The remake of Secret of Mana (HD) brings back the two iconic characters Primm and Popoi, and if you want to unlock them as your companions then there are two options for you. In this guide, we'll explain the easy way and then show you how you can alternatively include them in your group.

Find the Girl ‘Primm

After your first boss fight against the Mantis Ant you need to take the path to the Water Palace. Very important: If you want to find Primm, you have to talk to the soldier in the courtyard of the palace and watch them as the company disappears over the teleporter left - that triggers a meeting.

Then go to the south to the town of Pandoria, where you will be attacked and abducted by goblins. This only happens if you watch the soldiers on their magical departure. Fortunately, Primm appears and recues you from this predicament. Unfortunately she disappears shortly afterwards.

If you want to unlock the companion, you must now make a detour to the castle. After the dispute with her father, Primm meets you and asks you to look for her boyfriend with her. Primm joins the group.

If you miss the early encounter with Primm, then you will only be able to rescue her in the hunted woods. Here you have to deal with powerful wolves, which will demand a lot from you at this time. We recommend you to use the first method.

Get Primm, Find Popoi, Secret of Mana, Remake, HD, 2018

Note: It is quite normal for Primm to flee after a certain amount of time. Later, she will be with you as a companion, no matter what you do.

Find the Goblin ‘Popoi’

If you don’t get on in the Hunted wood, because you're missing an ax. This you get in the Dwarf village, where the goblin named Popoi is located.

You can also visit the Dwarf village first, defeat the second boss and add Popoi to your group before you take care of the girl, but our method is much faster and not so much involved in difficult fights.

The important thing is that you should have at least 150 GP in your pocket - you will need them later. First, you should visit the theater at the item shop. Pay the 150 GP, get it back a short time later and pay a visit to the resident blacksmith.

If you leave his job, the second boss fight against Tropicallo starts. If you defeat the boss, the goblin joins your group. You have unlocked all companions and can now play in co-op.

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In Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD), you’ll come across an herbalist in the woods, west of Uzhitz. You can use her alchemy table to craft potions such as Savior Schnapps - if you talk to this herbalist, she'll ask you to track down the three women in the village who sold her magic ointment.

The alchemist worries about what the women are doing with the hallucinogenic effect and so you have the quest to follow them into the wood at night and see what's going on there. And depending on what you do, the quest ‘Playing With the Devil’ has different endings.

First, you have to stay in Uzhitz until dusk. After sunrise, the three women then break into the forest. Follow them, but keep some distance. They will gather around a campfire and you will be given the task of quietly watching what happens.

But it gets a lot more entertaining if you don’t stop! So move a bit and wait for the upcoming cutscene. No matter what you say to the women, they will take you for the devil and do whatever you want!

As you came into contact with the ointment , hallucinations also set in and soon there are no more three women in front of you, but a horse, a pig and a chicken . Now it's up to you: Which animal, or lady, do you want to crack? After the conversation, you can choose a love for the night and you'll get the job. We chose the horse and cracked the lock in a mini-game. This works just like the normal lock picking.

All Ends, Pig, Horse, Chick, Three Women, Henry, Dance With the Devil, Bad Trip, KC Deliverance

Shortly thereafter, you are attacked by horrible characters and Henry has the choice to intervene, or to do nothing. This results in different ends of the quest:

- Intervention and Protect The Women: In the fight you kill the devilish aggressors and save the women. If you follow the quest to Father Godwin, he will not be very happy and pray for the good of your soul. The women, on the other hand, survive.

- Dodge the Attackers and Wait and See: The attackers will not kill you, instead they go to the women and want to strike them down for the Sorcerer's Sabbath. So the women die, the herbal woman will be upset and also the father is not very happy.

You see, either the attackers die by your hand or the women by the bandits / millers . No matter which path you choose, if you speak with Father Godwin, you will receive the Trophy.

But what happens if you don’t intervene and let the Sabbath happen while you are watching from a safe distance, the women are also interrupted and attacked. Again, you can intervene or let the attackers grant. But you miss the success…

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In Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), you’ll find a lot of food that will fill your stomach as well as give you strength and prepare you for new adventures. However, if you eat rotten food you can quickly catch food poisoning. In this guide, we’ll show you how to treat the food poisoning.

This happens when you eat food that has shelf life (heart symbol) below 50. You will recognize this by the red coloring of the number. As foods last for varying amounts of time, some become worse faster than others. For example: dried fruit and dried meat, last longer than fresh fruits or fresh meat.

If you eat bad food, you will get a debuff (skull icon next to the health bar). This will slowly reduce your health over time as long as the poisoning is active. Especially serious poisonings reduce your health even for a long time. Remember: The more the freshness of a food goes down to zero, the stronger the poisoning effect.

If you want to cure a poisoning, you have the following two options:

- Sleeping in a Bed: Yes, that's right, sleeping in bed negates the poisoning in KCD and also gives you back 10 life points per hour's sleep.

- Take an Antidote: Somewhat more expensive is the purchase of an antidote. You can get this from the pharmacist (for example in Rattay).

Food Poisoning Treatment, Kingdom Come Deliverance, KCD

Keep in mind that bad or spoiled food is not completely useless. You can still sell them to retailers for a few groschen.

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Just like in many other RPG, there are also romances in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). If Henry wants to take a break from his hard work, then there are some ways to let him relax in a special way.

If you want to unlock all the achievements in the game, then you have to play at least two runs. In one round, Henry must remain a young free. He will make it only if he never drinks with Father Godwin and never uses the full bathhouse service. In the next run you can take care of the romances with Stephanie and Theresa.

Start Romance with Theresa

You will find Theresa in the first 30 minutes of KCD. If the enemy forces attack, you must quickly get a horse and ride to the next place. But before you go, you’ll hear her cries for help from the right row of houses. This is Theresa, who is surrounded by three men. If you wave around here with a sword or otherwise lure the three soldiers to you, you will have a simple game with Theresa. Now, you have to complete the following steps to start a romantic relationship with Theresa.

- During the main quest, Keeping the Peace, you will travel to Rattay and talk to a guard named Nightingale.

- As soon as you speak to him, the Courtship Side Quest unlocks.

- Go to Theresa, who is already waiting for you at the mill in the west of Rattay.

- Ask her if she wants to go for a walk with you.

Romance Guide, Theresa, KC Deliverance
- Gifts further boost your romance.

- Once you sit down, another dialogue follows.

- Since she only has speech level 2, you should be able to play here easily and direct the conversation in your direction.

- Now let it pass for about three to four days and talk to her again.

- Talk to her when it is already dark or at least dawning. Then Theresa makes her way to the tavern.

- There follows a scene in which you should emerge victorious.

- Accompany your beloved mistress home.

- Now you have to wait another three to four days.
- Go back to Theresa and talk to her.

- She wants to play a game with you now. It does not matter if you let her win or not - the end is always the same.

Start Romance with Stephanie

You’ll also meet Stephanie early in the game. She surprises you in the middle of the night with wine and a conversation. What you say here is not relevant. You can only start the romance from the main quest Awakening. Go to the upper level of the castle fortress - there you will find Stephanie. If she is not here, just wait a few hours and look again at the place. Then talk to her so she can give you a quest: At Your Service My Lady. To complete this, you need wine, a crown and a horse.

Romance Guide, Stephanie, KC Deliverance
Wine: There is a wine merchant in Rattay. Speak to him to learn that he has no more wine and go to the competition. Here you can either join in, persuade the winner, give you the wine or buy the wine from the winner for 200 groschen. If you decide for the first one, you should definitely save with the aid of Savior Schnapps or a PC mod.

Horse: Go to Uzhitz and talk to the stable boy there. Ride it safely back to Talmberg.

Crown: In Sasau you will find the crown. Unfortunately, she lacks a gem. The tricky option would be to see where the dealer is, who can give you the piece of jewelry. You can also just have it replaced. That would be the simple method that Stephanie notices but does not break your relationship.

If you have done everything, you may go back to Talmberg and talk to Stephanie. Now she will want to give you a shirt. Take it to you, so that the romance can start.

Romances in the Bathhouse

If Henry is dirty, you can go to a bathhouse and wash your clothes and have your wounds cared for. If Henry is particularly dirty", then the full service with the conversation option "I would like to have a girl and everything that goes with it" helps. But that costs you a lot of groschen, which you can then downplay.

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In Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), horses are important to reach your destination quickly. Especially, you can use them to escape from bandits and also you can increase your inventory capacity so that you can carry more loot to traders.

In KCD, there are three different ways to get horses

- You can buy a horse from traders in the game. To do this, you have to find the question marks in each location. Once you have discovered the stables in a settlement, you can examine the horses and buy them from the stable owner.

- You can also steal a horse. Probably the simplest method, but this is not recommended, as stolen horses are not really yours.

- The last method is to follow the main quest until you automatically get a horse.

The last method is more appropriate at the beginning of the game. Follow the main quest until you return with Hans Capon from the hunt and start the quest “The Hunt Begins". You are now in the Rattay and should report to Captain Bernard. Do this and he will give you your first own horse - Pebbles! Pebbles is your first horse in the game. It has the following values: Speed: 28 and Carrying Capacity: 182.

Horses Locations, Get Roach, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Get Roach from The Witcher! (Easter Egg)

As a little Easter Egg you can also buy the legendary horse Roach from the Witcher series in KCD. You just have to go to Merhojed . This is a small town south of Samopesch and west of Talmberg.You can buy the Roach from the stable owner Johann. The following map shows you the exact location of roach.

Roach Location Map,The Witcher, Easter Egg, Kingdom Come Deliverance, KCD

Find Epona

Epona enjoys her comfortable life in the village Neuhof, which is located northeast of Rattay. Talk to the stable owner, Zora - that should be familiar to Zelda fans. Zora will sell you Epona with the following values:  Speed: 38 and Carrying Capacity: 212

If you are looking for a horse that has big lungs? Then Epona is the right choice!

Values and Advantages of Horses In KCD

Now that you have a horse, you can examine it in the menu under the item "horse" and equip. In addition, you can also increase the skill of riding.

Horses have six spur, saddle, bridle, armor, blinders, and horseshoe equipment. This equipment can be purchased from traders or otherwise looted.

This is not only pure decoration, but gradually improves the values of your horse. A horse has the following values:

- Speed: This value indicates how fast your horse is in the gaits step, trot, canter and gallop. Speed is also affected by how much weight your horse carries.

- Carrying Capacity: Indicates how many pounds of load a horse can haul. You can increase this value with better saddles and saddlebags.

- Courage: The braver a horse is, the more noise and restlessness it can tolerate before it shies and passes.

- Health: Horses, like your character, can be damaged and lose health. However, horses can not die. When the health is exhausted, life slowly regenerates over time.

- Endurance: If you gallop or squat, your horse loses stamina. You then have to spare it a bit, so that it can regenerate endurance again.

Incidentally, you can call your horse at any time using the triangle / Y / X button. Exceptions are stolen horses that will not listen to your whistle.

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A good Kingdom Come Deliverance mod can make a huge difference to your gaming experience in KCD. So there are already some KCD mods available for download but in this guide, we introduce you the best mods. Let’s start with a mod that allows you to save the game infinitely.

Regularly you can save the KCD in three different ways: you can use automatic save points, you can sleep in your bed or you can drink a rescuer. The latter is in short supply at the beginning of the game and difficult to produce without corresponding knowledge in alchemy. And going to bed at home during an extensive quest is no solution.

The mod for unlimited save games, which you can download from Nexus site, allows you to save at any time in the PC version of KCD.

The creator of the mod affirms that installing the mod won’t disable the achievements and trophies for KCD. Steps to install this mod:

- First, download the mod files from

- Navigate to your game directory in Steam (by default: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ KingdomComeDeliverance \ ).

- Unpack the mod files from the zip file into the data folder.

Useful Game Modes, KDC, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Incase if you want to remove this installation, delete the file that you unpacked to your Data folder. It's one of these:

- KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\zzz_kcd_UnlimitedSaving.pak
- KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\zzz_kcd_UnlimitedSavingNS.pak

As soon as new useful mods for KCD come out, we will expand our list accordingly!

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