In For Honor, you progress through the story with your Heroes by executing commands and challenging battles. So you collect experience points, steel and sometimes Loot.

The last item comes in the form of weapons and armor parts and has the equipment value from 1 to 3. At the beginning, they have only minor stat differences and only offer variations to make the character different.

However: this equipment value goes much higher. The items even have three different quality levels. In addition to the standard items, there are rare items (blue) and heroic items (violet). The maximum equipment value is 18.

Some heroic weapons are marked with a star. These are called Legendary Weapons by some players and are particularly rare.

This Gives You Higher Quality Weapons

At the beginning of the game, you don’t have any weapons of higher quality. You must first collect enough experience points and exceed level 20. So you rise in glory rank.

- According to user reports, you have a chance to get blue items as soon as your fame reaches rank 1.

- Violet Heroic items are only available from rank 3. According to the Youtuber VopeTV, he received his first heroic weapons on Fame 3 and Level 13. However, there are also reports that there are these earlier on fame rank 3 randomly.

The violet, Legendary items with star on equipment rank 18 represent the rarest and best items in the game. They come not only with an extravagant look, but also with excellent stats.

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The next major expansion Last Stand and the update 1.6 for The Division are completed and are already with Sony and Microsoft for review. But many agents now ask themselves: What can I do to make the new content appear? Is it still worthwhile to go on a loot hunt now?

The answer is yes. The update 1.6 doesn’t bring a new world rank and the maximum gear score of 256 remains. You don’t have to re-equip yourself completely when 1.6 appears. Therefore, you can now do some things to make a smooth start. Here is our quick guide on how to prepare for 1.6.

Shop Now Named Weapons

You can currently purchase named weapons from the special equipment dealer in the terminal and the seller of advanced weapons in the Base.

Collect Weekly Rewards

Confirmed by Massive: Collect now the containers, which you receive as a reward for weekly orders.

The weekly order containers are significantly upgraded with 1.6: They contain more items, including an exotic item. In this case the containers, which you now keep, contain according to 1.6 Exotics!

Skills and Electronics!

The update 1.6 turns neat on the stats on the armor parts: Thus the skill strength gets into the focus. If you want your skills to remain effective, you need to put more value on them than before. Therefore:

- Seek armor pieces to increase the amount of electronics and skill.
- Buy and search armor mods with electronics.

If you currently have a character build that lacks skill power, your skills in 1.6 will have little effect.

Tips For Weapons and Armor Parts

- The FAMAS becomes an Exotic and is called from 1.6 Bullfrog. Grab them now. Currently, there is a FAMAS to buy.

- Keep your gear sets up. Don’t disassemble your equipment sets, so you can get in 1.6 excellent with them clearly. By the way: The SEEKR set doesn’t come with 1.6. This requires further revisions.

- The SMGs get their old power back! So look for some nice machine guns and look in 1.6 how they perform with their Critical Hit Chances. Mods that increase critical damage can now be kept.

- High end armor parts with specials are recommended.

- Since AlphaBridge is only the third (always active) talent, you should search for weapons that have a strong talent at this position. If you still want to use AlphaBridge.

Saves Currencies

Save your currencies, like Phoenix credits.

- In 1.6, you can recalibrate the talents as often as you like. However, the costs for this increase up to a fixed maximum (after the fifth time). So you cannot have enough currency.

- With 1.6 the cap for Phoenix Credits is raised to 5000. If you have already reached the maximum of 2000 then you can continue to collect.

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In this guide to Paladin, we have listed the strong and weakest champions in the game right now. This tier list reflects how strongly the performance of a respective champion is judged in the game. The champions can move frequently on the list when new patches are released.

The Six Best and Strongest Champions Tierlist

The following champions are highly rated by the players at the moment. The order of the champions is randomly selected and does not give any score between them.

- Cassie: The Hunter's Daughter belongs to the damage class. She has long been considered one of the strongest champions in the game and is often preferred by players. She distributes powerful damage and gains a lot of card control through her Ultimate.

- Evie: The Winter Witch is difficult to catch because of her extremely high mobility. With a Blink she slips you or simply swings her staff and rushes away. Your normal attack causes great damage, but it is difficult to hit.

- Maeve: She is the newest champion in the game and with her extremely mobile ability she can quickly reach areas faster than the other champions. Although she is classified as a flanker and her abilities are designed, she distributes high damage. Maeve is fast and hard to pack as she has many agility skills.

- Torvald: The Runic Sage was classified as too weak shortly after his appearance, as he has little mobility and no escape characteristics. In fact, he does not need them at all. He is capable of constantly recharging his gauntlet in a relatively short period of time - which makes him almost impossible to kill. His ultimate blows an entire team away and has a low cooldown. In addition, the runic energy supplies his team with strong protection.

- Mal’damba: Wekono's chosen has the ability to wipe out other damage masters at the top. He has an extremely powerful kit of damage, healing and AOE and a valuable Ultimate that hunts opponents and increases damage. Many players currently consider him too strong.

- Makoa: The turtle who has very strong health pool and a wide hit box. His Ultimate is able to free a complete payload from enemies and take control there.

The following Champions are slightly worse than those of the above champions but they are tricky opponents.

Sha Lin

The Weakest Champions in Paladins

The following champions are currently classified as weak and easy to counter.

- Grohk: Weak deceleration, Ultimate flatten compared to others
- Skye: Just by countering objects, with a little coordination can simply take her.

The remaining heroes, who are not mentioned here, are neither very good nor particularly bad.

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In Digimon World: Next Order, if you want to recruit residents then you need to explore the entire game world. They can be everywhere. On the map you can see them, as they are marked with a blue exclamation mark.

The residents are Digimon, who you can recruit when you find them. For some, it may be that you first have to fight them or do a task before they go to float and help raise the prosperity of the city.

If the Digimon residents are able to go back to floating city, they will take an important role here, help with reconstruction, or open up shops to make the city flourish again.

Also, for the story, it is imperative that you recruit the Digimon residents. However, some Digimon residents may not appear until you reach a certain point within the story. This means that you also have to search for places where you were already, because here and there new residents could emerge when you could complete a chapter.

We have listed all the digimon inhabitants below. With their help, you can restore the prosperity of the city. Unfortunately, the list is not yet complete. If you already have another Digimon resident, please let us know in the comments below.

Recruitment Condition
Patamon Near plains - wide elevation You just have to talk to him. Open a warehouse where you can place items
Tentomon Near plains - wide elevation Purchase the healing disk for 100 bits. Open a shop where you can buy items.
Palmon Near plains - wide elevation Get Salty Fruit, a Digistalk and a Smiling Apple  Help to increase meat content and increase meat ranges.
Biyomon Near plains - wide elevation Speak as soon as you've recruited Birdramon. Support Birdramon as a transmitter.
Etamon Near plains - wide elevation Get a battery from power station 2. Sell Decoration for the city.
Numemon Near plains - forest road Get five green Green Digistalks and defeat it. Give yourself a mobile toilet every day.
Wormmon Near plains - forest road Get a stick. Give yourself a fishing rod and inform you about the favorite food of your Digimon.
Kuwagamon Near Plains - Power Plant 2 Get a Royal Digi jelly from the forest trail. Give yourself an edible item daily from 4 pm.
Kabuterimon Near Plains - Old Cable Car Defeat it in battle. Can improve the training equipment in the training room.
Renamon Near plains - cave entrance Need a Digicarp, can get from the bridge in NIgh Plains Vast Plateau Open a restaurant where you can buy food.
Veemon Server desert - noise storms Speak with Togemon and defeat Veemon in battle. Act as architect of the city and can improve buildings.
Greymon Server desert - noise storms Get a magma lozenge from the logic volcano. Open a shop where you can buy your tents.
Togemon Server desert - server cemetery Defeat it after defeating Veemon. Give you an edible item every day, which increases the training effect.
GrapLeomon Server desert - Step step  Find Gargomon and Cyber Grease Open the Digivolution
Dojo and can tell you about the digits.
GargomonServer desert - tower roadTalk first with GrapLeomon and then with Gargomon.Open a shop where you can buy items.
Angemon Server desert - dead end town Recruit Hackmon and talk to Angemon again. Go to the clinic and tell you about the condition of your digimon.
Birdramon Logic Volcano - Server Desert Defeat it in battle. Acted as a channel in the city and can take you to already visited places.
Gumdramone Logic Volcano - Server Desert Speak with Zudomon first and then talk with Gumdramon. Join the architect and give you a present as your building expands.
Meramon Logic volcano - Fire Circuit Defeat it in battle. Open a restaurant where you can buy food.
Kyubimon Logic Volcano - Server Desert  Defeat it in battle. Open a clinic in the city where you can buy medicine items.
Hackmon Logic Volcano - Garbage pile Speak first with Angemon and defeat Hackmon in battle. Go to the clinic and tell you about places that do not like your Digimon.
BomberNanimon Logic Volcano - Garbage pile Get his five body parts. -
Seadramone Cape MOD - MOD ship 1.0 Get Digifry, Digicrucian and Digikoi -
Zudomon Cape MOD - MOD ship 2.0 Recruit Gumdramon and talks again with Zudomon. Join the architect and can search for materials for you.
DemiDevimon Cape MOD - Boat 2.0 (Cabin) Get the special chalice of Vikemon. Traces the economic growth in float.
BlackGatomon Cape MOD - Ship 3.0 (Cabin) Get all pirate items from the area. -
Vikemon Cape MOD - Captain's cabin Speak first with DemiDevimon and defeat Vikemon in battle. -
MarineAngemon Cape MOD - flag flagship Get the spiked / bent spoon. Go to the clinic and transfer your Digimon lifetime.
Agumon Ohguino Wasteland - Guts Wastes Defeat it in battle Make everyone happy with his presence.

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Sniper Elite 4, the latest installment in the Sniper Elite game series brings new possibilities of discovery through the open world character. In the game, you have to search every corner of the map. We recommend the new coop mode. Invite a friend and take a closer look at Italy. Hundreds of collectibles are hidden here - letters, reports and stone eagles can be found everywhere and bring you valuable achievements.

The collectables can be found in many places. You will find the letters in camps, around which you’ll find some enemies. In order to tell a story, you need to find all letters to home, letters from home and finally last letters. The latter will only be found at the end of each mission so that the chronology makes sense. You should look for the stone eagles on houses and tower roofs. They are quite large and can see from distant. We recommend that you first search for a high point at the beginning of each mission, where you can mark your enemies and other targets, and search for the stone eagles.

The sniper reports can be found in typical places of snipers. In the first mission we could only find a single report. Therefore, they are very rare and resemble the letters. However, the towers are the best places to find the reports made by other snipers. With the new mechanics with which Karl can climb, the maps become more vertical and offer scope for this collectible object.

In addition to the collectible objects, there are secondary objectives (Deadeye Targets). These will appear on the map. For example: in mission 1 you’ll find three Deadeye Targets. Search them and work them with your ammunition.

All Collectibles in Mission 1- San Celini Island

All Collectibles in Mission 2 - Bitanti Village

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The deadly game of blackjack in Resident Evil 7 is no fun and 21 DLC, it's all about life and death, so you should try to get Ethan out of the trap. Lucas will always find new reasons to play another round of the deadly card game. Without trump cards, you are thrown here and cannot face the challenge in the higher difficulty.

This is exactly the answer to the question of defeating Lucas in 21 - the trump cards . In Mode 21, you may still be able to use the Jokers, but as soon as your survival is unlocked, you simply need to work with the trump cards. In addition, during the game, you will unlock additional trump cards that will give you more powerful moves. So it is no problem to cut an opponent equal to 5 fingers at a time, or give him a full load of electricity.

21 - Survival and Survival +

While 21 is first in the game, survival and survival + focuses on the pure "fight". We recommend that you try to keep an eye on the rewards for which you have to fulfill certain conditions. If you have already played a few rounds, then you know which trump cards are good and how you should use them best. Below we give you a list of rewards that you will receive in Resident Evil 7: 21 DLC and will show you how to unlock them.

- Shield +: (Defeat 2 enemies a row without being tortured).

- Pick 24: Increase the card value that must be reached from 21 to 24.
(Defeat a total of 5 enemies).

- To Increase Two +: Increase the use of your opponent and make you draw a trump card. (Defeat 15 enemies).

- Start Trump Cards +1: An additional trump card is issued at the start.
(Achieve the card value of 21 a total of three times).

- Exchange: The last drawn card of the opponent is exchanged with your last drawn card - face-down cards cannot be exchanged.
(Use a total of 10 trump cards).

- Pick 27: Increase the card value that must be reached from 21 to 27.
(Achieve the card value of 21 in total 3 times in a row).

- Trump Switch +: (Use at least 15 trump cards in one round and win them).

- Destroy +: Confuse all trump cards the opponent has placed on the table.
(Remove a total of 10 trump cards from the opponent).

- Destroy ++: (Remove a total of 20 trump cards from the opponent).

- Start Trump Cards +1: An additional trump card is issued at the start.
(Win, though you have overbought).

- Perfect Card Draw +: (Complete survival).

- Start Trump Cards +1: An additional trump card is issued at the start.
(Defeat the elusive Mr. Big Head).

- Harvest: Defeat the elusive Mr. Big Head twice.

- Ultimate Card Draw: (Complete survival without being tortured).

- Grand Reward: (Complete survival without being tortured).

In 21 you will not have so many trump cards. Here there are some standard jokers like Destroy or To Raise Two. The more you advance in the rounds, the more of these cards you will get and use. However, in 21, the conditions are not as strict as for survival and survival +.

More tips

- Time: It is important that you know that you have time for each decision and you should take it. That is, the first thing you do after the cards are split is to look at your trump cards. Read each one in peace and think about which situations you could use.

- The card stack consists of numbers from 1 to 11, and you share this stack with your opponent. This means that no number occurs twice in the stack. This gives you the option to figure out which card may be hidden from your opponent.

- There are trump cards that allow you to draw certain numbers. So if you only have 7 points to the 21 and you have the corresponding joker, you can simply request 7. Important! Note also the face-down cards of you and your opponent. If the card is no longer in the pile or in front of you, it is with the opponent and so you can determine how many points he has already.

- Once you are 100% sure how many points your opponent has, go to the whole thing! Make sure that your points are closer to the 21 or don’t exceed them and then bang bonuses to your opponent. So you can achieve that with a train all his fingers fall (or electricity, or the saw catch him).

- Always have a few trump cards to defend and raise them for emergencies. Especially destroy and shield are important and should be hoarded. Always try to get out of a difficult situation in a different way. For example, in which you exchange or return the cards.

- If you notice that you don’t reach the necessary number or even exceed 21, you must ensure that as few fingers (electricity or distance to the saw) as possible are affected by the torture. You can destroy the bonuses imposed by your opponent and destroy them with your shield.

- If you are playing your trump cards, it may happen that your opponent's desire is played out. This can be very critical, because you can get all the fingers checked with a lost round. If you are 100% sure that you have the better cards then you can ignore desire. If not, you should use destruction and shield.

- Perfect Jogging: You should keep this joker for the last rounds of survival + survival +. Then, if your opponent reaches ever more powerful trumps and you want to end the round finally.

With these considerations, we have managed to overcome many rounds and win the modes. Surely there are also other approaches. So, if you have more ideas on how to use the cards, please leave them in the comments.

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