The latest DLC Not a Hero for Resident Evil 7 begins right after the RE 7 main campaign ends and you play as Chris Redfield. In our walkthrough, we want to guide you through the puzzles and give you some useful tips to help you prepare for the battles. In addition, we also show you how to get the cell key and the night vision device.

As Chris Redfield, you have to find and stop Lucas. You’ll find him in the salt mines where he also keeps three of your men, you need to help them to escape. Then follow the path until the turnoff, where you encounter the first Molded enemy. You have your weapons but the ammunition is scarce so don’t waste them here. You can simply walk past and lift these enemies off your back by keeping them moving.

Walk through the corridors until you reach a cave where you can access the platform via the iron stairs. Search the cave below, depending on the level of difficulty, you can find ammo or grenades. Go up the stairs and walk through the door. Behind it you will find two bodies, one of which is a missing agent. 

Lucas has released poisonous gas into a small room and the filter of your mask cannot cope with this so you have to pay attention to your oxygen reading here. This means that you have to leave the room quickly. So follow Lucas through the door.

Your mission in "Not a Hero" is to find the three missing men - two are left, go through the next door. Behind it, your oxygen is in demand again, so be careful and do not try to fight the enemy in the corridor.

- At the end of the corridor you will find an elevator and of course you are not alone. Here you can still save ammo by pressing the button and luring the Molded away from the elevator until it is there and you can get in quickly.

- Once you are in the elevator, the spores evaporate and your oxygen supply is safe. Listen to the conversation between Chris and his contact, then you learn a rag over the current Umbrella situation.

- The elevator takes you to a cave that serves as your safe room. Here you can relax and plan your next steps. Next, you search the cave, because depending on the difficulty there is also ammunition to find here. A little further to the right of the red roller door you will find a barrel in a dark corner and on it the first antique coin.

- Use the chest to unpack unnecessary items, save the game and continue. You have three roller doors to choose from: the green, the red and the blue.

RE7, Not a Hero, Cell Key Locations, Coins Locations Guide

The Red Door

First, you have to walk through the red gate. Right behind you will find two barrels. Look behind them, because there is the second antique coin. Next you see the second missing man, who is locked in a cell. You need the cell key to free him. Continue to the elevator and head upstairs.

Get out and don’t bother about the locked gate in front of you, because it's a shortcut you'll open later. Run to the right and try to get rid of the enemy to search the cave in peace. If you want to save ammo, you don’t have to kill everyone - until there are few left over that you can dodge while exploring the room.

On the right in the room you will find the third antique coin on a sack by the barrels. Search the room further, because here you may find ammo and definitely two quest items, without which you can no longer play "Not a Hero". Also remember to open the wooden chests with the yellow ribbon with your knife, because inside these boxes you may find some helpful items.

- The gear lies on the rock behind the mining cart. You can also attach it to the device you find it on top of the hill. You won’t miss it as it is being irradiated by the lights.

- Now you need find a crank. Turn around to the yellow mining vehicle and look to the left of this on the barrels. Grab the crank and attach it to the device as well.

- Now you have to be careful with the enemy here as it is a new type of monster and you don’t need to waste your ammo on it. Here you need special ammunition that you will get later. Run away from the monster and lead it in a different direction. Then return to the center and grab the cell key hanging from the mannequin's hand on the yellow mine car.

- Now run back to the cell where the second missing man is trapped and open it with the cell key. Next, grab the high-efficiency filter off the ground and return to the big cave - your safe room.

- Now save your progress from "Not a Hero", see if you want to put something in the chest or take it out of it and it continues.

The Green Door

Find Night Vision Device and RAMROD - Locations Guide

Now go to the green door and walk through the open doors. You get into a gang that is full of spur and you can now go through them thanks to the high-efficiency filter. Follow the gait and you will find that one of the new monsters is lurking here again. Grab the grenade from the board or equip one. Hit the monster and it will fall over. Now you can run fast, because the special RAMROD ammunition is located in the premises behind it.

- Follow the passage until you arrive at a serving table. To the left of the white pouches lies the fourth antique coin. Grab them and follow the passage. Pay attention to the enemies here.

- You reach an area that is very dark. here you need the night vision device. A white monster appears again and you have to bring it down with a hand grenade or lure it away, because right in front of the dark area is a metal door through which you must go.

- In the room behind you finally find the night vision device and the anti-regenerative ammunition RAMROD. You have to be careful here, because you don’t have much ammunition. So, before you decide to shoot with the RAMRODS, there are two things to consider: is it really necessary? Can I kill it at once? The Good: One shot is enough to kill the white Moldeds.

- Search the room, because you might find something else. Now leave the room again and if you want to take the same route back, you will find that automatic turrets have been set up that will make your life difficult, but also easier.

- Next, we went to the right, into the dark tunnel, since we have the night vision device. Open the lattice door and knock in the wooden boxes. Then jump through the hole.

- Follow the passage until you reach the three switches, which you have to put in the right position. The arrows show you, which were painted on the elevator door further down the corridor. You can also read the order from the following picture.

- Once you have activated the power, you can go to the room and use the elevator. Don’t be too distracted by the little jumping monsters because they keep coming back. So get the elevator, defend the crawlers.

- Once at the top, you walk to the end of the corridor and grab the fifth antique coin from the barrel. Keep running down the corridor. Watch out for the automatic guns and the enemies. You should not destroy them, because if you run crouched, they will not bombard you will also encounter Molded enemies here - just lure them in front of the guns.

- Continue along the corridor and you will come to a door that you must unlock. Right behind, the next Molded enemies are already building up. You should eliminate them or at least let them go down so you can come over.

- Next you will come across three guns. The game suggests at this point to look for a safe way, but we first went to Safe room and is around the corner. With a grenade we managed to destroy the three guns then ran towards the base - but you do not have to do this at this point.

- Take the opposite direction, opposite the three guns. Keep following the passage and pay attention to the fact that another gun will surprise you on the way. Here, also you can bend and pass.

- Continue along the corridor and be prepared to run into White Molded enemies. As soon as you see a door with a red bright button at the end of a tunnel, you have almost arrived. From the corridor to the left there are many Molded enemies. So be careful and try to get past them to go through the door.

- Behind the door you can see some barrels and one of them is red. Of course, if you shoot the barrels, they will hurt the enemies, so use them to save your ammo and get rid of your persecutors.

- Follow the tunnel until you arrive at a grid. From this passage, two more corridors lead to the left. Take the first one, where you can see destructible wooden boxes. You have to pass them. The end of the corridor is a dead end, but you will find there on the left a lockpick and the sixth antique coin.

- Now go to second gear and continue. Use the red barrel to pass by and head to the door, which you can unlock now. Run through the other door and head to your safe room.

Blue Gate and Clown Key

Go through the blue gate now. This is where you’ll find your night vision device, which is located behind the green gate. Pay attention to the red dots on the floor. They mark active nerve gas traps that will slow you down. Don’t step on them.

First go to the area on the left and grab the bucket from the seventh antique coin. Walk into the tunnel and then into the corridor, where you will find a locked chest. Use your lockpick to unlock it. Grab the content and walk back to the main tunnel and then left again.

Be careful here, because the traps section starts - Lucas' realm. Dodge or squeeze between the laser beams and move. If you already see the gate, you should not run, because here you still expect a wire trap - just keep bend and move. Then press the button to the left of the gate.

Find the Clown Key and Get Rid of the Explosives Bracelet

Grab the cart and push it against the wooden barricade. Take care of the Molded. He will run towards you and explode. Don’t let it get that far. Shoot it or try to dodge in time. Now go into the uncovered corridor and push the cart in this order:

- Go into the room and turn right. Push the cart in front of you against the wooden barricade. Attention! You’ll encounter a Molded here.

- Go back to the car that blocks the front door and push it into the corridor you came from.

- Now you push the car with the balloons against the second wooden barricade, behind which are also balloons.

Behind it, a door is uncovered, so go through it. In front of you, you see a clown door and on the right a simple one. You have to go through it now. Behind it you can see the clown with the clown key on his hand. But before you grab this one, search the entire room. At the boxes near the clown you will find the eighth antique coin.

- Now grab the clown key, now a few Molded are crawling towards you - including a white Molded. Once you get rid of the opponent, you go right through the clown door - yes, you can now open all the clown doors.

- Go through the corridor and sneak around the laser traps. Behind the next door you will find the third missing man. Walk along the left side of the wall and move under and between the laser beams. If you have reached at the missing person, you cannot interact with him in any way.

- Follow the beam first to the wall where you can see a lever. With this you can disable the traps. Now you can go back to your chamber.

The Race Against Time

Before you go up the ladder, look in the chest on the far left. Here you will find the ninth antique coin. Grab it and go up now. Basically, all you have to do now is follow the path to your safe room. Pay attention to wire traps and the rushing Molded. You do not have much time and you should not waste it.

Once in your security cave, save it and grab at least all the boosters you can get for the coins. Save the game and go quickly through the red gate.

Not a Hero: The Final Showdown

Go through the red gate and then to the left. Here you’ll encounter many Molded enemies. Save the ammo and walk past them.

There, where you put the crank, is a clown door. You can now open these with the clown key. Go through (careful, white Molded) and through the other door. Here you turn left. If you pass the truck to get to liquid nitrogen, crate will fall down and the path will be blocked.

The Giant Molded Enemy

You will now be forced to fight a particularly large copy of Molded. In the first phase, it attacks you with melee attacks and spitting attacks. At the beginning, the monster is white, so you have to attack it with the RAMRODs. Shoot the giant until it falls to the ground.

Now go to the fallen chests and interact with them. Go to the barrels in front of you with the liquid nitrogen and hold your hand inside. The stopwatch disappears and you can move freely again.

Now you can explore the remaining areas that you have missed so far because you did not have a clown key. So go back to the big cave and from there again through the red gate.

- Go back to the clown door and through it and the next door. But this time you go to the right, around the mine vehicle. Look around here and collect everything. At the end of the path you will find the tenth antique coin.

- Now go back to the big cave and go through the green gate. Down there you will find another clown door and behind it loot.

- Once you grab everything, head back to the hall and use the clown key on the clown console.

Attention! Check your inventory and save the game before continuing.

- Now go up the stairs to the right and go through the yellow door. Grab all the items lying around in the room and be prepared for the worst.

- Now go into the next room. There you’ll encounter lots of Molded enemies, including Lucas. Don’t forget that you have grenades and don’t accidentally use your RAMRODs at the normal monsters.

- If you could assert yourself, then Lucas gets angry and he sets the countdown for the detonation. Now walk to the door through which you entered this room and look to the left of it on the floor. Here you will find a floor devise. Remove the gate and let it fall down.

- Follow the manhole and climb down through the next hatch. Lucas thinks you are dead. Now it's about finding and fighting him.

- Go through the gate and follow the passage until you go through a door that gives you the choice of choosing between two stairs. Don’t take the left, but the straight ahead of you. Now comes the moment of truth and you will learn some details.

- Turn left in front of the stairs into the door on the left. Check out the lab and when you're ready to dress in white molded go into the padded cell. Here you can make further observations and collect items. When you're done with it, Lucas's got it.

The Fight Against Lucas - Final Boss Battle

Now leave the room and search the corridors well. Sometimes there are ammunition and sometimes grenades. Keep going until you see Lucas through a window. On the left you see a door. Sneak up there and go into the room. Press the switch and now go to Lucas in the room. Run crouched, because here again a gun is placed.

The room is safe for you, so take your time to look around and collect everything. Check your inventory again, because here you will also find your chest. Save and set out to pursue Lucas. Pay attention to the gun in front of the door.

Behind the gun is a large room in which you will face Lucas. This fight is divided into several phases:

- Always focus your shots on the red spots on his body. Once you’ve weaken him enough, the creature stops. Go to it and work the swelling body zones with gunpowder.

- If he gets enough, then Monster-Lucas jumps onto the vehicle and initiates the second phase. Your filter cannot cope with the spores in the air and you now have to watch for your oxygen during the fight.

- That's not so bad, because there are oxygen tanks in the room. They are attached to the walls and light up green. The challenge is not to use them too soon, but on time. The tanks have to recharge and don’t provide a constant supply of oxygen.

Now it says again: all the time gunpowder in Lucas clean ball and hold out. Fill up with oxygen and hold on again. If you have taken down the Lucas, then you are through and can enjoy the end of "Not a Hero".

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Poppiswap and farm Ether Crystals quickly. You’ll also find some useful tips on how to complete the arcade mini game Tiger! Tiger!, unlock Poppi QT and Poppi QTπ and upgrade the Torah’s artificial blade Poppi.

Poppi's first form will unlock automatically as you progress through the game. But before that you'll need to complete the mini game Tiger! Tiger! in Tora's house and get the Ether Crystals. The game looks easy, but tricky. The rules are as follows:

- Dive into the sea with the little character Nopon.

- Collect as many coins as you can get - these are Ether Crystals.

- If you touch an opponent, you lose air / oxygen and if you don’t have any more air to breath then the game is over.

- There are power-ups that allow you diagonal attacks .

- You can also collect chests that provide you with additional crystals and upgrades.

- If you have reached the bottom of the sea, the game is not over. Instead, you have to collect the big chest and now come back to the surface.

- You also need to escape from your enemies and shoot them down.

In Torah's house, hints for the mini-game are hidden everywhere but you are not allowed to touch any of them, not even the rigid stone blocks that are in your path. We have summarized for you how you should proceed against them:

Algae - Can not be shot, but don’t harm you.
Angerfish - Can be shot from both above and below with a shot.
Shrimp - Can be shot from both above and below with a shot.
Green shark - Can be shot from both above and below with a shot.
Lobster - Can only be shot from below.
Piranha - Can only be shot from above.
Jellyfish - Can only be shot from above.
Red shark - Can be shot down both from the top and from the bottom, but you have to hit twice.
Turtle - Can only be shot from below.
Sea urchin - Can not be shot, but you are dead immediately if you touch them.

It is also important to collect the chests as they may also contain Ether Crystals. Then these can be upgraded in the Poppiswap menu. It will also show you how many crystals a mod for Poppi costs and how many ether crystals are on your account. You can access the menu in each upgrade level of Poppi and thus continue to upgrade it.

Poppi 3rd Form, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Poppi QTπ

Poppi QTπ - The Third / Final Form

To achieve Poppi's final form, you must complete a side quest with Torah. In order to unlock Powered-Up Poppi quest, you must have been at least in Chapter 8.

The quest is quite a complex collecting mission and in the end you have to fight against a level 50 monster, so all you need is just a little patience. In the next cut scene, Tora then makes the upgrade for Poppi, so after a short sequence Poppi QTπ is ahead of you.

Poppi QTπ is less tank than her previous forms, but her attacks are now powerful. If you want to continue to use her as a tank, you should equip her with the necessary mods, so that she also serves faithfully in her adult form.

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Eater of Worlds, the first raid lair in Destiny 2 is live now. This instance is only active with the Curse of Osiris DLC. We recommend a team of 6 players with a power level of 300.

Escape The Reactor Encounter - Phase 1

The Raid Lair starts when a large door opens. You have to walk down the hall and then through the pipes. Jump through the rotating gears and continue on the path. Shortly afterwards, your first encounter awaits, in the room with a violet atmosphere.

The area is filled with water, this will kill you when you go into it. You see a platform in front of you, as soon as you jump on it another will appear. But you have to be careful, stand two or more players on a platform, break them down and you die. The solution: you can number yourself, so your team. Give your players the numbers 1 to 6, number 1 jumps to the second platform, player 2 follows the first. If the third player dives, Player 1 jumps on it, Player 2 jumps onto the second platform and Number 3 jumps to the first. So you should easily overcome this obstacle, just keep in mind, there can only be ONE on the platform!

Then you come to a fixed platform with some opponents, this is your checkpoint. You continue with platforms and then jump in. If you get this, you'll get onto a big platform and defeat Cabal Loyalist / Solders.

Then you need to go through the reactor room, in the area there are rhythmically lethal impulses. Use the barriers to protect you.

Then you come to a tunnel which takes you to the mouth of the leviathan, then you make your way down. You have the option of an extra box, crossing all 6 rings when you fall through the mouth of Leviathan.

Break The Barrier Encounter

In order to reach to the final boss, you must first break through the barrier. Please note the following:

- In the middle of the room, there is a thick cube, where mines will appear.

- There are three corners, in each of the corners you will find a platform. These are fire pits marked ( Arc , Solar or Void ).

- Furthermore, there are six Vex Craniums in the room.

As soon as you pick up your first skull, Argos will make the Quantum Mines sharp, which means that the cube will be the center of mines, blue (Arc), purple (void) or red (solar).

In order to destroy them you have to throw the Vex Craniums into the flames in the corners, the process Energized Craniums will take time. When the process is over, you will receive a weapon to destroy the mines. Sounds easy, but it is not, depending on which corner you choose a different weapon will be provided to you.

If you have to destroy a solar mine, you have to hit a Cranium into the flaming altars, wait a moment and then take the Solar Cranium / laser weapon and destroy the crystal.

Solution: Make three teams of two players each, one to take care of their add-ons and the other to fix the Vex Cranium charge procedure.

Defeat Argos, Destiny 2, Energized Craniums, Eater Of Worlds Raid Lair

Argos - How to Defeat the End Boss

Again, if you take a Vex skull the fight will begin. You need the same "Energized Craniums" tactic as before.

Argos is in the center of the room, you can only do damage to him when his shield is down. You see three circles on the shield, depending on which side is active the respective circle lights up.

Where the circle lights 3 spheres appear, these must come in the circle that drives down the shield. When the shield is down, shoot his weak spot, the red eye.

Argos will attack you with triangular nets and send you hovering Vex enemies. If a player is hit off the net, his teammates must free him, the hovering Vex enemies will explode when they reach a player, so you should kill them before the reach.

Defeat Argos, Destiny 2, Eater Of Worlds Raid Lair, Boss Fight

If the first damage phase is over, the same game starts again, but Argos wants to destroy your team completely!

You must destroy at least 2 of its vulnerabilities as soon as possible, otherwise your group will die. There are 6 weak points in total, split into 2 groups and each group goes to vulnerability.

The weak points are two on the head, two on the back and two on the arms. It is recommended to dedicate first to the weakest ones as these are the most serious weak points.

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With the latest DLC, Curse of Osiris, the Weapon Forge has been introduced to Destiny 2. You can forge your own VEX weapons through the Weapon Forge. In this guide, we'll give you tips on how to get the materials you need.

The Weapon Forge

The Weapons Forge can be found in the lighthouse on Mercury. There you will also see a large circle of glyphs symbolizing all 1 weapons you can forge. To forge a VEX weapon you have to do several steps:

- First, you have to complete the DLC, the main story "Curse of Osiris".

- Then go to Brother Vance, who offers you various Lost Prophecies.

- There are 11 prophecies in total, each of which corresponds to a Vex weapon.

- The prophecies consist of several verses, they must be decrypted. You have to collect different items for it.

Farm Radiolarian & Paradox Amplifier

Destiny 2, Weapon Forge Guide, VEX, Radiolarian, Paradox;

For example: there is a Submachine Gun, which requires 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

- You only get Concentrated Radiolarian Culture through public events.

- Advanced Paradox Amplifier is a rare item. You will get Advanced Paradox Amplifier via strikes, crucible matches and heroic adventures.

You need 10 Radiolarian cultures and then turn them into a Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. Likewise the Paradox amplifiers, you need 10 pieces to make them an advanced Paradox amplifier. Cultures are much harder to farm than amplifiers, as it turns out to be a trick to speed it up a bit.

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Rules of Survival is a free to play mobile video game for Android and iOS devices. In this guide, we’ll give you some useful tips, hints and strategies for getting started in Rules of Survival. We'll help you with the control settings, tasks and guide on how to explore the map properly.

Before you start the game you should change the default Sensitivity settings, they are set to high. Change the Character Vertical Sensitivity and the Character Horizontal Sensitivity according to your preference. For the other sensitivity settings you can use the default settings

Apart from the game settings, you should also keep your mobile device screen clean. Give it a good wipe down. The clear view is very important, as it is the only way you can detect the distant enemies.

In Rules of Survival, you can pick one of the three modes: Classic, Advanced and Touch Screen.

- Classic: Moves with left and aim as well as shoot with right.

- Advanced: Like the Classic Mode, except that a button for shooting is also available on the left side of the screen.

- Touch Screen: Tap or press hold on the screen to shoot.

In general, you should try all methods once and then decide on a control method. For us the advanced mode worked best.

Parachute Jump and Landing Locations Tips

Each round begins with you in the plane and you have to open the map and place a marker at the point where you want to land. Now position the camera so that you can see the side of the plane. Wait until the marker passes exactly parallel to the top of your compass and then jumps off.

Rules of Survival, Parachute Jump, Landing Locations

Aim for the lading place and then steer left to increase the fall speed. Depending on how far you are from your landing location, you want to slow down the pace to cover longer distances.

Choose Your Weapon - Tips

Once you land, you need to get you weapon quickly and kill your opponents. It is recommended to pick assault rifles, as they will save you in most situations. The game gives you the choice between AKM, AR15 and M4A1. If you have the luxury of choice, always pick the AR15, as it is the best weapon in the game, in our opinion.

Reason for this is the different recoil behavior of the assault rifles:

- AR15: When shooting, the gun only covers vertically and you don’t have to counteract it.

- M4A1: This weapon covers both vertically and horizontally and is therefore only recommended as an alternative.

- AKM: The least recommended, because the AKM covers even more than the M4A1.

The compass (at the top of the screen) is very important in the game as you’ll be able to see the movements of other players nearby with an orange footstep icon! This is very handy tool.

By moving the eye icon on the screen, you can also look back and thus spot enemies early. Also use the compass to get accurate directions based on the numbers. Of course, this is especially important in team play with others.

More Survival Tips

- The loot window doesn’t close when you move a bit. Take advantage of this and always move slightly left and right when looting enemies. So you're not a static target for other players.

- In firefights, you should always move zigzag and sometimes jump to make your movements as unpredictable as possible. Also remember never to escape in a straight line!

- As you play in the third person view, you should always stop at corners and entrances and look around the corner and into the interior of a building thanks to the camera perspective to check the situation.

- Always get out of vehicles only when they have come to a complete stop. Otherwise you will always suffer damage!

- Always try to stay ahead of other players. Obtain elevated positions and always stay near buildings, trees, bushes, or rocks for quick cover.

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In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, best weapons refer to the rare and legendary blades and you should carefully assign blades to your characters, because they have certain strengths to support your heroes. If you want to get rare and legendary blades, you have to deal with the Resonate. This occurs automatically as you follow the story.

Where Can You Find Core Crystals

There are different types of core crystals in XC2 and if you want rare or legendary blades then you also need to find rare core crystals. However, it doesn’t matter which core crystal you use, the blade that results will always be random. This, in turn, means you can get common blades out of rare core crystals, while it can happen that a common core crystal gives you a rare or legendary blade.

To get the crystals, you must collect the loot from defeated enemies or search treasure chests and you’ll also get crystals as a reward for completing certain quests. For example, on blade quests, you’ll get a unique core crystal that will guarantee you a rare or legendary blade.

Although it is possible to get rare or legendary blades by a common crystal, the probability is very low. And luck plays a big role here as well. If you want to increase your chances, you have to use Boosters. The higher the level of boosters (bravery, truth, compassion and justice), the higher the chance of a rare blade. If you get a common blade, don’t worry. Just release her and enjoy a booster enhancer. You can then invest this again in rare core crystals.

Below you’ll find all blades sorted by their role. There are three roles altogether:

- Attack: The purpose of the blade is to do a lot of damage.
- Defense: The purpose of the blade is to increase the fury of the opponents and to attract attention. It has high KP values.
- Heal: If the master is a healer himself, then the blade reinforces him with high ether values.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Rare Legendary Blades, Guide
You should pay attention to these blades


Poppi QT Pi


Poppi Alpha
Poppi QT



Equip Blades and Change

If you want to equip your blades, you have to press Plus to get into the menu and go to Character. Select the hero to whom you want to assign a blade and then the Blade Partner option. Now you are looking for an empty slot and assign this to the desired blade.

If you change the blades or want to assign another companion, then this is also possible. Go to the menu and then choose the option "Blades". Here you can use the "transfer protocol" and assign the blades to other heroes.

Generally, you should pay attention to selection here. Always compare the weapons they carry and the perks that are strengthened by a bond. Make your decision well thought out.

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