In Pokémon GO there are two ways to attract pocket monsters to: Lure Module and smoke. While the use of Lure Module is self-explanatory, here we give tips on how you can catch even more pocket monsters with the Smoke.

How do I get smoke in Pokémon GO?

At the beginning you get two smoke units. Even more free smoke you get by Level climbs - reaching level 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20. If that is not enough, then you can purchase from the shop via microtransactions.

Shop cost 1x smoke 80 Pokécoins, 8x smoke 500 Pokécoins and 25x smoke 1,250 Pokécoins.

How can I use the smoke effectively to catch more pocket monsters in Pokémon GO?

Pokémon that attracted by smoke, also have purple smoke around. These Pokémon are visible only to you and no other trainer in the vicinity can capture it. However, there is an essential tip to use smoke properly.

Most of you will probably use smoke to comfortably catch Pokémon from your couch. However, in this way you will be able to catch a maximum of six pocket monsters in 30 minutes. If you don’t move, spawn through the smoke then only one Pokémon appears in every five minutes.

It is better to activate the smoke while you walk through the area. Once you're in motion, every 200 meters or every minute a Pokémon will appear on your map. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to catch 30 Pokémon in every 30 minutes.

Smoking is not working - What should I do?

When using smoke anything goes wrong and you don’t waste the precious item, you should consider the following tips.

- See on the use of smoke, when the servers are overloaded. This is especially the case in the evenings and on weekends.
- Use smoke only where your cell phone coverage is good enough to avoid connection problems.
- Start Pokémon GO once again before smoke begins.

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In RimWorld, mild to severe cold or enemy bullets can affect the health of your settlers and you need medicine to counteract. But you cannot heal alone with medicine, you also need to provide them with special beds so that your settlers heal much better and faster.

Generally, you need money to buy new medicine, but there are ways to make medicine yourself.

In RimWorld, healing is accomplished mainly by colonists who have acquired the medical skill. The ailing settlers must have doctoring status enabled and are subject to a bed so that you may be able to heal. You can also get injuries and illnesses without the special skill to heal, but the treatment is much more effective and the experience gain of physicians is greatly increased if you heal using the medical skills. You should keep all of your medicine in refrigerators to prolong their life.

Making herbal medicine yourself

This medicine can be produced quickly. All you need is a box and the medicinal plant Xerigium. The effects of these drugs are:

- Shelf life: 150 days.
- Medical potential: 85%
- Maximum Health: 100

Medicine and Glitterworld medicine - the safe healing variants in RimWorld

Unfortunately, you cannot produce the normal medicine yourself. You must buy them from the merchant ships.

- The medical potential: 100%
- Maximum Health: 100

The Glitterworld medicine is significantly stronger. Therefore, you must also invest more money to it, if you acquire these merchant ships. Through their immense strength you can save important characters from certain death. With each unit of Glitterworld medicine you will receive a copy of doctoring for Dummies, which itself colonists can achieve good treatment without any medical knowledge.

- The medical potential: 180%
- Maximum Health: 100

Medical beds

To guarantee settlers can heal, they must lie in a bed. While normal beds also have a healing effect, but this is significantly weaker than in medical beds. To establish this you needed the following materials:

- Select the Build menu in the furniture sector.
- Then select the steel medical bed.
- You need 120 steel and 10 medicines.
- You need 1000 points.

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I am Setsuna is a Japanese RPG video game from the developer Tokyo RPG Factory. The gameplay is based deliberately on 90s role playing, and is different from the modern RPGs. The installation is used principally an Active Time Battle system like in Final Fantasy and Trigger Chrono.

Why this title? It's simple: The central theme of I am Setsuna is sadness, which can still be incredibly beautiful. Therefore, you should listen to the wonderfully dreamy and magical music.

Before you immersed in the history of I am Setsuna and meet on the first characters in the game, the most important thing to know before you start playing I Am Setsuna is that the gameplay will not save auto automatically. It is stored on special memory points. So be careful when you spent five or more hours in the game, and forgotten to save your gameplay, then it can happen that you have to start from scratch.

PC gamers are getting some keyboard customizations here. Instead of the usual way to use the keyboard and the mouse to play, the game uses mainly the so-called Home Keys. They are part of the 10-finger typing system. These are the starting key from which all other buttons can be reached on the keyboard. There is a spacebar to confirm and "H", "J" and "K" to pull down the menu or close again.

The "U" and "I" buttons take over the position of the shoulder buttons (like on a controller), while the mouse is not actually used.

Momentum Mode

The momentum always builds up when you are waiting to be able to select an option that is filled to your active timepiece. The momentum pauses when an enemy uses an attack or ability.

The activation of Momentum mode via the keyboard is a bit awkward, since the process is actually designed to push a button on the controller and that at the right time. So go play it carefully and get used to it to achieve this by pressing the "H". Pressing "H", when you want to perform an action and your momentum bar is filled.

Incidentally, you can fill the bar up to three times to have a particularly strong effects - this may be useful especially in boss battles.

In addition to the Momentum fashion, there are other related mechanisms, which are not so well explained in the tutorial. Fluxation and Singularity are two randomly occurring events that only show up if you also use the momentum. While it is not guaranteed that it happens in every battle, but the more you operate the momentum with tech skills, the more often these events will occur.

The bonuses that you get are selected randomly every time. When the Fluxation appears 200 times you get also the Achievement "Ruler Of Heaven And Earth".

Surely you've noticed during your struggle to fight the Grinding wins that you get no money for the fighting. The currency in I am Setsuna you earn by completing quests or by selling loot from the various monsters drop.

Nive Village

During the tutorial mission, you will not need any help, there is virtually no way to make mistakes. So you lead the game into the killing of small, sweet "Penguins" who only care about their own things, to entering into their territory.

Here you can also unlock the Achievement "A New Direction".

After you have finished the Tutorial, a mysterious man comes towards Endir who offers a contract killing as Job: Kill an 18 year old girl on an island. Of course, since Endir is a mercenary, he accepts the job. The game finally begins right when the boat is heading for the island Nive where Setsuna lives.

Battle Strategies

At the beginning, during the initial scenes, there are not many options that make reference to the battle strategies, such as the benefits of talismans or the insertion of tech skills. Nevertheless, Here are some useful points that you should keep in mind.

- Cyclone Tech - It is not very effective on a single enemy. Use it to damage multiple targets.
- You can do more damage if you use your momentum on part and multiply, 2 or 3 times.
- If you have only Endir in your group, then 2 cyclones are enough to wipe out a group of enemies.
- Tech skills as Cyclone, batch and Heal cost a lot of MP, especially early in the game. So you can buy them at the seller in Nive, because it can happen to you that you run out of MP during boss fights.
- Teams on the Home Island will apply to you any status effects. Therefore, it is wasteful to use your 5000 Start Gold on items that "Sap", "Paralysis" heal etc.

Grinding - levels can be useful

Everyone knows that you go through the time portal to the "Millennial fair" in the game Chrono Trigger. But one has only fought oodles of monsters in "Guardia Forest" up to 3,000 G collected to buy the "Lode Sword".

Although in Setsuna, there is no such powerful weapon that can save you, you should still leveling in "Dazzshire Woods" because the first boss battle could be somewhat tricky. However, you can fight him already at level 3, at level 4 it will be slightly easier and level 5 should not be a problem with this Boss. However, in the next boss battle you should not, the time, afraid to grind a little.

The time you can also use to get to the "All-Seeing Eye" Achievement. For this you need to kill enemies with basic attacks, which may lead to their exact killings performs.

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Pokémon GO ensures respect of many functions continue for joyous guesswork. Especially the weird music on the map or the footprints function makes Pokémon Trainer curious. What is going on with the mysterious rustling leaves in Pokémon GO and how you can interpret them correctly and catch new Pokémon using the footprints?

The Rustling Leaves

Generally, the rustling leaves interpret the location of wild Pokémon. Here, a pile of leaves not necessarily guaranteed Pokémon: The leaves suggest only a higher probability for emerging Pokémon.

As mentioned earlier, you have an increased chance of capturing wild Pokémon in areas with rustling leaves. To increase your chance even further, for example you can lookout special places where emerge several piles of leaves. You go to this area and move for a few meters, in this way you have a higher chance of capturing pocket monster.

The Footprints

Another way to encounter new Pokémon in your area, are the footprints. These are displayed to you at the bottom right of the app. Depending on the number of the three tracks, a Pokémon is available in a radius of 100, 200 or 300 meters around you.

Currently the footprints are pretty but still flawed and are hardly suitable for the detection of Pokémon. Due to the so-called "3 Step Glitch" the number of tracks is always the same. Better you catch Monster contrast with special mapping tools, such as the Pokémon GO Live Map.

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In RimWorld, you have already taken the first steps in the new environment and even built building. Then it is time to do something long term for the storage of your food. It is advice to build refrigerators and freezers to keep your food and medicine for longer. With these cold rooms there are different freezing stages. Some foods don’t require as low temperatures and other demand for a self-made ice or freezer.

If you let your hard-earned food just lying around then they go bad very quickly. The only exception to this is an arctic biome. Due to the low outside temperature, the food lasts substantially longer. In general you should consider the following points and tips in constructing of refrigerators and freezers.

- Too many doors let a lot of heat draw in the cooling chambers and this is not good for the temperatures. Therefore, build only one door.

- If possible builds a fridge, which can later be connected to the freezer.
* Build the door of the freezer in the direction of the refrigerator.
* Thereby it further reduces the incoming heat.
* Also you can separate items that you want to access quickly and often from those that are rarely used.

- A double air conditioning keeps the temperature better in check.
* The larger the room, the more air conditioning is needed.

- Add your fridge an orbital signal so that you can also sell your food.

- You can also cool Medicine.

The Refrigerator

Food that is exposed to temperature of 2 ° Celsius is given the status cooled. This increases food deteriorates time.

Simply build a room and provide air conditioning. You can find this under the temperature Tab. Sort best multiple cooling chambers on the respective items.

The Freezer

Keep Medicine and food in the freezer to prevent become spoil. To freeze food you need a temperature of 0 ° Celsius. However, we recommend you, particularly in warm areas, a temperature of -4 ° to compensate for any fluctuations.

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In Monster Hunter Generations, you go from village to village in order to complete tasks for the villagers there. During your gameplay you encounter countless major and minor quests. For each village you will receive a high number of quests. Complete enough key quests, you can make your way to the next village. However, it is not necessary that you master all quests. The countless tasks in Monster Hunter Generations would be too much for you. Prefer to hunt down the big flagship monsters.

In every village, there are some key quests that let you move forward with successful completion. So saves you some time and invested this in the study of hunting styles and techniques or look for best weapons in jungles and mountains. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Generations is not listed down the Key Quests that’s why you have to get the information from other sources.

Have you met the relevant tasks, you will receive a so-called Urgent Quest. This is the basis for new levels and areas and let you compete against big monsters.

Key quests in the first village

- Find the Ferns
- A Fungal Hunt
- Wipe Out - Key quests in the first village
- Another Pack Attack
- Urgent: Vaulting Outlaw

Key quests in the second village

- Rambunctious Rhenoplos
- Hermit Grab
- Gendrome Roadblock
- The Land Sharq
- Urgent: Tusked Tantrum

Key quests in the third village

- The Desert Gourmand
- Crustacean Frustration
- Stomping Grounds
** Complete these two key quests in this order to unlock the next Key Quest**
- Tumultous Sprouts
- Current Events
- Robbed Blind
- Urgent: The Nocturnal Enchanter

Key quests in the fourth village

- Wrath of the Rathian
- Serpentine Samba
- Hungry Eyes
- Lurking in the Murk
- Crustacean Infatuation
- Urgent: The Dark Age

Key quests in the fifth village

- Dark Wings, Dark Work
- Tuff Turf
- Tigrex by the Tail
- A Thousand Scales of Dread
- Brachydios Mio!

Once you have completed above Key quests, you will not get to unlock any more Urgent Quest, you will reach to the last village. There you can compete against the most powerful monsters and the successfully completion of the following quests promise valuable rewards.

- Stop the Wheel
- The Fated Four

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