Billboard magazine revealed details of the Kanye West’s new project. The work will include a new duet with Rihanna, in addition to collaborations with producer Rick Rubin, Q-Tip, Evian Christ, Young Thug and Young Chop, and these latter three also contributed to the song "Yeezus".

According to the magazine, the rapper has also spent time with Paul McCartney in the studio, but there is no confirmation whether they worked on new material.

This will be West's third collaboration with the voice of "Diamonds", who previously worked on "All Of The Lights (feat. Rihanna & Kid Cudi)" and "Run This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West)" by Jay Z.

It's first single, titled "All Day" is expected for release in September, while the album will reach the stores between the end of the year and the beginning of 2015.

Check out the video for "All Of The Lights (feat Rihanna & Kid Cudi.)":

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Alicia Keys star in new commercial released by the designer Givenchy on last Friday (29), promoting the new perfume "Divin Dahlia" (features Sambac jasmine, mirabelle plum, white florals, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood).

The singer announced her partnership with the French brand earlier this year, and collaborated in the creation of the fragrance.

"I created a delicate and delightful fragrance, balancing colored and juicy notes, slightly reminiscent of childhood. Then I gave the fragrance more of a solar quality, to create a trail worthy of this radiant, remarkable muse," said Fran├žois Demachy beautician on the voice of "Girl On Fire".

"Dhalia Divin" hits stores this month.

Check out the commercial below:

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The DJ Calvin Harris revealed a preview video of his newest single, "Blame" yesterday (31) via his YouTube channel.

The song in collaboration with John Newman will only be released in full next Thursday (4), while its official video premiere on September 7.

The video was directed by Emil Nava, responsible for the visual of "Sing" and "Don’t" singer Ed Sheeran, and promotes the Scottish producer’s fourth studio album.

Check out the snippet of "Blame" below:

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Monster Monpiece is a strategy card video game and it is best known for polemics about the arts of its warriors and the way you let stronger. Otherwise, the game brings a deep and fun battle system. Check out how to play and become a master in the fighting:

How to play (Walkthrough)

There are only two modes, the single player campaign and multiplayer against other users. During the campaign you can follow a story through a vast map, explore alternative paths, earning letters, improve their warriors and create various types of decks. These decks in turn will be used for their clashes against other people in multiplayer.


Note: All commands can be replaced by touch screen.

In battle:

Change letter - D-Pad
View board - D-pad up
Place a card on the field - X
Chart details - Triangle
Cancel action - Circle
Give up the battle - Start

In game map:

Select next position - D-Pad
Move selector - Left Analog Stick
Choose stage - X
Reset switch position - Circle
Skip to HQ - Triangle
Organize deck - Square
Open menu - Start
Zoom - Right analog

Rules of engagement

Each player starts the battle with 3 points on your HQ (sometimes less, indicated in the upper corners of the screen) and your goal is to clear the points of his opponent. To do so, one invokes warriors to the battlefield, which move toward the enemy every turn field. When a unit reaches the HQ, it strikes a blow that causes 1 point of damage. You can also win if the cards in the deck of a player over.

Invoking units

Each turn you get 3 mana and they can invoke a unit in your battlefield, the area of 3 × 3 squares on your side of the board. Each of the warriors of the game has a mana cost (indicated in the upper left corner of the card), ensuring strongest cards require a greater amount of mana to be relied upon.

You can earn more mana by letters specifically geared towards this skills with combos or simply passing the turn (Pass button on the left of the screen), accumulating points on 3 3 It is important to assemble your deck evenly as only have cards with high cost of invocation will leave you locked in combat, unable to summon units.

The units automatically move one square at the end of each shift and if there is an enemy unit within range, they attack. A unit will not move in the same turn in which it is made, unless it has a special ability that says otherwise, but it will still be free to attack that same turn.

Your goal is to make your units reaching the end of the other side of the board, where the enemy HQ. If they come to the last square of the battlefield, they will attack your opponent, causing him to lose one point of your HQ and then disappears.

Info cards

The cards have a lot of information to absorb. The most important is the class of warrior. There are four types of class in the game, each represented by an icon that indicates your weapon: Melee (sword), Ranged (bow and arrow), Healer (scepter) and Buffer (book).

All letters attack, causing ATK equal to the number of field damage, and all the cards have resistance indicated by the HP number. Each attack that reduces HP points until they are destroyed. If in addition to the class icon also there is a number, it indicates the scope of the attack that unit.

Melees are strong cards to direct combat, while Ranged are weaker and value the indirect combat. Healers and Buffers are a bit more complicated. Healers heal the units in front, using points indicated in MP field. Already Buffers increase the attack power of your units forward according to the INT value in the chart.

Fusion of letters

Another detail of each warrior is that they belong to certain species, such as fairies and dragons. When you have two cards of the same species can fuse them. To do so, just call one of them and then call the other on the same letter. The result will be the first warrior, with HP and ATK added to the second warrior.

Different invocations of letters, mergers can be carried anywhere on the board, provided there is a letter of the same species as the basis of the merger. That means you can drastically increase your attack power and strength of his letters even in the enemy camp.

Special skills

Certain cards have special abilities, Potential, shown on the right side and Skills, shown in the lower left corner. Potential are skills that are automatically activated as Hypersonic, which allows a letter begins to move in the same turn it is summoned.

Skills in turn are activated at different times, are spells that can help your units or attack enemies. A skill can be activated when the letter is invoked when it is destroyed or when it attacks the enemy HQ, and sometimes requires extra mana.

During a merger Skill and Potential of different letters unite in a single warrior. If they are contradictory, as a skill not to move and to move in the same turn, the newest overrides the old.

Aura and Combos

Each card also has a different aura, represented by colored border around it: red, blue, yellow and green. Initially the aura may not seem important, but it is used to make combos. When launching a letter of a certain color, an icon will show the color and number 1 near their points of life.

When launching a second letter of the same color in sequence, this icon will change to 2 and you will earn 1 bonus point as the most mana. The combo is great to play the third card of the same color in a row. At this point you gain 3 mana and all his warriors on the field earn more 1 ATK and 1 HP.

After this combo counter resets and you can change the color of the sequence. Launching a letter from one color and then another color, it also restarts. If you spend the time counter is reset until you invoke another letter.

Assemble your deck and strengthen letters

At any time in the game map you can press the Triangle button or tap the "To HQ" button on the screen to access their headquarters. There's the option Card Gym, where you can create and mount decks.

A deck must have a minimum of 30 cards and a maximum of 40 is good to fill your deck up to the maximum since run out of cards in battle cause an automatic defeat. You can only have 3 repeated letters of each type.

No Card Gym you will also find the controversial First Crush 3 Rub to strengthen his letters. Rub using points P you can join a minigame on the touch screen that let their strongest cards. Not always the letters seem stronger, because sometimes they lose HP and ATK, but usually gain more useful and sometimes earn other bonuses functions.

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Revealed at E3, the release of Amiibos is one of the biggest news this year from Nintendo. These figurines will be compatible with Wii U and all the 3DS, which will be included in games, including Super Smash Bros. will be the first to benefit. Big N’ has unveiled the first 12 figures that will be available at launch:

- Mario
- Peach
- Link
- Samus
- Yoshi
- Donkey Kong
- Pikachu
- Kirby
- Fox
- Marth
- Animal Crossing Village
- Wii Fit Trainer

If the figures will be recognized on new 3DS and Wii U with NFC, it will be an external device, scheduled for 2015 on 3DS and 2DS. The figurines will released together with Super Smash Bros. and each of them will cost 12.99 euros.

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Saints Row 4: Re-Elected is an HD version of action adventure video game, Saints Row 4, comes with all DLS for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 27, 2015. The game was announced at PAX along with a new expansion called Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, which will release on PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and PCs, and brings Satan as main villain.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell begins when a group of friends plays with invocations of spirits. Then Johnny Gat will be sent to hell and will have to face the devil himself and his most famous servants to get back to the living world.

The game takes place in a fictional city called New Hades. The game "standalone", ie, can be played without the original game, is a true parody of a full musical number.

The re-mastered version of SR4 will bring a new adventure after the reelection of villain as president of the United States. After an alien invasion the "Saints" will be taken to an alien base and need to get out of this alternate reality.

Saints Row 4: Re-Elected reach the new generation of consoles on January 30 and is expected to cost $ 30 including all DLCs. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell will be priced at $ 19.95 and can be played individually for Xbox 360, PS 3 and PC Check out the announcement trailer Gat Out of Hell below:

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