Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite is the latest and sixth entry in the MvCI fighting game series. The new title brings heroes such as Chun Li, Mega Man, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and more. In addition, it has new combat systems and advanced defenses. However, some PC users have experienced problems with the game.

Some players complained in the Steam forum that the game is loading and preparing the launch, but then it either hangs or doesn’t run. If this happens, follow these steps:

- The game seems to have issues with some antivirus programs. So you have either the option to disable your antivirus program or you place the game on the exception list of the program.

- If this doesn’t fix the problem, make sure that both Steam.exe and MVCI.exe have administrative rights.

- Check your video and graphics drivers for updates and install them if necessary.

Known Issues and Bugs

In addition to the launch issue, there have been some errors for which there are no solid fixes for them yet. Known Issues and bugs are the following:

- Jerks and Frame Freeze: Users often complain about annoying jerks, even if they only have opened the start screen of the game. As a transitional solution, it is now possible to play the game in window mode and not on full screen.

- The wide-screen resolution is only limited to 16: 9.

- The FPS is limited to 60.

Also make sure that your PC meets the minimum system and recommended system requirements.


Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60 GHz

Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 480, GTX 570, GTX 670 or better

RAM: 6 GB of RAM

OS: Windows 7, 64-bit


Processor: Intel Core i5-4690K @ 3.50 GHz or AMD FX-9370

Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, AMD Radeon R7 370

RAM: 8 GB of RAM

OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64-bit

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In NBA 2K18, Power Forward is stronger than a small forward, more responsive than a center, and can shoot the ball with his long arms over shooting guards. It's hard to choose a build, so there are only three examples for you to customize.


With the Hybrid power forward build in NBA 2k18, you are with modern players who not only perform defensive tasks, but are also able to score quickly thanks to their surprising mobility. Instead of going into a powerful post, you can dribble with the hybrid and gain enough force for a declining dunk.

- Primary skill: Driving and Finishing
- Secondary skill: Defending
- Height: 2.05 - 2.10m
- Weight: 115 kg
- Wingspan: average

This build gives you very high values on different positions and therefore, we recommend it to you. You can also make your player bigger, so you get more power in the area.

NBA 2K18, Power Forward Build; Guide

As a pure defender, your role is to help the center and thus represent a comprehensive defense. As a power forward, you will occasionally defend outside thezone, making shot blocking a very interesting subject for you.

- Primary skill: Defending
- Secondary Skill: Rebounding
- Height: 2.10m
- Weight: 115 kg
- Wingspan: Maximum

With this build you are more powerful in the defense. The rebound strength allows you to gain second chance and upset the enemy defense.

NBA 2K18; Power Forward Build; Guide
Attacker (Post Scorer / Stretch 4)

With this combination you can do a lot of damage in the offensive. However, you should make a decision on what your power forward is to specialize in. We will introduce you to the Post Scorer. This can win, with the back to the hoop, every one-on-one.

- Primary Skill: Post Scoring
- Secondary Skill: Shot Creating
- Height: 2.05 - 2.10m
- Weight: approx. 120 kg for Post Scorer or 110 kg for Stretch 4
- Wingspan: High value for Post Scorer, lower value for Stretch 4

If the Post Scorer does not suit you, you can also go for the Stretch 4 by selecting the third as a second talent and casting as the primary skill. The aggressive variant provides driving and finishing combined with shooting. This means you not only reach the hoop but also dominate the middle distance.

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In NBA 2K18, there are a few ways to earn Virtual Currency (VC) quickly. In this guide, we show you how to farm VC quickly and safely without risking your account.

For this method you need to do some steps. This is only the first time and afterwards, you can quickly earn VC without any previous settings. The list is quite long, but you will love the result, as you get about 1,000 VC each time.

- Go to MyGM / My League
- Now select My League
- Then to the current teams.
- Now set to Normal Season and then to Start Mode.
- Now you should choose one of the best teams in the league (Warriors or Cleveland).

- Now go to the options and press Options again.
- Now you see a calendar overview and are asked how the rookies are to be created. Select - automatic creation.
- Now you must press Circle / B and navigate to the rightmost menu in the menu.
- There you go to my league settings and set the duration of the quarters to twelve minutes.
- Then you have to adjust to the normal settings and the game speed from maximum.
- Then go back to the options and select the CPU / Users tab.
- There you select the first option 100 and 0.

Now click on the next game and choose simulate with simcast. Next, you'll be in the Simulation Overview and you have to simulate the game until just before the end of the fourth quarter. You can stop the simulation and should do this a moment earlier because there is a small delay. Then you play the rest of the game and get a decent VC reward.

NBA 2K18; Earn Virtual Currency; VC; Simcast;
Sponsoring in MyCareer

If you see your mobile phone with your professional in your career, you can see the app for targets. With these you can start a quasi series. It leads you to your manager, Bryan, who is getting more and more contracts for sponsorship. The more you receive this sponsorship, the bigger your earnings and you will be able to farm a regular free VC.

MyNBA2K18 App

The Companion app for NBA 2K18 lets you connect your mobile to your account and get additional VC. There you can do fast games in a card game and receive 500 VC daily. In addition, there is a daily registration bonus of 100 VC and other rewards as soon as the NBA season has started.

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In Destiny 2, Legend of Acrius is a shotgun with long range. You can unlock this exotic weapon after completing the Leviathan Raid.

Legend of Acrius offers you the following:

Shock blast: Fires a heavy charge of Ark energy at an enemy. The Arc energy passes through him and hurts other opponents who are behind him.

If this is not enough, you can also upgrade the legend of Acrius.

You can also get the following perks:

Magazine Duplication: You now have two shots in the magazine before you need to reload.

Full Bore: The range is increased, but the handling and stability are reduced.

Destiny 2; Legend of Acrius, Unlock; Upgrade Guide;
Accurized Rounds: The range is increased.

Long March: If the Legend of Acrius is equipped, you can track enemies by radar at a distance.

Fitted Stock: Although the speed of the handling suffers, the weapon is stabilized.

The basic requirement to get the Legend of Acrius is the acceptance of the quest At the Comms. As soon as you reach level 20 you will get this randomly. In the course of the quest, the name changes to Destroyers of Worlds. As mentioned above, your way to this exotic weapon is via the Leviathan Raid. After the successful completion of the raid, you have to proceed as follows:

- Go to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. The cleaning robot triggers the next step.

- We continue to a tricky Strike at the base Hades of the cabale. You have to complete the Arms Dealer Strike under time pressure and in the beginning it is seven minutes. Here, you can get or add more time by destroying bright blue cubes.

- Once you have done it, go back to Benedict 99-40 to get the legend of Acrius.

Upgrade the Legend of Acrius

To upgrade the Legend of Acrius or to unlock more perks for the exotic weapon you have to complete two quests. One of them sends you a cabal hunt.

- Go back to Benedict 99-40 and get the Cabal Killer quest.

- For this, you have to get the following achivements: Kill 25 cabels with the legend of Acrius, 15 at a short range and another 10 cabels, without ever reloading.

- The last step is bit difficult. Through the perk of the shotgun, you can wait until two cabels stand behind each other and then do them. It does not have to be 10 in a row. Two cabels are enough to increase the counter.

After completion of this quest, you will be given another quest His Highness’s Seal. Here, you have to collect 100 emperor seals in the Leviathan Raid. Players report that it is also possible to do the raids themselves in raid.

- Either way you have to go through the Leviathan Raid a total of 2 ½ to get the appropriate number.

- Return to Benedict 99-40 and finally enjoy all the Perks of the legend of Acrius.

You can further upgrade the Legend of Acrius. For this, you must complete the Leviathan Raid on Prestige mode as soon as possible. Then the maximum power of the exotic shotgun will be unlocked.

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In NBA 2K18, you can create a perfect center / big man with more skill to serve your team. He can also achieve perfection in individual categories. Some of the skills are not only reliant on the attributes, but simply on timing. So your own skills add to the account of the rebounds and blocks.

You can simply accustom to the professionals, so you can assess possible roles. For My Park you can stop many point guards, shooting guards and small forwards with a center as they are often underestimated.

Post Scorer Big Man / Center Build

If you are committed to Post Scoring, you can have great successes. Your big man becomes an offensive machine that can hardly be stopped. Besides, you can achieve good values in additional areas with this Center Build. For this build, it is important to remember that you can replace the secondary skill to improve weakness.

- Primary Skill: Post Scoring
- Secondary Skill: Post Scoring / Rebounding / Driving and Finishing / Defending
- Height: 2.15m
- Weight: Very high - no maximum
- Wingspan: Maximum

Rebound / Defending Center Build

With this center build, you are a safeguard for the opposing offensive. You are an extremely powerful defender, block almost every shot, and rip every rebound to you. This center build is very strong in NBA 2K18, but sadly you have few skills in the attack. You can still score points, but your speed and lack of ball handling will force you to take a cautious game.

- Primary Skill: Rebounding
- Secondary skill: defense
- Height: 2.15 - 2.20m
- Weight: Very high value, but make sure that your center can still jump.
- Wingspan: Maximum

Coast to Coast Center Build

With this center build, you can move to the hoop easily. It is up to your own taste whether your center should play this position with a lot of weight and strength or whether he should be a bit more nimble to dominate the Coast to Coast. With this center build you get very high values for height, rebounding and strength.

- Primary skill: Rebounding
- Secondary Skill: Driving and Finishing
- Height: 2.15m
- Weight: 140 kg.
- Wingspan: Maximum

This build offers a very high speed and acceleration for such a big player. It will vary with your weight and size.

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Many users of NBA 2K18 have been complaining about problems such as game crashes, Frame Rate Drops, Lags and game won’t start issues. The developer and publisher 2K is already working on some of these problems and promises immediate patch.

The main problem is probably that the save games are lost and you lose your game progress and virtual currency. The PC users also have problems with the frame rate drops. In this guide, we will give some suggestions for fixing these problems.

Fix NBA 2K18 Won’t Start Issue

This problem may arise at the beginning of the game. You have downloaded the files, installed it and now ... it has to be copied. There is a very slow progress and you can hardly use functions of the game. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this issue other than to wait and run the process.

The servers have stability issues, so you only have the chance to connect the network to your device. Alternatively, you can also check the network connectivity to find out whether the problem is with you. If you are connected to the WLAN, the deactivation of other WLAN devices can bring a little more speed.

Crashes After Every My Park Game

Some PC players are complaining about crashing after every My Park Game. To fix this problem you have to check your antivirus program. If the nba2k18.exe is there with limited access or even not trustworthy, you must specify exceptions so that it is not further blocked.

Frame Rate Drops - Low FPS

This can happen if the game has very low image rates. You may encounter this issue even with very powerful PCs. Disabling the VSYNC would help you to fix this problem most of the time. In addition, you should check your graphics card drivers and update with the latest versions.

Unable to Download the Update

From time to time you may encounter the file corruption error. If you have problem downloading the update that does not affect the connection, it can help if you start a fast game and leave it for a few minutes. During the game you should be warned that an update is necessary and you can start it immediately.

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