The Lost Legacy is the latest expansion to the Uncharted action adventure video game series from the developer Naughty Dog for PlayStation 4. The game brings new collectible items called Hoysala Token and you’ll find these items in Chapter 4: The Western Ghats. If you've found all 11 of these Tokens, you'll get the special "The Queen’s Ruby" item. This is not only cosmetic, but also helps you to find treasures. In this guide, we show you the locations of all 11 Hoysala Tokens.

Here is a map, which shows you all the Token locations.

The Hoysala Tokens are hidden in various places and sometimes you have to solve some puzzles to reach their locations. However, sometimes they are also hidden behind walls that you can break with a C4 or targeted shell.

Once you have collected all eleven Hoysala Tokens, return to the ruins in the north east and place them on the wall map. This opens the small container in front of you and you get the special item Queen’s Ruby for Chloe.

All 11 Hoysala Token Locations

1 - After you have interacted with the wall map in the ruin, a gate opens to your left, behind which the first Hoysala Token hides.

2 - Just south of the ruin you’ll find a hole. First, you must connect the well cover with your grab hook and then pull it over the bar from above to raise it. Dive into the hole and collect your Token.

3 - Directly southeast of the ruin. Climb the wall up in the area with the bells, then shoot the seven bells one after the other to remove the bars that block you from entering the room. Don’t take too long here, otherwise the bells will be silenced and you will have to shoot them again.

4 - A little further southeast you find another Token. Just climb the tower and swing over the platforms to a small cave with the Token inside.

5 - Just west of the Fort in the southeast. Clear the gun outposts of all enemies and then destroy the wall with grenades or C4 to get the Token.

6 - From the fifth Token from far west you will find the next one. For this you have to climb up the wall and swing five times with your grab hook to get to a hidden area. Here again you have to destroy a wall to get the Token.

7 - In the middle of the water level in the south-west stands a larger elephant statue. Just before that you can dive into an underground cave for the next Token.

8 - At the sea front post just north of the water level. Get rid of all the enemies and break the wall to get the next Token.

9 - In the middle of the map, there are several small ruins just to the east of the large lookout tower. In the center, on the roof of the ruins you find a switch that you need to press. In this way water fountains are fired on the roofs of the other ruins. Now swing from ruin to ruin and press the floor of the fountains until all have disappeared. Now you have to return to the starting point and press the delta key. The whole thing you have to complete under time pressure.

10 - A little further north you come to the forest outpost. There you find a wall again, but the rebels were faster than you and have already collected the Token. Fortunately, they hid it only a few meters further in a box on the loading area of the van. Crack the lock and grab your Token in it.

11 - The last Token you find directly west of the ax-fort in the north-west. Climb up the wall and solve the simple puzzle so that the locked gate opens with the Token in it.

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Arena of Valor is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile video game developed by Tencent Games for Android and iOS devices. In the game, you unlock new skills and equipment through the levels. The higher your character is in the level, the stronger your team and there are also ways to upgrade the level for your entire team.

You have two options to upgrade your hero:

- Collect gold to unlock equipment. This allows you to upgrade your attack, defense, and more.

- XP Farms to unlock and level up all character skills. Overall, you have three active abilities that unlock you with the first level of your character.

When you have reached level 4 you will be able to kill the strongest - the Ultimate. It is not so difficult to reach level 4. However, leveling is important because you can again upgrade your skills with a new level. This makes them stronger and you become more deadly. But what actions get you many XP or gold?

One of the easiest ways to level up your character is simply time. Even if you just stand around and do nothing, you get up and get gold to unlock new equipment. But of course this is not the only thing you should do, because you want to reach the highest possible level to be stronger than your opponents.

One of the most logical and easiest ways to farm XP faster is killing the minions. However, you have to make sure that you also get the last hit. In this way, you not only get experience points, but also more gold.

A good opportunity to give the entire team more XP and gold is by destroying towers. It does not really matter if you destroy the tower or one of your minions. Here you don’t have to pay attention to the last hit.

Also, don’t underestimate the monsters in the game. You'll find them in the Jungle and if you kill them, you and your team will get additional XP and Gold. Some will take you on buffs and strengthen your entire team as well as your own fighters.

The best way to level up is to defeat the opponent's heroes. So if you see the opportunity, then take it. But don’t fall wildly into the battle if it does not fit your class or if you die, because that brings your opponents turn points of experience and you should try to prevent.

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With the upcoming expansion Path of Fire will bring elite specializations and this weekend you can try them for free.

The developers have revealed more details about these specializations in a development journal, which are intended to better define the roles in the MMO. With the specialization, players should be able to fine-tune their hero to the personal game style.

However, the developers also explain that the specializations are not a must, but there will be no content that requires a specialization.

New ways to tackle challenges

With the elite specializations, players should be able to tackle challenges better and in different ways.

Guild Wars 2; Path of Fire; Elite Specializations; new details

A pure warrior can attack a boss directly with strong attacks, but will not be able to do much against his powerful attacks. On the other hand, a warrior with the specialization of Spellbreaker can have a debuff, thus weakening the powerful attacks of the boss' opponent, but inflicts less damage to him.

Guild Wars 2; Path of Fire; Elite Specializations; Guide

Veterans get more options

With the elite specializations, GW2 veterans are given new opportunities to expand their heroes in a new way and solve situations in different ways. Therefore, this feature is an important part of Path of Fire. In the development book, the team from Guild Wars 2 reveals more to the elite specializations and if you want to try them out yourself, then you can do this weekend.

The expansion Path of Fire can be tried for free from Friday, August 18th to Sunday, August 20th.

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The Deathmatch mode was requested by many Overwatch fans over a longer period of time but the developer was always said that Overwatch was not the right game for this special multiplayer mode. However, with the implementation of the Arcade in Overwatch, it was much easier them to implement ideas and concepts that would not be used for the normal game. The Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch mode also added.

In this special game mode, it is simply a question of getting the most kills. In the standard Deathmatch everyone plays alone and in Team Deathmatch, you have to try and reach the most kills for your team. All kills of players from a team are added to the team account, and the team with the most kills wins the game.

Blizzard has developed a special statistic for this mode, in which you can then see the already acquired kills. You can open them by pressing the Tab key in the game.

You play against seven other players. You can choose any hero you and then you have to deal with this hero so well that you can reach 20 points - kills from other players.

Pick Your Hero

If you are better than half the players in a deathmatch, you will be counting on your weekly arcades, which will surely make this game for fans who are not so serious about the rankings. You get Loot boxe as a reward by wining three Arcade games and thereby you’ll get a chance on chic skins and other ingame items.

Team Deathmatch - 6 vs. 6

In principle, this is the most kills of opponents. However, in a team of six players, you are playing against another team and you have to score 30 kills to win the match. In Team Deathmatch, for example, Mercy's Ultimate Revival is an interesting thing because by using this ability, the other team is even taken a kill.

New Map and Special Versions of Old Maps for This Mode

Furthermore, many of the overwatch maps have been adapted to suit the mode. So you will be fighting for glory and honor at famous battlefields, even if you don’t have to take control points.

As a highlight, you will expect a completely new map, Château Guillard, which was only developed for Deathmatch mode and it is the home for Amélie Guillard, who after her wedding took the surname Lacroix and is probably better known as Widowmaker.

However, in the Team Deathmatch, you will be on other maps than in any-versus-any mode. For example, the Château should not be so much fun with its construction in the team, but maps like the Black Forest, Ecopoint: Antarctic and the Necropolis - the Arena maps.

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Sonic Mania is the latest entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog game series developed by Headcannon and PagodaWest Games for Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One and PC. In this guide, we show you how to find all Chaos Emeralds and complete the special stages to unlock super sonic.

Become a Supersonic makes the hedgehog not only more powerful, but it is also a prerequisite to unlock the secret end in the game, which is accompanied by an additional boss fight.

The Chaos Emeralds have no solid foundations, but give it as a reward for completing the seven special stages. You can enter these bonus stages when you find the big golden rings in the 24 stages of the game, of which there are one or two at each level. Remember that there are more rings than a special level, so you have several chances to try the levels again because each ring gives you only one chance per pass.

Because of the stages architecture, we can only describe the locations of the big rings, but they can hardly be overlooked because of their size. In addition, you don’t have to find all, you can complete the special stage with few attempts.

In the special stage, you must always catch a UFO on a track that carries the Chaos Emerald. In order to do this quickly, you should collect the blue balls on the course to boost your pace. Also collect rings to extend the time available.

Since you can only activate the large rings in stages only once and it is very difficult to create the special level for the first time, you will probably not be able to become Supersonic during your first game. However, after the end of the game a level selection is unlocked, which makes this project much easier for you. Here you can play as many zones as you want and try again.

The following method shows you how to collect all the Chaos Emeralds quickly.

- Choose a large ring that you can easily reach in the game (For example in Zone 1 or Zone 2).

- Collect it then and try to complete the special stage successfully. If it does not work, exit the game and reload the zone.

- If you can, you can play the same zone again and re-activate the same big ring. Then the next special level comes and you can be so fast to become Supersonic.

The Secret Ending

If you have collected all the Emeralds, you can finally become Supersonic. To activate the transformation, you have to press the jump key again during a jump. Keep in mind that you must have 50 rings for the transformation.

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Arena of Valor is now available on mobile devices and brought a lot of characters. In this guide, we will give you some useful tips to help you select characters.

One of the most important features in the character selection menu is the ability to try them all before you buy. This is exactly what you should do, because even if we or someone else, give you a list of the best heroes, it does not mean that these characters would be best for you.

The best heroes of the week

This can of course be very complex and with such a selection it can also take a long time. After we have tried out several heroes, we had hardly any desire and still no decision, which character we want to unlock. Fortunately, the Arena of Valor developers have built a wonderful feature to help you choose heroes.

- If you click on "Academy" in the main menu, you will get to the news page within the app.

- If you scroll down, you will find the entry "Top 10 Heroes Weekly".

- Here you can see an overview of the 10 best heroes of the week. You can see their Win Ratio and if you click on a hero directly, you will get more info.

You should of course not simply choose the number 1 and buy, because it does not mean that this fighter is also the best for you. However, you can consider the list as a kind of recommendation and can focus on testing the suggested characters.

There is also the option to view the values of all heroes to the left of the Top 10 overview. These are also determined weekly.

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