If you’re planning to buy this game in advanced, then you’re probably wondering about which UFC 3 edition I should buy, and what preorder bonuses are available?

So far only there are only two versions of UFC 3 have been announced - the Standard Edition and the Champion Edition. The exact differences are shown below. A key decision you need to make in advance is which champion you want for your Ultimate Team.

The following list shows you all available champion fighters.

- Georges St-Pierre (GSP)
- Joanna Jedrzejczyk
- Anderson Silva
- Demetrious Johnson
- Conor McGregor

Standard vs Champion Edition: differences

You're probably wondering what exactly is meant by the fact that in the Champion Edition you have to decide which champion to choose. We believe that you can only draw Champions from a Premium Pack for the Ultimate Team. However, if you choose the Champion Edition in advanced, you will receive one of them including his technique permanently. Below you’ll find the contents of each edition.

UFC 3, Georges St-Pierre, GSP, Champion
Standard Edition

- UFC 3 Full Game
- 5 Instant Premium Packs
- 500 UFC Points
- 1 Loaner Champion Fighter and Move (5 fights)

Champion Edition

- UFC 3 Full Game
- 3 Days Early Access
- 1 Permanent Champion Fighter and Move
- 20 Additional Premium Packs over 10 weeks
- 5 Instant Premium Packs
- 500 UFC Points

As you can see, the Standard Edition also offers some advantages. It costs you as a pre-order about 60 dollars including EA Access, while for the Champion Edition you have to pay around 80 dollars including EA Access if you want to enjoy the benefits for the Ultimate Team.

We can not say yet, how expensive these packs will be and also, we don’t know if you could possibly unlock the Champions in a different way. These questions we answer as soon as UFC 3 is released.

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If you are new to the Monster Hunter World (MHW / MH World) and having problems to progress in the game, then the Adopt a Hunter program could help you. The program will pair experienced players and beginners before the launch of the game and, through the use of the voice chat, you can discuss the details, in case you don’t get along with the partner, you can ask for a change to the moderators.

As Polygon points out, Adopt a Hunter is a service created by experienced players with the aim of giving individual players personalized help during the MH World adventure, a help that will also cover the various weapons and crafting elements.

The MH World is challenging and complex and there’s a lot more to learn for beginners. Especially, the battles against monsters become very tactical during the game. The animals in MH World are designed like MMORPG bosses and offer a wide range of attacks, movements and escape behavior. There are also elementary advantages and disadvantages associated with monsters. Some animals are prone to ice or electricity.

- In MHW, the hunters have no special skills available. Everyone gets stronger through his weapons, equipment and items. The equipment is made in a blacksmith shop and requires the collection of loot. These include body parts of monsters, such as bones or teeth. The equipment can then be further specialized and receive upgrades. Weapons are divided into classes in MHW, with different strengths.

Monster Hunter World, Beginner’s Guide, Adopt A Hunter

- The combat system and the movements of the hunters are difficult to grasp, especially for beginners. The huge weapons are slowly closing and the characters are clumsy. Especially, the control is for the first moment for many a deterrent and must be learned.

- The environment has an influence on the hunt. This will be even stronger in MHW than in its predecessors. Hunters need to know the weather and the landscape to be successful.

How the Adopt A Hunter works?

- Veterans and beginners can enroll on the website. The veterans register to help, and the beginners to get help.

- Adopt-A-Hunter helpers bring individual players together to work in pairs. The veteran and the beginners can then contact each other.

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The developer Bluehole has announced the second update for the PC version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and is supposed to take care of issues criticized by many PC players.

The battle royale game has set new steam records, millions of players have pulled the Early Access version on Steam and many players have gone to the full version. Shortly after the PC version was stable, followed by an Xbox One version, this version was also a complete success, within the first several days, a total of 1 million copies were sold.

The Frame Rate drops and the performance issues on the Xbox One are known to all and the developers are constantly working on both versions to improve, only this morning a new PC patch (Update 2) was announced. But what can one do against the jerkiness, FPS drops or improve PUBG performance on the Xbox One?

Open PUBG graphics settings on the Xbox One

You can open the graphics settings of PUBG via a USB keyboard (O key), but unfortunately you can only read them and not change them.

On Reddit it was recommended that you can improve FPS in PUBG on Xbox One by disabling Game DVR. This has not yet been confirmed, you can test this by pressing the Guide button on your Xbox and then under Transmission and Recording you can Allow transfer of game recordings and disable.

In short, you cannot do anything about the low FPS right now! You have to wait for the developers to fix this issue.

PUBG, Xbox One, Fix FPS Drops, Frame Rate Issues

Meanwhile, the latest PC patch (update 2) brings new opportunities to report cheaters. Also a new crate system will be tested with two new crates. One crate can be opened freely and the other needs a key.

When exactly the new patch with the new contents and features goes online was not mentioned. As soon as it is ensured that the test setup is stable enough, the current patch is moved to the live PC servers. The exact date for the live server update will be announced later.

You can check out the full patch notes on steamcommunity.com

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As every year, FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades are expected to go live in mid-February 2018. Until FIFA 16 there were only winter upgrades. So player cards could only be upgraded, only get better values. However, in FIFA 17, the Ratings Refresh was introduced and there have been downgrades since then. Presumably, FUT 18 will again provide Ratings Refresh with upgrades and downgrades. The Ratings Refresh apply to the standard cards (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

Generally, the gold cards are upgraded by 1-2 points in the rating. Silver and Bronze players receive upgrades of about 4 points. In rare cases, the upgrades in Bronze players can reach a whopping 15 points.

Winter Upgrades Release dates / Ratings Refresh in the FUT

Official Winter Upgrades Release dates are not yet known. However, the upgrades and downgrades have always taken place in February in the last few years. The upgraded cards don’t all appear simultaneously, but in packs.

Most likely the EA Sports will proceed as in FIFA 17 and publish the rating refreshment charts sorted by leagues one after the other.

- The first set of ratings will appear on February 16, 2018 (Friday). The other packs come in sets every 2 days. (But this is not officially confirmed).

FIFA 18, Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades, Ratings Refresh Tips

How To Get An Upgrade Card With A Higher Overall Rating

The players who are affected by the rating refresh will be completed as soon as they are known. Over the last few years, hundreds of professionals have been upgraded and downgraded.

Once the winter upgrade cards appear, they can be pulled in the sets. The only requirement is that the set can contain players. The "old" cards of each player are from this moment no longer in the sets to find.

If you already own a card of a player who is upgraded, it will remain unchanged. It will not be updated automatically. If you want the player's card with improved attributes, you have to draw them from a set. It is also possible to purchase the winter upgrade cards from other players in the transfer market.

In other words, after the Ratings Refresh, two versions of each player's standard cards coexist in FUT.

How Do The In Form (IF) Cards Work During The Winter Upgrades?

The "IF" cards, such as the "Team of the Week" cards, are a bit complicated in winter upgrades.

In short: If the player's winter upgrade card is better than or equal to the previous IF card (s), the IF cards will be automatically revalued. These should continue to be better than the regular cards.

However, if a player changes his quality during the winter upgrade (eg from silver to gold) and the previous IF card was a silver card, it remains unchanged.

An example of Agureo's IF cards from the past (no current cards):

The regular card for the launch had a rating of 87. After the winter upgrade Aguero received a regular card with 88. Since one of his IF cards already had 88, this is increased to 89. His TOTW card, which was two points better than 87 at 89, turns 90 to be 2 points better than the new regular card.

By the way: not only TOTW cards, but also hero cards and other special cards are considered IF cards.

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The Twitch from Amazon is one of the best video streaming platforms available today and has been in business for years. From small leisure streamers to full time professional streamers and even companies and broadcasters you will find here.

What Requirements You Need To Become a Twitch Streamer: First, Of course, you need a Twitch account, better streaming software, a good gaming PC and accessories, a good internet connection and an idea.

The account, the software and the idea you get for free but you may have to pay for the rest. However, it's an investment that will pay off sooner or later.

If you just want to stream your gameplay and show it to a few people, then normal hardware is enough. But if you want to stream your video professionally, that means that you sometimes need very expensive peripherals and the willingness to put work into it.

Whether you just want to start as a part-time streamer or go for a full-time streamer, the initial efforts are the same and small, to the very first success. Our tips will make it easier to get started, and you will get an overview of what to expect.

Broadband Connection

The most important tool for a streamer is its management. Even with the best Computer you have no chance of success, if the stream is not stable. Investing in a sufficient internet connection / broadband data package is always the first step.

You don’t have to worry about the speed that the provider provides for the download, but you have to concern about the upload. The better the upload, the better the quality of the video that finds its way to Twitch.

There are roughly three Internet Speeds / Bandwidth you have to concern:

Minimum: 3.5Mbit/s Upload. With this amount of data you can stream with the minimum quality and get closer to the streamer feeling. However, this does not expect any outstanding streams.

Average: 6Mbit/s Upload. With this bandwidth your audience can enjoy a pleasant picture, which rarely hangs and which makes watching even fun after some time. The upload is anyway limited to 6MBit/s on Twitch. Everything about it serves as a buffer for short dropouts, so that the quality remains consistently high.

Professional: 10MBit/s or more Upload. With this bandwidth you can exploit the full potential of each PC and deliver the best quality to your viewers. In addition, you can also order business model that receive special support from the providers. As a rule, you have the right to rectify a malfunction within 24 hours.

Create and Set Up a Twitch Account

Twitch Settings Menu Screen

To creating a Twitch account: visit www.twitch.tv and navigate to the Sign Up button at the top right. In the following pop-up you just have to think about a username and a password and enter, complete with your date of birth and the mail address and you're done! The account is created.

After that, you may have to pick 3 games that you like. However, these are only important to suggest streamer that may interest you. Select the games and confirm the selection to get to the actual website.

Here you navigate via the drop-down menu to the right of your name in the upper right corner to the point "Dashboard". From here you manage the entire streaming profile, from the title of the stream to the chat's settings.

Download A Streaming Software

After you have created the account, you need software that shows what you want to stream. There are many common software for this, such as "XSplit", "Bebo" or "Open Broadcaster Software ", in short "OBS". In this guide we use OBS.

Which of the programs you want to use is ultimately up to you. They all bring about the same functions and work in a similar way.

To connect OBS to your Twitch account, you need your "stream key". You can find this by clicking on "Settings" in your Twitch dashboard on the left. In your settings you will find at the top the link "Stream key".

Clicking on it as well as the button "Show key" gives a warning, never to divide the key and shows it finally. Copy the long string and paste it in OBS under "File", "Settings", "Stream" in "Streamkey". You can now use OBS to transfer a video stream to Twitch.

Set OBS Correctly

The next step should be to make your settings for audio, video and connection. Much of it depends on your personal preference and your technical capabilities. But there are some guidelines.

Settings / Output

- Video Bitrate: 3000-3500 for 1080p (Full HD), 1800-2500 for 720p (HD)
- Encoder: Software (x264)
- Audio bitrates: 128 Hz

Settings / Video

- Base Resolution: Always uses the native resolution of the monitor on which you play the game (current 1920 × 1080)

- Output Resolution: Scaled down the base value by a factor of 1.5 (at our base resolution, ie 1280 × 720)

- Common FPS values: Here are 60 (or 59.94) the values that provide the best quality. But the resolution should be 720p, because 1080p to 60FPS without very expensive hardware or a second computer is impossible to achieve. 720P to 60FPS delivers better quality than 1080p to 30Hz.

Settings / Audio

- The settings here should already be all right. Check if the devices all show the standard of your computer or the devices you want to use.

Settings / Hotkeys

- Hotkeys are optional, but a handy way to quickly access actions. It is recommended to set a hotkey for starting and stopping the stream as well as a push-to-mute button.

If you have adjusted everything to your liking, you just have to give OBS one source to stream it. Go back to the main window and click on the big plus at the bottom left of "Scene" (Add scene). Give it any name you can use to identify it well.

The scene now assigns a source to you via "Sources" that it should represent. By clicking on the plus there you can get a drop-down menu from which you can choose one of three settings for the game to be streamed:

- Screen Capture: Records the entire contents of the monitor. Useful in a multi-monitor setup when the game occupies the entire area of one.

- Window Capture: Specifies a window whose contents are tapped. For games played in the (maximized) window mode the more pleasant solution.

- Game Capture: Determines the game to play from a list of active processes. Pleasant, but sometimes awkward.

Of course, you also need the right tools to put all the theory of streaming into practice. In addition to devices such as better gaming PC, mouse, webcams, microphone / audio device and the keyboard to play the games properly, you also have to communicate with the community.

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They Are Billions is a real time strategy video game set in a distance future where you have to build, maintain and defend the human settlements / colony. In the game, you can pick up to four Mayors and then depending on your playing style you have to choose one of two mayors.

Each settlement can pick a new Mayor when it reaches the following population levels:

- Option 1 (Mayor Level 1): build a colony with at least 30 colonists
- Option 2 (Mayor Level 2): build a colony with at least 200 colonists
- Option 3 (Mayor Level 3): build a colony with at least 600 colonists
- Option 4 (Mayor Level 4): build a colony with at least 1,200 colonists

You can increase the number of settlers as you build settlements in the game. In a tent you can accommodate four colonists and in a cottage you can accommodate 8 inhabitants while in a stone house you can accommodate 16 more colonists.

Below you’ll find all the mayors you can get randomly in the game and also we give you details and descriptions for each bonus.

Mayor Level 1

- Allison Weed: The colony gets: Tesla Tower as a bonus

- Alyssa Lister: Sawmill: Wood production +2, this useful skill gives you +2 wood per sawmill throughout the game.

- Arnoldo Crutchfield: Command Center: Gold Income +40, every 8 ingame hours you get +40 gold.

- Ashley Dahl: The colony gets: Wood Tower (2), you will get once 2 wooden watchtowers.

- Carey Scholl: Command Center: Energy transfer radius +4 and Watch range +4, you can now see more about the Command Center. The energy network is also expanding.

- Carmine Piper: Fisherman Cottage: Food supply +3, each fisherman's hut produces +3 more food by the end of the game.

All Mayors, Tech Tree Guide, They Are Billions

- Carrie Burley: The colony gets: Great Ballista, you will receive a Great Ballista once.

- Chance pointers: The colony gets: Sniper - you will receive a sniper once.

- Diana Madison: Grants: Research Market, the market is unlocked (and can now be built).

- Dominique Meehan: Command Center: Workers supply +12, you will receive 12 new workers without having to build the tents and spend the gold.

- Dora Riddick: Iron reserves: +10, you get +10 iron once.

- Duncan Friend: The colony gets: Stakes Trap (10), you will receive 10x traps once.

- Elvina Dwyer: Grants: Research Cottage, cabins will be unlocked (and can now be built).

- Erica Keys: Hunter Cottage: Food supply +3, each hunting lodge earns +3 food until the end of the game.

- Eve Rinaldi: Grants: Research Tech Lookout Tower, the Lookout Tower will be unlocked (and can now be built).

- Fausto Will: The colony gets: Soldier / Sniper, you get a soldier once.

- Geralda Siler: Command Center: Energy supply +20, you will receive every 8 ingame hours

- Geraldine Ventura: The colony gets: Ranger (2), you will get two rangers once.

- Jules Nava, Grants: Research Farms, farms are unlocked (and can now be built).

- Laura Pettigrew: Grants: Research Great Ballista, great Ballista will be unlocked (and can now be built).

- Lyon Seaton: The colony gets: Mill, you will receive a mill once.

- Mia Beach: Comand Center: Food supply +20, you get +20 food.

- Milan Sorrell: Grants: Research Sniper Soldier, the sniper soldier is unlocked (and can now be trained).

- Normand Keenan: Stone reserves: +20, +20 stone once on your account.

- Pamela Goodson: Wood reserves: +30, +30 wood once on your account.

- Paula Mount: The colony gets: Wood Wall (10) and Wood Gate, your colony will receive once 10x wooden walls and a wooden gate.

- Reyes Luckett: The colony gets: Lookout Tower, a watchtower can be built for free.

- Trent Gibbons: Gold reserves: +600 and Wood reserves: +10, you will be paid once +600 gold and +10 wood to your account.

- Valentina Thibodeaux: The colony gets: Farm, you will receive a farm once.

- Violet Lopes: Gold reserves: +1000, Your gold account increases by +1000 - take note of your capacity!

- Warner Pederson: Grants: Research Stakes Trap, stakes traps are unlocked (and can now be built).

- Winford Schmid: The colony gets: Quarry, you will receive a quarry once and free of charge.

Mayor Level 2

- Alan Fogle: The colony gets: Stone Wall (10) and Stone Gate, your colony will receive once 10x stone wall and a stone gate.

- Arnoldo Crutchfield: Command Center: Gold income +40, you will receive +40 gold every 8 ingame hours.

- Edna Hatton: The colony gets: Soldier (3), your colony receives once 3x soldiers.

- Ethel Dumas: The colony gets: Shocking Tower, your colony will receive a Shocking Tower once.

- Federico Lynn: The colony gets: Great Ballista (2), your colony will receive once 2x Great Ballista.

- Hal Binkley: The colony gets: Sniper (2), your colony receives 2x sniper once.

- Harlan Harden: Command Center: Resources storage +50, you can store +50 more in the Command Center.

- Helen Heflin: The colony gets: Stone Tower (2), your colony will receive once 10x stone wall and a stone gate.

- Isaiah Grubb: Sniper: Salary cost -40%, you pay 40 percent less gold when you train a sniper.

- Jon Parris: The colony gets: Lookout Tower (2), your colony will receive once two watchtowers.

- Kendall Barrows: Mill: Energy supply + 20%, each mill brings you 20 percent more energy.

- Kitty Joy: The colony gets: Advanced Mill, your colony will receive an Advanced Mill once.

- Leonarda Carden: Soldier: Salary cost -60%, you pay 60 percent less gold when you train a soldier.

- Lola Franz: Gold reserves: +3000, you will receive +3,000 gold once in your account.

- Maggie Brockman: The colony gets: Thanatos, your colony will receive a Thanatos once.

- Martha Artis: Farm: Food generation + 20%, each farm gives you 20 percent more food.

- Nicolette Linville: Wood Wall & Gate: Life + 20%, woodwalls and Gates now have 20 percent more HP.

- Noelia blocker: Grants: Research Shocking Tower, the Shocking Tower will be unlocked (and can be built from now on).

- Olena Barnhill: All structures: Return costs is now 75%, instead of getting back only half of all resources, you now receive 75 percent of the raw materials if you tear something down.

- Rashad Lester: Unit: Building time -10%, the construction time of buildings is reduced by 10 percent.

- Rocky Bratton: Iron reserves: +40, your colony receives +40 iron once.

- Sara Stone: Stone reserves: +80, your colony receives +80 stone once.

- Vance Scholl: Wood reserves: +120, your colony will receive +120 wood once.

- Veran Knudsen: The colony gets: Lucifer, your colony will receive a Lucifer once.

Mayor Level 3

- Brandy Tarver: Stone reserves: +150, your colony gets +150 stone once.

- Carol O'Keefe: Grants: Research Advanced Mill, the Advanced Mill will be unlocked (and can be built from now on).

- Dan Juicer: The colony gets: Shocking Tower (2), your colony gets once 2x Shocking Tower.

- Darrick Messina: Grants: Research Executor, the executor will be unlocked (and can be built from now on).

- Del Wilmoth: Lucifer: Salary cost -30%, you pay 30 percent less gold when you train a Lucifer.

- Deon Vanover: The colony gets: titan, your colony gets a titan once.

- Domenica Daily: Command Center: Gold income +80, every 8 ingame hours your gold income equals +80.

- Fossy lecturer: The colony gets: Advanced Mill (2), your colony gets once 2x Advanced Mill.

- Francesca Eason: The colony gets: Radar Tower, your colony will once receive a Radar Tower.

- Galen Slagle: Iron reserves: +80, your colony gets +80 iron once.

- Janet Mims: Grants: Research Blades Trap, the Blades Trap will be unlocked (and can be built from now on).

- Lawerence Guffey: The colony gets: Executor, your colony gets an executor once.

- Marcellus Quiroz: Grants: Research Radar Tower, the Radar Tower will be unlocked (and can be built from now on).

- Nathalie Lessard: Thanatos: Salary cost -30%, you pay 30 percent less gold when you train a Thanatos.

- Newton Denton: All structures: Building time -20%, the construction time of any building is reduced by 20 percent.

- Pamela Stockton: Cottage: Workers supply +1, each hut brings you one more worker, so there are now 9 per building.

- Reggie Tyler: The colony gets: Oil Platform, your colony gets once an oil platform.

- Sven Haraldson: Command Center: Resources storage +100, the Command Center can store +100 objects.

- Threya Jolly: Oil reserves: +30, your colony gets +30 oil once.

Mayor Level 4

- Ambrose Martins: Oil Platform: Oil production + 20%, Oil production from all oil platforms increases by 20 percent.

- Brunilda Schrader: Iron reserves: +200, your colony gets +200 iron once.

- Dana Pina: The colony gets: Lucifer (3), your colony gets once 3x Lucifer.

- Dannie Treadway: The colony gets: Executor (2), your colony gets once 2x Executor.

- Eloyse Cowan: The colony gets: Radar Tower (2), your colony gets once 2x Radar Tower.

- Gyna Scoggins: All buildings: Defenses life + 20%, all buildings receive 20 percent more HP (except walls).

- Hay Bradford: Advanced Mill: Energy supply + 20%, each Advanced Mill produces 20 percent more energy.

- Jamel Cowley: Stone House: Gold Income + 10%, each stone house brings you 10 percent more gold.

- Jokkul Kamprad: Command Center: Resources storage +200, you can store +200 items more in your Command Center.

- Les Curtin: The colony gets: Titanium (2), your colony gets once 2x Titan.

- Mike Mckeever: Oil reserves: +100, your colony gets +100 oil once.

- Oprahderrick: Titanium: Salary cost -30%, you pay 30 percent less gold when you train a Titan.

- Oren Cummins: The colony gets: Thanatos (3), you will receive 3x Thanatos once.

- Roberta Nunes: Advanced Farm: Food supply + 20%, each Advanced Farm brings you 20 percent more food.

- Shad Worrell: Power Plant: Energy supply + 20%, each Power Plant produces 20 percent more energy.

- Vannessa Rockenstein: Command Center: Gold income +120, every 8 ingame hours will receive +120 gold in your account.

- Wildermina Freedman: The colony gets: Wire Fence Trap (40), your colony will receive a unique 40x Wire Fence Trap.

In the Command Center, you can find objects unlocked by Mayor. There is a bonus category here. Besides, you should pay attention to which buildings receive their bonuses. If there is only Mill in the description, the bonus does not apply to the Advanced Mill. The same applies even more for the different types of settlements. If you opt for one-time payments of raw materials, you should have your account in the bottom right in view. Everything about your capacity will be gone.

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