Blizzard Entertainment has introduced a brand new character for Overwatch called Orisa. With a tank style gameplay and good combination with heroes like Junkrat or Bastion, the character has an advantage when used with tactics that use her abilities in conjunction with those of other characters. In this guide we will show you Orisa's main skills and how to play with the tank robot in Overwatch and with which characters and combinations are favorable to the character's game style.


Fusion Driver - Machine Gun

The standard weapon of Orisa is a projectile machine gun, which resembles that of Bastion. Medium range, the weapon also has a good firepower, besides being quite accurate. The shots follow a straight trajectory, and the equipment has moderate recoil, requiring little adjustment after the beginning of the action.

Despite the features that make it better than the version used by D.Va, the Fusion Driver has a long reload time of 200 projectiles, an amount that can end quickly during battle.


The secondary weapon consists of an energy item capable of pulling the opponents and withdrawing them from the original position. Unlike the supreme ability of Zarya, the graviton used by Orisa is not as powerful and allows for more strategic use during combat, due to the recovery time of only eight seconds.

Halt is useful, for example, to throw players into abysses or lure them to a particular location, where the supreme skills of Junkrat or D.Va can do damage to several opponents at once.

Protective Barrier

Operating similarly to others that already exist in Overwatch, Orisa's protective barrier stays in a fixed location for 20 seconds, allowing other players to shield behind her. The secondary weapon operates more or less like a grenade, with the projectile creating the barrier where it touches the ground.

However, with only 900 energy points, the shield is weaker than those used by characters like Reinhardt or Symmetra. Still, it can be a good addition to a disadvantaged team, which guarantees a few seconds of invulnerability for regrouping or controlling a goal.


Another Orisa's ability, the fortification command reduces by half the damage she undergoes, and makes her invulnerable to special attacks. When protected, it cannot be hacked by Shadow or pulled by Roadhog chains.

However, the dwell time, lasts only four seconds, with another ten seconds needed to recharge. It is a good ability to be used if the player is poorly positioned and needs to quickly escape from the location.


The supreme ability of the character is a skill basically linked to the team balance. With an operation similar to Mercy's energy rays, but operating from a fixed unit, it improves by 50% the attack power of all allies that are within a 25 m radius of the application.

Like the character, the amplification unit has its own energy and only 200 HP points, and can be easily destroyed by opponents. If this does not happen, it grants 15 seconds of improved firepower to the allied team.


The low movement and resistance of Orisa, in relation to the other tanks, does not make it a character for direct combat. Thus, ideally, the player knows how to navigate battles in order to avoid concentrated shots, and use her powers in combination with the abilities of other heroes to maximize damage to the opposing team.

Despite being quite effective in attack missions, she shines during goal defense, especially when the player has a well-positioned shield and several allies around to use the Supercharger.

An analysis of Orisa's powers lets her say she's a tank character, but with one foot in the support category. Most of your special powers work best if linked to the abilities of other characters. Therefore, choosing her should be a decision focused on the team and made according to the other available heroes.


In general, Orisa has a great combat performance when she is next to the following characters:

- Junkrat: The use of the ability of attraction can be extremely effective along with the supreme ability of the character. Upon hearing the scream of "It's going to explode!” Be quick to lure opponents to a single location;

- D.Va: here are the same possibilities as Junkrat, with the Mecha of the character exploding exactly where the opponents are concentrated after a well done use of Holt!

- Reinhardt and Winston: shield abilities can be combined to create an even stronger barrier in which offensive characters can protect themselves to fire at opponents.

- Bastion: After the recent changes, the stationary mode of the robot has become a great weapon for goal defense. When these abilities are combined with the Amplifier, the result is devastating to opponents;

- Zenyatta and Mercy: In more critical situations, the attack amplification powers, along with life recovery, can be used if it is really necessary for Orisa to start the attack with her machine gun.


On the other hand, too fast heroes are the terror of Orisa, due to her slow speed. Hacking and blocking skills are also effective against the robot:

- Shadow: one of the main rivals of Orisa. You can disable all combination powers of the character with your hacking powers;

- Tracer: With his teleporting powers, he can attack the robot quickly by the sides, quickly killing energy and destroying units of ability;

- Soldier: 76 and McCree: Focusing on the attack by the flanks, the shooters can quickly destroy amplification units and lead Orisa out of fixed positions.

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In The Division, some adjustments have been made. Stagger is reduced in all weapons.

The State of the Game ran on 23.3. The community developer Hamish Bode spoke about the Invisible glitch, which last days in "Last Stand" and in the dark zone.

This game breaking glitch was fixed as part of the maintenance work. For this, the server downtime was extended to allow the fix to be added.

Medi Kits and Stagger are Reworked

Before the first major update 1.7 in the year 2 of The Division, Server-Side is a patch, which will mainly devote itself to the first aid kits. These will be improved in the future. This server-side patch, which Massive "in the background" can bring live, comes before the next, upcoming client patch, which will also appear before 1.7. There is no specific date yet.

The client patch will advance through a PTS phase. These public test servers are then only available to the PC agents. The client patch, among other things, will rework the talent that is currently considered too powerful. The healing effect that this talent affords is transformed from an instant healing to a healing over time - so it becomes a little generic.

In addition, the client patch brings changes to the stagger, wobbling. On the one hand Stagger is completely removed in the Air Detonation Mod of the Seeker, and on the other hand Stagger is reduced in all weapons. This is to be thoroughly tested and adapted to the PTS.

More information from the State of the Game:

- The big update 1.7 will have before the launch also for consoles public test servers.

- There are no plans to bring The Division to the Ninteno Switch.

- The NinjaBike backpack needs to be reworked. Bode cannot say anything yet, but he recommends keeping the items for the time being and not disassembling them.

- Searcher with Air Detonation Mod: Reduces initial damage, but the fire effect deals more damage. However, the overall damage remains the same.

- In addition, changes to the expanded magazines and the spawn points in Last Stand will also prevent Spawn-Camping.

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The developers of Titanfall 2 revealed the new free DLC, which will be released later this month. All players of Titanfall 2 can use the new map, the new weapon, the new execution and other new content. We will show you what awaits you in the new expansion “Colonies Reborn”.

New Map

Colony: Titanfall fans will know this classic map. A sleepy settlement is the site of this map. The dense center is full of narrow streets, interiors and roofs. Outside there are open paths for Titans.

New Weapon

R-101- Thanks to its unique versatility, the R-101 platform is popular all over the world, and has been used since the arrival of the first settlers from the core systems in virtually all human conflicts. This version is equipped with an ACOG scope.

New Execution

Curb Check: This new execution gives hope to opponents for a few moments that they are simply hurled into the air. But then part 2 follows...

New cosmetic purchases: Equip your pilots, weapons, titans, banners and plaques with these new cosmetic objects.

Prime Titans: Northstar, Legion

- Titan Nose Art
- Five New Designs
- Camo pack
- 20 New Camos
- Call sign-Pack
- 20 Banners
- 20 Plaques

Featured Playlist:

- To celebrate the new DLC Colony Reborn, the Playlist will include colony around the clock and support numerous modes.

Titanfall 2 Patch:

- In addition, there will be a patch with numerous changes to the balancing, game enhancements and bug fixes. The complete patch notes are available shortly before the release of the new DLC.

Double EP:

You will get the double experience in all modes for Titanfall 2 from March 30th to April 3rd.

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This getting started guide and tips refer to little things that could be a bit confusing at the begging of Mass Effect Andromeda. At the beginning, it is not clear which doors you can go through and which don’t. But you can easily clarify this: in the middle of the door you see a circle that turns. These doors open automatically, even if it sometimes takes longer. Other doors can be opened again with the key. If there is neither a circle nor an action button in the middle, then the doors are simply not passable to open. These tips are meant to explain and simplify such situations.

- Profiles and abilities: Don’t be too hard on your training. It is possible for you to unlock other skills as well. In the beginning, you can concentrate on the shooting and the various weapon types, but quickly try out the possibilities that give you biotics and tech. If you are not satisfied, then you can also reset the skills. Later in the game you will be able to choose between different profiles and you should use this opportunity. You will be caught in situations that require different approaches, and through the profiles you can get bonuses.

- Conversation Options: The icons that show you your conversation options are not very intuitive. But here, too, we can provide you with tips to help you memorize what answers are the right ones. On the left you will find the emotional answers: above compassionate and loving, down below unconstrained and also somewhat wayward. On the right side are the rational answer possibilities: above logical and down professional. If you see two people next to each other as the answer option, it is the answer that strengthens your friendship. A heart stands for flirtation and the making of great love. Keep in mind that you have to become friends with some characters before you can work on the love affair.

- Selling and disassembling: You will find a lot of equipment on the way, but you will also be able to find the goods you need. It is important that you pay attention to what you sell and what to disassemble. Weapons and armor should be disassembled, because they supply you early in the game important materials, which you would only find later. This allows you to make new equipment quite quickly. With a simple push print you can sell at the dealer simply the entire salvage property. This actually serves only this purpose. At the bottom of the screen, the corresponding button will light up. If it does not flash, then you do not have any items in the inventory. Some items cannot be disassembled, they can only be destroyed. These include, for example, mods. Sell them rather than destroy them. So you get at least credits. You should keep Minerals and materials with you. After all, you need them for your research and development.

- Scanning Planets: Once you are on the Tempest, you can travel across the galaxy map to other planets. There are three levels: the Cluster view (all Heleus), the System view (all Andromeda), and the Orbit view. Here you can see the planets and the ships (also wrecks), which are in the selected orbit. Once you are in the orbit view and the info hears "anomaly discovered", turns on the scanner and follows the arrow. Explore each planet and any anomaly in orbit to scan them all. You cannot land anywhere, but as soon as you discover anomalies, you will be able to see new materials, research data or experience points. You need these items to get the best weapons and armor. So follow the arrow to the location of the anomaly and then send a probe there - now you just have to pick up your rewards. The bar above shows you how much percent of an orbit you have already scanned. One of the simple tips is: Always get the 100%.

- Side Missions: As usual in a role playing game, you will be overburdened with numerous side missions. You don’t have to make some of them, others will open the gates to other, potentially important missions. It is simply overwhelming, if one tries to complete all side missions from the logbook. Some of these are simply not yet feasible, because you have to go first, for example, in the main mission. But we also have tips on dealing with the missions. It has greatly helped us to complete the missions shown on the map of the area. They are displayed, whether you are tracking them or not. To track them, just click on the corresponding icon on the map. Just work your way through the cleared areas and you will complete all missions and side missions. Sometimes you have to return to completely cleaned areas because you can complete new quests there. In any case you should not completely ignore the side missions, because they bring you experience points. In addition, they are often important for relationships.

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In Mass Effect Andromeda, you need a large amount of materials like minerals, research data and other items to carry out research and development. With mining, you will receive numerous materials such as copper, vanadium and Element Zero. For this you just have to go with your nomad. But there are other ways to get the necessary materials.

One of the methods is the sending of the Strike Teams on APEX missions. Another method is the disassembly of your existing weapons and armor. Never sell, better disassemble! So you get many materials and minerals early on, so you can make better equipment at the beginning of Mass Effect Andromeda. You will get some rare items later, when you visit new planets.

Let's start with the basic knowledge. First of all, it is important that you gradually build all the reconnaissance items on a planet. These allow you to use not only the fast travel, but also cover mining zones. Then go to these destruction zones with the nomad and then grab the minerals that are offered to you. On each planet there are different strong deposits and not on all you find rare minerals. To dismantle the minerals:

- As soon as you inform Sam that you are in a zone rich in minerals, you will open your mining computer (shown in the upper left corner of the screen).

- Afterwards, you take off the area and look for a suitable place to start the mountain barge. Pay attention to the eruptions in the graph. If the line increases with one of the displayed minerals, continue in the direction until it reaches its maximum level.

- Here you can request the mountain bait. The radius in which the minerals are mined is indicated by an orange line. Outside the circle, you should also look for other materials to extract. At a different point within the range, other minerals may be more strongly represented.

- If you have extracted the entire excavation zone, it will be displayed in red at the mining computer. Sam also speaks to you and informs you that the source is extracted.

There are three types of materials: minerals, organic materials and tech materials. The minerals are Platinum, Copper, Element Zero etc. Bio materials are components of the creatures and animals that you will find in Heleus. Tech materials include items made by the species. Of course, you can also buy many of the components from dealers, if you do not want to go to the search. But why spend credits when it does not have to be? By the way: In addition to mining, you can also find small mineral deposits. This can be done with the corresponding action key. The following table lists the rough locations of selected minerals. They are far from everyone, but that should help you to remove the necessary materials.

Element Zero

- Planet: Can be find on Voeld
- Anomalies in the Zheng He system


- Mixed goods store on the Nexus
- Planet: Kadara, H-047c

- Planet: Havarl, Voeld


- Planet: Eos (little), Kadara

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In Mass Effect Andromeda, the weapons selection is huge. You can find weapons in the game world, especially near enemies. You can also explore blueprints and craft weapons and upgrade them yourself. Two important factors relating to weapons are your weapon slots and the weight that cannot be too heavy; otherwise you will limit your other abilities.

First of all, let's explain some general things about weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda.

- Research and development are two important branches. In the research area, you collect research data and research the necessary blueprints you need to create better weapons.
You can find blueprints mainly in crates or during the APEX mission, which you can play in multiplayer.

- You can also use the blueprints to upgrades existing weapons. You can also find weapons and make them only with upgrades and mods to a really strong crease or specialize in it. But only one mod for a weapon can be used.

- Each weapon has five levels. Tier 4 can only be used at level 20 and Tier 5 is at level 30.

- If you want to carry heavier weapons and especially more weapons with you, then you should definitely increase the ability to fight. So you have the option to unlock additional weapon slots and increase the weight to wear. This is really important, because you carry too much weight, then restricts your other abilities and extends the cooldown of your powers. A bar at the top of the middle shows you whether you are overloaded. If it is red and you see a minus number standing next to it, then you carry too much weight.

- There are mods that help reduce the weight of your shotgun. We have one such for our precision rifle. Think about using such a mod for your weapon. It can be very helpful, because heavy weapons do more damage, which is why you are sure to take some with you.

- Within the mission, you have no way to change your equipment. So you should do this early. Go to the research and development station on the Nexus or Tempest. Here you can equip your weapons with useful mods.

- You can personalize your weapon by customizing your color or pattern as you like. Go to the Pathfinder's cabin on the Tempest, where you can access the customization menu.

The Best Shotgun: Dhan Shotgun

Dhan shotgun is the best shotgun in Mass Effect Andromeda, which you can make by means of the corresponding construction plan. You can also find weapons on your journey, but the blueprints are usually more to your disposal. So you should not wait until you find better weapons, but instead you crafted them.

Go to the Research and Development Station (Nexus or Tempest) and access the blueprints of Helios technology, where you can choose the Dhan shotgun from the Warp Weapons. How to craft the Dhan shotgun? You need the following materials to make the Dhan shotgun:

- 60 x Nickel
- 30 x Kett alloy
- 28 x Scale Fibers
- 10 x Vanadium

You can get these materials from dealers. You can also find them in the game world. Vanadium is the only rare material. In the ideal case, you have already done a lot of mining or completed some sub-missions. Here, too, there is always a lot to be gained. Likewise, regular team missions through Companion App (APEX HQ) bring you many materials.

The Dhan shotgun, unlike other weapons, does not shoot several projectiles, which then scatter, but a single light projectile that is very powerful. You can use the Dhan shotgun well in melee, but also at medium distance. It is almost like a crossbow, which also fires only a strong arrow. It usually takes one to two targeted shots with the Dhan and you're doing most of your enemies playing.

Especially when you put the Dhan on Tier 4 or Tier 5, it is an unbeatable weapon. Then it is able to distribute more than 1,000 damage points per shot. Also, the Dhan shotgun is an ideal companion because it is relatively light.

Dhan Shotgun and Specialize With Mods

Upgrades and mods can be used to make your weapons stronger. Each weapon can get two upgrades. For the mods it is different. With some weapons you can add more and with other less mods.

We can recommend you a particular mod for your best shotgun: The Double Mod, which allows you to add two additional mods to your weapon. You can buy the double mod for 2,400 credits at the mixed goods trader on the Nexus.

In terms of improvements, you should pay attention to your own style. Well, of course, there are always improvements, in which you increase the damage. If you would like to test some upgrades, you can save the game and try different upgrades.

As for the mods, you are a little freer with the Dhan. You can choose four mods and mods are interchangeable at any time. It is best to choose them according to your playing style. Then you will make the right decision. In addition, your abilities also influence the effectiveness of your weapons. If you give points under biotics, you can get 15% more on your shotgun damage.

We recommend the following mods for the Dhan:

- Rifle Barrel: This increases the damage of the shotgun. If it is only a normal mod, you may have to expect a loss in precision, but with a view to more damage, this should not be a big problem.

- More Punch: Increases your punching power, as you can fight against armored enemies. There are mods that increase the damage to be inflicted by up to 50%.

- Faster reload speed: This is always useful because the Dhan has only two shots in the magazine - probably the only big drawback of this shotgun. But with such a mod can be at least a little offset.

This guide is still under construction and will be expanded with the best Sniper rifle, the best assault rifle and the best melee weapon.

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