Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the latest title of the long lived football franchise from Konami. The game has high end graphics, unprecedented realism and provides detailed versions of all the football stars in the world. When evaluating their attributes, some players stand out for very high numbers. Here we have listed the top 10 highest rated players in the game.

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, the list has new appearances, as Higuaín and Pogba. Check out the top 10 players in PES 2017.

Lionel Messi

The Argentine takes off with the top player of PES 2017. With 94 overall points, Messi is a machine for making goals, thanks to his speed, skill and finishing.

Luis Suarez

For the first time in the Top 3 of the game Konami, the Uruguayan joins Messi to form the most feared striker of recent times. Tall, strong and full of offensive qualities, Suarez is the best game area man.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Although keep in good phase for years in a row, the Portuguese Real Madrid dropped to third place. With 92 points overall, the attacker still causes chills in opponents with his speed and quality with the ball at his feet.


Neymar led the Brazil team winn the Olympic gold, and comes to PES 2017 with better numbers than ever. Very agile and dribbler, the Barcelona striker is extremely dangerous in the game, both the ability and by good kick with both legs.

Thiago Silva

Although not included in the convocations of the Brazilian team, Thiago Silva continues with prestige and appears as the best defender of the whole game. With 91 points, the defender is excellent in marking and also supports the attack with a lot of quality.

Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich goalkeeper and Germany, Neuer is considered as the best goalkeeper in the world, and the fame does not go blank in PES 2017. With ace status, the German is worth a fortune in Master League mode

G. Stegers (Lewandowski)

Despite the licensing issues with the name of the Polish playmaker, no. 9 of Bayern Munich is the seventh best player of PES 2017. With powerful and accurate shots and optimal positioning, the attacker ensures many goals, either on the ground or in the air.

Sergio Agüero

Manchester City’s Main player, the Argentine is very highly rated in the new version of Konami simulator. With 89 points, Agüero combines the qualities of a good striker, such as speed, agility, good dribbling and precise kick.

Paul Pogba

New star of Manchester United, the Frenchman impresses football fans with the quality and versatility, which have been translated into incredible attributes in PES 2017. Best player position, Pogba can attack, defend and help the team.


After moving to Juventus, the attacker gained even more prominence, and now ranks among the best of PES 2017. Aggressive and efficient, Higuain is one of the best choices for the offensive sector in the game.

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Rise of Iron, the expansion of Destiny bring some new items including the Splicer Keys that are important for you, if you are traveling on the earth. You can open with them not only chests or other locks, but also you can start quests with their aid or into the PvE Arena.

Even if you want to get hold of the most powerful rocket launcher in the game - the Gjallarhorn - then you definitely need a Splicer Key, because without it you can not open the laser-grid or start the Gjallarhorn Quest. In the plague lands spawn periodically witch, or so-called brood mothers that make the Splicer Key fall as a drop. Kill them would be a way to get to these items. But we still have a very different farming method for you.

Usage of Splicer Key

Splicer Keys are valuable in many ways in Destiny: Rise of the Iron. They have different purposes:

- Starting Quests

- Opening chests or obstructed paths, for example, various grid - chests you often find on your forays through the plague lands when you're on patrol

- Entering the PvE arena of Archon’s forge - If you die here and you will not revived by one of your friends, then you need a Splicer Key to unlock the terminal to return to the Arena

In Destiny Rise of Iron, you can have a maximum 3 characters. Each of these characters can carry only 10 Splicer Keys and altogether can posses a maximum of 40 Splicer Keys at the same time. And these 40 Splicer Keys you can farm at once. You need about an hour for it.

Farm a Lot of Splicer Keys

As previously mentioned Splicer Keys drop especially by enemies such as Brood mothers.

Brood enemies are recognizable by their yellow energy bar. They appear in the plague lands during patrols. The area where they spawn must be unlocked first. Once you start the new expansion Rise of Iron, you could have the first campaign missions to complete. After that, you can proceed as follows to farm Splicer Keys:

You encounter a Brood enemy in the infested land directly after the spawn area. You should kill her because here you’ll certainly get a Splicer Keys. It is sufficient if you inflict only some damage to the brood mother, so you have not set the final shot. It is even simpler in a fire team of three custodians. Here must cause only a damage and all members get the key.

Once you have defeated you enemy at the first spawn, return to orbit and repeat the process again.

Sometimes it may be that the breeding enemy was just killed and has not yet spawned again. Then simply go back to orbit and try again. This is faster than waiting for the respawn entering again after about three minutes.

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Rise of the Iron, the newest expansion to Destiny brings a lot of new exotic weapons and additional ornaments for their design. Probably one of the biggest machine gun in the new DLC is the Nemesis Star. This weapon will give you a lot of fun and victories in both PvP and PvE.

The new exotic weapon is the perfect companion for fans of solar damage. Nemesis Star is a good choice for players who like to throw themselves into the fray, with the various perks give you a good grasp definitely.

The biggest strength of Nemesis Star lies in its enormous burst damage. For a machine gun the magazine is not overwhelming in size. 53 cartridges per magazine fit into this weapon and release solar damage hail on your opponents. However, the lack of capacity of cartridges like the gun by a very good stability high damage of the individual shots.

The following perks are available for you with the Nemesis Star:

- Strange gravity: Reach and precision are increased, as long as you hold down the trigger. In addition, you get Kills a bonus to the cooldown of grenades.

- Spray and Play: Improve reload speed, when your magazine is empty.

- Extinction cycle: The rate of fire of the weapon is increased during the first hit.

In addition to the normal perks, you can choose between selectable extras that customize the weapon to your game style:

First Extra:

- Flared Magwell: The reload speed is even faster.
- Perfect Balance: The recoil of Nemesis star is significantly reduced.
- Field Scout: Increased your ammunition capacity.

Second Extra:

- Field Choke: Increased range and power but also increased recoil.
- Improved / Accurized Ballistic: Increased range and power but also increased recoil.
- Linear Compensator:

Unfortunately, there is no certain way to get Nemesis Star. You get this weapon by engrams or randomly by Loot on the different planets in Destiny. According to Bungie, there are some useful tips that may help you to get this exotic weapon:

- Activities in the Rise of the Iron Lords.
- From the Wrath of the Machine Raid.
- Occasionally in the range of xur.
- Dawn activities you can find Nemesis star with the engram.
- From the Raid King case.
- You will receive the Nemesis star by tests of Osiris.

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PES 2017 is the latest entry in the popular football game franchise from Konami. The new title brings high end graphics, unprecedented realism and shows the series at its best. Among many improvements, MyClub mode stands out for its huge evolution and customization options. See the best tips to dominate the soccer field and lift the cup.

Objectives of the MyClub

Soon to start your journey through the virtual fields, click the field " MyClub Achievements" and check all the tabs. During the first few hours of play, there are a number of very simple goals that yield great rewards.

Some small activities such as play a game in Divisions mode, hire a coach or make a bid on the auction scouts yield dozens of valuable gold coins, which are essential for building a respectable team.

Save Coins and Buy a Good Coach

It is not easy to earn gold coins in PES 2017. As explained, the best time to accumulate money quickly without having to appeal to the infamous micro-transactions is at the very beginning of the game, when there are hundreds of easy challenges available.

So resist the temptation and avoid spending it too soon. After all, gold coins can be used to acquire the best technical of the game. The coach at the beginning of the campaign has limited capabilities. Therefore, it is advisable to switch to a new "coach" as soon as possible.

Live Football Art

PES 2017 rewards players willing to play with courage and joy. Most of the actions, whether kicks, crosses or dribbling, become a substantial gain of GPs when undertaken for the first time.

Enjoy the easiest games against the machine to try all those dribbles and passes more difficult effect to do. If you have questions or need inspiration, check out our Beginner’s guide and tips for playing PES 2017.

Keep An Eye On The Scouts

Pay special attention to the stars on the head of the avatar of each scout. After all, they determine the maximum quality of players in the market. For example, a scout with only three stars will not have access to quality ball and gold players with four or more stars are accessible to lookouts.

Also, combining two or more scouts make the results of your search reaches maximum, consistent players with the average of the scouts. That is, adding a scout four stars and other two stars, they will find players consistent with a three-star scout.

Make Loans Wisely

It will probably take a while until you can put together a team with players of the highest quality. This can be a problem both in the most difficult games against the machine as in online games, which are great the chances of facing great casts of rival veterans.

In this case, it's a good idea to spend some money by choosing the best possible players on loan. As the name makes clear, they are the team for extremely limited time, so do not even think of using a Messi or Buffon on loan in a game against the CPU in the lowest difficulty. Use the loans for really decisive matches!

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NBA 2k17 is the latest edition in the basketball simulator game series from 2K Sports. Available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, the game was released on September 20, 2016.

In NBA 2K17, you get a chance to unlock some badges and allow your players to improve their skills.

The badge in NBA 2K17 differ in two categories. One relates to improvements of your skills and the other gives you personal bonuses for mental influences on your positive and negative players on the pitch. Furthermore, there are badges for My Park mode or Hall of Fame badges. In our guide, we focus on the My Career mode badges.

Playmaking Badges

Badge EffectUnlock Condition
Dimer Become the Elite Passer, who almost always finds his team members. Achieve 300 assists in a season.
Lob City Passer Have high number of alley-oops passes  Complete 50 successful alley-oops in a season
Ankle breaker You let your opponent often stumble by dribbling . Achieved 200 "Double Move leading to the point" with an assist in a season.
Flashy Passer Your passes are just crazy good! Complete 50 flashy passes in a season.
Pick & Roll Maestro You create a lot of space by a Pick  Use pick & roll to call for 100 screens in a season.
Break Starter Quickly initiate a counterattack with precise passes.   Complete outlet pass 50 times

Defensive Badges

Badge EffectUnlock Condition
Pick Pocket You are known for service of your opponents can hit the ball out of his hand. Strike the ball 50 times out of the hand of the enemy.
Defensive StopperLimit the offensive abilities of the opponents.
Rim ProtectorExcellent shot-blocker degrades the throws of opponents.Complete 80 blocks in a season
Charge Card Adept at provoking an offensive foulComplete 7 charges
Chase Down ArtistExcellent Shot- Blacker in Trasition Game.
Pick Dodger An agile player, the opponent blocks evades easily.
Hustle Rebounder An elite rebounder. Complete 600 rebounds including 150 offensives

Inside Scoring Badges

Badge EffectUnlock Condition
AcrobatYou can change your shots uncomplicated.Complete 15 reverse layups and 5 change-shot layups in a season.
Tear DropperPerfected at making floaters and runners.Perform 100-200 floaters.
Putback KingYou are known to score right after a rebound. Score often from putback situations.
Pick & RollerVery skillful scorer in PickScores 100-200 times after offensive rebound
Relentless FinisherComplete despite physical resistance from without any major problems. Try 50-100 times by layups or dunks to score with contact.
Post spin technician  You dominat in the post with your post Spin Moves Score 100 times out of the Post.
Drop Stepper You are known for your Drop Steps Achieve 50-100 Drop
Dreamlike Up and Under You perfect with Up & under moves  Try 50 up and under shots

Outside Scoring Badges

Badge EffectUnlock Condition
Corner SpecialistYou are known to hit threes from the corner25 3s from the corner
Mid range DeadeyeYou are known to hit Mid range shots at a high chance. Hit 150-200 Mid range shots despite defense.
Limitless RangeYou hit shots from deep 3s beyond the line.Hit 50 3s from beyond the line
Deep range DeadeyeYou hit shots from a distance with a high probability.Hit 100 high probability deep range shots.
Pick and PopperMost effective Pick & Pop situation.Hit 200 shots as the popper.
Difficult shots You are known to be taken even the most difficult shots.  Hit 100-200 shots after dribbling moves.
Tireless Scorer Stood still even after you are exhausted Try 100-200 shots even after you're exhausted

Athletic Badges

Badge EffectUnlock Condition
Lob City FinisherComplete alley-oops at high rateAchieve 50 alley-oops
PosterizerFrequent success dunks over opposing defenders.  Achieves 15 Contact dunks.
BruiserYour physical strength can bounce opponents and lowers his strength value.Provide 100 blocks/Screens
Brick wall Sets insurmountable blocks/screens.Provides 100 blocks/Screens.
One Man FastbreakVery strong Coast to Coast player.Score 75 Fast Breaks in a season.

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Rise of Iron, the latest DLC for Destiny brings new item called ‘Skeleton Keys’ with them you can open certain chests that appear only when the boss is done at the end of the strike. Corresponding keys are in high demand because the loot chests may contain exclusive and Strike-grade weapons and armor.

General tips for farming Skeleton Keys

- Your first skeleton key you get after completion of Kovik’s Sin and Shiro’s "None Are Perfect" missions, you will need this Skeleton key to get the Year 3 Thorn!

- Other Skeleton Keys are random awards of Strike bosses.

- Play Strikes - but only on the newly added SIVA-Strike playlist (recommended light level: 320). You can find the playlist on upper right point "vanguard" select the main screen / Director Mode

- Basically, the drop chance for Skeleton Key seems bad. Players report that they had to put about 15 Strike bosses until they have received a Key.

- If it’s the SIVA-Strike playlist in heroic mode (recommended light level: 350) or equal make Twilight Strike.

- Save your collected skeleton keys. Keys can be stacked in the inventory.

- The light value Strike brings specific rewards based apparently on current light value of your guardian. The highest light value of captured equipment is currently at 385.

The following table tells you which particular Loot may appear in the boxes of different strikes. They should serve you to select what loot you have already or want to have, and therefore use the skeleton key.

Please note that the guide is still under construction. As soon as new information comes to light, we will update this article accordingly.

Place / Location
Special Loot
Devil’s Lair- Earth -
Summoning Pits - Moon -
The Nexus-Venus -
Winter's Run - Venus Stolen Will (Shotgun)
Cerberus Vae III-Mars Threads Upon Star;(Scout Rifle)
The dust Palace - Mars Threads Upon Star (Scout Rifle),Void Flayer Mantle (Hunter), Solar Flayer Mantle(Hunter)
The will of CrotaDevil’s Lair;Earth Grasp of Malok (Pulse Rifle), Omnigul Bond (Warlock)
Undying Mind Devil’s Lair Mars Imago loop (handgun), Mark of the Undying Mind (Titan)

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