In Outlast 2, you'll be out in the role of Cameraman Blake Langermann. His wife, Lynn, is a passionate revelation journalist, and so it's no wonder that she wants to get rid of the mysterious incidents surrounding the murder of a pregnant woman. But right from the start, you got involved with the whole thing. Your helicopter crashes and Lynn has just disappeared. Let's go the uncanny search through the sect village in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Here it is clear that you are not alone. You are watching and chasing soon. You will see horrible things and face images of the past. Blood, corpses, occult altars and surely you are also wondering: Why is Blake still knocking on the doors, even though one of his adversaries could be behind?

Your weapons are your camera, bandages, and legs. As in the first installment you cannot defend or fight. From time to time there will be a few action scenes, but here you cannot intervene. Your task is quickly described in Outlast 2: Either you hide or you run away. You need to find documents and make video recordings and achieve the various goals. Sounds quite simple, does not it?

Tips and Tricks To Survive in Outlast 2

Save your gameplay, so you can quickly return to the point where you died. However, you also have the option to create manual save locations and access them later.

The following tips and strategies help you to quickly understand the game mechanics and not to die too often:

Camera : The camera is your friend, especially because of the night vision. You can also take pictures with the camera. If you are on a conspicuous scene, it happens that a red circle is filling. Continue until the circle is fully filled, which takes about ten seconds. This recording ends up in your saving, where you can watch these recordings later. You should also get this because you get more info, because Blake says a few things to what is seen, which in turn can be important for you.

Batteries: For the night vision function as well as the microphone of the camera to function, you need batteries, which you find in different places on your way. Only the night vision consumes battery. If you look normal through the camera, then you don’t use batteries. We recommend that you use the night vision system sparingly and turn it on and off at the secondary speed since you don’t need it permanently. There are rooms with enough light or the moon, which lets you see everything important. Look for enough time, if you have the time and don’t have to run straight away. As a rule, batteries are next to radios, flashlights, etc., where they are theoretically needed.

Collectibles: Everything that is to be collected, ie documents, batteries, dressing material and occasionally also key or similar will be whiteness for you in the dark. So you can hardly overlook it. But you should not leave a door, a house or a corner, because here a Collectible could be hidden everywhere. There is no "inventory", by the way. To find out how many batteries and how much material you currently have, go to the mode where you want to watch the recordings. At this moment Blake looks down, you see the camera in his hands and his jacket. Look closely - In the right jacket are the bandage rolls, of which you can take a maximum of three, and in the left are the batteries, of which you can take a maximum of eight with you.

Documents: Also documents, letters or similar can store in camera. Often these documents are placed on tables or on shelves. Read them quiet, even if it takes a little time, but they tell you more about the history and the background.

If I'm Dead: if you die, you may have to make a little bit of a path again. You don’t have to record any documents you have already found here, but you will lose batteries and bandage material. Otherwise you will not be harmed if you are killed, except that it may hurt your ego. You may die as often as you like.

It Doesn't Go Any Further: If you don’t get further, because about all doors are locked, then go back again. Have you done everything that the game demands from you? For example, did you take the photo, so that something else was triggered? Sometimes Blake says something or something and then it goes on.

Hide or Run Away?: The strange sectarians will search for you. Since you cannot fight because you have no weapons, there are only two possibilities. You can run away from evil or hide from evil. When hiding, however, there is a problem: Don’t hesitate too long, because here they will find you after a while. Use the hiding just to check out the ways to escape, and then sneak around them. You can also hide under beds, in cupboards or in barrels. It is also possible to dive if you are in the water or simply just behind objects remain hidden. Running away is also a good alternative. However, after a while, your stamina will be affected by running. This is also the case with long swimming.

Enemies: You should never jump directly to NPCs. As a rule, they will then attack you and, unlike them, you have no machete. Better be in hidden, so as not to be seen, otherwise they will open the hunt for you. There are only a few NPCs that don’t attack you directly, but are just a little disturbed in a corner squat or stand up and brave any psalms. The AI is not very clever, in fact you can partly very well at them. But if you touch them or get into their field of view, then it means: Race, what the stuff holds!

Doors and Windows: When you enter a house, you have the possibility to close the door lock. Similarly, you can close the windows to hide from your enemies. This is only partly useful, because the AI can also break through locked doors, if he has discovered you. After all, they will also see you through windows, if they are looking for you and you are unfavorable, then they will not stop a locked door. But first of all you are more secure if you lock the doors behind you, if you want to look for the appropriate house in peace. In addition, you should always open and close doors slowly, so as not to be too loud and draw attention to you.

Sound Recording / Microphone: What is new is that you can now also use your camera to hear noise through the microphone. On your screen on the left side you can see the ripples of these noises. Depending on how high these are, the more clearly you can hear what has been said. So you have the possibility to listen through walls, what is said or to hear better things at a distance. In addition, this can also indicate to you how far away the enemies from you.

Bandage: Were you hurt, but could escape? Then you can use one of the collected associations. Blake will then wrap him around the arm and you're already "healthy" again.

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Guts and Glory is a video game that challenges players to complete the course while avoiding various dangers. The game is still in early access on PC (Windows ) and Mac through the online Steam store and there are planned versions for PS4 and Xbox One later in 2017.

How to Play Guts and Glory

Your goal is to go through the stages and tap the checkpoints along the way, marked by lighted circles. All of these points are required, but the yellow ones only mark the places that the player needs to go, while the oranges also offer points to resurface. This means that you can return to these orange points by dying elsewhere in the phase or by pressing V.


- Move: arrows;
- Camera: Q, E and X;
- Restart: V;
- Turbo: Shift;
- Adrenaline: C;
- Maneuvers: W, A, S, D.


Currently, there are three characters available in the game, each with its advantages and disadvantages. John and Jimmy, a father and son who share a bicycle, are the most versatile, especially for maneuvering, but they are also the most fragile and can easily be knocked over or taken off the course by hitting something.

Earl drives an ATV so it is more resistant to knocks, but it is more common for one of its wheels to have some problem and make it tricky to drive straight. And the Yang family has a convertible with good resistance, but their specialty is skidding, which makes it a bit easy to lose control of the car.


A detail worth mentioning is that the characters don’t have to get integers until the end of the route, just like their vehicles. In cases like John and Jimmy or the Yang family, only the father has to come to the end to count as a win. This also holds true for parts of vehicles.

Turbo and Adrenaline

In addition to the basic commands, you have access to two extra useful skills. The first of these is the Turbo Shift key, which allows you to accelerate to escape dangers or make more leaps. The amount of Turbo available is indicated by the yellow bar in the lower left corner. Already the power of Adrenaline in the C key leaves the game in slow motion for an instant and allows you to perform movements with greater precision, without limit of use.


It is possible to perform some maneuvers during the courses to recover some of your Turbo energy bar. To do this, simply use the W, A, S, D keys to rotate your vehicle and loop while it is in the air. It's a good idea to use the Turbo to jump higher and have more time in the air. The Yang Family's drifts also count as a maneuver.

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In Persona 5, you can easily earn a lot of money without cheats. In this guide, we'll show you how to farm yen. You basically get rare items that you can sell at a dealer. We will show you different game situations video guides, which will show you good farmspots.

Persona 5 - Make quick money - 10.000 Yen

Right at the beginning of Persona 5 you can get coal. For this, you get to the point in the story after you saved Ann Takamaki from the palace. Follow Ryuji to the Pawn Shop, where you can buy weapons, armor and accessories. In this shop, you can exchange expensive items for a lot of money - remember this location. Now continue Ann's quest in the palace. After you unlock Ann’s Persona, you move through a room with a huge box. Open the crate and you will get a Soma item - most often - restore the HP and SP of your team as soon as you use it.

If you don’t receive the item, reload the quest. With this item you go to the shop and speak with the owner. For the Soma item you will get a whopping 50,000 yen. You can find more somas in the loot of defeated opponents or deeper in the first dungeon. In addition, you get one of a shadow as well as the free "Healing Item Set" DLC. In the following video you can see again the possibility, right at the beginning of the game of Persona 5 to get neat coal.

Persona 5 - Make money - up to 170.000 Yen

To use this method to earn money in Persona 5, Onmoraki needs to be at Level 15, including Skills Confuse Boost Pulinpa. In this case, you can earn between 40,000 and 170,000 yen. Merge Onmoraki into a persona of your choice. Attention: A high fortune brings you more coal. The persona doesn’t have to be strong, because you can also farm on the simplest difficulty level. It just has to inherit the skills Confuse Boost Pulinpa. Level the new persona through Gallows Fusion using the highest level of Gem Persona as a "food". Attention, you can use this method only one per person. You can bypass it, if you register the persona, remove it and call again.

After that you use Gallows Fusion again. Wait until you have three Memento Requests (Note: Not every Memento Boss can be confused). Set the difficulty to Easy and equips an SP regenerating accessory. Now you are removing everyone except the protagonist from your party. Find the Memento Boss and confused him. Then defend yourselves until you have to confuse again. The boss throws money or items (or nothing at all) after you. You should not suffer much damage. The following video describes the method in Persona 5.

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In Overwatch, the cosmetic items are not that important to the player but for the personal satisfaction and the style factor, they are essential. That is why most players use events like Uprising to grab as many special Loot boxes as possible. But how many Loot boxes would you need if you really want to have every cosmetic item in the game?

The user MyNameisMunka wrote a post on Reddit and made the calculations to find out how many loot boxes are needed on average to get all the items. The calculation assumes that the player has so far absolutely no item enabled and excludes promotion skins, as for example from the "Origin" version. Also included are possible duplicates that give the player enough credits to buy missing items.

The result is as follows:

- You need 1300-1600 Loot boxes (on average 1465) Loot boxes to get all current items (all Normal And those out revolt)

- You need 1100-1400 Loot boxes (on average 1250) to get all normal items (without Events).

- You need 1550-1900 Loot boxes (on average 1725) to get all the items including all the events, assuming that Blizzard offers the items annually to a triple credits price.

1465 Loot boxes will cost you approximately $ 1170

A comment on the margin: The calculation does not include the acquisition of player icons. Also, Blizzard does not have an exact probability of the distributions within the boxes, which is why the initial values refer to the experiences of the players.

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In Dawn of War 3, the primitive and brutal orcs live in a society in which mainly physical size and strength count. They also compete with each other to determine who owns the biggest weapon or the fastest vehicle. Their equipment is based on fast scrambled scrap, which actually works only through its deep faith in the Waaagh. Nevertheless, some of the green skins even have magic that they use brutally against their enemies.

There should be some well-known classes in your Ork army. However, even new ones are added and the scrap on the battlefield gets an enormous importance for your strategy. Your units can search for a shotgun to quickly and spontaneously upgrade the orcs' weapons.

- Gretchin: The small Gretchin are your tried-and-tested unit and can directly assemble vehicles and buildings from scrap.

- Boyz: Good standard infantry for melee. The young can build better armor by scrap and motivate their allies by war cry.

- Deffgun Loota: Range unit, which can cause damage in a line. Collect scrap, slow down enemies by bombarding them.

- Shoota Boyz: The normal ranged infantry of the orcs. They can use garbage to make shells.

- Tankbusta: As the name suggests, this is an anti-tank unit with thick rocket launchers. By scrap they can create a squig kamikaze, which explodes with the enemies.

- Nob: Very large Orcs for melee, which can mock enemies to pull the fire on them. In addition, they can slow down enemies by storm attacks and build themselves by scraping axes, which also slow down.

- If the brutal storms are not in the sense of the orcs, they swing on their clattering and deadly machines to the Waaagh!. These are the vehicles of the Orks in Dawn of War 3:

- Trukk: A transporter with which you can catapult a group of Orks directly into the battle by slinging enemies to paralyze enemies. Use the Trukk to replace fallen units. He is weakly armored, but by scrap you can get a shield.

- Big Trukk: Not a squad carrier, but a gigantic long-range artillery. This must first be set up before the bombardment and can be placed at a distance by means of scrap metal mines.

- Deffkopta: Fast flight unit, which always threatens to crash and can get a saw blade by scrap which is very effective against infantry.

- Killa Kan: A classic of the orc army. With this heavy mech, you can rock missiles and scrap them for a short time to increase the number of them.

- Deff Dread: A melee mech that can be used to slow down hostile troops and cause damage to its debris even after its death. By scrap it receives a temporary shield, which additionally increases its speed.

Orcs Tactics

Many orcs units can slow down their opponents and you should use them as well. Unlock your melee from the enemies, and then split them apart. After each fight (if one of the Greens still stands) you should look for scrap. All your units benefit from this, and you can even get rid of your back through towers. Look at these points with the orcs:

- Scrap metal: It cannot be said often enough. Use scrap, because it makes your units better, you can build towers or even completely new machines from the ground.

- Slow down opponents: A lot of abilities of the orcs can limit your enemies. Use this, because they can get your distance fighters heavier or they cannot run away from your boys.

- Fleeing opponents: By slowing down, you can easily follow fleeing opponents. This will allow you to inflict the damage to the enemy army.

- Buffs: The orcs can spur each other up. Through their elite units or individual abilities of the troops you receive bonuses, which can make the difference in a fight.

The orcs are very suitable for fast storm attacks. You must take losses as some orcs fall before they reach their enemies, but they don’t send blindly into battle. Your melee is tremendously strong and therefore you can combine this with the artillery.

The Elite Units of The Orcs

With the elite units in Dawn of War 3, you have a choice of five special troops, which can be both heroes and small special squads. In addition to their unique abilities, these possess special doctrines that can have global effects or improve individual units. After each game, elite units can gain experience and rise to the level. This will give you additional doctrines, skulls, or modifications. You can get these rewards:

- Level 1: First elite doctrine
- Level 2: skull
- Level 3: Alternative elite doctrine
- Level 4: Skull
- Level 5: Avatar portrait of the elite unit
- Level 6: Color package for yours Army Painter
- Level 7: skull
- Level 8: You can also use the alternative elite doctrine as an army doctrine.
- Level 9: Master of the war skin for the elite unit
- Level 10: Heroic mark for the elite unit

We show you what skills and doctrines possess the elite units of the orcs.

Weirdboy Zapnoggin (3 Elite-Points)

A real alternative to the numerous fags of the orcs. Zapnoggin is a psyker, who can create an early advantage in the game through powerful spells.

The abilities of Weirdboy Zapnoggin

- Ere We Go (active): A teleport spell that takes Zapnoggin to a destination, while causing damage to enemies over time. While the spell is channeled, the damage occurs in a circular area, and the hero is teleported to that location with his allies.

- Scrap Blast (active): It's about scrap again. By this ability, scrap shards are shot in a cone on your enemies and allies get a shield. The more cargoes of junk Zapnoggin, the higher the range.

- Fist of Gork (active): Use a cargo scrap to hurl a large chunk on your enemies, who are harmed and paralyzed.

- Scrap Shield (passive): Your collected scrap becomes a shield that orbits the heroes and regenerates faster near speed stations and increases the speed of movement.

The Doctrines of Weirdboy Zepnoggin

- Level 1: Elite Doctrine Zapnoggin’s Presence - Tower Recall: If Zapnoggin is on the field, Lootas can teleport to the next Waaagh Tower.

- Level 3: Alternative Elite Doctrine Zapnoggin’s Command - Bigga Scrap Shield: Your killabot units can create a shield of scrap pieces that can absorb shots.

- Level 8: Army Doctrine Zapnoggin’s Command - Bigga Scrap Shield: You now receive the doctrine without the elite unit as an army doctrine.

Warboss Gorgutz (4 Elite Points)

This elite unit accompanies you at the beginning by the singleplayer and is partly untypical for the orcs. Gorgutz is strong, big, brutal, evil, green, and violent, which is very praiseworthy, but he is also very clever. However, don’t let this disturb you, and bring you into battle with him!

The Abilities of Warboss Gorgutz

- Loot (active): You can upgrade Gorgutz with scrap for a short time. This can improve its ability Spinnin’ Klaw at end fireworks, which heals units and increases their damage and speed.

- Spinnin’ Klaw (active): Gorgutz hurls his metal claw around him and creates a swirl. This protects your troops from incoming missiles and deals damage to enemy units. In addition, enemies are slowed down and Gorgutz cannot attack as long as the ability is active.

- Grapplin’ Klaw (active): You throw the claw of Gorgutz to a destination, which can catapult the elite unit to the first, hit enemy. As soon as Gorgutz comes up, he forces surrounding enemies to attack him and inflicts damage to them.

- Critical Strike (passive): Through every sixth close-range attack, Gorgutz deals damage to all enemies in a line.

- Dirty Fightin’ (passive): Close-range attacks create area damage and reduce enemy damage.

The Doctrines of Warboss Gorgutz

- Level 1: Elite Doctrine Gorgutz’ Presence – Healin’ Waaagh!: As long as Gorgutz is on the field, Waaagh towers can add healing through their WAAAAAAGH !!!!!!! ability.

- Level 3: Alternative Elite Doctrine Gorgutz’ Command – Keep Trukk’n: When units are thrown from a Trukk, they receive a temporary shield and slow their opponents.

- Level 8: Army Doctrine Gorgutz’ Command – Keep Trukk’n: You now receive the doctrine without the elite unit as an army doctrine.

Big Mek Wazmakka (4 Elite-Points)

The Big Mek Wazmakka is more a supporter than a one-man army. Nevertheless, he can very well hold territory and get a lot out of the boyz. He creates scrap for his allies and can also use it against enemies.

The Abilities of Big Mek Wazmakka

- Orbital Scrap (active): You have a cargo scrap from the orbit to the battlefield. This produces damage and has three charges.

- Loot (active): You create a load for Orbital Scrap By scraping around.

- Scrap Turrets (active): Wazmakka creates from the nearest five shotpins protected towers, which bombard his enemies with scrap metal. These are destroyed when the ability ends.

- Traktor Beam (active): You create a beam that damages enemies and provides shields to allies. Both groups are slowed down.

The Doctrines of Big Mek Wazmakka

- Level 1: Elite-Doctrine Wazmakka’s Presence – Scrap Turrets: As long as Wazmakka is on the field, the wrecks of destroyed, allied vehicles are transformed into a scrap-tower.

- Level 3: Alternative Elite-Doctrine Wazmakka’s Command – Scrap Sight: The map can be uncovered briefly by destroyed vehicles. You get visibility around the wrecks.

- Level 8: Army Doctrine Wazmakka’s Command – Scrap Sight: You now receive the doctrine without the elite unit as an army doctrine.

Mad Dread (7 Elite Points)

A very robust mech for melee, with which you can start surprise surgeries, as it can attack through tunnels.

The abilities of Mad Dread

- Tunnel (active): Your Mad Dread digs a tunnel to a destination and hurls back enemies. In addition, damage is caused and Mad Dread can move through enemies at short notice. Your other units can also use the tunnel.

- Rampage (passive): If the life points of Mad Dread sink to zero, he falls into rage and receives a shield. If he spends enough damage during this time, he is healed, but Mad Dread is defeated when the shield breaks.

- Cleave (passive): Mad Dread meets all the enemies in a cone.

- Critical Strike (passive): With every sixth hit Mad Dread damages all opponents around him.

- Loot (passive): If Mad Dread runs over scrap, he will be healed. This effect is disabled as long as Rampage is active.

The Doctrines of Mad Dread

- Level 1: Elite-Doctrine Mad Dread’s Presence – Even Long WAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!: Of the WAAAAAAGH!!!!!! Buff the Waaagh-Towers holds longer when Mad Dread is on the field.

- Level 3: Alternative Elite Doctrine Mad Dread’s Command - Hit ‘n Run: Have Killa Kans A full charge rockets, they get a shield. If their missiles are fired, they receive a speed bonus.

- Level 8: Army Doctrine Mad Dread’s Command - Hit ‘n Run: You now receive the doctrine without the elite unit as an army doctrine.

Beauty De Morkanaut (9 Elite Points)

The most powerful weapon in the army of the Orcs is Beauty da Morkanaut. This mechanical giant has already been found in earlier installments of Dawn of War. With it you can protect your troops from damage and he will plug in a lot, before he goes to the knees after a million bullets, rockets and shells.

The Abilities of Beauty da Morkanaut

- Rokkit Fist (active): Beauty hurls his fist at a destination and damages and paralyzes his enemies. Then you can return the fist and throw back all enemies on their way.

- Kustom Force Field (active): You create an energy shield, which can be used to ward off your enemy's attack and damage surrounding enemies. If the ability is activated again, you can activate Mega Blast. This makes Beauty's shots on his main shield, but they create a new one on impact.

- Loot (active): You collect scrap to get a load for Gretchin Repair Squad to create.

- Gretchin Repair Squad (active): This ability has four charges and calls a small group of grots to repair beauty or other commands.

- Reinforcement Point (passive): In the vicinity of Beauty, fallen squad members can be replaced by allies.

The Doctrines of Beauty da Morkanaut

- Level 1: Elite-Doctrine Beauty’s Presence - Betta Repair: If the Morkanaut is on the battlefield, Grots units can repair faster and the units suffer at this time less damage.

- Level 3: Alternative Elite Doctrine Beauty’s Command – Kustom Force Fields: Waaagh towers can create a shield with which projectiles are stopped as long as the WAAAAAAGH !!!!!! ability is charged.

- Level 8: Army Doctrine Beauty’s Command - Kustom Force Fields: You now receive the doctrine without the elite unit as an army doctrine.

The orcs are much more tactical than one might expect from a large green bunch of bats and they have much protection and support.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is currently in the early access phase and therefore contains various problems and crashes. This also affects the performance, which can cost you life in crucial game moments. So, in this guide we give you some useful tips on how to improve the performance and increase the FPS with the right graphics settings.

Increase FPS and Improve Performance

The game is still under development, so there are some tweaks that improve not only graphics and sound but also optimize performance and handling. For example, you can increase the FPS by lowering the graphics settings for shadows and textures. The other options have a far less impact on the FPS.

Even with the resolution you can save hardware performance. If you set a value of less than 100 with ScreenScale, a lower resolution is set and scaled up to your monitor resolution. A value around the 90 is a good compromise if you want to increase the performance. Below we will give you some help with certain settings and how you can optimize them.

- Anti Aliasing: The performance degradation between the low and the ultra is not too much, but you should avoid the option, especially on weaker graphics cards such as the GTX 660 or HD 7850, and turn off edge smoothing completely since it would cost too much power.

- Post Processing: If it allows your hardware, you should set this setting to Ultra. Although this will cost you a little bit of performance, the image will not look so smooth, and you'll be able to tackle enemies at distances much better in the grass as they appear darker.

- Shadow: High shadow settings reduce the image rates noticeably. It is best to use very low or medium so that your opponent can see clearly. At high settings, the game appears a bit darker, making the detection of enemies even more difficult.

- Textures: Textures also cost a lot of performance and between high and ultra, the optical differences are hardly discernible. However, you gain about 10 FPS more than on Ultra, so we recommend you this setting. On weaker hardware, you shouldn’t do any adjustment with the setup means.

Advanced Tuning Options

You should always set the quality of effects to low. This has a positive effect on explosion and fire-fire effects. At high settings, Framerate drops can occur here, for example, if someone throws a grenade or smoke grenade onto you. Note the following settings.

- Foliage: Here you should select the Very Low setting, since grass and bushes are less represented in the environment and enemies are easier to spot. However, this advantage has been somewhat mitigated with the recently implemented update and only distant trees are still blown out. In order to improve the performance, you should still set the setting low.

- Visibility (View Distance): This is also a low setting. Since this is quite enough to see even distant opponents just as well as on higher settings.

- Motion Blur: We recommend that you disable this option.

Optimize Startup Options in Steam

You can set start parameters in Steam and increase the performance of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds considerably. Depending on the hardware, the results can vary and you should try different settings here, until you have found the best for you. You set the start parameters by selecting the game with a right-click in the library, and then clicking Properties - Set startup options. Here you can enter various commands into the line.

- sm4: Ensures that Model Shader Model 4 is used instead of Shader Model 5. This gives you a lot of FPS, but the game looks quite old.
- malloc=System: The game is forced to use the Windows Allocator.
- USEALLAVAILABLECORES: All available data cores are used for the game.
- maxMem=Number X: A numerical value can be entered here to determine the working memory frame exactly.
- refresh 100: Replaces the value 100 with the maximum refresh rate of your monitor.

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