armin. He even causes little damage. But Armin can issue orders to team members and arrange an attack. In order to recruit, press Circle button and B button. You can take maximum of four team members. Besides, by side missions you can take more characters. They also cause more damage. To target and attack and press the circle button / B button. After a short cooldown you can attack again.

- Levi (Battle Rating S): The best character in the game thanks to high values in almost every attribute. With Levi you can take most difficult missions because he causes enormous damage and just like Mikasa chain attack dominated (level 2). By reaching maximum level 7 Levi may even five times better in a row to attack one and the same body part.

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In Battlefield 1, players have 3 different tanks to choose from. Among them are Light Tank, Heavy Tank and the so-called Landship. These ground vehicles can be customized in different categories, as in terms of weapons, in the passenger configuration or other equipment options.

Light Tanks

- Passengers: 1 driver, who is also handling the weapons simultaneously
- Weapons: Main cannon + subweapons with shotgun ammunition
- Skills: Poison gas + Medikit drop

The cannon of the light tank is highly effective against houses and other vehicles. In contrast, the shotgun is well suited for use as a secondary weapon against infantry. The change between the arms takes a few seconds, unfortunately you need it to adjust.

The light tank is very small and therefore is particularly well suited for fighting in cities. So it can be much more agile to move in the streets and the own defense liberate the poison gas. Also allied units benefit from the light tank, because you have the opportunity to drop Medikits. However, it is not too well armored.

Heavy Tank

- Passengers: 1 driver + 5 Gunner
- Weapons: Cannon + sidearm with shotgun ammunition + Gunner-MG
- Skills: mines + smoke

The gravity tank is probably the most powerful ground vehicle in Battlefield 1. However, this large tank is very sluggish and moves very slowly. Also, the above turret is not rotating, so that the driver needs to rotate it each time. For this reason it is recommended to occupy the places in the tank, because here are 6 players place. In any case, you should always place someone who can protect the inertial tank.

The Gunner shoots virtually from heavy tank out. You have only one gun, which is obviously weak.

The heavy tank can drop mines and smoke. So it is possible for opponents to block the view and to make themselves in an emergency situation from the field.


- Passengers: 1 Driver + 2 Gunners
- Weapons: MG for the driver + gun and shotgun for Gunner
- Skills: Drop ammo boxes + Medikits

Both Gunners sit in the Landship to the right and left and have the big guns under control. Due to the passenger distribution in the tank you should definitely have at least two, so one controls the Landship and the other shoots. Otherwise, the Landship must stop if you are alone and go into one of the Gunner courts to inflict more damage.

The Landship is very wide and long, unlike the light tanks. Therefore, it is very difficult to operate in cities or other tight areas. The best location is the Landship to destroy other ground vehicles.

All three tanks have infinitely ammunition. However, the guns need to be reloaded. A lower right corner informs you how much ammunition or how much income can still consume.

Armored cars, motorcycles with sidecars and horses

In addition to the tanks above, there are also smaller armored cars. They stand around in many places. These cars are nimble and take you quickly from one place to another. They are ideal for the fight against infantry, bigger guns make it but quickly flattened because its armor cuts badly towards the real tanks.

In addition, you will also get motorcycles with sidecars in Battlefield 1, where two players can be accommodated and the fight on horseback is already confirmed – as they were quite often used in battle in World War I.

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One of the highly anticipated action role-playing games of 2016 was finally released. Like many other AAA titles, Deus Ex Mankind Divided is also associated with startup problems, error messages and crashes. In our troubleshooting guide below we provide solution and support for the most common and known issues.

Errors and Crashes

Before you start the game you should check the official system requirements to make sure that your PC can run the game. The current situation may start the game and then crashes for which there is currently no fix but following problems with fixes are already known.

Performance Problems

If you encounter performance issues while playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided, then you can try with the following fixes:

- Update your graphics card driver.
- Disable anti-aliasing (MSAA).
- Turn Off Contact Hardening Shadows.
- Turns on or off volumetric lighting.
- If you have a graphics card with 4GB RAM, then set the graphics settings to "High".
- Use 1080p resolution.
- Let the game run in full-screen.

Game Crashes - Train Station

Game crashes start at the train station can be avoided by following workarounds.

- Change GPU PhysX settings to auto in the Nvidia Control Panel.
- Set the graphics settings lower.
- Select no DLC content in the game features in your games library.
- Start the game in windowed mode.
- Turn off the subtitles.

List of Augmentations Remains Empty

A known issue for which there is no fix or a solution yet.

Black Screen in Full Screen Mode

Ensure that your drivers are up to date and adjusts the frame rate to a 60 hz. The screen remains black, you can switch to Windowed Mode and customize the game resolution of your PC monitor via Alt Tab.

Problems with the Mouse Acceleration

Start the game and go to the options. Change your mouse sensitivity to ZERO.

Final Reward in Breach Mode

Currently there is an error in Breach mode, in which the final reward issued to players is unlimited. Therefore, currently an alternative reward will be given. Once a patch is released, the right reward will be issued again. Players, who have been able to get done the Breach mode, get the corresponding reward awarded retrospectively.

Where Are The Digital Contents?

If you have the digital collector's edition of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and asks you where to find the soundtrack, Novella, the Art Book and the Comic, simply navigate to the following folder: \Steam\steamapps\common\Deus Ex Mankind Divided\Extras.

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To start Neon Nights (SM00) side mission in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, you have to go the backyard of your apartment and listen to the two men as they talk about the drug called Neon. They speak of bonbon, the dealer for Neon. You will also find her a few steps further in the backyard, but she won’t sell you anything from the "stuff", as it should be dangerous for Optimists.

Look around, you will find an electrical box. Now you can use it to climb the wall and get to the ledge along the camp. In a safe you will find a Pocket Secretary (PDA). Read the message and SM 00: Neon Nights starts. The message also contains a code (0310) for access to the apartment.

- Now you have to find and break the weak wall near the safe, there you will find another Pocket Secretary that stated that Neon is deadly for Optimists, since it is incompatible with the Neuropozyne.

- Now leave the storage room, we just went out through the door. The bodyguard noticed, but if you continue running straight and do not stop, he will not search for you.

- Go back to the house. Directly behind the door to the apartment is a security guard, you open the door with the code 0310, you can quietly go behind the guard. Go into the apartment, you can also use the air shaft at the stairs on the right.

- Along with the guitar on the small table you will find a PDA that gives you the password to the laptop. In addition, you learn that another group dealt with neon.

Travel to Cista Ctvrt

Did you read all the emails from bonbon, you get a new waypoint for SM 00: Neon Nights. There in an apartment you need to look for clues that will help you to bypass the dealer of Dvali. So Make your way to the subway and go to the marked stop (blue top links on the map). The waypoint will lead you to the apartment house. However, you can not enter the apartment easily. We have to hack the door. If you need help, read our guide to hacking or simply uses a multi-tool to get in.

Behind our backs

Once you enter the apartment, a smart home system activates that recognizes that you have not authorized, you stay in the apartment. It alerts the security, before that you can hide in upstairs. In the bathroom you find a PDA, from which you learn that you get to the Rave only with an appropriate access card (Key Card) and the nice note to the author that the apartment has to be cleaned up. Once you have read the news, you will receive the next waypoint for the side quest SM 00: Neon Nights.

The Rave

Thus you will receive the access card to Rave, you must now hack into the laptop in the living room, which is very simple. The Home AI you can open the wall panels (option SECURITY), whereby it reaches some extra credits and what is more important:. About the ENVIRONMENT option you can hire the cleaning service and read the confirmation email of the company. From this you learn that the cleaning crew will indeed make this apartment clean, but they ask you to take a walk and come back later - when you return you will find two access cards on the bed.

- Visit the underground and return. Step into the apartment again, go up and look on the bed. The following figure shows what you’ll find on the bed.

 - Go to the front door of the raves and use the access card to open the door. Now you can open it without any problem.

- Go past the entrance immediately to the left and hack the door. Since it is only protected by a firewall security level 1, you should have no problem with it.

- In the room itself you'll find the body of Optimists and if you searched him, you will find a PDA. Read the contents of the message.

The Door

In this part of the side mission SM 00: Neon Nights you have to search the office of the cleaning services to find out who is at Optimists behind the distribution of Neon. The door of the office is marked with the image of a swan. Follow the waypoint to the destination. Here you will see many additions to hack.

- To give us access to the offices, we hacked the door. With special augmentations, it is possible to get in via the ventilation shafts.

- The door, however, is only protected by a security system of the level 2, it should not be a problem for anyone.

- Within the office, next to the sink in the kitchen, you will find a spray bottle. With this you can open a secret passage in front of you.

- In the secret room you will find a safe. Link at the side of the safe is the code. We were unable to find the password for this and we have cracked the safe. Just use a multi-tool, if the security level appears too you then its complicated.

- Grab the contents of the safe and read the PDAs. You can learn where the laboratory is located and get the access code for the first two doors.

Origin of all colors

The chemist Harmony operates in the illegal neon laboratory for Dvalis but smuggles something from the drug addition, and sell it together with the cleaning service. If you enter the sewer system, then the side mission SM02 will start. However, this time, you have to turn right. Before you start this section, you should be sure that you have two bio cells in the luggage. You will need them.

- The first door on which you must enter the code 0311, located on the bottom right.

- Wait until the gun is pointing in the other direction and sneak under this round. On the other side you jump out again when it is again rotated in the other direction. Run quickly upstairs.

- Above, you can open the second door with the Code 0311. The following path is more complex, because you must go to the Security Laptop.

- Once you have you turned off the security system, go back out of the room then turn immediately left. Up along you will get directly to the office of Harmony, you must now speak. Select the answers example, they will assist you.

- Answer 1: Decide here for WARN and make Harmony realized the risks.

- Answer 2: If you choose give up, noted the chemist, that you be united and will let you do.

- Collect the table behind her, the PDA and the multi-tool which you will immediately need.

- The door leading to the tank is equipped with a high security level and therefore, here you can use the multi-tool.

- Supply the each tanks with a Bio cell and create a memory status, because now you have to pick the next terminal, but this is very simple.

- Click now on EMPTY TANK and already you have completed the side mission SM 00 Neon Nights. The addition Crawl should be no problem now. Hold on to the left and take the ladder to climb up.

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Google has started rolling out Android N to its Nexus devices and the pixel C-Tablet. Anyone who has not yet received the new Android system as an OTA update, can initiate the installation via the Android beta program. We will show you in this guide how to register with the beta program.

Are you owner of a Nexus 5X, 6, 6P, 9, 9G, Nexus player, Pixels C tablets or a Sony Xperia Z3, then you can use the new Android N immediate the final version before everyone else.

With the aforementioned Nexus devices and the pixel C-Tablet you can Android N - if not already automatically receive - install over an over-the-air update. A complicated installation using Factory Image is no longer necessary.

Before you install the new version of the Android operating system on your smartphone, it is useful to make a backup of your data.

Step 1 - Registration with the Android Beta Program

- Visit the website of the beta program and sign up there with Google credentials.

- Then scroll down to "Your legitimate devices".

- Enable to participate in the Android Beta Program By clicking on the button next to your device.

Step 2 - OTA Update

Within 24 hours, the update should available for download on your device.

In case if you did not get the notification about the available update, you can also manually start the update. Go to the device setting, scroll all the way down and open "About phone".

In the "System Updates" menu you can update by clicking on "Download."

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This is one of the most important augmentations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. With your cybernetic arms you can improve your assaulting skills. You can also punch through walls and perfect weapons handling. Whether reload speed or precision, all the upgrades in this regard can be found in this category. With Arm Augmentations you have the following options:

Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis

- Provide strength and advanced combat skills.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: Available from the start.

Punch Through Wall

- Allow the destruction easier and damaged walls.
- Power consumption: Medium
- Activation: set before the corresponding wall and press the indicated button.
- Cost: 1x practice

Instant Takedown

- Kill targets quickly in close combat or makes them unable to fight.
- Power consumption: Medium
- Activation: Come near to a destination and press the indicated button.
- Cost: Available from the start.

Optimized Musculature

- This upgrade allows the lifting and throwing heavy objects.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Load volume: 70 kg

- You can carry more objects in your inventory .
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: Available from the start.

Load volume: 90 kg

- You can carry even more objects in your inventory .
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Load capacity: 110 kg

- You can carry even more objects in your inventory.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Cybernetic Weapon Handling

- This augmentation regulates and improve weapons handling .
- Power consumption: No
- Cost: Available from the start.

Standard Aim Stability

- Allow standard movements and control while aiming.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: Available from the start.

Marksman Aim Stability

- This ability reduces the movement-induced crosshair delay slightly.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Sharpshooter (Sniper) Aim Stability

- This skill prevents movement-induced crosshair delay to a large extent.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Factory Recoil Compensation

- The cybernetic prosthetic arm granted a rebound damping by default .
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: Available from the start.

Drill Recoil Compensation

- Reduce the recoil slightly.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Field Recoil Compensation

- Reduce the recoil considerably.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Base Reload Speed Dexterity

- This skill is the standard charging time your arm prosthesis.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: Available from the start.

Medium Reload Speed Dexterity

- Reduce weapons loading time.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

High Reload Speed Dexterity

- Shorten weapons loading time considerably.
- Power consumption: No
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

PEPS (Experimental)

- With this augmentation you can fire off a shockwave and thus hurl objects on the ground.
- Power consumption: Medium
- Warning: Experimental augmentations enhance the overclocking.
- Cost: 2x practice

Throw Back

- Throws back fire a quick shot off the targets.
- Power consumption: Medium
- Activation: Open the augmentations and has the ability to a Slot (tap for activate) or activated directly.
- Cost: Available when buying PEPS

Precision Diode

- Stunned shockwave objectives with a concentrated PEPS .
- Power consumption: Medium
- Activation: Open the augmentations and has the ability to a Slot (tap for activate) or activated directly.
- Cost: 1x practice

Remote Hacking (Experimental)

- This allows augmentation hacking from a distance.
- Power consumption: Low
- Warning: Experimental augmentations enhance the overclocking.
- Cost: 2x practice

Environment Control

- You can ping and hack AI objects around.
- Power consumption: Low
- Activation: Places the crosshair over the mark of a hackable device and presses the button indicated.
- Cost: This skill is unlocked when you buy remote hacking.

Security control

- You can temporarily disable remotely robots, guns, and security cameras.
- Power consumption: Low
- Activation: Place the crosshair over the mark of a hackable device and presses the button indicated.
- Cost: 1x practice

Tesla (Experimental)

- This augmentation can incapacitate your targets with a noiseless power arc.
- Power consumption: ammunition / TESLA cartridge
- Warning: Experimental augmentations enhance the overclocking.
- Cost: 2x practice

Rapid Fire System

- This upgrade can focus on a single target.
- Power consumption: Ammunition
- Activation: Open the augmentations and has the ability to a Slot (tap for activate) or activated directly.
- Cost: If enabled with Tesla.

Upgrade Double Firearms

- This upgrade can simultaneously focus on two objectives.
- Power consumption: Ammunition
- Activation: keep to detecting multiple targets and release fire.
- Cost: 1x practice

Upgrade Quadruple Arc

- This upgrade can focus on four objectives simultaneously.
- Power consumption: Ammunition
- Activation: keep to detecting multiple targets and release fire.
- Cost: 1x practice

Upgrade Bow Range

- Distance, can doubled the Tesla target detect.
- Power consumption: Ammunition
- Activation: automatically when unlocking.
- Cost: 1x practice

Nano Blade (Experimental)

- With this augmentation you can fire Nano blade as a projectile .
- Power consumption: ammunition / Nano Blades ammunition
- Warning: Experimental augmentations enhance the overclocking.
- Cost: 2x practice

Impact Speed Shot

- With this upgrade you can fire the Nano blade and thus to nail targets.
- Power consumption: Ammunition
- Activation: Open the augmentations and has the ability to a Slot (tap for activate) or activate directly.
- Cost: If activated with Nano blade.

Explosive Heat Blade

- This skill heated to the Nano blade. It is an explosive variant that explodes into smaller fragments.
- Power consumption: Ammunition
- Activation: Open the augmentations and has the ability to a Slot (tap for activate) or activated directly.
- Cost: 1x practice

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