British boy band Bastille released a new track titled "Torn Apart". The song features on the soundtrack for the film Drive, starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, curator Zane Lowe's BBC Radio1.

In addition, the track is the first taste of the third mixtape of the band, "VS. Other People's Heartache Pt. III", which contains cover and new songs and may features guest appearances by artists such as HAIM and MNEK.

"VS. Other People's Heartache Pt. III" will be available on November 30, while the band’s second studio album will be released next year.

Check out "Torn Apart" below:

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The Heat magazine released its list of the 30 richest British celebrities under the age of 30 years and placed the band One Direction in the first position for the second consecutive year.

According to data released by the publication, the members of the band added teen piled up this year £ 77.5 million.

Followed by actors Daniel Radclife, the film series again Harry Potter with £ 63.5 million and Robert Pattinson, the vampire Edward Twilight, with £ 51.4 million.

Among the music artists appear at the Top 10 are Adele fifth (£ 36.2 million), Calvin Harris seventh (£ 28.9 million), Leona Lewis in ninth place (£ 15.5 million) and Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, tenth with assets of over £ 13 million.

Below is the 2014 list of the 30 richest celebrities in the UK under 30 years:

One. One Direction (£ 77.52m)
2. Daniel Radcliffe (£ 63.56m)
3. Robert Pattinson (£ 51.41m)
4. Keira Knightley (£ 39.95m)
5. Adele (£ 36.25m)
6. Emma Watson (£ 31.65m)
7. Calvin Harris (£ 28.99m)
8. Rupert Grint (£ 27.33m)
9. Leona Lewis (£ 15.50m)
10. Alex Turner (£ 13.56M)
11. Katie Melua (£ 12.63m)
12. Coleen Rooney (£ 11.7m)
13. Joss Stone (£ 10.02m)
14. Charlotte Church (£ 9.67m)
15. Taylor Aaron Johnson (£ 9.60m)

16. Carey Mulligan (£ 9.41m)
17. Florence Welch (£ 8.88m)
18. Nadine Coyle (£ 8.10m)
19. Nicola Roberts (£ 8.01m)
20. Gemma Arterton (£ 7.98m)
21. Cara Delevingne (£ 7.49m)
22. James Morrison (£ 7.49m)
23. JLS (£ 7.18m)
24. Jamal Edwards (£ 7.14m)
25. Mumford & Sons (£ 6.98m)
26. Lily Allen (£ 6.71m)
27. Jamie Bell (£ 6.73m)
28. Paolo Nutini (£ 6.28m)
29. Duffy (£ 6.26m)
30. Lily Cole (£ 6.20m)

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The singer Lorde revealed this morning (21) the official tracklist for the soundtrack of the movie "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1."

The track list features three new songs from the New Zealand singer, including the single "Yellow Flicker Beat" as well as guest appearances by Charli XCX , HAIM, Tove Lo and CHVRCHES.

Kanye West also appears in the material, in a new version of "Yellow Flicker Beat", renamed to just "Flicker".

The soundtrack hits stores on November 18, just two days before the premiere of the film in theaters.

Check out the full tracklist below:

1. "Meltdown (feat Lord, Pusha T, Q-Tip & HAIM.)" - Stromae
Lorde lyrics
2. "Dead Air" - CHVRCHES
3. "Scream My Name" - Tove Lo
4. "Kingdom (feat Simon Le Bon.)" - Charli XCX
5. "Track 5" - Various Artists
6. "Lost Souls" - Raury
7. "Yellow Flicker Beat "- Lorde
8. "The Leap" - Tinashe
9. "Plan the Escape" - Bat For Lashes
10. "Original Beast" - Grace Jones
11. "Flicker (Kanye West Rework)" - Lorde
12. "Animal" - XOV
13. "This Is Not a Game (feat Miguel.)" - The Chemical Brothers
14. "Ladder Song" - Lorde

Check out Yellow Flicker Beat below

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What works on Pandora, works so far on Elpis! If you have any problems, questions, or desire to have some support during your journey on the moon, our extensive Borderlands-walkthrough is just right!

Table of contents

Story / Main Missions:

1. Welcome to Helios
2. Lost legion invasion
3. Left in lurch (Marooned)

***Walkthrough in progress*** 

4. Systems jammed
5. A new direction

Optional / Side Missions

6. Land among the stars
7. Follow your heart
8. Tales from Elpis
9. Last requests
10. Nova? No Problem!
11. Torgue-o! Torgue-o!
12. Why are you?
13. All the little Creatures
14. Recruitment drive

Welcome to Helios

After the bumpy arrival we realized the misfortune to land directly in front of a Claptrap unit. But the little pest passes us helpfully equal to echo that builds our Hud. Much we don't have at the moment yet, for example, we have no shield, which means that we should put behind us the first few battles quickly and safely - do not worry, it's not long until we get one.

Depending on which of the four classes you play, you start with two different weapons that are already equipped. You have previous scores of Borderlands 1 or 2 (or both), you will also get a loyalty bonus in the form of moon stones (a special currency, we will often need) and there may be special and quite effective for the beginning of weapons in your inventory, so check it and it upgrade if necessary.

Now it is time to follow the Claptrap. You can also look around, but apart from ammunition boxes, there is not so much to see. Instead, Claptrap brings you to the first few mercenaries. Do you have a weapon with good range (for example, Nisha with her sniper rifle), it will switch itself off from a distance, so you initially don’t take much damage. But the opponents here can also often red vials with health fall, so don’t hesitate to put your shotgun in their face. Incidentally, the mission is to defend the Claptrap unit, they can not really be damaged. Just makes the enemies flat.

After the robot has passed away and you have the last enemy defeated, go through the door and get to know Jack. He has a few minor issues, such as Legion boots dancing on his face. Again, there is no time pressure, kill the enemies just the way you want. When Jack contacted you again return to him on the middle platform back and revived him. If you are playing with others in multiplayer, this is also the method which you can help them with.

This should also help you to your first Level. Apart from more life energy and a little damage, there is not much happened yet - until the next Level you get skill points and it will be fun. Then Talk to Jack and complete the mission, get a shield (which is automatically equipped) and you can jump straight to the next mission.

Lost legion invasion

Jack wants to activate the station's own defense, but there is a problem: an interference signal that seems to have its origin in Elpis, the Moon of Pandora. Two guns that open fire on us and should be switched off quickly appear directly left and right over Jack. The left is activated slightly earlier, so here starts with the attack.

We have no choice, we must flee from the Helios. Follow Jack and he leads you to the escape ships, where a cutscene that introduces us Colonel Zarpedon and his strange companion. The escape ships are so out of the race. Jack leads you through a door to the outside, where fighter jet sets off a several Legion soldiers – stay close to Jack and pays attention to the Jet, which revolves about you. The jet is incidentally armored to be recognized by the yellow life bar. Normally acid weapons are very good against armor, but probably you don’t have them yet.

Continue to Jack and he has a new and pretty crazy idea: The Helios uses a huge cannon to shoot freight on Elpis - so why not fleeing programmers and Vault Hunter? In the next group of enemies, you should have the next level up and to unlock your action skill. Do not hesitate to use it in pretty much every fight from now on, he can be very useful. Or, in the case of claptrap ... unpredictable.

Follow Jack jumping off the platform with him and you will meet the first boss. Flame knuckle in a Mecha with a flamethrower, what should be a good signal for you, don't get too close. Jack uses as a distraction, use your Action Skill and claws Flameknuckle from afar. After a while breaks his mecha, now you have to do it again on foot. Should you go to the ground, try to kill one of the other soldiers, to get a second chance.

Should emerge that you die immediately, you shoot it on a nearby enemy, until he has very little energy, you can, if you go to the ground, quickly kill, to revive you. A useful tactic can be used even later in the game. Try to meet Flame knuckle in his pilot's seat and later, if he drops out, to shoot in the head. This causes critical hits and thus more damage.

Jack tries to call a lift, but he's stuck. Alternatively, he can lift one of the capsules of the Moon shot gun, in which we enter now - let you gently fall on the strut between you and the capsule and then enter it. Jack is now moves you up where left is a robot at the marked point, which blocks the lift. When Jack prompts you to do so, use your melee attack to destroy the robots and then Jack comes to you. Melee attacks are moderately effective, but some characters, especially Athena can learn powerful upgrades for the melee. A special feature of Nisha is the way that your melee attack has a bit more coverage, because it uses a whip.

Before Jack can use the console, a single opponent comes into the room, shooting down the console and is killed. There is no other option, one has to stay behind and fire the projectile gun manually, and Jack, selfless hero he is, volunteered. Go into the container as soon as it pops up in front of you, Jack will do the rest and fires you, if you press the action button at the arrow marked "wasteland of silence", after Elpis.

A helpful and slightly oblique mechanic named Janey Springs welcomes us, even before we can leave the container after landing. There's a reason: On Elpis there is no atmosphere with air, so when we open the capsule, we begin to suffocate. Game mechanically this means that we (albeit very, very slowly) lose life energy. Springs will help us to reach an oxygen bubble.

Use if you don’t already do this, you have the sprint button - indeed you have plenty of time, but you must not risk it. Oh by the way: If you play Claptrap, of course you have no problems with oxygen, even though the little robot has a psychosis and still gasping. Jumps with Springs (HOHO) down, do not worry, there is no falling damage in this game. Follow it to an apparatus that operate them in order to build up an air bubble. Look out in future for such mechanisms. Things are a little different inside and outside atmospheres, within, for example, you can better use the fire element (no fire without air is clear), but you can not shoot the helmet of the enemy.

Springs continues to follow, she will make a jump to the left, you go the easy path, and straight down. You come to a kind of garage door that Springs opens for you and the bluish glow indicating the start of a zone filled with oxygen. Breathe and speak with Springs, which strongly recommends you to obtain a so-called oz Kit nearby. Oz kits provide you not only with oxygen, you can also slip into the air with them, popping off the air to the ground to attack enemies and break their oxygen masks and also they have status values and special properties like all other pieces of equipment.

Run to the building marked on your map in the vicinity. Ignore the local population of Kraggons for now or do it quickly. Activate the air generator to the house and press the switch on the door. The door is locked with four terminals, you break beat with melee attacks. For the top two you jump, unless you are Nisha, which can destroy even from below.

Inside, expect more Kraggons. Here they are relatively harmless, but Kraggons come in all shapes and sizes, with additional element attacks and so on. The special thing about them is that the larger specimens burst upon the death in smaller Kraggons. See that you will not overrun!

Pick up the Oz-Kit and talk with Springs so that you now have a portable air supply and the additional maneuvers already mentioned. Don’t worry too much about whether your air runs out in combat - enemies can often drop blue bottles with air fall on your map numerous air reservoirs and the like are drawn and, as I said, it's not the end of the world if the stock is exhausted. You can try, by the way, if you have just completed the mission, time to test your jumping skills by jumping to the weapons crate on across the tab. Gun boxes are one of the most common and most enduring sources of good equipment.

Left in lurch (Marooned)

The next task is to kill a bandit called Deadlift for Springs and to take away a certain part of him, best together with Springs side quest "Follow the voice of your heart" that you get when you land among the stars" have been completed.

Keep out the shed, where you have found the Oz Kit, right or go towards North-East. On the way you will encounter some Kraggons, which then in turn meet their creator. Then it goes south to a gate that takes you to the Regolith Range. Right at the beginning of it is the camp and you will be attacked by some Scavs.

After you've killed them, then go take the jump pad move forward and clean doing the camp.

At the end of the camp, it presses the button stupidly. The circuit is interrupted, but Springs has a stupid idea: to get short time in the electric arc. Do not do this too early (otherwise it counts for the mission) and especially not for too long, it is namely swinish damage. Thus, the pad works again. You won't have to go back through the whole base, you see a platform with a weapon crate which can reach via jump and as a shortcut from up.

Now use the jump platform that hurls you very far into a Deadlifts base. Freshen up your supplies and then go forward to meet Deadlift and start a boss fight. The fight can be pretty tough. Deadlift jumps much through the area, you raked from a distance and use multiple levels of power, so that you continually take damage, so... you know, think you are on somewhere else. He also uses ball lightning projectiles, which although cause the damage, but are very slow and therefore where you can dodge well.

Deadlift also has a protective shield, but fortunately not recharge when it is damaged by you. Use your Action Skills dodge and, most importantly, the diving platforms in the area, keep moving and shooting. If your life energy is low, you embark in the vicinity of a smaller opponent so that you can kill him and revitalize.

niper rifles and head shots help very much against the Deadlift, but hard to use in conjunction with the whole jump platforms. Depending on who you have in the group, should Nisha make the bulk of the damage with her skill, Athena and William drones should distract, and absorb Deadlifts damage and Claptrap ... is what makes whatever claptrap..

Deadlift has the chance to drop a very good and unique energy weapon that can serve you good on some level. It is a weapon that fires a continuous beam - the damage looks low on paper, but if you hold it, it adds up very quickly. There is also a Tediore weapon - if you reload the weapon is thrown explodes if it hits an enemy it causes more damage.

Move to the top platform, turn left around the corner and next to some loot, among other two gun boxes, you will find the component regain of springs in ... a toilet bowl. Continue the course and you come back outside. On the way to your next destination, the Moon-Zoomy station, you will have to defeat more Kraggons. Also note the optional quest that there are in this area (with the yellow exclamation mark on the map).

First you have to pass through the Kraggon and then, after a big jump over, struggling through a Scav camp. If you got the weapon from Deadlift, this is a nice opportunity to try them out a bit. The Moon-Zoomy station waits on the other side of the camp. Use the part, activate the console, hits it once vigorously and now you can bring on such stations of moon buggies and curves through the area.

Spawn a buggy ride it through the right gate to ravine. When you activate the Turbo, you can across jump at full speed in the Middle, or you get off and jump over, then you go to the gate. Then return to Springs, to bring you the Orbatron and complete the quest.

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The Linkin Park released via Youtube audio of their new song, "White Noise".

The track was composed by Chester Bennington, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda and features on the soundtrack of the movie Mall, which opened last Friday (17) in the US theaters.

The song is available for free download on the band's official website.

The film Mall was directed by Linkin Park's DJ Joe Hahn, who has also been responsible for the direction of most of the band’s videos, including the short film The Seed.

Check out the "White Noise" below:

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Gwen Stefani has visited some radio stations in the United States to promote her newest single, "Baby Do not Lie".

Passing through the station 97.1 in Los Angeles, the singer released a preview of "The Spark Fire", previously unreleased track in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, who also produced one of her biggest hits, "Hollaback Girl".

The song will also be on her next album, which is expected to come out in the first half of 2015.

Check out the excerpt below:

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