The Sniper Elite 4 is the latest installment in the Sniper Elite video game franchise. The game sets in Southern Italy 1943: The country has been occupied by Nazi Germany. The player is in the role of Karl Fairburne, a sniper who was sent to Italy to eliminate Mussolini's fascist forces and German rocket scientist Andreas Kessler, who is to build Nazi's rocket technology. In this guide, we will show you how to level up fast in the Sniper Elite 4.

- Making the protagonist Karl Fairburne the strongest soldier possible is an essential task for anyone who claims to have the best performance possible in the Sniper Elite 4. Training and evolving the hero makes missions much easier, so concentrate on level upgrading from the beginning of the game.

- To buy better equipment and weapons you need to have enough in game currency, which, is gained by leveling up. There are several ways to earn experience points, so try varying your style of play according to the following tips, as they all guarantee bonuses.

- Karl is rewarded whenever he can eliminate targets from a great distance. The further away the enemy soldier, the more experience points you gained.

Try to shoot to critical points in the human body to activate Killcam and accumulate points. Exploding the soldiers' heart, testicles, or stomach is worth as much as a headshot.

- Most phases of the game have a number of secondary objectives / side quest that can be accomplished in parallel to the main missions. It is possible to end the campaign without completing any of them, but this is not very lucrative.

Even if mission completion time is sacrificed, effort is more than well rewarded for the abundance of experience points earned at the conclusion of each listed side quest.

- Although Karl is a sniper, it's worth looking at the levels. In addition to eliminating your enemies silently, there is another way to gain points.

Study the environment and activities of the enemies. Occasionally, they can make loud noises in megaphones, drive loud vehicles or trigger blasts. In these situations, enjoy the loud sound to shoot, as the ambient noise will camouflage it. Each elimination with silent shot yields points.

- The more different ways you find to kill your enemies, the greater the rewards you gain.

A good way to earn a lot of points is to drag a corpse onto a patrol route. Plant a mine in it and as soon as a rival soldier investigates the body blast them. Also, take care of soldiers stationed on lower floors. Variety is the key to success.

If you cannot be creative, kill the enemies anyway. Each death, no matter how simple, ugly or poorly executed earns points for Karl.

- In addition to accomplishing missions, it is worth investigating every detail of the maps in search of collectible items.

Pull out all corpses in search of the collectible Duty Roster, search the desks and drawers for Letters from Home. Finally, destroy all the Stone Eagles along the way. In addition to rendering experience points, these activities also guarantee trophies and achievements.

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In For Honor, if you are going to get the best of the legendary weapons and armor pieces, there is no way to get past your heroes. Because the loot you receive after battles and item packs depends on the character progress.

This means that your hero must first achieve certain goals before he can get loops of higher quality. These goals are bound to the fame and level system.

Increase Your Fame

Increase your fame by one level by exceeding character level 20. There are 30 fame levels with 20 levels each. How far your hero has advanced is shown in the Hero menu. The fame level is surrounded; the level is indicated with a number below.

In order to rise in level and also in fame, you must collect experience points. Here, there are some useful tips on how to quickly get XP.

- Wining battles provide more XP than defeats: the first "tip" is that you should deliver strong performances in the battles and win as often as possible. If you are defeated in Duel mode you’ll get about 155 XP and for a win you’ll get over 200 XP. Therefore, it is worth to learn the talent of the fighters and to improve their own skills.

- Commands: In the Multiplayer overview you can access the commands. There are two daily commands, each with 300 extra experiences. For this you have one day time. In addition, there are order instructions, which are also limited in time. Here you will find tasks that deliver up to 1500 XP. They are tied to certain game modes.

- Speak which commands you are pursuing: If you are playing with your buddies in the group, you should first discuss what commands you want to do. You can track a maximum of three order commands at the same time. In order to master these efficiently, you should check out and possibly a plan.

- Champion Status: Champion status gives you several benefits, including a 25% XP boost. It is the best way to speed up leveling. You can get it with steel. For example, 3 -day champion status costs 2000 steel. You will have an advantage when all members in your group have the champion status: per person you receive extra 10% XP boost. If all group members have the champion status, your experience gain increases by a whopping 55%.

- Champion status without steel: If you own the deluxe package, you will be awarded champion status for 7 days. Otherwise, you as an Amazon Prime customer until the 6.3. The possibility to link the Amazon account with your Twitch account and Ubisoft account. So that you get some rewards, including 10 days of champion status.

- The faster you finish your battles the faster you get to experience points. For example: in the rule mode you win more points than in a duel, which usually takes longer. Practice with your group until you are a team. So you can finish winning matches in a short time.

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The handheld game console manufacture Nintendo has introduced a new registration system with its new portable game console Switch. To sign up for the Nintendo Switch, you need a user ID in the future. Unfortunately, you’ll not be able use your existing Nintendo Network ID to log on to the Nintendo Switch.

The user ID is probably the name of your friends on the Nintendo Switch. The name must be at least six digits. If you decide for lowercase and uppercase letters, you will be disappointed after saving as the entire name can only consist of lowercase letters

The user ID can be changed as desired. Unlike the PlayStation service and other services, you don’t have to pay money to change the name. Apparently, you can change the new ID as often as you want. The only exception is that there should be no duplicate user ID.

So there are now your normal Nintendo Account details, like an email address and the password, a nickname that is bound to Nintendo services as well as the Nintendo Network ID. In addition, the user ID is introduced, which can now be created or changed in your Nintendo account.

To Create or Change / Modify a user ID

You can now create a user ID, so that you can save your favorite name or increase the chance that it is still available. In addition, you can then log into your Nintendo account with the new Nintendo switch ID. The user ID already replaces the e-mail address, if you desire.

To Create A User ID:

- Click on the Nintendo registration page and log in as normal.

- Under user information you will find the user ID between your mail address and the password.

- Choose Change next to it and send a confirmation mail from Nintendo.

- After you have received it and clicked the link, you can set a new user ID.

- If you want to change it now, look again under user information and simply select Change next to User ID. After you have entered your password, you can change the ID.

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In Conan Exiles, there are several antidotes and potions that you can use. Some of them regenerate your health and make you instantly invulnerable, while other can affects your heal status. The potion that we want to introduce here is called Violet Cureall and that can heal your poisoning. It is quite irrelevant whether you have been poisoned by a snake or a scorpion. Even a food poisoning can be healed with Violet Cureall.

But before you can make the Violet Cureall, you have to deal with a poisonous enemy. It is best to search in the north west of the map to find a Serpent. 1 Gland for 1 Potion, this is what you need to create exactly one violet potion. What you now lack for your healing is a Firebowl Cauldron. This you can get at level 15 and cost you four knowledge points. However, you need 50 times iron reinforcement and 25 times twine. For the material iron reinforcement you need to reach at level 20 and also you need steel.

If you want to play for time and weaken your enemies gradually, poison is an effective method. Because in Conan Exiles, you not only poison yourself but also you can use it against others. But you don’t necessarily have to look for cobras, but look for Poisonous Spiders and scorpions. You will find them especially in the north of the map. Look for them in the sand dunes. It is best to use them long range attack, because they can poison you too.

With a little luck, the scorpion may drops a poisonous gland. This you need to gain the poison from the Firebowl Cauldron. In the end, you can then apply this to slashing and stitching. You need poison every time.

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In Conan Exiles, if you want to heal yourself then you need Ambrosia or Aloe Extract. Both items ensure that your health regenerate slowly but steadily. When it comes to Aloe Vera, you'll have fewer problems. But Ambrosia requires more complex preparations and yet it is almost indispensable.

Both healing potions can stack differently. Aloe Vera can be stacked up to 100 pieces and Ambrosia takes away more space in the inventory. It is stackable up to ten pieces.


Ambrosia, which was blessed by gods, can only be made when you have built the Shrine of Mitra. The followers of the God of right and justice are thus rewarded with a good opportunity for healing. If you want to get Ambrosia without worshiping Mitra, you have the following possibilities to build the shrine of Mitra.

- Knowledge Points: You can unlock the recipe Acolyth of Mitra with 50 points of knowledge.

- Jamila, the Pirate Queen: You find this peaceful pirate in the east. Take a look at the map below. Jamila will teach you the recipe for the Shrine of Mitra.

Now you only need the following materials to build it:

- 360 Stone
- 160 Wood
- 25 Twine

Once the acolyte is in place, just take a look at the recipes it provides. Below you will find the Mitra Ankh recipe. For that you need to get the Lingering Essence. This, in turn, requires you to produce Ambrosia. For the Mitra Ankh you need 5 branches and 20 stones. If you can call the Ankh your own, then you need a human corpse. The corpse disappears and the Lingering Essence moves into your pocket. This in turn requires Ambrosia to make at the shrine. If it is too expensive for you, then try it with Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera and Aloe Extract

To produce the aloe extract, you need to use Aloe Vera. This plant is distributed everywhere in Conan Exiles and you should not have any problems finding it. So grab the leaves of the aloe Vera and go to your Firebowl Cauldron. They sprinkle with fuel like coal, wood or asters and throw the aloe leaves into it. From two of these leaves you gain an aloe extract. With this you can slowly heal again and then the poisoning is no longer a big threat.

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In For Honor, brutal moves are special hero blows, which can be used to finishing opponents at punctual times in battles. The blow generates a detailed animation with blow and slash and you can equip up to four executions in each character.

The activation of the attack is simple: after aiming at the enemy, use a strong attack as final blow to start a brutal execution. All finalizations regenerate some of the hero's health, which turns out to be an advantage in certain game modes. In the joysticks, the executions are configured in the action buttons, while in the PC it is allowed to customize the commands on the keyboard.

To find the brutal moves available for your favorite character, go to the Customize tabs, from the main menu, and Heroes. After that, set the desired combatant and proceed to the profile page.

In the Hero profile, you can also equip new items, see the progress of online matches, and customize the combatant's look. Use the PS4 or Xbox One control triggers or the flip shift keys and find the Skills option.

In the heroes' unique skill menu enter Executions and go straight to the finalizations that are still locked. The player can assign the new command to a joystick key or button, if it is on the consoles.

It is important to mention that the most aggressive commands that are initially locked, must be unlocked with game currency acquired in the multiplayer games.

Prices for special attacks start from 5000 coins, and each hero can equip up to four moves in different spaces. If you'd like to evaluate the move before investing money, select the demo video and learn the details of the attack.

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