Each area in the world of Mad Max has one or more enemy camp. This applies to conquer it.

How do you capture camps that regularly produce scrap which is the currency for vehicle and character upgrades, from your allies.

In addition, you will also find other scrap and relics, which are necessary for mastering the challenges. In addition, some quests are only available if certain camps were taken.

How do I Capture a Camp

The camps are different. Therefore, you should take an overview first. Use the informants (violet exclamation mark on the map) or your binoculars.

Once you have identified all protections, then you can proceed as follows:

- Eliminate sniper. One possibility is the harpoon with which you bring the tower down. The second option is the sniper rifle.

- Take care of the front defenses. These are usually operated by one or more tanks. Destroy the tanks (most with a harpoon), to eliminate the defenses.

- Now we have to be quick on and off the War Crier. Shoot the War Crier either using the shotgun or bring the mechanism. Some camps offer enough space to the War Criers off from the outside. Use as usual the harpoon or the sniper rifle.

- Ram the gate by car, destroy with the harpoon or explode

There are four types of Camps:

- Oil Pump Camps
Target: (canister fire) destruction of the oil pump in the last area of the warehouse

- Oil Transfer Camp
Goal: destruction of several transfer tanks in the store (also with canisters)

- Stank Gum Camp
Objective: Defeat a certain number of fighters

- Top Dog Camp
Objective: Defeat the Top Dog

In general: don’t trigger an alarm. Quickly and cleverly defeat Was Crier and snipers.

So much for the outer protection of a warehouse. Now it is fighting and pursue goals.

In the entrance area you normally expect a group of opponents, a War Crier and one of the many goals, if it is an oil transfer stock.

Here destroy the War Crier first, so that the already annoying War Boys don’t become even stronger.

Once you have successfully cleared the enemy entrance, you follow the (linear) path to the goal - mostly via ladders or doors that need to be entered.

It is advisable to browse the different areas completely before you follow the path to the goal / end of the camp. So you don’t miss anything and don’t have to repeatedly run around the camp, looking for the last scrap parts at the end.

Another important tip: Do not follow blindly the main path. For the above reason, you should always install the side streets and adjoining rooms Browse before you select the main path. In this way, it is almost impossible to miss Collectibles.

Once you have turned off all the rogues and achieved all objectives (for example, all oil tanks destroyed), the camp is yours, serving you in the future with scrap.

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In Mad Max, your (anti) hero Max starts as a poor man who was robbed by bandits and beaten badly. But Max does not have such a miserable victims remain because you can pimp the Road Warrior tidy during his vendetta.

Mad Max: Upgrades - scrap and tokens!

You can pimp Max in two different ways. Firstly, his free upgradeable equipment and all the crazy Max stuff. For example, Max brass knuckles for more damage in melee or more ammunition for his shotgun. For such upgrades he needs Scrap. Furthermore, you can still teach an old dog new trick… like Max. For this purpose he needs help. Namely, a spiritual mystic Griffa who is always somewhere near. In return after completion of challenges he gets "Griffa tokens," which can be used to increase his maximum health.

All Max skills at a glance

Skill Benefit
Longevity Increase hitpoints of Max
Judgement Increase the Legend rank of Max
Volition Increase the scrap find by Max
Attunement Increase melee damage by Max
Ammunition Increase the ammunition find by Max
Metabolism Increase life energy that Max is gaining from food
Essence Increase the water find by Max
Adaptation Max uses less gasoline
Channeling Increase the time that Max can spend in Fury mode
Intuition Increase the durability of Max melee weapons

All equipment upgrades at a glance

Skill Benefit
Brass knuckles (knuckledusters) Improve the melee damage of Max
Jacket  Reduce damage taken
Arm (Wrist Armor) Increase the damage done by counterattacks and reduce the damage from missed parades
Ammunition belt (Ammo Belt) Increase the number of knives and ammunition, Max carrying
Head  Change the appearance of Max.
Shotgun Increase the damage and the number of ammo, so that Max can fire more often
Skills Unlock new battle skills
Tools New tool, but most of them you get as the game progresses. You should take only the Jimmy Bar because otherwise you don't get to open locked doors and containers

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In Mad Max, Scrap is the major currency in which the inhabitants of the wasteland act and replace. Therefore, you can never have enough of them and therefore we show you the ultimate tricks and tips on how you can earn lots of scraps.

Scrap, or in the game Scrap Metal, a major currency with which you not only exchanged things but also your car, that's magnum opus, as well as your hero Max. Furthermore, you can start with the scrap and construction projects in the fortresses of the wasteland.

Mad Max: Scrap - Steal Everything!

Certain places are ideal to loot and be represented with one hand on the map. However, there is much scrap in these places and if you recruit a search team in the near fortress project, then they can discover all junkyards in the area.

Furthermore, you should keep open for specific encounters that are marked with an exclamation eyes. There's always what to pick. In addition, around moving vehicles, especially the wide truck, a good source of scrap, if you can steal the cargo and bring to the next fort.

The Fortress junkyard 

Fortress projects, such as the search party already mentioned, often bring good and tidy scrap in Max bag. Similarly, if you have a current Internet connection, the youngsters also collect more if you do not play!

The Fortress project called Cleanup Crew is particularly useful. Because it ensures that you drop the scrap, the defeated enemies and vehicles, automatically migrated into your pocket. This saves time and ensures tidy full bag of Scrap.

Rest in the Wasteland

Everywhere in the Wasteland is an outpost of bandits and War Boys that make you trouble and threaten security in the region. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get rid of them. Even they have neat hoard of Scrap.

In addition, your allies automatically bring some junk to you later; therefore you should always have many outposts as possible to dig, if you have Scrap quickly.

Max, the scrap-expert

Another useful way to get Scrap is to upgrade Max's. If you have enough Griffa token, you can upgrade a skill called "Volition" ability.

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As in past Metal Gear games, in MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain you have the opportunity to adapt with different outfits from the Snake mission environment. We tell you how you can unlock all outfits and show you screenshots for all costumes of the Big Boss.

There are a variety of outfits in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain. You can wear various different outfits depending on the mission area to undetected and sneak through the enemy ranks. Below we show you screenshots for all uniforms of the Big Boss, what you have to do to unlock them and what bonuses they have.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: Unlock uniforms - outfits in the overview

Depending on the terrain you are traveling, you should definitely before the preparation look for the perfect uniform. Some adjust to only look at the landscape, while others give additional bonuses. Also some outfits can be upgraded in several stages, which are accompanied by additional material cost or special staff for production. All uniforms you can make on Mother Base with the appropriate rank of the R & D department to GMP and may be prepared resulting material cost.

Check the below 11 outfits:

Battle Dress
SV Sneaking Suit
Golden Tiger
Olive Drab
Tiger Stripe
Desert Fox

In addition, there are special uniforms as the parasite suit or leather jacket and alternative models of character Raiden, Cyborg Ninja or Solid Snake.


For pure combat missions of combat suit is the perfect choice thanks to its high health and defense values. Your need for making additional various metals and at Rank 4 version also includes a material technicians.

Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
16 (also in combat units) Increased maximum health 160,000
30 (also in combat units) Defense improved 1 360,000
48 (also in combat units) Defense improved 2 580,000


Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
18 To camouflage in sandy areas or between vegetation. 30,000

SV-Sneaking Suit

The Sneaking suit you get alternatively if you store data from MGS 5: Ground Zeroes implemented in The Phantom Pain.

Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
4 Eliminate step noise 40,000
12 Eliminate step noise 120,000

Golden Tiger

Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
8 To camouflage on red soil 10,000

Olive Drab

Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
0 To camouflage between vegetation Available from the beginning.


Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
7 To camouflage in vehicles or guns 10,000


Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
17 To camouflage on metal or concrete surfaces 30,000

Tiger Stripe

Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
0 To camouflage on rocky ground.  Available from the beginning. 


Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
19 To camouflage in rivers or swamps  30,000


Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
9 To camouflage in forest areas  10,000

Desert Fox

Required development Rank Note GMP Cost
3 To camouflage on sand or soil  5,000

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MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: D Walker Buddy Guide - Location, Skills and Commands at a glance

With D-Walker you get a strong mechanical companion in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, who can help you with numerous tricks. You can upgrade it in several stages.

D-Walker is a versatile transport and Ruff, equip with different components and make ready for use. We will show you the various pieces of equipment and command of D-Walker in the following Buddy Guide.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: D Walker - so you get the robot

D Walker is available to you automatically after completing of the Mission 13. Basically, there are two areas of application for the Ruff:

- You can use it as a means of transportation and controls him here just like D-Horse. The horse you can theoretically send in the African desert, because D-Walker has the additional advantage that you can equip him with weapons.

- Use it to support you depends on the configuration as a reconnaissance unit or he can use to attack enemies while you are waiting at a safe distance. You can put him in the slow-wait mode, where it is completely invisible.

The equipment of D-Walker

Unlike other companions like Quiet, D-Dog and D-Horse you have no relationship value with D-Walker, ultimately it is an emotionless machine. The skills rather depend on the composition of the components. You can use D-Walker in the air command center (LNC) equipped with various items that you have previously developed. Here are allowed to store your various settings that you retrieve in combat, reconnaissance or infiltration as required.

You can refer to the following tables about the equipment parts / accessories and commands of D-Walker.

D-Walker Equipment Parts

Main chassisRank 2 Health: 3,800, Defense: 5,500
Main chassisRank 3 Health: 4,800, Defense: 5,500
Main chassisRank 4 Health: 7,250, Defense: 5,500
Head areaSupport head (Rank 2) -
Head areaSupport head (Rank 3) Allows wait mode
Head areaEnlightenment head Enables auto-search mode
Head areaHead of the interception Enables auto-interception
ManipulatorSpecial arm Can carry a body wear 
ManipulatorSpecial arm CQC Can carry a body and attack with CQC
ManipulatorSpecial arm MCHT Can carry a body and attack soldiers with a machete
ManipulatorSpecial arm SM Can carry a body and attack soldiers, vehicles and Walker Gears


Pipes- Get D-Walker to you
Normal Mode- Terminate all other modes
Slow ModeSupport head (Rank 3) D-Walker stops and will not be visible in order to remain undetected
Search ModeEnlightenment head D-Walker stops and provides all the targets (even behind obstacles) within 180 meters in front of his position with a permanent marker.
InterceptionInterception head D-Walker stops and attacked all the targets in its field of view within 60 yards. With a stun weapon equipped, it can provide in this way an excellent distraction.

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In Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom you will occasionally discover blueprints during your missions in Afghanistan. These plans are generally required for the development of different equipment. In this way you can expand your arsenal steadily.

We would not rule out at this point that changes to the details of the features, collectibles and other functions can still be made through future updates. We will try in due course, to keep the list as up to date as possible.

Locations and availability of blueprints

Geist P3: You can obtain this handgun blueprint during the dispatch mission "Break Through The Blockade"

WU S333: This handgun blueprint can be obtained during the dispatch mission "The DMZ"

Uragan 5: Following the completion of mission 16 you will find the blueprint for handgun on the Bampeve plantation.

Zorn-KP: You can get this during the dispatch mission "Defend the Pipeline".

Riot SMG: Successfully complete the side operation 5 in the village Wialo to get the machine gun blueprint.

Ze'ev: Successfully completed dispatch mission "Search and Destroy Remaining Forces" to get this machine gun blueprint.

Macht 37: After completion of Mission 23 you will find the blueprint for the sub-machine gun in Kungenga Mine or during Mission 21 in the closed gunships.

UN-ARC: you can get the blueprint for the assault rifle either in Mission 05 in the Wakh Sind Barracks or after completion of Mission 06 in the supply outpost yakho oboo.

G44: Retrieve this blueprint for assault rifle in the abandoned village Ditadi.

Kabarga-83: This blueprint for the rifle can be found on the oilfield of Mfinda.

Bullhorn SG: Complete the dispatch mission "Prevent the Coup d'etat" to get this blueprint.

Isando RGL-220: The blueprint for this grenade launcher can be found in the southern sentinel of deserted village Ditadis, in the western sentinel of Kungenga-mine, in north-eastern sentinel of Munoko-ya-Nioka station or in the southern Sentinel Airport Nova Braga.

Hail MGR 4: Complete the dispatch mission "Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges" to obtain the blueprint for this grenade launcher.

Bambetov SV: The blueprint for this sniper rifle you get after completing of Mission 06 in Lamar Khaate Palace or during Mission 12 in the central main manner of Afghanistan.

AM MRS-71 Rifle: Complete the dispatch mission "destroy the new fighter" to obtain the blueprint for this sniper rifle.

Brennan LRS-46: The blueprint for this sniper rifle can be found in Lufwa Valley after completion of mission 23.

UN AAM: You can get the blueprint for this machine gun in the West Guardsmen, in the south-sentry of the Kiziba camp, in the south-west sentry Bampeve plantation or alternatively during Mission 21 at the Nova Braga airport.

LPG 61: Complete the dispatch mission "Recapture the Port Facilities" to obtain the blueprint for this machine gun.

FB MR R Launcher: Complete the dispatch mission "Liberate the Tanker" to get the blueprint for rocket launchers.

PB Shield: The blueprint for this shield can be found in the city or in the village Wialo Ghwandai during Mission 07 or alternatively in the eastern sentinel of the ruins.

Stun Grenade: the blueprint to the stun grenade can be found in the camp of Kiziba.

Stun Arm: Includes in dispatch missions from 06 (Serak Power Plant) to obtain the blueprints to arm prosthesis, the D-Walker-armament, H-Discharger and D-Dogs Equipment Sneaking Stun.

Flamethrower: You can find the blueprints for the flamethrower After Mission 31 (D-Walker- armament) in the Munoko-ya-Nioka station or at Mission 41 in the closed gunships.

IR Sensor: Successfully complete the side operation 07 (Qariya Sakhra Ee) to get the blueprint for safety device IR sensor.

AntiTheft Device: Successfully complete the side operation 08 (village Masa, Eastern Sentinel) to get the Antitheft Device blueprint.

Gun-Cam Defender: Successfully complete the side operation 09 (Nova Airport Braga) to get the blueprints for (D-Walker-armaments) the Gun-Cam Defender (security device).

UA-Drone: Complete the side operation 10 (Central main camp in Afghanistan), to obtain the blueprint for Ua-Drone (security device).

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