The Crew is the racing video game with MMO elements from Ubisoft , released for Xbox One and PS4 . The game has an open and online world with many choices of activities and missions where the player can venture in control of various vehicles, personalized or not. Now check out some useful gameplay tips below:

Visit the Data Stations

The Ubisoft has the habit of making the players have to unlock your maps, which actually is not a bad thing. In The Crew, players will have to visit the various Data Stations located on the map, unlocking points of interest, as well as allowing quick trip.

To find a Data Station, use your main map, then establish a landmark in the location where it can be found. Are you looking for icons that look like small satellites, and will probably find three or four in one area. Once you approach the landmark, consideration is given to the radar set, following the pings until they become green. Continue to adjust your course until you find the Data Station.

Set a waypoint

It is very likely get lost while exploring the enormity of the game and its many roads, streets and cities. When this occurs, try to use the game map and set a waypoint (March) to the destination you have in mind. No matter what circumstances you are, the GPS system of the game will adjust to its location, even outside the road leads you to the chosen point.

Join the skills challenges

To make sure you do not get bored or bored while traveling from coast to coast, Ubisoft has included a lot of mini-games in the game, not only to keep you entertained, as to accumulate some rewards. The challenges of skills can be of various forms such as: Climbing, escape, then jump, precision, zigzag and speed.

These optional missions can be started regardless of their direction of travel, and can be completed more than once, allowing break their own records, as well as those of your friends.

Take shortcuts

Once you find in some of the game's missions, you will notice that Ubisoft did a great job in plotting the course for you. It is very difficult to get lost, and because of this, a little easy to miss some quite significant shortcuts.

In addition to the shortcuts, stay tuned to hear the narrator of the game, Zoe, for some tips. If the mission seems impossible to complete while running against the machine, this could be your lane if you have any alternative route that can be taken.

Invite others

Compete only against the machine is optional and quite fun while you're playing in campaign mode. However, the game is designed to run against other people. That way you will be able to derive maximum enjoyment of the game and start to really improve your skills.

Players can adapt and learn, that way, you will not find a more intense journey than they will have with other players. Visit one of the mission points on your map and complete it choice in co-op mode, inviting other players to join the action.

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Matthew Knowles, father of Beyoncé and former manager of Destiny's Child, decided to earn extra money this holiday season selling group items.

According to TMZ, Matthew organized a garage sale and is selling rare pieces in their home in Houston, Texas.

Among the items available are giant posters of Destiny's Child being sold for $ 200.00, tour books for $ 20.00, and even designer of House of Dereon parts of Beyoncé Knowles and her mother Tina. There youngest CDs Solange being sold for only US $ 1.96 and office furniture.

Also according to TMZ, the decision to organize the yard sale would be to remedy the entrepreneur's problems with his paternity suits. Recently, a DNA test proved Knowles and Solange have a brother to approximately 4 years of age. In 2010, Matthew had taken the paternity of another boy, his relationship with actress Alexsandra Wright, which would have put an end to their marriage of over 30 years with Tina.

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A few days after releasing a picture in the studio with guitarist Nile Rodgers and songwriter Diane Warren, Lady Gaga confirmed that she already started to work on the follow up to "ARTPOP".

In an interview with Yahoo Style, the Mother Monster said the sound is wonderful, but very different from her previous album. "I want the fans to be surprised, but I'll just say it will be a wonderful soul searching experience," said the voice of "GUY".

She even went on to say that she worked on the album while still on ArtRave tour. "It's very different from the last album. I made this album on the road. 'ARTPOP' was, you know, acid-making record and this one like-my old self as a cadaver. And I’m just, I am operating on my old self."

Although her debut album was dominated the Billboard charts, the album "ARTPOP" was not matched the success of her previous projects and while working on the album she embarked on another new project,"Cheek To Cheeek," together with veteran Tony Bennett.

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The DJ Calvin Harris recently revealed that he will make a cameo in the film "Entourage." The first feature of the trailer was released late on Tuesday (23).

In the video, Harris appears at a party observing a mean-looking DJ play on site. Although the trailer was released, there is still no information about the role that the Scottish musician will play.

The film is based on "Entourage" TV series, which shows the adventures and experiences of actor Vincent Chase in Hollywood. The show ran for four seasons and was aired on the HBO channel. The film is scheduled to debut in the USA theaters in June 2015.

Check out the trailer below:

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Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions is the continuation of one of the fun arcade shooter video games for Windows, Mac and Linux. With over 50 levels, very competitive multiplayer mode, stunning visuals and catchy soundtrack, the game turned out to be a must for fans of the genre. Check out the tutorial on how to play the Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions.

Menu and game modes

The game menu has some game options like Classic Mode and Adventure. The first can be played as single player, and has several types of game, like trying the most points in less time, or the most points in three lives. The game will then always keep your best scores. This will serve as the basis for a healthy competition with your friends. The Adventure mode should be played with a rival, where there will be a series of stages for each achieve the highest score possible.

Online mode allows you to create a game for players from other corners can have fun with you. There is also the possibility of creating a private room so that only your friends can join. Local Co-Op, the player can then go into a game with up to three friends and play in co-op mode.

In Options, the player can modify the audio and video options, as well as having access to game commands in Input. To exit the game, just go Quit Game.


WASD Move left, right, up and down
Left mouse button or directional arrows Shoot
Q Use Super
And Pump
Esc Opens Menu
Z Share ammunition

Battle for position

A crucial clue in the game is never sit still for long. Even if you try to put in the center of the map, you can easily go wrong when an enemy approaches. The idea then is to always be moving and shooting in the direction you are heading, and then clear the path of enemies.

Of course you can stop for a moment, if the enemies are at a distance, but try to do it away from the corners of the map. There are two reasons for this. First, is that there are certain enemies will approach you with ease, taking out any possibility of escape. Second is that opponents will randomly appear for the stage, and this may occur right beside you.


A new element introduced in the game is the presence of heads. You will fight them after completing all phases of a party, and will have to beat them through four different waves, each stronger than the other.

There are some tactics to achieve beat the boss. First, it will drop smaller enemies behind you, then focus on just get them. Then, after winning a certain wave of enemies, the head will explode and prepare for another group. Stay away from that explosion and prepared because each wave will be more difficult than the last.


In Geometry Wars 3, competition with your friends is a key part. The idea is to always be improving your score and ranking. For this, the game has the leaderboard for each game mode, which is nothing more than a ranking where it will be saved your best scores.

To access the leaderboard of each type of game just press the Q key before entering. This will take you to the table with your scores and your friends.

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Axwell Ingrosso revealed the lyric video for their first single.

Entitled "Something New" EDM mixture, the most fashionable part of electronic music today with a melodic pop base on very reminiscent of the success of the Swedish House Mafia, " Don’t You Worry Child (feat. John Martin) ".

The song also packs the new Beats headphones commercial, it offers several entertainment and sports personalities, and can be purchased through iTunes. The first album of the duo is expected to launch in 2015.

Watch the lyric video for "Something New" below:

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