In light wooden garden, between research hall and astral clock tower, grow the beautiful sunflowers. But don’t be too pleased with the scenery, because here you will encounter the living failures. These disfigured bosses have outnumbered and possess dangerous arcane attacks. But don’t worry, we show you how to defeat them in our guide below:

Once you push on the door to the large light wooden garden in the research hall, the boss battle against the living failures begins. First you will encounter an opponent from the sunflower field, followed by four others who follow in rapid succession. The five bosses have the following characteristics:

All five living failures share a common life bars. So it does not matter who you attack first.

You can use the tree in the middle as cover against numerous magic / ranged attacks.

Their attacks are slow and leave plenty of room for counterattack. Even if they seem magic, you can easily drop them in the back and attack them.

Depending on a failure casts dangerous magic attacks while the rest of the pack you busy with melee attacks. The individual types of attacks we explain in the following points.

As a rule, four of the opponents are coming to you and attack with melee attacks. However, the Fifth one uses the following magic attacks:

Magic Orb: This attack is a slow moving big bolt of arcane magic, which plays slowly on you. You can easily avoid it and it caused only damage when it explodes on the ground or on walls.

Meteor Shower: All living failures stop at once and stretching hands to the sky. This attack is by far the most dangerous, but can easily be overcome. As the bullets all come from one direction in the sky, you can take cover behind the tree in the middle of it and if you don’t go immediately to the tree, you will suffer a massive damage.

Alternatively sprint in circles and dodges.

Magic Bolts: The living failures created sphere that shoots several magic bolts at you. Stay in motion and avoid them or use the tree in the middle as cover.

Always try some enemies that are a bit off, attack and avoid attack on groups that are close together. If you want to take them, use heavy weapons with long range. So you can kill all at once and pause even attacks of the bosses. In close combat, they are dangerous to you especially with two attacks.

Wiper: The melee attack is always performed with both arms. So always deviates from the two attacks.

Head butt: A melee attack, in which a living failure rams his head into the ground in front of him. Causes a lot of damage and should be avoided.

Ideally, you are fighting with fast, light weapons and pick out a single opponent. Of the whole pack you should definitely keep better.

You try best to thrash the living failures as a group and thus to maximize the damage with heavy weapons.

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Tesla Science Magazine is a useful perk in Fallout 4, which makes your energy weapons like laser guns particularly deadly. There are a total of 9 issues of Tesla Science have survived in the nuclear apocalypse. With all the magazines so you will get a bonus of + 45% critical damage with your laser and plasma weapons. Here we show the locations of all issues:

1. Arc Jet System: The first edition of Tesla's research can be found in the building of Arc Jet System southwest of Lexington. It is the same place where you completed the Quest for the Brotherhood of Steel - Paladin Danse

2. HalluciGen: Another edition of the magazine can be found in HalluciGen. The building is located in the west of Goodneighbor. The issue is on a table in one of the offices on the ground floor.

3. Rocky Cave: This issue of Tesla Science Magazine is located not in a laboratory or office but in a Rocky Cave in Glowing Sea. Where you also meet Virgil during the main quest. You can find the issue on a cabinet next to Virgil equipment in the small area.

4. University Point: Go to University Point in the southeast of the map. On the third floor of the Sedgwick Hall you can find the issue on a small table beside the bed.

5. Poseidon Energy: Further south from the University Point you will find Poseidon Energy. Enter the factory best over the roof. There you will find the journal on a desk. In the same room you can get the Bobblehead Endurance.

6. Mahkra Fish Packaging: The sixth edition of the Tesla Science Magazine can be found in the north-east of the map at the Mahkra Fish packaging. After entering take the elevator go down and then to a large counter-clockwise arc. You will find this issue next to a Raider’s dead body.

7. Reeb Marina: Go to the Reeb Marina northeast of Bunker Hill adjacent to the Revere satellite array. There you will find this issue on a table.

8. Mass Fusion-building: You find this magazine in Mass Fusion-building directly northwest of Goodneighbor. First go to the fifth floor. There, the glass roof blocks the way. Once you have completed the main quest Mass Fusion, you can get the elevator to go further up. If not, you need a power armor with jetpack to fly through a hole in the ceiling.

9. General Atomics Factory: The last issue can be found in the General Atomics factory southeast of Goodneighbor. You will find the issue on the first floor.

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In Fallout, the freefall Armor will allow you to jump down from high levels without any damage. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to get this armor. It is located in one of the highest floors in Mass Fusion-building. It is very difficult to reach the location and besides, the armor is in a safe deposit box. You will have to rely on some items in order to reach the armor. The following list shows what you need in advance and what requirements need to fulfill to obtain this armor.

To reach the top, you will need power armor.

On power armor you can assemble a jetpack. You can also get this after completing of a quest Brotherhood of Steel or you can build it yourself. For this you need rank 4 at the Perks Quartermaster and science.

To get the freefall Armor, you will also need Nuka-Cola Quantum and the drug Jet.

Take a few hairclips. It would be too bad if you've finally managed to arrive at the top and you don’t have hairclips to open the safe.

Once you have everything ready, then you go to the Mass Fusion-building. Fight through floor by floor upwards until it will go no further. The upper floors are all collapsed, so it is now a bit complicated to reach the location of the freefall armor. The first obstacle is waiting for you on the 5th floor, there is a glass roof. You now have two options.

1. If you have already completed the quest Mass Fusion, you can take the elevator on the 5th floor to go further up.

2. If you have not yet completed the quest Mass Fusion, you can see an out-of-order sign outside the elevator. In this case you have to pass through the hole in the ceiling with your jetpack.

Now it is more difficult. Many of the levels are almost completely collapsed. Look around and look for good projection lookout, where you can end up using the jetpack. The quick save feature is your best friend here. Make sure to save your progress. One you near the top, there is now no longer projections. Then Look for a hole in the wall above.

Now comes the difficult part: you have to go in there. This is only possible with the use of jetpack and keep yourself always in the left corner. Due to a glitch you will be able to take a break from time to time so that your stamina can regenerate partially consumed by the use of jetpack. Leveraging the Nuka-Cola Quantum to regenerate your stamina back and used the Chem / Drug Jet to slow down time. With practice, you will achieve your goal.

If you have managed to pass through the hole in the wall, then save your progress once again. You have to make another jump up and jump right into a hole in the wall. This jump is much easier. Jump with the jetpack in the hole right in the wall and you're very close to the armor. Then you can open the safe in the office and grab yourselves the two parts of the freefall armor. There is also a computer terminal, which tells the process of development.

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For the full 5 star rating in battles and missions you need salvage item in Star Wars Battlefront. There are five salvage items well hidden in the map. These don’t look particularly spectacular; they are merely floating Demand icons. In solo mode, they are only around, but in the heroic versions of the missions they float partially high in the air or lying on remote cliffs. Therefore, it is always recommended to take Boba Fett with you, because you can reach any location with his jetpack. We show you the location of all salvage items below:

Battle of Hoth: Go from the start along the map clockwise and you will find all Collectibles. The last item is located in a narrow passage in the ice cave.

Hero Battle on Hoth: On Hoth you can choose any hero for the collection, because the salvage objects are all located on the ground and a jetpack is not necessary.

Battle of Tatooine: Here you have to equipment with the jetpack, because the collectible is on the transport ship in the center of the map and without Jetpack you cannot reach it.

Hero Battle on Tatooine: Here you need Boba Fett, but make sure that it does not share its fate, because the last collectible is located above the maw of the Sarlacc, the Bounty Hunter knows all too well.

Battle of Endor: Go counterclockwise and you will find all Collectibles gradually in the dense forest of the planet Vegetation.

Hero Battle of Endor: The first four salvaging objects are easy to find, but for number five, it needs again Boba Fett, because it is in the reactor chamber of the imperial bunker at the back on one of the Tesla coils.

Battle of Sullust: Here again you need a jetpack to jump on the AT-AT, and then outside of the base to the container and a shelf.

Hero Battle of Sullust: Again you need Boba Fett. The collectible is located just to the right from the starting point, it is hidden on a pile of boxes, on the head of the AT-AT, and on a concrete pillar in the outside area.

Survival Mission on Tatooine: The dusty Tatooine required you to equip with your jetpack, because all collectibles are located almost exclusively in midair. Jump ideally on the hill from where a cairn is located and one of is a tent of the Sand People.

Survival Mission on Sullust: On Sullust you need a jump pack, which is located on a lake of lava in the air only for the last salvage object.

Survival Mission on Endor: The map of Endor is very large. Turn around at the beginning and collect the first salvage. Keep yourself then on the edge and collect them on a clockwise.

Survival mission on Hoth: For this survival mission you don’t need to equip with jump pack. The salvaging objects are all located in the immediate vicinity on the ground.

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Total Hack is one of the 17 comic and magazine publications available in Fallout 4. It is a wonderful addition to your hacking skills and will give you access to more options. This means that you can bridge at corresponding terminals robots, spotlights and guns and manipulate. Overall, you can find 3 issues of the magazine in the wasteland. Each of these magazines will unlock an electronically controlled device that you can use. In our guide we show you the locations of all these three magazines.

Total Hack 1: Wildwood Cemetery

Go to the Sanctuary east of your settlement then hit the Wildwood Cemetery south of the crashed plane site. Go to the big tree in the center of the Cemetery, there you will also encounter many Feral ghouls, under the tree you will find the magazine. This issue will give you the sources code to Control Turrets.

Total Hack 2: Wattz Household Electronics

Go to the Sanctuary in the northeast. There you will find the Wattz Household Electronics. It is located centrally above the Kendall hospital and Monsignor Plaza, and northeast of the Cambridge police station. Open the locked door in the basement with the terminal. Behind a desk you will find the second issue of Total Hack. This issue will give you sources code to Control Robots.

Total Hack 3: The Shamrock Taphouse

Go to the Shamrock Taphouse southeast of Goodneighbor. Go inside and then turn left, on the right side you will see a staircase. Go up the stairs and turn right. Run past the billiard table and go through the door on the left. Go down the stairs and find a space in which a statue stands on the table with the issue in hand. This issue will give you sources code to Control Spotlights.

Total Hack for Settlement

If you have found all three Total Hacks and unlock one or all three devices, you can also use them for your settlements. Build you a defense network that can control using terminal remotely in order to provide more security in your cities.

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Some Achievements in Fallout 4 are not easily unlocked. "Benevolent Leader" is one of the difficult trophies and achievements to get in the entire game. To unlock this achievement you must increase your settlement happiness to a value of 100 and you also need to accumulate a large amount of bottle caps. In our guide we show you what exactly you need to unlock this Achievement.

Charisma as a prerequisite: If you want to unlock "benevolent leader" without difficulty, then you should have high charisma 10 or 11. For every charisma point you can add one more settler. The more inhabitants you have in your city, the faster you reach the Achievement.

Perks are important: You have build stores in your settlement. There you can offer them clothing, food and medical care. This way you can increase happiness for your residents. For this you need the perks - Local Leaders (Rank 2), Medic (Rank 1) and Cap Collector (Rank 2)

Bottle Caps: You need at least 16,000 bottle caps to unlock the Achievement "benevolent leader."

Expand your settlement

The larger your settlement, the closer you are to unlock "benevolent leader" Achievement. The size of the city you can determine by the bar on the right screen. It must fill 3/4 or more. Keep yourselves in the following steps:

- Your companions are not useful in the settlement and therefore should reside in outside your cities. You should only have town residents, who can carryout assign tasks.
- Fill your settlement. More residents mean more happiness.
- Only the resident’s requirements should be met. You should not have more beds than your settlers and should be indoor.

- Produce enough food. A settler can produce 6 food, so 4 residents can create 24 units. For this you need to plant enough food.
- Build simple water pumps to supply your settlement with water. However, don’t build too many, otherwise suffers the safety of the city.
- Once you build 24 food and 24 water, you should achieve a protective value of the 48 This protects the settlers and the more resources you have, the more protection you need. - The most important point for the "benevolent leader" Achievement are shops. This must level 3. Assign all other settlers, who are not responsible for the food, to the level 3 stores. They will work with pleasure and their happiness rises.

Generate the highest happiness

- Once you have rebuilt your city after the aforementioned steps, you must no longer leave. A bug is in fact ensures that the happiness falls. Do the followings:

- Remain in your settlement and near the shops.
- Increase happiness by one point, sleep for 24 hours.
- Repeat this process until you reach 99 points with satisfaction.
- Now we have to wait. The last point comes by itself. Do not worry if there is no arrow appears more upward. The result is still the Achievement "benevolent leader".

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