Rumor Sony is currently working on an improved version of the PlayStation 4. An insider claims that the Japanese company has not made this decision voluntarily.

In the nineties, Nintendo wanted to upgrade the game console Super Nintendo, by being equipped with an additional module to read CDs. This should occur in partnership with Sony, failed and laid the foundation for the first PlayStation. Now it could be that Sony takes up this approach and actually has a technical performance more powerful model of the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Neo in planning. While the developers are not happy with this development and cherish the players some doubts about the plans, this plan could not be the fruit of the decision-makers at Sony, but have sprung from the supplier AMD.

Accordingly, AMD will want to convert the entire chip production to the newly developed 14-nanometer FinFET transistors. In contrast, the PlayStation 4 uses 28-nanometer planar transistors, which consequently will no longer be produced, which could also have an impact on the total production of the console. In addition, AMD will introduce the new Zen core CPUs and want to focus all production capacities to the effect. Therefore, Sony has the choice to put more money into production and to let AMD continue produce old chips, or switch the console to the new standard. Therefore, improved console is cheaper.

However, it is only unconfirmed rumors. Whether a PlayStation Neo ever existed and when it appears, we may get to know the answer at the upcoming E3 2016 in June.

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The new expansion for Fallout 4 entitled Far Harbor brings you new armor that are ideal for the living conditions on the island. The bonuses of the new armor in Fallout 4: Far Harbor helps you to master 20-25 hours of new adventures. In our Guide we show you what new armor there at Far Harbor and where you will find them.

Marine Wetsuit and Tactical Helmet

The Marine wetsuit is a stylish black outfit with tactical helmet. You can buy them at the base of the children of the atom from the trader Kane. However, you can also get them for free by completing the main quest and solving VR puzzles. The Marine Wetsuit is then in a container with water. Watch the YouTube video to find out the exact location.

Marine Armor

This new armor in Fallout 4: Far Harbor can be found in three different variants. There is a legendary version. You will receive the new armor as a reward for completing various missions. Some can however buy. Watch the YouTube video to find out the exact location.

Rescue Diving Suit

With this wetsuit you can breathe underwater and it protects you against all additional radiation damage. To get it, you have completed the Quest series The Changing Tide. Here, you also have to complete many smaller side quests for the residents of Far Harbor to get the rescue diving suit as a reward at the end. This suit helps you to get to the other underwater treasures around the island.

Robes of Atoms Devoted

The Group of the children of the atom plays a greater role in the DLC and you can join them. You will receive the robe after you joined the Group. Complete the side quest The examination of brother Devin, to unlock the headgear for children's clothing of the atom.

Fishing Outfit

The majority of the population of Far Harbor consists of fishermen. And so you can meet the merchant Brooks in the city to buy some fishing outfits. These are available in different varieties and colors.

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With the new update 1.2. Conflict, Ubisoft enters the next phase of the MMO Shooter The Division. In addition to many bug fixes, the new DLC also includes a lot of new content. Other new features include the sealed containers or search-and-destroy missions. If you are looking for new adventures on the streets of New York, read our overview of the features of The Division: Conflict below:

New Incursion: Clear sky

The Conflict updates will include new incursion calls 'Clear Sky' and lures with new equipment, more story and tougher challenges. In this incursion you are faced with the Rikers and you get set equipment as a reward if you complete the Clear sky mission.

- In difficult: brings equipment with a Gearscore of 204 and 214
- In challenging: there is equipment with a Gearscore of 204 and 240

New high-end weapons and equipment sets in Update 1.2. Conflict

The Division receives new equipment. With conflict you get access to four new high-end weapons and equipment sets. These have already been presented in the trailer – here, we have summarized them for you.

High end-Weapons:

- MedVed Saiga12 Shotgun
- Hungry Hog M60 LMG
- Historian M1A MMR
- Centurion M1911 Pistol

Equipment sets:

- Character of the Predator (Forward / supporters)
- Final Measure (bomb disposal / defense)
- Lone Hero (Survivor / DPS)
- Loyalty of the Hunter (precision contactors)

In The Division: Conflict allows players with about 200 Gearscore to enter a new Dark Zone Angle (Bracket). There you expect NPCs of levels 32-34, and of course the best PvP Loot at present.

- In the Dark Zone, with the 1.2 update you can now hijack other player’s loot.
- You cut off the rope, to which the loot of other players is fixed and so get the full loot.
- Thereby you will also mark as Renegade and immediately a target for the other agent.
- The fortified prey is no longer "safe" when you have fixed.
- In addition, the new sealed containers drop in the Dark Zone.
- These include mysterious objects / items that need to be picked.

Search and Destroy missions in The Division: Conflict

In The Division, now also appear search and destruction missions.

- These are only available if you have completed all the encounters and side missions.
- You will receive the respective missions in Safe House
- They lead you to enemies in groups of varying difficulty.
- There are daily and quality issues.
- For some groups are needed.

By Search and Destroy missions you get information about reputable opponents. After the LMB was repulse, the other parties to seize power and you can measure with their leaders.

General information on The Division: Conflict

Some talents are fixed with the update 1.2.

- Reckless: Talent for body armor
- One is None: Talent from the security area
- Balanced Weapon: weapons talent
- More Force Drops and less mods.

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Many wonder whether it is possible to play Oculus Rift games on the HTC Vive. The answer is simple - currently it is still possible to play some games. It is difficult to estimate how long it will remain, because a patch should be already in the works. In our article we will show you how it works and include list of best Oculus Rift games, which you can play on the HTC Vive.

The release of Revive Update 0.5 makes available a wider choice of Oculus Rift games for the HTC Vive. The following list outlines the most Oculus Rift games running on the HTC Vive. Below we show you how you can install the games with Revive. The current compatible game list can be found on

Boursin Sensorium Virtual Reality Experience
Esper 2
Fly to Kuma
Introduction to Virtual Reality
Lucky’s Tale
Oculus Dreamdeck
Smashing the Battle
The Body VR
The Rose and I
VR Karts
VR Tennis Online
Blocks_Leap Motion (Standalone Demo)
Visir 0.9 (Standalone Demo)
War Thunder (Standalone Demo)

To install Oculus Home games with Revive, you have to proceed as follows:

- Go to the official website of Microsoft Visual C 2015 and installed it.
- Also install Oculus Home, now you must buy the selected game.
- Revive must of course also be located on your computer – you have to download it and install.
- Now if you restart SteamVR, you will find the tab Revive.

For standalone games you have to take a different approach. Follow the steps below to play these games on the HTC Vive. Sometimes, newly installed games display the error Entitlement check failed error. Simply Start Runtime and then it should work. This is in Settings - Beta - Restart.

- Installs Revive 0.5.
- Open the Game’s folder of the desired game.
- Search for the .exe file, unzip the folder and pull Revive the content in the folder that contains the .exe file.
- Now if you open SteamVR, you can draw on the ReviveInjector_x64.exe, replacing the .exe file.

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor brings you a completely new area of the Wasteland and there you will discover a new edition of magazines. A total of five Islander's Almanac magazines are hidden on the island and each provides you with various bonuses. In the following guide you can see all the locations of these magazines.

There are five Islander's Almanac magazines in Fallout 4: Far Harbor and these have been well distributed on the island. Once you have found these magazines, you will be rewarded with a new trophies and achievements.

All Five Islander's Almanac Magazines:

1. Islander's Almanac: Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide
2. Islander's Almanac: Children of Atom Exposé
3. Islander's Almanac: Recipe Roundup
4. Islander's Almanac: Pincer Dodge
5. Islander's Almanac: Precision Hunting

Islander's Almanac: Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide

This Islander's Almanac can be found in the bar "Last Plank". Go to Longfellow and its on the table. As a reward, that you have found it, map markers are added, show the interesting places.

Islander's Almanac: Children of Atom Exposé

Acadia: Go into the house and to the right through the door. Take down the stairs and run through up to the counter. Speak with the synth leader and grab the next Islander's Almanac. With this magazine you will suffer 10% less damage when you are fired with radiation attacks.

Islander's Almanac: Recipe Roundup

National Park Visitor Center: Go into the building and turn to the right. In the shop on the counter you will find the next magazine. With this Islander's Almanac you unlock Sludge based recipes in lab stations.

Islander's Almanac: Pincer Dodge

At the end of the quarry of Northwood Ridge, in the camp of trappers, you can find the magazine on a small table. With this if you attack in future Mirelurks, you suffer 5% less damage.

Islander's Almanac: Precision Hunting

Lighthouse of Brooke's Head: Go to the top of the lighthouse and look at the ruined shelf. There you will find the Islander's Almanac. With this your VATS chance against animals increased by 5%.

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor, the new expansion brings many new weapons. From bowling balls to radioactive sledgehammer, a lots of funky stuff here. In our guide, we show you the locations of the best weapons in DLC "Far Harbor".

December’s Child

This new light gun has increased rate of fire by 25% and increased reload speed by 15%. You can find it at the end of the main quest "Best Left Forgotten". Here you have the headquarters of the Vim company! check at a terminal exist. Have you met Nick Valentine here, He will help you. The exact way to weapon December's Child you see in the following video.

Lever Action Rifle and Harpoon Gun

The Lever Action Rifle is one of the new weapons in the DLC Far Harbor, which you can find either in a standard version or as a legendary version on the island. The gun has a long range with good values in shooting accuracy and damage. The normal version you get from stores or normal enemies as Drop. The legendary version will receive you as a drop of a Mirelurk-queen who you met during the quest "Rite of Passage". More you can see in the video.

You can you also buy the harpoon gun at dealerships in Far Harbor. The gun caused great damage, but requires a long time to recharge.

Atom’s Judgement

This melee weapon is a radioactive sledgehammer, causing both physical damage and radiation damage. There are four expiring Fusion cores at its peak. The use of atom's Judgement has no negative effect on you. You get the hammer on a quest for the Group of the children of the atom. For details you can see in the following video.

The Striker

The Striker looks like a Fatman, but uses bowling balls as ammunition. You can collect every ball for a shot and use again and again. Shot with the Striker also have a 50% chance to cripple the target's legs. You can find the Striker Beaver Creek Lanes in a bowling center, located slightly southwest of Far Harbor. The exact location you can see in the following video.

Take the chance in the bowling center equal to take a couple of balls as ammunition. But keep in mind that they are quite heavy and require a lot of inventory space.

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