In Table Top Racing: World Tour you can race with 12 ultra cool miniature racing cars through lovingly crafted table ensembles. Here you have 20 different race tracks available, which you can leave in the championship mode or by special events. You even have the option of using up to 8 players to race and to make your mini cars on display. In this guide we give you an overview of all the cars that available to choose in Table Top Racing: World Tour.

In Table Top Racing: World Tour, the cars are divided into three categories:

- Cult Classics (Amateur)
- Street Racer (Contributor)
- Supercars (Expert)

Cult Classics (Amateur)

In this category you will find the amateur and thus the entry-level cars, with which you only earn respect on the track and of course can collect some money to upgrade to more expensive, better cars.


Cost: 12,850 coins

As a start-car like this small van initially be somewhat cumbersome, but it comes quick trips and then proves its ability to be quite solid and stable racing car, which has a long tradition of success. The drift capacity of Leviathan is bad.

Braking's Bad

Cost: 13,600 coins

This little caravan is convincing not only with a funny name: Though it is a bit cumbersome, but it is a real challenge for already experienced drivers, because it is not quite as easy to master. Nevertheless, it can be quite fast. The drift capacity of Braking's Bad is good.

Bug Rat

Cost: 12,500 coins

The Bug Rat recalls a beetle. It proves to be an excellent entry-level car, because it is a reliable racing machine. It drifts ability is average.


Cost: 15,300 coins

The Brawler is a chic, classic muscle car from America. It has not only style, but also power and consequently crass stamina, especially when it should be closely times. For beginners the Brawler is trickier because the car tends to under steer slightly. Its drift ability is good.

Street Racer (Contributor)

In this category you will find even better racing machines and also cost more coins.

Rally's Cool 72

Cost: 54,000 coins

This car is a classic rally car, but just in miniature format. In the world of Table Top Racing the Rally's Cool is a legend and its fun. The drift capacity from Rally's Cool 72 is excellent.

Treemaster CO2

Cost: 56,800 coins

Its features: Powerful, tough and has a lot Grip. What would say only the environment for this CO2-spitting monster? Who cares?! We finally go around with it only on the screen and there it is in its element and travel to every top notch race track. Nevertheless, its drift capacity is poor.

Tokyo Zero Stage 2

Cost: 58,500 coins

This Street Racer proves all-round talent, because it is fast and makes insane fun. It has a pleasant overdrive. The drift capacity of Tokyo Zero Stage 2 is also good.


Cost: 56,500 coins

This yellow racer has stark grip and can accelerate as madness super sports car. Nevertheless, you should not get carried away with it. The drift capacity from Widowmaker is average.

Supercars (Expert)

Now we come to the special treats in Table Top Racing: World Tour. For these cars you should have a little saved. However, if you have the stark Streaker once, then you hold nothing and no one on and you let all the other racing cars far behind you back.


Cost: 140,000 coins

Fauxrari especially convincing in appearance as a miniature version of the well-known Ferrari. Its drift capability is unfortunately bad.

Vulcano JBS

Cost: 165,000

This proud race car is very elegant from the outside, but from the inside, it proves that it is a muscle man, that has strong grip and brings a lot of horsepower. The drift capacity from Vulcano is however very poor.

Mc Handful P16

Cost: 186,500 coins

With this one you have to put all your skills to the test, because it is a fierce racer, you should have under control. It is one of the fastest cars in Table Top Racing: World Tour. The drift capacity from Mc Handful is good.

Zomg A

Cost: 215,000 coins

This is the most expensive runabouts. It is a rarity among the race car at Table Top Racing: World Tour, insanely fast, with tons of grip and therefore this car should be used cautiously. It has a good drift capability.

Upgrade and Customize your Racing Car in Table Top Racing: World Tour

You have the option to Upgrade and Customize each car in Table Top Racing: World Tour such as:

- Acceleration
- Armor
- Speed and
- Tires (for drift-ability)

Moreover, you can even repaint your car to get a personal touch.

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Overwatch is the latest action-packed multiplayer shooter from Blizzard. Seek out one of 21 heroes, each of which has different skills and weapons and fight in 6 teams against each other. You need a good tactic to fight against the other team and achieve your goals. In this beginner’s guide we give you some useful tips for getting started.

In Overwatch, there are 21 heroes to choose from. Therefore, try to find your perfect character that suits your style of play. Each hero can be represented several times in the game. The course has the advantage that you can fight with your favorite character, even if a player has already chosen him. A disadvantage, however, that your team should be as balanced as possible.

To well match your team in Overwatch, you must know the different classes:

- Offensive: This class does some good damage and destroys the enemy rapidly, by running ahead.

- Defensive: You hold the enemy and strengthen your team. This class is in control and the battlefield at a glance.

- Tank: This class can do considerable damage. You run ahead and get a narrow path, where many enemies may be lurking.

- Support: As one of the most important class as they heal not only their team members, but also increase certain values such as damage dealt or the speed.

Currently you can play on 9 maps. Not all of them have the same goals. So pay attention to not only eliminate the enemy team, but also to fulfill your goal:

- Attack: In this mode, the time is running against you. A team attempts to take different target points, while the opponents reside. (Maps: Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries, Hanamura)

- Escort: Again running with a timer. A team has to bring a cargo to a specific destination, while to prevent the opponents. (Maps: Route 66, Dorado, watchpoint: Gibraltar)

- Control: Two teams, one goal - whoever conquers first two rounds and also holds wins. (Maps: Nepal, Ilios, Lijiang Tower)

- Attack / Escort: A team must capture a freight and later bring to a destination point. The opposing team, they have to stop. (Maps: Hollywood, King's Row, Numbani)

More tips and tricks for Overwatch

In Overwatch, most important is the skills of your characters. This unique power or special equipment are meant. You have a primary weapon, which you can operate with the PC with the left mouse button on the PlayStation 4 with R2 and the Xbox One with RT. In addition, you must not constantly look for ammunition. Remember that some abilities have cooldowns; this means that they cannot be used permanently, but rather after some time - charging.

You will have to recharge, you can be bridged with a melee attack. You can carryout this attack on the PC with the Y button on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the right analog stick. In addition to these attacks and abilities, there are so-called ultimate skills. You can perform this attack on the PC with Q, on the PlayStation 4 with triangle and on the Xbox One with Y. These skills can decide a match and are very strong. The ultimate attacks have a cooldown. Upload faster when caused you damage.

- Provide necessary supplies to balance your team. You need a tank that can usually cause four times the damage as well as one or two supporters. The remaining slots should equip with defensive and offensive characters.

- Stay in your formation. So supporters should act further back, while the tank in the front row fights. Nevertheless, it does not help if the damage dealer precedes and is no longer in the vicinity of the supporter to be healed quickly.

- Get to know the maps and surprise the enemy. Attack them from a different angle, so that the enemies barely have time to use their ultimate capabilities.

- Pay attention to the perfect timing of your ultimate ability. At the beginning of the round it is still loading and once the bar is full, you will be indicated immediately. But set now not instantly but sensibly, when and where they would be better placed.

- In Overwatch, you can hardly win if you thoughtlessly run to the enemy and kill him. Stop him rather at a distance and put obstacles in his way. Don’t let him get to the destination by blocking his routes.

- Since you get no HUD and therefore also display no minimap, you should pay attention to your ambient noise. So you hear where your enemy is located.

- Change your character, if it is necessary. You can fight well with a hero, but it still lacks a supporter in the team, you should change your fighter.

- Abstain basically long run lengths. Particularly large spaces are a great danger, because there are many heroes; dominate the ranged attacks that will do you quickly in the long run. Play initially against the AI, to search the map and to make all seats find at which sniper could hide.

-. In Overwatch, you have an endless supply of ammunition. Use them and shoot straight on. They do a lot of damage and also load faster.

- If you want to level up, you should stay in the match as long as possible. You gain XP for every second that you spend alive in combat. So go no risk if you want to level up quickly and remain calm and don’t break immediately if you don’t see the desired results in the beginning.

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The History Channel has unveiled the trailer and some of the synopsis of episode 11 of Season 4 of 'Vikings'.

The leader of the Vikings lost a battle against his brother Rollo, but quickly wants to rise by attacking Paris to take the capital of the Franks. Meanwhile in England, the Queen Kwentrith conflicts with Egbert, who will also have to avoid the king Aelle.

"If you knew what will happen to Ragnar in the second half of the season, you will also be happy he is not dead," said Michael Hirst, director and creator of the series. The Briton also ensures that Ragnar returning to England in the second half of the season, to finish with Egbert.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Michael Hirst said "It's a taste of what is to come. We love taking risks and we are ready to challenge the public. It is curious and interesting, and even natural that a little time has passed. Ragnar was defeated, he went away to think his wounds and cope with what happened to him. In the process, his son grew up, either six, seven or no matter, I don’t even know. "

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The hidden coins are the perfect way to make / farm quick cash in Table Top Racing: World Tour. The Fun-Racer is available free for PlayStation Plus members and lets you collect bronze, silver and golden coins in hidden places on the path. We show you all the hidden coins locations below.

In the game, hidden coins are available in different versions with different values

- Bronze coins: 10.000
- Silver coins: 25.000
- Golden coins: 50.000

In every theme world you can find and collect coins. However, for some you need the "Boing" wheel. This allows you in printing the square / X button in the race to make a small jump. So you can climb unattainable heights with coins and collect them. The wheel set cost you 100,000 gold coins. So you have to run a couple of races to raise the necessary money. However, you can find some of the hidden coins in Table Top Racing World Tour even without the "Boing" wheel.

For collecting all the hidden coins you also get the achievements and trophies Bronze, Silver spoon and Gold Standard.

Theme: Unthinkable

Track / Route A - Bronze coin: on a sandwich, you need the Boing wheel to get this.

Track / Route C - Bronze coin: After the first corner you can leave a ramp down when crashing into the ice cubes. Then drive in the next round up the ramp and collect the coins on the way.

Track / Route C - Bronze coin: You stumble upon many cuts of meat / steaks, but you can drive with a bit of maneuvering to reach the coin.

Track / Route C - Gold coin: Follow the upper path ahead and destroy the barrier on the bridge with a missile, you can collect another coin in the area.

Track / Route C - Silver coin: Here you will encounter petrol can either you can blast it away with a rocket or drive past the gap to the right to collect the coin.

Track / Route C - Silver coin: Jump from the platform now at the other end on the baguette with another coin.

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If you want to buy new games, movies, etc. for your PS4 on the PlayStation Store, then of course you need cash on your PSN account: So you have to recharge / add funds to your PSN wallet. Sony offers you several ways to do this. You can use your PSN wallet on the PC, of course, on the console itself and also now charge via the mobile phone.

What formerly was called PSN for PlayStation Network, is now known as SEN (Sony Entertainment Network. Many PlayStation users yet continue to call their account PSN account - just old habit. Therefore, we will use both variants in this guide.

Your PSN wallet can incidentally be increased only to a maximum of $150. You can use the following payment methods to add funds to your PSN wallet.

American Express
Mobile / Cell Phone

PlayStation Console

Of course, you can naturally recharge your SEN account balance on the PlayStation console itself. This is not difficult:

- Select first of all in the PSN Store from what you want to buy.
- The button "Add Funds" should appear.
- Now choose one of the various payment methods.
- Confirm as requested, your age before you proceed.
- Press the button "Continue", Now your PS4 or PS3 account can recharge with the amount that you have previously selected.
- If the payment process is completed, then you will redirected to your PSN account and bring the purchase completion.


Also quite a lot of console players use their PCs to add funds to their PSN wallet. To carry out this operation on the Sony Entertainment Network website do as described below:

- Create an account.
- Then Click "Add Funds" (bottom left).
- The following is a new page on which you must click on the button of the same name.
- Select one of the specified payment methods.
- Now confirmed your age, because to be able to recharge the PSN wallet, you need at least 18 years old. For this you have to use your identity card or your passport.
- Complete the age verification process.
- Now you pass the payment service chosen by you, where you can complete the payment to finally be able to charge the PSN wallet.

Mobile / Cell Phone

You can recharge SEN or PSN wallet using the PlayStation app on the Account Management page on your Mobile Phone.

The payment is processed either through your prepaid card, or on your next cell phone bill. You can follow these steps to charge the PSN wallet using your mobile phone:

- Select the product that you want to buy.
- Choose the option "Add Fund" on the screen of order confirmation.
- Select at this point "Pay By Mobile".
- Again, you must perform an age verification and be at least 18 years.
- Give the required information for age verification and press "Continue".
- If your details were truthful, then you will be forwarded to the next screen where you have to "add an amount 'button press.
- Give now the amount and presses again "Continue".
- Now you must enter your mobile number.
- Press "Next".
- In theory you should receive a text message from SEN.
- This SMS is a unique PIN code that you must enter the next screen. Confirm after entering the PIN code. The payment should be completed, and the PSN wallet was charged.

If this has failed, and you have not received any SMS (or it only arrived after 15 minutes), then do not confirm the payment, but try again and eventually select an alternative payment method. Your mobile phone will not be charged in case of failure in the normal case.

Otherwise your PSN wallet can also charge by buying at electronics stores, the PSN wallet cards and any code it contained in your PSN account via the button "Add Fund".

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The CW has unveiled some of the synopsis of episode's 15 of season 3 of "The 100". It is mainly about the performance of the ALIE, Polis.

While Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper went in search of Luna ask him to take the post of Commander, the ALIE extends her influence in Polis. Kane is held captive and forced to reveal where Clarke is. Murphy tries to launch a revolt with the prisoners.
About episode 15, The CW says that Clarke finds hope in a very unlikely place, while the ALIE soon receives her purpose and may take shape. Our heroes will be in the City of Lights.

In an Interview with the Enstarz, actor Christopher Larkin - alias Monty - evoked the season finale with words to the less chilling for fans "The first time I read the script for episode 16, I 'shocked. I knew some things that were coming before reading so I was somewhat prepared, but all I knew was devastating. And not just for my character, it's horrible for everyone. "

The dead are to be expected and no one knows if those who passed the side of the ALIE will be recoverable. Especially one thinks Abby or Kane. Raven managed to escape in extremis thanks to the help of Clarke. We know that the director Jason Rothenberg is able to eliminate one of the main characters, as he had done with Lexa in episode 7, which had caused great anger among fans.

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