In Final Fantasy 15, there are several ways to level up fast and earn XP. With the experience points you raise your level while you can unlock skills. Unlike other modern RPGs in FF XV, all the accumulated progress must be saved manually. This means that the saved experience points will only be applied to the characters when they rest in a camp, hotel or trailer.

XP are gained by winning battles and exploring the open world of Eon. For example Killing a tricky "Behemoth" or completing a main mission are tasks that give you a lot of XP, but you have to rest so you don’t lose everything that has been won.

On the other hand, the rest points are signposted on the map with the design of a bed and are always close to parking places. At each stop to replenish "Regalia" - the group car - buy supplies and start new activities, be sure to visit the adjacent shelter so experience points are counted.

"Altissia Hotel" and "Galdin Quay", both safe locations unlockable at advanced plot times, are the best options as their XP bonuses are unbelievably high.

Choose the ideal place to relax

Although points are saved at any resting place, from trailers to distant camps in forests, there are establishments that award higher bonuses. There is no cost when camping, but the characters are without the valuable XP.

Trailers are intermediate settlements they offer XP bonuses, even if they are modest sums. However, Noctis must pay in Gil, which revolves around 30 coins for each rest.

Hotels already have the greatest experience multiplier, although the value is different from hotel to hotel. Road side establishments, for example, naturally give less XP - and are cheaper - compared to the luxurious options allocated in major cities.

At the beginning of the adventure, it is highly recommended to seek camps and trailers when completing important tasks. That's because Noctis and his friends will have difficulty accumulating Gil on low-level missions.

Complete secondary missions

Just like in every game of the genre, Final Fantasy XV concentrates much of its content in parallel activities that complement the story. There are hundreds of tasks scattered across the vast map of Eon, and you must complete all of them if you want to evolve the characters quickly.

In addition to basic missions to bring items from point A to point B, there are more demanding goals that give you more experience points. Visit the local restaurants and start the hunting activities to progress without major efforts.

At the end of the battle, a note is given by the group's battlefield performance, considering time, perfect trimming runs, well-executed attacks and combos.

To get more points, strive to end the battle with maximum score, as it makes a considerable difference in time to multiply XP in the safe place. There are detailed tutorials, accessible from the game menu, which show how all mechanics work, from spells to certain locks, so it pays to devote to learning all the characteristics of combat.

In FF XV, foods are an important addition to the journey as they elevate character attributes temporarily. This makes battles much easier, as the group gets stronger, absorbs more damage and ends the battle faster.

All proven recipes are saved in Ignis's diary, which can later use to cook the dish at a camp. It's important to be aware of Noctis's requests, as he often complains when he feels hungry. Give food to the group and perform better in duels.

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The new Pokémon GO tracker is now available. However, many players are confused with the new system. This quick guide will show you how to use the tracker properly.

The new tracker is located at the bottom right of the main screen. This gives you a list of 9 Pokémon, which are close to you. In addition, you get a picture of the PokéStop, where the Pokémon are the closest.

These Pokémon appear on the tracker

Some trainers claim that most common Pokémon appear on the tracker. The "near" feature probably will not help you find the Pokémon you really want to have. The rare Pokémon you will still have to find by aimless wandering around. Some Pokémon will appear or disappear while you use the tracker. It happens more often that a Pokémon disappears again before you have found it at the PokéStop.

Pokémon GO: How to use the new tracker

If you click on the PokéStop with the Pokémon you want, the Pokémon will be displayed on the map. Beside the PokéStop appears a small bubble with footsteps. The number of footsteps should tell you in theory how close the Pokémon is to PokéStop. Some Trainers have already seen three footsteps and have caught the Pokémon right next to the PokéStop.

So just go to the PokéStop with the Pokémon, which you want to have and run a bit back and forth until the Pokémon appears.

The tracker works best in large cities, where many PokéStops are located. If you are on the hunt for rare Pokémon, you should wander around and don’t rely on the Tracker. But that's part of the real PokémonGo experience: to go without a goal and to look for a little adventure.

The new tracker does not work according to the wishes of the players. That is why a few fans have joined together and made a suggestion for their own tracker.

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Final Fantasy XV, the latest installment in the Final Fantasy game series brings an upgrade tree with several options to enhance the powers of the protagonist and his allies. In this tutorial, we will show you how to upgrade character techniques:

Unlike many RPGs, the tab upgrade in Final Fantasy XV is not known as skill. When you press the button that leads to the main menu, note that there is the option "Ascension", located just below "Equipment". Through that you can unlock new upgrade for Noctis and his companions.

There are eight different types of specialties (sub trees): Magic, Recovery, Techniques, Combat, Teamwork, Armiger, Exploration and Stats. Each of them has more than ten specializations, totaling more than 100 unlockable abilities.

To evolve each segment, the characters need to use their ascending points, which are gained by completing missions, unlocking new territories, and pass through long distances across the map.

When accessing a tab in the "Ascension" menu, it is possible to see at the bottom of the screen, above the description of the ability, the character who will receive the upgrade. The skills are very well distributed among the four characters, so there is no stronger or weaker ally since they all have their degree of importance in battles.

Navigate between the joystick triggers, choose the skill you want to apply to the character, and press "A" on the Xbox One, or "X" on PS4 control to complete the upgrade.


In "Magic," as its name implies, Noctis is able to discover abilities that strengthen his spell power, such as increasing the amount of elemental energy that can be absorbed. In the "Recovery" menu, you can find all healing links to team recovery.

In "Techniques" and "Combat", attacks and finalization with specific weapons are upgraded to amplify the damage rate and increase combat performance. On the other hand, "Teamwork" focuses on offering new techniques that benefit allies in combat, such as joint ventures.

In the evolution of "Armiger", the characters are equipped with a greater number of accessories, being a great advantage in advanced moments of history. The "Exploration" techniques allow receiving help on the road and amplifying the number of rise points accumulated outside the confrontations, which greatly accelerates the development of the characters.

Finally, we have the "Stats" submenu, directed to those who like the combat in the cadenced mode, that for the time. These abilities are not recommended for the easier levels of difficulty as they only improve tactical performance - which is not so required at the "Easy" and "Normal" levels.

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In Steep, you land on the snowy mountains of the Alps and Alaskas and can practice in 4 different extreme winter sports. Snowboarding, Wingsuit flying, Skiing and Paragliding. The mountains are waiting for you to be explored, because next to the practice of sports some other challenges await you.

You can play Steep on consoles PS4 and Xbox One as well as on the PC. On the PC, you can play Steep with or without the controller. However, this is bit strange at the start and that is probably the reason why Ubisoft released a tutorial video for PC gamers on YouTube.

So definitely you should start with the tutorial and follow the guide, which introduces you to the game. Here you try all sports through once and need to fulfill small tasks or goals. You follow a line where you can orient yourself. So you see how you going to move in the further course of the game and what distances you should keep. Especially the first flight with the wingsuit is a real adventure, in which the distances you have to be properly assessed. Otherwise you end up very quickly in the snow. However, you also get the most points when you fly with the Winsuit as close as possible above the ground.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the following tips if you want to be good pro freestyler:

- Planning Is Everything: If you find the next exit or next door, then you need not worry about having that you must go down perfectly right the first time.You can use the first departure to get an overview of the route. So you can plan the perfect course. This includes various tricks that you could perform at a special place on the slopes. Once you have arrived in the valley, you can just re-start the run and go back to the starting point to rerun it and get points.

- No Time To Waste: A restart of departure is incidentally also always useful if your current exit is just littered only as of falls or other errors. With this you can hardly collect good points. So don’t waste any more time and start again. After all, you want to get the best performance. You can run down a slope as often as you want.

- Use Quick Trip: Of course you can also go through the deep snow to trudge and so reach the slope upward again - quite realistically halt. Or, you use the speed trip, because it is much faster. Steep explains to you in time, as the Fast-Travel function works. Sometimes you land in nothing and then you can simply use the speed trip to explore the mountains further from this starting position or to go down the slope again.

- Practice, Practice, Practice: the example with the Wingsuit shows that practice makes definitely a champion out of you. Repeat the slopes and the events to beat your own best times and practice. Timing is worth much. If you are able to get the maximum number of points at the light events, then you will also find heavier slopes easier in the future. Also the comparison with friends can increase your ambition. So try to beat the times of your friends.

- Look Into The Distance With Binoculars: You can use your binoculars to see the beauty of the mountains in more detail, but the binoculars has a better benefit. In Steep, a huge, open world awaits you and you don’t lose in it, you can get your binoculars and look around you. So you can find great spots, but also new events and other slopes.

- Best Jumps: Especially when snowboarding it depends on skilful and high jumps. To put a lot of energy into a jump, you should start it out of the squat. In general, you should always be as straightforward as possible to drive on the ramp, the rock or the house roof and keep the jump button pressed. After jumping, you can turn by simply changing your direction. But be careful not to overthrow your landing position. You also lost points.

- Use Routes: The routes are varied. You will find ramps, rocks, which you can also use as such or snow-covered roofs. In addition, you can drive through the trees in the slalom and use other places for great stunts. The routes offer you plenty of ways to earn points by using jumps and stunts. Also try the grabbing (R1 / RB) during the snowboarding, where you touch the board while you are floating in the air. This brings you great points. So try everything out on the downhill and experiment a little around.

Steep sees itself as a realistic extreme sports simulation for winter sports. You can discover hidden places when you're on the go and have fun with your friends. You can find the sports wild mix together and try everything that comes to mind. In addition, you have the opportunity to share your routes or try out a track of your buddy.

There are always special challenges, where you participate and can win medals. For example there are challenges such as Big Air contests, Proximity Flying or spectacular forest slalom runs that demand you a good reflexes. In addition, you can do quests that will give you the secrets of the mountains. Take as much as you can.

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In Final Fantasy 15, you’ll want have a lot of in game currency to buy good equipment and other useful items. However, it is not quite simple to farm money as it was in the previous games. In our article, we will show you how you can earn lots of Gil in Final Fantasy XV.

In Eos, you will find numerous restaurants that not only sell food but also accept hunting contracts and these will bring you more and more money. Right at the beginning of the game you will encounter a restaurant of this kind. After all, you put all your money into repairing the car. So talk to the restaurant owner at the counter. There are some things you should consider. To complete these tasks, you will always be rewarded with Gil.

Get Money with Photos

Also at the beginning of the game you learn that Prompto constantly shoots photos. He does this while fighting, while resting, and also when you pass beautiful sights. These photos will be a wonderful source of income for you. However, keep in mind that Prompto's talent is getting better, so your photos are getting better. Save your pretty works when you're in the evening. So get orders for images which then exchange for Gil, you proceed as follows:

- Go to the viewpoint in Lestallum. Here you will find a journalist. You can easily recognize him by the camera hanging around his neck. In addition, he sees Hugo "Hurley" Reyes by Lost as a mistake.

- This journalist will provide you with the aforementioned contracts, because he needs impressions for his products. Some special features you have to consider.
Everywhere there are sights and if you photographed this, you will by the journalist Vyv for up to 12,000 Gil rewarded. For this you must have completed the orders.
The journalist does not have many orders for you, so grab all what he offers you.

Earn Money with Carrots

Yes, you heard right. You can earn lots of money by selling carrots. For that to happen you must learn the ability. For this, you visit the place Cape Caem. Here you will find a hut and in an NPC that gives you seeds for carrots and you tasked to plant them. This way you get rich quickly. Proceed as follows:

- Go to the small hill nearby, where you can plant the seeds.
- Wait at least from the day before you can reap the rewards. The more carrots you harvest, the more money you get.
- Before you can plant new seeds, you have to wait for something. But do’not lose sight of this.

For each harvested carrot you get 500 Gil for sale. That is not very little. In addition, you can also exchange the vegetables and gets weapons and parts for your great car.

Another way to get quite a lot of Gil, is selling treasures. You will always find this when you are in Eos. Although, they bring you money, but some of them are also needed to produce powerful spells. So be careful when selling treasures and check them before you make a decision.

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Final Fantasy 15 is the latest installment in the cult franchise from Square Enix. The new title brings great new features such as the addition of "Regalia", a convertible vehicle useful for the operation of Noctis and his friends. Check out how to customize and upgrade the car.

Although the car is driven by Ignis most of the time on autopilot, the protagonist Noctis can also drive the vehicle through the Eos roads. Early in the game, the group of heroes must find a way to pack the wrecked car to continue their journey. From there they meet Cindy, the one responsible for taking care of "Regalia" throughout the adventure.

Step 1. Open the map menu and locate the "Parking Locations" tab. The "Hammerhead" repair shop and gas station is the first secure location discovered, so it will be available on the map from the beginning.

Step 2. Then press "Hammerhead" to make a quick trip to the desired location. It is important to note that fast trips cost a modest fee charged in "gil". If you want to expedite transportation, it is very worth investing the money.

Step 3. Then start a dialogue with the character Cindy, who is always in front of the workshop, located next to the gas station. After completing Cindy's primary assignments - yes, you need to complete all the initial activities before enabling the customization features - she will offer two options: "Maintenance" and "Customization."

Under "Maintenance", the car will be repaired if it has suffered serious damage or broken on the road for some reason that is a feature used only on punctual occasions. In "Personalization", it is possible to modify the color of the wheels and body of the "Regalia", besides the interior, like seats and accessories.

You can also apply pre-made decals purchased at convenience stores or purchase new stickers with Cindy herself. The value of the modified parts and cosmetic applications is shown next to the "Select" tab. At first, modest colors and pieces are offered for free.

In addition to the visual changes, Cindy also modifies the components of "Regalia" to make it more powerful. New installations can be made through the "Install" tab, however the pieces must be found in the game world. To do this, simply follow all Cindy oriented goals.

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