Bloodborne: Locations of Weapons, Armor, Gestures and Key items

(Trick) Weapons Locations

Bloodborne is not as generous with its arms as Dark Souls 1 and 2, a total repertoire of blades; Spanking, Whips, axes and sickles have shrunk significantly in comparison to the predecessors. As a result, the value of a newly discovered fight is rising significantly and the receipt of a new weapon for its own armory is not equal to a weightier event. We have the following summarized all the weapons of the game and their respective localities for you, so you will also find the weapon that most closely matches your style of play.

Dream Hunter - Saw Cleaver
The Saw Cleaver is the weapon that carries the hunter on the front cover of bloodborne and one of three starting weapons that you can select on first visit to the dream of the hunter. The hatchet can be in a longer version, similar to a scythe show, can be accomplished with the attacks on significantly higher distances.

Dream Hunter - Hunter's ax
The Hunter's ax splits right out strong, but soars to that only relatively slowly. In its secondary form, it is converted into a two-handed battle ax, which makes an impressive range possible. It is one of three starting weapons that can be selected at the beginning of the game in a dream of the hunter.

Dream Hunter - Curved Collection
The winding pole can be transformed despite its modest exterior in a deadly whip that lends itself perfectly for crowd control over greater distances. You can select as a starting weapon it in your first visit to the dream of the hunter.

Dream Hunter - Kirkhammer
The Church hammer can be bought from the bathroom messenger once you have finished off the cleric-beast for 3000 blood echoes. In normal mode, a sword, this weapon can morph into a giant hammer, with which normal enemies stun without major problems and can shatter. As a downside, this form of course brings a significantly reduced attack speed with it.

Center of Yharnam - Saw Spear
The Saw Spear you find on your way to the sewers of Yharnam. In the great cathedral, behind the kennels, leads a somewhat remote window to the right of the landing on a wooden frame on which the left hand can start cutting a corpse of a rope. Jumps now two levels down and take the weapon very similar plays for Saw Cleaver from straying from rats.
Locations firearms

Dream Hunter - Hunter Gun
The hunter gun can be selected as a starter kit for your secondary weapon slot as soon as you enter the dream of the hunter for the first time. She counters the effect of small area with a high damage.

Dream Hunter - Hunter Blunderbuss
This Blunderbuss shotgun is designed primarily for interrupting and countering enemy attack maneuvers and shares of comparatively little damage, but has it also has a high impact area. You can select one of two starting firearms in the dream of the hunter.

Dream Hunter - Repeating Pistol
The repeating pistol can be just like the church Hammer in bathroom messengers buy as soon as you have struck the cleric-beast. It represents a formidable firearm so early in the game is, but with two fires bullets per shot, so it has a very high ammunition requirement.

Armor Locations

Heavy iron armor you will not be able to find in Blood Borne, nevertheless can be but again many different uniforms and armor sets found in the vast game world, which mainly serve alongside negligible cosmetic changes to boost your defense skills. Below you will find all Cloth / Armor sets and their respective locations.

Starting the game - Stranger Set
Have you successfully completed your contract after the start of the game and created a character, you will not wake completely naked on a stretcher in Iosefkas clinic, but already have a thin gear, which can, however, not to grant significant protection against the dangers of Yharnam.

Dream Hunter - Yharnam Hunter Set
The Bad Messenger in the dream of the hunter has from your first encounter the Yharnam Hunter set can in his bid that arise for a total of 2500 souls, and therefore provides a good starting equipment.

Center of Yharnam - Hunter Set
Do you follow the optional path into the drains, which can be achieved by ye turn to the central bridge of Yharnam right and on the following plateau smashed a bit rubbish, you come into a rat-infested channel, at the end of her unfortunate one hunter could remove his hunters set. It is similar to Yharnam Hunter Set confusingly, but sacrifices defense in terms of elemental damage against better defenses blood.

Gestures Locations

In addition to the well-known Monster Hunter series is also the Souls games are characterized by a helpful little gesture system that communicate without, however, replace with other players facilitates a sophisticated chat. Who much comes around in Yharnam, who have the suitable solution for any situation, it may therefore be worthwhile to keep open eyes. We show you what a gesture causes.

Standard - Show Forward
With this gesture is players can easily to a certain point in the game world or can make a direction carefully. You may be able to run from the beginning.

Standard - Hunters Welcome
A brief nod to receive a human helper or opponent is simply part that tells the unwritten code of honor in the online game, and is therefore executed from the beginning.

Standard - Sitting Down
With this gesture is your character can sit down, if you will you take a little breather. You remain seated until you move again.

Standard - Hunters Inspiration
The joy of it is something quite essential and with this standard gesture it can be most easily share with other players.

Standard - Joy
Even with this gesture can express joy over a great triumph, but the whole thing is still a little sweeping and impressive.

Standard - Conviction
Also, this gesture can be used from the beginning. It is used to seal a resolve, such as before a boss battle or the like.

Standard - Wave
The adoption of a useful goal the standard gesture Wave is here. What causes it is probably pretty straightforward.

Center of Yharnam - Get Rid Cape
On your way into the sewers of Yharnam from entering the interior of a gloomy cathedral, where you can let you fall through a hidden window to the right of the stairs leading to the interior of the building, on a scaffold. Proceeds from there through the right passage to a secluded wing, where the Slayer Eileen teaches you the cool gesture.

Keys Locations

No Souls title without branched paths apparent dead ends and useful shortcuts. Bloodborne although not strictly speaking Souls game more, holds in its architecture and design, but on tried and tested in accordance have also found its way back into the game countless key, just waiting to open yourselves useful new passages and hidden treasures. We have summarized the location of all keys and associated locks for you.

Dream Hunter - Hunter leader Medallion
This medallion can you buy the bath messenger in a dream of the hunter for a hefty 10,000 blood echoes once you have killed the cleric-beast. He opens the door to the round square before the cathedral.

Center of Yharnam - Oedon Tomb Key
Once you have the second boss of the game, Father Gascoigne, defeated in a duel, you will receive along with some souls the grave Oedon-key as a reward. It can be used to unlock the wide gate behind the boss area, which leads to the Cathedral Quarter.

To be continued ...

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With Pillars of Eternity (PC) Obsidian Entertainment brings not only the charm of Infinity Games back to the screen but also the level of difficulty. In order to make your trip to Eora successful as possible, we offer you a complete solution, as well as tips and tricks for character creation.

Character Creation

Before you start the game, you have to create you a character. Since Pillars of Eternity is based on an oriented Tabletops control system, there are plenty of taking into account values and attitudes that will later affect your game. Even the choice of gender has an influence on some dialog options. But more important are race, sub-race and class - they affect the attributes and abilities of your character is strongest. You can choose from six races that split into a number of sub-races. The choice of race influences the attributes of the character, which in turn sub-race brings exclusive special abilities with it. The blue-skinned Amaua for example, have a good physique and therefore get a +2 bonus on the attribute of power. Your sub-race breakdown is in coastal Amaua (better defense against "Down Beat" and "Numb") and island Amaua (receive an additional weapon set at game start). Godlike get a +1 bonus to agility and intelligence - to their sub-races include death god like, fire-godlike, Moon godlike and nature godlike, bring all the different special abilities with it. A fire-god Similarly, for example, cause a fire shell around his body, which increases the damage reduction and enemies in close combat inflicts damage. A nature-god Similar receives a bonus to power, constitution and dexterity when his stamina drops below 50 percent.

When did you decide for a race and subrace and set the body type (the latter only has optical value), the choice of the class is on. The class has no influence on attributes but certainly the majority of your character's abilities, as well as the values in stamina, health, accuracy and defense. Each class has its advantages and supplemented with certain breeds. The Barbarian has a very high attack, stamina and health value and, therefore, could be to combine it with the strong Aumaua. The intelligent God-Style suitable for the wizard class. People are the most balanced race and are suitable for virtually all classes. An overview of all classes and their benefits can be found in the table below.

Pillars of Eternity - All categories at a glance

Class Endurance Health Accuracy Defense Skills Magic
Barbarian 48 + 16 / level (very high) 6 * Stamina (very high) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 15 (low) Athletics +2, +1 survival No
Medium 30 + 10 / level (very low)  4 * Endurance (low) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 20 (high) Stealth +1, +1 knowledge, mechanics +1 No
Fighter 42 + 14 / level (high) 5 * Stamina (high) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high) 25 (very high) Athletics +1, +1 knowledge, survival +1 No
Paladin 42 + 14 / level (high)  5 * Stamina (high) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 25 (very high) Athletics +2, +1 knowledge No
Ranger 36 + 12 / level (low) 5 * Stamina (high) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high) 20 (high) Stealth +1, +2 survival No
Singer 36 + 12 / level (low) 4 * Endurance (low) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 25 (very high) Knowledge +2, +1 mechanics No
Druid' 36 + 12 / level (low) 4 * Endurance (low) 20 + 3 / Stage (very low) 20 (high) Knowledge +1, +2 survival Yes
Monk 42 + 14 / level (high) 6 * Stamina (very high) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high)  25 (very high) Stealth +1, Athletics +1, +1 survival No
Priest 36 + 12 / level (low) 3 * Stamina (very low) 20 + 3 / Stage (very low) 15 (low) Athletics +1, +2 knowledge Yes
Villain 36 + 12 / level (low) 4 * Endurance (low) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high) 15 (low) Stealth +1, +2 mechanics No
Magician 30 + 10 / level (very low) 3 * Stamina (very low) 20 + 3 / Stage (very low) 10 (very low) Knowledge +2, +1 mechanics Yes

In Character Editor choice of class-specific features now follow in some classes (for example, the selection of the druid animal companion or the selection of the Order of Paladins and Priests). Then you choose the skills / spell your character and determine its attributes. At first there are the six attributes of power, determination, dexterity, constitution, intelligence or perception at a value of 10, plus racial and cultural-related bonuses. However, you can reduce the attributes to the minimum value of 3 (excluding bonuses) and then distribute all 57 points according to your desire. The maximum value of each attribute is 18, can be increased by the bonuses on race and culture, however. When selecting the culture of your character Seven options are available, each bringing an additional attribute point and cover all attributes. The background gives your character then more points in his abilities - the colonist, for example, receives two additional points on survival, the mercenary bonuses athleticism and knowledge. Then when you're done with choosing the color of skin, hair and clothes, the face of the character set, styled him and have given a voice and a portrait, you can even get started.

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At a certain point in almost any genre that boasts, is quite difficult to appreciate hallmark that differ or help to differentiate each other games. Market trends and players claiming a number of options and features, and therefore what once could be a heterogeneous and diverse niche market might turn into a wasteland with dozens of game clones that ultimately saturate business. It has happened with games of crafting and survival-above all those arriving enter zombies - and seems, than the puzzle going the same way.

So when we find new groundbreaking trends that seem to shake well established rules and settled genres, we believe we are in luck. Titles like Puzzle & Dragons and Puzzle Quest, inaugurated and revitalized a genre like the puzzle that seemed stalled in some platforms curiously, iOS and Android seems to live a new golden age thanks to the tactile interfaces and a more likely developers to risk and experiment. Ironcast continues along the path of the two titles mentioned above, mechanical and ideas homegrown adding, but unfortunately not quite jell strict.

Wicks, petticoats, vapors and nodes

If something does well in Ironcast, it acclimates to the player. No fireworks, no spectacular computer video sequences, or by the game-engine itself, tells Ironcast generated by a successful texts and illustration, the beginning of a fictional war between France and England set during the reign of Queen Victoria in the late nineteenth century. Having discovered a new source of energy, technology in the Western world is turned upside down completely, developing new forms of transportation and communication, with inventions like the wireless telegraph - and sparking an arms race between the two European powers.

Arms race in which Ironcast, huge monsters iron, brass and steam, stand out above all. These giant bipedal tanks alter the rules of the conflict, as both sides begin to have their own versions, alterations and squadrons manufactured by an evil company that seems to stay in the shade. The French, English proficiency also fed these boundaries, decide to invade London with an unprecedented offensive, and this is where we come in. It's a shame Ironcast no better use its interesting history, something that seems the norm in a game that seems not to break or excel in any aspect-although it is constantly striving to show ongoing dialogues between characters, fictional events and battles. Although not enjoy a greater role in the development of the game, much to help motivate and encourage us to move forward in a title that we advance, is not particularly funny after a few hours

So, as you can imagine, in Ironcast be driving a huge robot into enemy territory during the French invasion of the capital of the UK. We take special care to foreign invasion, as a last line of defense, and annihilating many machines and effective we find ahead. To do Ripstone - developer - instead of offering a mechanical action in the third or first person or opt for the defense towers as Iron Brigade-title with which it shares, speaking, several elements-Ironcast invites us to handle the vicissitudes of the game with own puzzle games and role characteristics.

In Ironcast have to go linking and combining pieces, or nodes, according to game-slang for various options of attack, stroke, maintenance or defense. Although it may seem that we're talking about a classic match-3- the one in which we must look similar colors and patterns in order to eliminate parts and trigger effects, Ironcast goes further and offers a complex terrain riddled with strategies , energy bars, coolant and ammunition. Fighting in Ironcast with said screen full of parts, and are divided by turns. Their difficulty is in choosing the player-we can choose between several missions and campaigns, but in the end, almost all the battles unfold in a similar manner. Accompanied by our robot animations and adversary, we must linking the nodes above provisions and colors to guarantee us specific amounts of ammunition (purple), energy (orange), coolant (blue) and repair (green).

That is, if we shoot first we have to build a number of dwelling units, whereas if we repair our damaged by the enemy or wear systems, we pay attention to green. In Ironcast also have to maintain a no less important because of two factors eye color as discussed above: blue and orange. Both the coolant and energy, will be key to almost all actions and if they are not in the logical and acceptable levels for our wick, are we penalized grabbing points of life and making us fail and err on the movements we undertake.

It is quite important to know that we have a very limited number of turns, so that our strategy can move from defensive to offensive depending on the pieces we have or the amounts that rend the start of the game and specific number. Despite the limitation of shifts since resources are scarce, which repeat, vary depending on our expertise as experts in games puzzles-, Ironcast does allow us to shoot and activate certain passive improvements, which provide us fighting without too steep to walk or our health statistics, which if it reaches zero, it means the death.

Our wick can attack the enemy in general, but also do so in detail, increasing in several whole complexity of exchanges of missiles to which we will be condemned again and again. As pilots, we can attack their systems shield, weapons or motion-avoiding mechanisms that may, for example, be more likely to evade attacks while riding or run. This adds a key to the fight against certain bosses, who used routes and special attacks in which we need to pay special attention strategic facet.

With every battle in which we rise victorious, we get a number of experience points, maps and plans, parts and bullion. These parameters serve us well to level in general, as a way of role- to unlock new characters, parts and elements that personalize our Ironcast, adding new weapons or features. Ironcast we posed as a curious drinking game system both classic puzzles, as the title role and strategy.

In principle, every fight should be a unique and different challenge, but beyond varying difficulty, the fact is that develop in a similar way, inviting us to accumulate quantities of the same parts in the first innings and repair, for they are the most useful at the beginning, while reserve ammo and energy for later. Yes, there are some special nodes -of overload, link- that can turn the tables at the first hurdle, but are rare bird that do not alter too much happening of a somewhat repetitive mechanical, too framed by luck and randomness.

What then keeps Ironcast our attention? Not too. Within hours of game we felt that we remain tied to a number of scenarios and combinations of very specific gems, which said sense of repetition appears constantly. The player and his decision to change wick, or add different parts, which give some variety to the monotonous Ironcast development.

Another aspect that seems to have some personality to finish not break in any paragraph- is the design and audiovisual section. Ironcast features giant robots, characters Victorian and steampunk multiple influences on its menus and interfaces, but all exudes a certain sense of that subtracts more integers to the set. It excels in any aspect, something that also applies to the sound that beyond some isolated melody does not offer anything new. Ironcast has Castilian translation.


Ironcast is a title that is presented in principle as groundbreaking, different and original, partly for its successful setting and plot - pretext. During its first few games, Ironcast is revealed as a complex and rich shade of mechanical views titles puzzles and strategy most modern and classic, but it all just fading and rusting at the first hurdle. Ironcast game ends up being repetitive, too bland, and inconsistent with its own tactical principles. All ideas and good feelings aroused at the beginning and play, prove to be somewhat ephemeral, evaporating effluvia which expelled by machines that take part.

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Pillars of Eternity is a role-playing video game of the old school. The bird's-eye view your character moved by mouse click over the picturesque landscape. On what should pay attention, when you new to the world of old-school role-playing games are, you can find out here!

{This guide is a work in progress ...}


You should talk to every NPC, which you can find! How can you have a dialogue or someone you met in the world of Pillars Of Eternity depends, among others of your race, your culture, as well as your skills!

Do you have a few points plugged in, for example, determination, it may be that you will remain blocked one or the other option dialog. The positive thing is that you still see in the selection of your statement which options through which you can choose not fact.

Your skills: knowledge, survival, mechanics and athleticism off, in addition to its other benefits, including dialogue options free!

Just as your attributes: power, perception, intelligence and determination


Of course, you are not only traveling alone. But on the contrary! You can record up to 5 other characters in your group! Many of your party members can be found throughout the main and also side missions.

If you see one or the other character or simply can not find any further more, so the restaurant is a good option to recruit more members for your group. This may even be created free! Of sex, about the breed, to the classes and attributes! In vain they are not!


If one of your characters will lose its endurance, he achieve the status cripple in the first two levels of difficulty.

On fortuitous difficulty of immediate and everlasting death applies. This means that of respective character neither cured nor can be revived. To counteract this, playing on an easier difficulty and / or store frequently with the Quick Save button (F5).

(Also, this option can be adjusted in the settings)

The Call

It is possible to develop a reputation. Depending on how you move with one or the other person how your actions affect a village or a city and as you are friendly to the people, it changed the game. Some people who otherwise would be glad to meet you, towards you then might not be as friendly or even attack you. So always consider the results before you make a decision!


Out of tracking your party members you also have the possibility to meet potential companions. These companions are nothing more as a mascot. They will help you not to fight, yet you can interact with them. Nevertheless, they are a nice gimmick!

Camping Equipment

If your characters are exhausted, ie. endurance is minimal, you should rest. Only if you can engage your whole life that you have lost, resist produce. Of course, one or the other potion can improve your situation. Nevertheless, to the notch probably cheapest and best way to completely cure all your group members!

To be able to rest their needs Camping supplies, which can buy in boxes and objects, but also in restaurants, forging or other retail stores sometimes.

The Fight

If your character / s are immediately before a fight, the game is paused automatically so that you can prepare tactically. Click on the respective portrait (or your character) and then click the target to be attacked. In addition, you have access to your abilities! Use the spacebar to run or pause again. Also, (see the bottom of the screen) with the arrow to the left allow to continue the game faster or slow (which is not possible during the battle).

- See that your heavily armored characters always pull out all the enemies, that your ranger or mage have enough distance and time to fire their arrows and be able to work magic.

- Use the situation to your favor! In narrow enemy melee can compete only after the series against yours. If you have enough ranged in your group, this can mean a great advantage!

- Get rid of, if possible, the first magician and rangers in the enemy ranks. They often provide for the protection of its people and could turn a fight quickly won believed in their favor!

Important Tips

- Default button "Tab" that can shine objects or even passages. This is very useful, especially in the mass of objects, etc., because you could miss much else.

- Many missions in which people initially appear morally could have committed terrible at all in reality. Don’t necessary to do proofs, so you some dialogs (and truths) remain so hidden!


More than once, you will face a challenge in scripted dialogue form. This can occur when entering or leaving an area with a climbing attempt or in other ventures. In this case, you have to read a text and render a subsequent decision. In most situations you need for a certain level of athleticism, Survival, mechanics, knowledge, or secrecy in order to meet these challenges positively. The failure of one, this can result in otherwise that you lose endurance, is injured or has to repeat the challenge with higher values.

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This section of our complete guide to Bloodborne will show you how to get the 3 Final Ending of the game.

As expected, Bloodborne is also a game full of secrets, subplots, additional bosses, special items and final ending. For now, there are three final endings are available, we say they are two of the main and the alternative one. However, to achieve these final endings, you will have to work hard , especially as regards the third. With this guide, you can achieve them all 3 from the first gameplay without inadvertently fall in the New Game +.



- PS4 (Obvious)
- BLOODBORNE (If not, what are we talking about?)
- Saving Bloodborne (Maybe you are masochists and play without saving!)
- A Device (USB Connect your console)

First you will need to secure the automatic saving of the game your savegame. To do so, quit Bloodborne and make sure you close the application of game: PS button from the game, OPTION key icon Bloodborne open, shaken on CLOSE APPLICATION.

Now go in the settings of PS4 and from there choose the option DATA MANAGEMENT APPLICATION SAVED. Continue by selecting the item DATA SAVED IN MEMORY STORAGE SYSTEM. Finally select COPY IN STORAGE DEVICE USB. The system will show you all the bailouts of the various games that you have played, look Bloodborne and select it with X. In the screen that will open, put the check on saving and choose COPY from the item below. The system will make a copy of your rescue, and so you will have finally put safe from accidental be overwritten.

Now you can try to do everything! Even slay annoying inhabitantsof Yharnam you have painstakingly helped while they were addressed to you with names that may damage the honor of your mother comparing it to a wise expert in special clubs "combat." I refer especially to some old will encounter during the adventure with which I finally had the pleasure to talk and ask it to swallow my ax!

Point of No Return: When you put your data safe!

Read quietly without fear of spoilers, the best time to secure your data is immediately after you delete the Boss / Preda THE MERCY OF MERGO. Returning to the DREAM HUNTER will notice a slightly "different." YOU MUST NOT CROSS THE GATE, if you remember, at the entrance of the Dream Hunter is a gate that was closed for the whole adventure. After defeating the Nurse, you will find it open. If you want to continue to enjoy the adventure without falling in the New Game + Do not exceed THAT GATE, or rather, past this until you copy your saved so you can re-enter when you want to start over and just before the point of no return.


Munster mentioned above you will find a character that will offer you a choice: The first option will unlock a final, the second another. The first choice shows a beautiful movie. The second will lead to a clash with attached, in case of victory, another movie other than that of the first choice. We RECOMMEND to see you before the final movie and then enter the save stashed above to proceed to the final confrontation. The beauty of Bloodborne is the immensity of the title, do not stop at the end, consider the adventure ended only after exploring every secret lair of Yharnam.


This is the final more complicated to achieve because it requires certain requirements to be completed.

You will need a particular object, without reveal too much, concerns a UMBILICAL CORD. This object is divided into several pieces, but just collect 3 to unlock the final:

- Get it from the son of ARIANNA. After talking to two times with the wacky monster dressed in Red CATHEDRAL WARD discover that the Cathedral is a safe place for survivors of Yharnam. Found the NPC ARIANNA tell her to "take refuge in the cathedral." After defeating THE MERCY OF MERGO, come back to find Arianna in the Cathedral. She will bear a son, that you will need to kill to get the object.

- Join the OLD ABANDONED FACTORY. A place where I can not tell you much to not spoil the plot. Can be achieved in the later stages of the game from the Cathedral (lantern CATHEDRAL WARD). Go down the stairs immediately in front of you in the door turn right, which has always been closed. Continue until you come to a large tower. Revenue inside to find many wooden bridges crossing the structure from one side. Go down until you find a door. Exceeds it and go in the only building in the area.

- Defeat the Boss / Preda THE MERCY OF MERGO.

- Kill the sick woman in the secret of CLINIC IOSEFKA. To reach it you will have to find the secret passage in the WOODS PROHIBITED, located behind a house with the red light. If you look hard enough you will find the entrance to a cave that leads to the Clinic. The sick woman suffering from a strange sickness, you'll find it in one of the rooms of the clinic. Let him pass every pain to get the item you need.

Remember that it only takes 3, and choose the ones that will be easier to achieve and beware quests ... some choices preclude other!

Now go back to the "gate of no return" and use the 3 CORDS before crossing the threshold. You also get a significant amount of POINTS INTUITION. Revenue and the fateful step of choice always select the second option to start the fight. Won the battle will not end the game as was previously but it will make available a further clash. Win in this battle to unlock the final third of the game.

WARNING: You will not have to wrestle the two battles in a row. Since they are fighting very hard, the game allows you to go to recharge your arsenal and potenziarvi between a clash and another.

For now, we provide here guide to three Final Endings but who knows that there is another hidden in the world of Bloodborne.

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The Sims 4 is the latest title in the The Sims series, which brings a new look and a more optimized version for PC and Mac. It is a life simulation, where the player can create his own characters and engage in almost all of the daily life of a normal life. See some tips to run the game on a 'weak' PC.

The Sims 4 wheel more optimally on PCs with modest settings. The title was developed for this purpose and has faster loading screens, plus a beautiful visual able to run on computers considered mild or 'weak' - even if it has not all minimum requirements officially released.

We ran the game on minimum and medium settings using a PC with integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 2000 Intel I3 2100, Windows 7 64-bit and 4GB of RAM. Check out some tips to run the game on a PC 'weak':

Graphics Quality

Change the quality option for low - and medium - can spoil the graphics of the game, but it will ensure a better experience in terms of gameplay. Here's how to set the quality to have a better performance in light PCs:

Note 1: You can still experience mild crashes during the game.

Step 1: Open The Sims 4 and press "Esc". Then select "Game Options".

Step 2: Select the "Graphics" tab to change the options. To run the game in much weaker PCs, click "Graphics Quality" and select "Low."

Step 3: Press "Apply Changes" and restart the game to see the result.

Use the Laptop mode

The "Laptop Mode" is essential to run The Sims 4 more modest computers or considered 'weak'. It will slightly reduce visual quality to ensure faster rendering and prevent the game to slow down.

If your PC supports, it also allows you to increase certain options to medium or high, as the look of the Sims and details in general. See how to configure:

Step 1: Press "Esc" and again select "Game Options".

Step 2: Select the "Graphics" tab and check the "Laptop Mode" box.

Step 3: Press "Apply Changes" and restart the game.

Note 2: Leave the "Smoothing Edges" option always off.

Close programs and applications

It is recommended that you close all programs and applications that are not using before starting The Sims 4. Doing so will ensure that the PC will perform well while you are playing, saving more memory and processing.

Custom Quality

Even with a more 'weak' PC, you can still increase certain options to win in graphics quality without affecting the game's performance.

Options such as "Sims" and "objects" can be placed in medium or high if the "Laptop Mode" is checked. You can also create custom settings by mixing high and low options, depending on the configuration of your PC.

Note 3: Avoid increasing options like "Illumination", "Shadows" and "Draw Distance", especially if your PC does not have all the minimum requirements. They will require a longer processing objects and data, being able to catch the game.

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