In Splatoon 2, there is a way to get unlimited tickets. You can then use these to earn more money and XP.

The tickets can be given at Crusty Sean's food truck, so you can collect more XP and money in Splatoon 2. You will get drinks or small snacks, which are actually very special as you can get unlimited tickets.

Unlimited Ticket Farm Guide

Once you've settled the tickets, multiply your XP and the money by 1.5 or 2.0 per turn. This effect lasts 20 laps! However, our exploit only applies to the low 1.5 tickets. Nevertheless, your XP and money farm is significantly increased by them and you should be faster in the game.

With your accumulated experience, you can unlock new weapons over time. You need the money to buy them.

How To Get Infinity Tickets in Splatoon 2:

Story - Mode, Zone 2: Go to level 6 and jump over the abyss to the other side. If you look down to the right of the wall, you can get a box with a Tickets (XP). Collect this box and go to Zone 5: Here you have to go to level 27 and look for a column where you can see a box with tickets. Now, leave the Story-Mode and open the menu and press “+”, so you come to Inkopolis. If you now restart the story mode, you should be able to collect the same tickets again.

You can always repeat this procedure and farm many tickets as fast. Although it is tempting to enjoy the bonus of the 20 rounds after each ticket, we recommend you to save your coupons. So you can continue to benefit, even if this glitch fixes with an update.

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Sardinium is a valuable item in Splatoon 2. With this you can improve your weapons or expand your tank to spray more paint at a time. Since the Sardinium items are well hidden in different zones of the game worlds, in our guide, we have added screenshots and descriptions that we felt made it easier for you.

Level - 1: Return of the Octarians

Take the armored enemy in front of you with a bomb, color the wall behind it with your ink and go past the jump field. In the box on the top of the platform, the Sardinium is hidden.

Level - 2: Welcome to Octopia

Before the jump field to the fourth checkpoint, you swim up the wall in squid form. There are three crates on the platform, one of which is hidden in the shining Sardinium for upgrading weapons.

Level - 3: Sunset Octocopter

If you pass by the four enemy-colored roles and have reached the third checkpoint, you only have to color the way, start as squid and jump up with the marked box.

Suction Cup Lookout

Place the kettle to the boss, just walk past the white block and turn right. There you see several wooden boxes of which the Sardinium is hidden.

Level 4 - Enter the Octohurler

Before you take the bridging opponents, go to the next level by jumping, you should take a look behind it. There you will find two boxes, one of which contains the Sardinium.

Level 5 - The Octopark

After checkpoint 6 you see two tracks. Use the left of it and destroy the crate in front of you while surfing. Once you have passed the resulting hole in the wall, you can jump to the third track to the left and open the crate.

Level 6 - Octozeppelin Invasion

Continue through the level, you eventually reach platform that move in opposite direction after activating the propellers. Carefully go to the opening from which the tentacle zeppelins appear, and get the Sardinium.

Level 7 - Back Alley Cleanup

At the fourth checkpoint, you land in front of a glass box with the crate to be found. Walk to the right and climb the tower. There you will find both the key to the next as well as a track, which allows you to surf to the Sardinium.

Level 8 - Spinning Campground

Use the horizontal belt and jump down from the platform reached. In the orange crate is the metal sardine stowed. Then you come back to the actual path by rolling the tapes again.

Level 9 - Octoling Strike

Fight your way through the octolings to the enemy base. Just before you find a pink colored bicycle on the right. At the spot behind this, a box with the Sardinium but you have to color the area find it.

Beaker’s Depot

Turn to the right from the jump field to the suction cup. Get to the platform with the scaffolding by means of a propeller platform and hook. On the back of the rack you can go up to a metal wall and hop on to the crate.

Level 10 - Octoseeker Shakedown

At the last checkpoint, the jumping field is guarded by another patrol. Go as fast as possible over the numerous sponges and destroy the crates at the back.

Level 11 - The Floating Garden

Ignore the skaters and follow the slope at the far end. In the small orange crate, you get a special weapon that can be used to kill all the Tentakook enemies. They each drop a key for the Sardinium and the jump field.

Level 12 - Octo-Resort Spring

After reaching Checkpoint 2, wait for the tin shower to move away from you, jump to the platform and color the wood wall to the right in your color. Float in it and destroys the crates for the coveted metal object.

Level 13 - Dancing Floors

Here there are four wooden blocks, which can be extended with a turntable. Color the necessary places to see the invincible collectibles and then reach the crate.

Level 14 - Parking Garage

At the last checkpoint you have a few octolings. If you defeated them, you can get both the key to complete the level as well as the Sardinium on the right behind the involuntarily and newly painted car.

Level 15 - Octoling Assault

Turn to the right in front of the opponent's base, and you see a packed box in which the Sardinium is stuck.

Slimeskin Garrison

The Sardinium can be found in a crate below the boiler to level 16. You can reach it through inkfurler and targeted jump. Then destroy the orange crate to get the collectible.

Level 16 - Secrete Bowling Alley

When you come to the bowling alley at the second checkpoint, guarded by a sniper, you can turn around after crossing to see the Sardinium. Drop as squid through the grill and get it.

Level 17 - Octocommander Fortress

Wait at the second checkpoint until the rotating block in front of you is vertically aligned and then jump from there to the wall to the left of the target platform. Up there you will find a box - the game you already know.

Level 18: Towering Heights

As soon as you jump to the platform after the last checkpoint, several opponents appear. Try to stay on the central, large sponge and dye it regularly. The platform moves and when you are at the right time on the sponge in maximum size, you get the Sardinium.

Level 19 - The Experimentorium

At the beginning of the level, you can choose between three jumping areas. In the left of this you find the Sardinium. Color the two switches in front of you and you can jump to the now visible crate.

Level 20 - Propellerland

Move to the color hydrant and turn around. Shoot (with any weapon) or use the screen of the hero in the direction of the propeller. If you are at the right point, you will create a fountain and you will be carried up to the Sardinium.

Level 21 - Octolings Ahoy!

On the rearmost side of the map on the highest point you encounter two octolines. If you defeat them, you can color the platform. From this position in the back left is an invisible chest with Sardinium.

Cephalon HQ

Stand on one of the green, glowing, rotating platforms. After a short time, you should come to this spot, which you can easily recognize on the lonely platform with Checkpoint. Below is an invisible path with the Sardinium in one of the crates.

Level 22 - Underground Expressway

At Checkpoint 7 you arrive at a large wooden block in the middle of a platform. A container with the Sardinium is clearly visible. You get the key from the skater in the pit around the block.

Level 23 - The Octogalaxy

You will find this track constellation after Checkpoint 7. At the point shown, jump first on one of the rails to the left or right and then back to the middle, which leads up to the Sardinium. Don't forget to jump off at the right moment!

Level 24 - Transfer Junction

Stop at the moving wall. Color it and jump at the right moment as squid. Once you have reached your destination, you should take your opponents and then turn around to find the Sardinium.

Level 25 - Platform Madhouse

Turn around after the sixth point is reached and look down. Before the up and down plates, you see the Sardinium on the right. Get it and then go to the jump field to your left to get back.

Level 26: Paradise Lanes

One of the most difficult levels reward you with an easy to find Sardinium. After the first checkpoint, you just jump through the grill and destroy the crates. Give to the patrolling tentacle carrier!

Level 27 - Octoling Workout

On the back left side of the map you will find this small, orange crate. Use the inkfurler underneath, float it up and jump to the platform. There you will find a box with the Sardinium.

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PES 2018 has recently started beta test for Xbox One and PS4. The demo allows players to preview the game and send their feedback to Konami to improve the game. And we have listed several things that need to improve in the game.

Ball Control

The most serious problem is player control. Much of this problem occurs because of the gameplay, which slowed down in this release. The players carry the ball too much and take too long to perform the requested movements. The easiest way to notice this issue is to perform an exchange of passes on the opposing field. The delay in the execution time of a touch or kick is exaggerated and almost always entails the loss of possession of the ball. Therefore, PES 2018 needs to solve this problem, leaving the players more agile in their movements without changing the game speed.


Yes, they keep disappointing! It seems like a nightmare that Konami can never get rid of. And unfortunately, goalkeepers continue to be one of the biggest problems also in the beta version of PES 2018.

It's like you're in a circus. For they continue to perform acrobatic movements to defend very well placed kicks. At the same time they continue to act as clowns in weaker kicks or that could easily be defended.

Climatic Effects

The online beta version of PES 2018 has the option to change the weather effects of the game. Therefore, it is possible to play under sun or rain, which directly influences the gameplay of the game.

However, visually, the effects leave a lot to be desired. The more distracted will not be able to distinguish the game in a clear and clear time, when it gets cloudy and with rain. Since the same more like an interference on the TV than drops of water falling from the sky.

Artificial Intelligence for player positioning

The last issue is not something that significantly disrupts the game. But if our intention is to provide feedback so that these elements can improve on the final version of PES 2018, we need to also talk about the AI of the CPU controlled players.

In matches played cooperatively (3 players against the machine), we noticed some problems regarding artificial intelligence. Even at higher difficulty levels, we realize that virtual players still have problems of positioning and marking. In other words, no matter how much a defender risks a raise for the attack, he must return to his position if the play is interrupted. Which often does not happen, leaving him lost in the middle of the field until he resolves to return to his original position.

It is necessary that Konami adjust this type of positioning, since many goals were made (and "taken") by these holes in the marking.

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In Albion Online, the marketplace is self-directed. This means that there is no connecting network among them, but the flow of the goods is based on the cities alone. For example, you can see which resources and items are in demand in a market, then go and collect the corresponding goods. This is even more effective if you have the right sets and equipment.

The main commodity on the market is silver. This can be converted to gold to get subscriptions and other benefits. But how do you get silver? We'll show you three different ways.

Since you can only collect resources from the tier one to two, a sale on the market is hardly worthwhile. The resources are fast and easy to get from each player and therefore there will be hardly any demand. When you select an item or a resource and click the sell button, you'll see if anyone already offers this item on the market, and very much an average silver price.

As soon as you get the average price, you can orientate and adjust your offer. Either you want to undercut the competition or you risk that someone will pay more than necessary to you. In the latter case, it affects the market in the sense that the general price can rise. Keep in mind that you have to spend part of your profit in the form of taxes.

If you don’t like the marketplace, you can also visit the recyclers in the cities. There you can select items and have them dismantled. This allows you to earn both silver and a few of the resources. Before you dismantle an object, you will be shown how the reward looks. The item used will be lost during this action.

Get Silver Through Battles

In Albion Online, if you kill enemy NPCs in the wilderness, they always drop silver. You meet these NPCs in small and large camps. On your minimap you can see them by their own symbols. If you open your normal map, you can see which camps there are in a region and how many players are recommended to be successful there.

The bosses are especially effective in these camps. You can find out their presence by a symbol with two shining swords on the ground. These opponents are very strong, but the rewards are accordingly high. Join the other players to increase your chances.

The best way to earn a lot of silver in Albion Online are expeditions. You will get this in a city at the portals. They are dungeons, in which you have to compete with other players in order to defeat a strong boss in the end. The boss of an expedition gives you 1,000 silver, which is very much money especially at the beginning of your trip.

Alternatively, you can simply attack other players. If you hit them in PvP zones, their wealth is yours. If you have collected enough silver, you can take them into the market, to secure you a few quick advantages by shopping.

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The Destiny 2beta contains some Easter Eggs and secrets.

- In the story mission Homecoming you return to the tower, the social space from Destiny 1. Here it is worth to walk in the direction of the hangar bar. This is near the place where the Dead Orbit once stood. In Destiny 2 everything is destroyed, but the jukebox is still running and it plays Hope for the Future by Paul McCartney.

- On the stairs, you’ll find the deflated Purple Ball

In addition, Eris Morn has disappeared, but can still find her vase

At the moment, there are many guardians on Nessus in the Strike "Inverted Spire strike". This strike seems to contain some secrets. All the guardians who have already played it will have noticed its vastness. If you want to move quickly to Nessus, you can wait at the spawn point of the Strike. Then, according to some users, shoot down your opponents and grab their sparrow vehicles:

Ride or run - now do not go straight, where the Strike actually points, but to the right. There you will find a wide area. Here you will often find different opponent races that fight against each other, strange doors and symbols for "Lost Sectors".

A symbol for a Lost Sector you can see below:

Lost Sectors are enemy dungeons, where you defeat your enemies, grab a key and get to Loot.

Near this symbol, there is a symbol on the wall, which is undoubtedly the symbol of the Glass Chamber:

Maybe this symbol represents the entrance of the Lost Sector. Some Guardians have already managed to get into this Lost Sector.

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At the DreamHack in Valencia, a small teaser video of Paladins’ new champion Jenos was revealed.

However, the teaser does not show what kind of Champion Jenos could be. In the background are stars to see. In the last bit of the video, it is observed that Jenos is floating in the sky. This is a special feature of Jenos, he can hover. Until now, flying was only possible for the ladies of Paladins. Paladins lead artist Thomas Holt explained that champions like Ying and Willo are mystical beings and use magic to float. In Yenos the case is a bit different.

Jenos becomes the first man of Paladins, who can fly together with the hovering ladies. He draws his strength not from magic, but from the stars. The new Paladins support is designed around the subject of astrology and astronomy. That is why the background of the teaser video looks like the universe.

Thomas Holt gave us the tip to look closely at the lotus flower in Jeno's hand. This will probably play an important role. The flower itself is a collection of stars, from which Jenos draws his power.

Dataming says more about Jenos - Paladin's new support is "Astro"

There were references to three champions, Princess, Astro and Owl. Princess has already entered the Moba Shooter and is now known as Lian.

Astro already had the first skills and cards in this datamining. From this it can almost be concluded that Astro is Jenos. Here it can be seen that Jeno's allies heal and have extremely high mobility. There are skills again, which are circumscribed as light speed and jenos also seems to work with gravitation.

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