Search between a Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture and a Circle of Hedges is another weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In this guide we’ll show where to land, where exactly the vehicle tower, the rock sculpture and circle of hedges are and also we’ll show you the location of the golden star collectible.

First, prepare yourself well before you take this weekly challenge, as the fight for the golden star collectible can be pretty hard. Especially at the beginning of the weekly challenges everyone wants to land at this point and reach the vehicle tower, rock sculpture and a circle of hedges. So do the following to get there fast:

- As soon as the battle bus starts its journey and you can open the map, mark the spot on the map that shows you the following picture. The sought after golden star is located between Moisty Mire and Lucky Landing, in the south of the map.

Find Golden Star, Weekly Challenge Week 4, Fortnite Battle Royale

- As you jump down, look for the vehicle tower, rock sculpture and a circle of hedges. If you jump low, you can see all three wonderfully.

- Once you land, look for the golden star in one of the ponds. If you start from the view at the top of the picture, it's exactly in the middle. Here you have to be careful, because you will not be the only ones looking for the vehicle tower, rock sculpture and a circle of hedges.

If you have done this weekly task then you should head to the chests in Flush Factory.

Alternatively, you can relax and let the other players go to the chests and the stars, because the third Battle Pass will not expire until April 30th, and by then you'll have time to complete all the weekly challenges.

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In The Sims Mobile, you have the chance to interact with players such as going to parties or give and receive stickers. In this guide, we show you, what exactly this is about and why you should not neglect the stickers.

In The Sims Mobile, stickers are there to change the appearance of other Sims. You get daily new stickers that you can give to Sims. There are three different stickers that are varied frequently - this includes, for example, cool or sporty stickers

Stickers can only be given to Sims created by other players. These Sims can be recognized easily as a blue plumbobs appear above their heads. So go to town and look for a Sim who wants to give a sticker.

If you find one, just hit this Sim. In addition to the interaction options, your stickers will appear in the lower left corner. That way, you'll also get stickers when other players rate your Sim.

Get Stickers Quickly

The best way to get stickers is to go to parties. Click on the link if you want to know how to attend a party. At a party you will find numerous players. This is the chance to give and receive stickers.

Give, Receive, Collect Stickers Quickly, The Sims Mobile

Before you go to a party, you should check which stickers can currently be assigned. For example, if you have a sporty sticker, you should dress accordingly to increase your chances of getting such stickers.

Send as many of your Sims as possible to celebrate to collect as many stickers as possible. How many stickers you have been given, you will always learn the next day when you start the game for the first time.

Now only one question remains: What are the stickers good for? Quite simply: stickers pave the way to fashion jewels, which you can exchange for great clothes in Izzy's Fashion Shop.

First of all, you often find a task in your daily tasks that says you have to give a certain number of stickers. So you can easily pick up a few fashion jewels every day, because the giving of stickers is not really rocket science.

There is also a weekly sticker contest. This means for you: Collect as many stickers as possible within a week. The more you collect, the more fashion jewels you get. After a week is over, you will receive a message that shows you clearly how many stickers your Sims have collected and how many fashion jewels are available for you.

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Here are some useful tips for getting started with Warhammer Vermintide 2. In this guide, we show you how to deal with the enemy hordes, the control system and the effects of potions.

How to Skip prologue: Some players who owns pre-order or beta version of the game have complained about a problem with the Prolog mission. It opens at every launch of Vermintide 2. If you want to skip it, just press F2 twice and confirm with Esc.

You can play the Vermintide 2 with friends, strangers or bots. If you decide to go for real players, then communication is very important here. Without communication and teamwork you will not survive long in this game.

Don’t hurry your teammates, but look closely at each level. There are not only collectibles like books, which we will discuss later, but also secret passages and abbreviations.

Play with bots in the team, remember that you can level them. With that you also manage difficult levels. If you mark objects or enemies, you can command them.

Run over the hordes, find yourself an area that has tunnels or a few passages. Then you can control where the enemies are coming from. You will not be overrun on all sides. If you play with this tactic, the tank of the group that also has the most shield should monitor the passageways. Make sure that no team member jumps in front of the tank as it is not effective and the tank is used completely useless.

Defeat Enemies, Controls, Potions Effects, Vermintide 2

If you have little health and play with a good team, you should get killed instead of using a health potion. When a team member revives you and you use the potion, your health is refilled.

Battle tips for the enemy hordes

Blocking is an important action that you should use frequently in Vermintide 2. But do not forget to dodge! In many situations, a well timed Dodge is worth much more. Press spacebar and select the direction. You can also withdraw with S. Especially when individual opponents hit you, the dodge is perfect.

- Direct head shots will reach your goal faster. So aim on the head to do more damage.

- There are different types of enemies. One of the most annoying enemy types are the priests. You recognize them by the green mist around them. In addition, you will see scary whispers. They summon opponents but have little health. Kill them first.

- Memorize the useful shortcut keys, hotkeys. Important is T for marking. This marks your opponent, but also objects - and the best thing: Everything you mark is then visible to other players.

- With your shield, you can make attacks. You do that by pressing the Block and Attack buttons at the same time. Keep your fingers on both buttons for a bit longer so that your hero makes another extra attack.

Your special skill is important and can change the fight significantly. With F, you use it and hold down its tab. The bar automatically recharges after the time; but this time can be accelerated with potions.

Another bar will be displayed if you have fire spells or firearms (dwarf). If you press R, the button to reload, the bar is full faster. But be careful not to reload until you're in a gray area. In red areas health will be deducted with this tactic.

Use potions and books properly

In total, there are three special potions in Vermintide 2. They bring you different effects. It's important that you quickly understand what each potion does to you.

Speed Portion (Blue) - You make attacks faster and move faster. You can pull arrows out of the quiver faster and shoot them down.

Strength Potions (Yellow) - You are dealing a lot more damage. In addition, you immediately break through shields and armor. The damage of all weapons is increased - also bombs benefit from it.

Concentration Potions (Purple) - Your special skill / ability will be charged faster.

In addition to the potions, there are also grimoires and tomes. The former are cursed spellbooks that will not only reduce one third of your health from each of you, but everyone in the team. For this reason, you should definitely talk to the team or discuss whether you accept them. In the end, they increase your experience, but at what price? Because in addition to bandages you can no longer take other potions. And once you take a grimoire out of your inventory, it's instantly gone.

Unlike the tomes. Although they block a slot, but only the healing slot for first aid boxes. If you still want to use such a potion, just drop the tomes, drink and take the item again. If you collect many of them, you'll increase the rewards you get at the end of a fight.

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In The Sims Mobile, you can arrange and host parties and earn some great rewards. However, the party option is not available from the beginning.

To organize or start parties, you have to reach at least level 6. Then you have to proceed as follows to start a party:

- Touch the tab on the right side of the screen.

- Then select the balloon icon to enter the party menu.

- Click on Weekly Party and you're ready to go!

You have the choice between various party themes. Some special themes, such as a birthday or wedding party, you can only select if the appropriate events have occurred in the last week.

As you continue to rise in the level, you will unlock new themes over time. When choosing the party you will also be shown directly what rewards you can expect.

Organize, Start, End Part, The Sims Mobile

Improve party and interact with others

Once you start a party, a bar pops up to measure the party's success. All party participants must ensure that the bar fills up to receive better rewards.

This happens when interactions take place at the party. For this you have to equip your party appropriately. Tap on the Build / Buy icon and then buy party decorations that fit your motto.

Party interactions cost party energy. When you start a party, you get 10 party energy. When the energy runs out, but you want to party further, you have to eat a piece of party cake that costs 25 SimCash.

A party lasts 24 hours. You can pick up your reward in the party menu as soon as the party is over.

End the party - is that possible?

Many players are concerned with this question: Can you end parties prematurely? Unfortunately, that is not possible!

This can be quite annoying because as mentioned earlier, a party lasts for 24 hours. Therefore, always think carefully about whether you really want to throw a party and make the most of it, because you can only have a party once a week.

Visit party

Just as other players can attend your party, you can also go to other parties. You can also find this function in the party menu. Unlike your own parties, you as a guest can leave a party and return later. You can also visit maximum of two parties a day.

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In this guide, we’ll show you wow to replenish or recharge your energy fast in The Sims Mobile, and above all how to save it to be able to complete more events.

Your Sim has a maximum energy amount of 30 and this figure cannot be increased. There are several methods to get more energy. You need energy to complete events, hobbies and careers faster. But you can continue without energy - but then your sim needs a bit longer for events.

The energy bar fills up automatically every three minutes and in every 90 minutes, the entire energy bar is filled up.

Each sim in the household has its own energy bar, which also fills independently. If your energy is empty, you can wait until it has filled up again. If that is not an option for you, you should eat a cupcake. This item refills the complete bar. Cupcakes you get either through SimCash or by completing the to-do list. We encourage you to take a close look at this list - so you can get a sweet cupcake every day.

If you miss the cupcakes, you have to pay them with SimCash. You can get this currency, for example, by completing missions or real money. The following table shows you all cupcake packs in The Sims Mobile:

5x Cupcakes will cost 75 SimCash, 25x Cupcakes will cost 300 SimCash and 150x Cupcakes will cost 1,500 SimCash.

You can also take free actions. Tap on the energy bar to select the following options to recharge your energy bar:

 Replenish, Recharge your Energy, The Sims Mobile
- Bathe will give you +15 energy points every 45 hours

- Sleep in bed will give you +10 energy points every 23 hours

- A shower will give you +5 energy points every 5 hours

- Go to the toilet will give you +2 energy points Every 2 hours

The bathtub fills the most energy. You can unlock them late in the game. With level 17 you can unlock the bathtub Ultra. If you want to use it before, you can unlock it for 376 SimCash. Later, there are more bathtubs you can buy for your home.

Increase energy replenishment with items / furniture

Touch the Build / Buy button. In the bathroom category, you will find numerous furniture that influences the energy supply. For example, the plush paper holder fills up more energy when your Sim goes to the bathroom. These elevations have no limits and can be raised up.

Since you can place the paper holder up to 6x, you should also do that to get +6 + on the regular +2 through the toilet. So you get +8 energy every two hours. Special sinks also increase toilet energy replenishment.

The same applies to the bed. There are special dressers and bedside cabinets, which increase the +10 again.

At parties, you don’t use cupcakes - but party cakes. You have 10 energy per party. Your normal energy will not be used up. But if you use the full 10 energy points and return later to the party, the bar remains empty. The party energy does not regenerate automatically. It is filled to 10 at each new party - but you can only participate in two events per day.

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Even mobile games are not free from bugs and technical issues. Especially with the latest mobile video game The Sims Mobile. Many players have reported problems such as crashes, Download and installation errors, server and game won’t run or load issues, purchase items are not properly registered or missing. In this troubleshooting guide, we tell show you how you can fix some of these common problems.

The Sims Mobile Game Does Not Run or Load

If the downloaded app does not start or if an error appears before the download, it could be due to the fact that your phone doesn’t have the necessary hardware or software requirements to run The Sims Mobile. Below you can find the recommended system requirements:


OS version: iOS 9 or higher
Storage space: 106 MB


OS version: Android 4.1 or higher
Storage space: 144 MB
Memory: 3GB RAM

For Android phones, the memory is crucial. Many older smartphones have 2GB of RAM - but that's not enough to run The Sims Mobile. For this reason, the Play Store may say that your device is not compatible.

To be able to play The Sims Mobile smoothly without any errors on your iOS or Android device, the app needs at least 500 MB of storage space. That's because in addition to the space for the app you also need some space to store the data on your phone. So make sure that you have enough space on your phone. A list of compatible smartphones can be found in the EA forum.

You can also try with the following solutions, if The Sims Mobile does not load:

- Check your internet connection.
- Look for updates for your operating system.
- Update the app in your store or see if there are any updates for The Sims Mobile.
- Close apps that you no longer need. They could consume valuable memory.
- In the last step you should reinstall the app or delete the data (Android). To clear the data, tap the settings on your Android phone and search for apps or applications. Search here for The Sims Mobile and select Clear Cache. But first make sure your progress is saved.

Fix Download, Installation Problems, Not Work Errors, The Sims Mobile

If the app has stopped and you can not press anything, only a hard reset will help. For iOS devices, you press the power button and the home button at the same time - until the apple flashes. For Android devices, you need to hold down the power button for more than 10 seconds.

Purchased items are not displayed or missing

If you don’t see your purchased items, then you should restart the game first. Exit the app and reopen it. Android has an application button that lists most applications that are currently open. Close and restart the Sims app. For iOS devices, just double-click the Home button and close the application.

Also remember that some items are placed in the inventory. Click on the Build / Buy icon on the right. Your inventory is the opened box. Click on it and see if you see the purchased items here. If you buy tickets (tokens) instead, you will find them in the menu. Choose the little arrow on the far right. The closed box above the settings represents your other inventory. Tap here on tickets or other tabs to see the items.

Always check your billing when you have purchased items. Did you receive a new e-mail confirming the purchase? If so, you should write to support if the item did not show up in the game within 24 hours. If not, the object was not purchased because the purchase could not be completed. Try again.

Fix your account related issues

If no account is assigned, your progress cannot be saved either. In this case you proceed as follows:

- Choose the arrow in the game that you can see on the right.
- Click here on the gear at the bottom (Settings).
- Decide on a way to connect the game with you.
- For example, you can find the link to the Game Center or Google Play (Android) via the music controls.
- If you have problems with your account, select Disconnect and reconnect.

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