Ashes of Ariandel is the first of two expansions for Dark Souls 3. In "Ashes of Ariandel", you will fight in Ashes of Ariandel through a snowy landscape - an environment that has not yet existed in Dark Souls 3. The terrain is much more open than fans are accustomed to, and new enemies also harbor this unfriendly environment. In addition to trees, which suddenly come to life and not only attack you with their branches but also shoot fireballs.

The first boss, you’ll encounter in Ashes of Ariandel, is an over-sized wolf. It awakens memories of Sif from Dark Souls, but while this specimen was performing an impressive sword blows against you, the new boss is entirely dependent on his catches and claws to harm you. However, the DLC opponent is still protected by a human character that has to be defeated.

In this guide, we would like to show you how to start the new expansion and enter the Painted World of Ariandel. For this you must make some preparations, which we show you bellow:

Note that if you are new to Dark Souls 3, then you will not be able to start the Ashes of Ariandel directly. To play the contents of the DLC, you must be already advanced in the main game. Those of you who already completed the Cathedral of the Deep, will need less support in starting the DLC.

- First you need to defeat the Deacons Of The Deep. This is the final boss of the Cathedral of the Deep.

- After the successful battle you’ll get the Little Doll with that you can access to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

- Go to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and look to the right of the altar. There a monk kneels on the ground - a new NPC in the game.

- The monk makes you an offer, and if you want to start the DLC Ashes of Ariandel, then you need to accept it.

- If the monk cannot be found in the chapel, then simply go to the next Beacon, travel to another place, and then return to the Cleansing Chapel. Now the NPC must be there.

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Battlefield 1, the latest entry in the first person shooter video game series from EA DICE, offers compared to its predecessors a lot of innovations and features that both beginners and professionals should know. Here are some useful strategies and tactics to help you dominate the battlefields of the First World War.

Unlock Weapons

Unlocking gadgets and weapons works much like Battlefield 4, so you must reach a certain rank in order to unlock new weapons. In addition, you will have to unlock them via the in-game currency War Bonds, which you gain by reaching a new player level.

SMGs Become Even Weaker On Distances

The machine guns are weak at great distances, should be well known. However, this has become even more extreme in Battlefield 1. At long distances, a SMG lose the most damage and therefore should only be used on angled maps with not too many open surfaces. If you have no other usable primary weapon, change to a gun that is still better at distances than a SMG.

The Return Of Weapons Can Be Adjusted

Weapons always cause a certain amount of rebound during shooting, which can be forgiven for you. So you have to counteract this in order to compensate for this. In Battlefield 1, weapons always move upwards when shooting. So you have to go downward to compensate for this.

You can also adjust this rebound yourself. In the settings, you can determine whether the weapon should be moved to the left, right or up. You can adjust the rebound from your preferences and controller settings.

Less Weapons, More Variable

Compared to Battlefield 4, the weapon arsenal is not as extensive, but there are three different versions of almost every primary weapon that adapt to your game style. For example, you can adjust the target accuracy to the distance or adjust a better rate of fire from the hip. So before you use your War Bonds for a new weapon, make sure you compare the values.

The Longer You Shoot, The More Accurate Your LMGs Hit

Light machine guns have a special advantage in Battlefield 1: the longer you hold the trigger, the higher the accuracy of the weapon. With LMGs you should do without short firings, but to protect your fellow players by persisting cover fire. If you take your finger off the trigger, the accuracy is reset.

You can use LMGs with the Utilities class and they are intended to nail enemies in their cover so they can be flanked by other players. The high magazine capacity makes it perfect for this task.

This Is How Reviving System Works

In the time of the First World War there were, of course, no defibrillators to revive your comrades. In Battlefield 1, there is the injection, with which your fallen fellow player back into the game. These can be used again and again and don’t have to wait until it is recharged. However, in order to revive a fellow player, you must be very close to him, which of course can be risky. You can also use the syringe fatally against enemies.

There Is No Engineer Class in Battlefield 1

When selecting the classes you have to do without an engineer like in Battlefield 4. In terms of armament, the Assault Class comes closest to the Engineer, since he can also equip shotguns and SMGs. However, they cannot repair any vehicles. This job takes the vehicle class.

For the fight against armored targets, the Storm Guard is best suited. With him you have anti-tank grenades, dynamite and rocket launchers. In addition, you can get rid of mines through class ascents.

The Vehicle Class, Drivers And Pilot

If you spawn in the battle in a tank or plane, it belongs to the vehicle class.

- Tank Driver: Owns a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, anti-tank grenades and a repair tool.
- Pilot: Owns the same primary weapons as the tank driver, but another secondary weapon as well as light gun and repair tool.

As a tank driver and pilot, you have the choice between six different primary weapons. You can repair vehicles from the inside. However, this takes longer and is interrupted by bombardment from the outside. So look for a safe place to retreat and go to repair. This goes faster and enemy bombardment also does not interrupt the process.

Sniper Rifles Differ In Their Effectiveness

Sniper rifles have a sweet spot in Battlefield 1. This means that a gun is very effective at a certain distance and causes the most damage. With the right sniper rifle at the perfect distance, you can kill enemy players with one shot.

So, experiment with the various sniper guns in the game to find the best gun for each distance.

Original article with tips on the beta

If You Want To Fly, Use The Combat Aircraft

In Battlefield 1, you have the choice between three different aircraft. Attack, combat and bomber aircraft are at your disposal. The combat aircraft, which is very fast and easy, is very effective. Although it is very little, but can cause damage with the correct lead-out.

Choose the Bomber-Killer-Lead-out, which offers many rocket missiles that cover a large area of damage.

Use Gas Grenades For Sniper Rifles

If you are traveling in a sniped area, the gas grenades prove to be extremely practical. Thanks to the gas masks, you can not kill them, but you lower your target area because you can not aim down with a gas mask. This forces you to leave your position and can take it easier with them. Alternatively, if you are using a fixed gas mask, you can not catch them while you are approaching.

Battlefield 1: Tips On The Weapons

First of all, it is important to understand that you have not only a general player level, but you can also level the individual classes to get new weapons. You can see your player level in the main menu at the top right. You increase the player level by almost every action in Battlefield 1.

However, at the beginning you should only play your favorite class to get them to the level and thus earn weapon ransoms. You can view your class level in the game under the customization option at the bottom, while you choose a class or wait for a respawn. Here you can see in the upper right corner your respective level with the selected class and you can already see which weapons are waiting for you. Alternatively, you can also unlock new weapons with the War Bonds.

Note The Locations Of The Elite Classes And Use Them Properly

The pick-ups from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline will be replaced in Battlefield 1 with the elite classes. Of these, there are three different ones and they can get the rudder in a match properly if you know how to use them correctly.

- The Sentry Elite Class: Spawn near Capture point F and can kill enemies very quickly thanks to his machine gun. He also has a heavy armor. However, he can not wear a gas mask and not aim down.

- Tank Hunter Elite Class: Located in the middle of the desert near Capture Point E. This class uses a tank gun to destroy vehicles and tanks at long distances. The weapon can only be used in a prone position or from a cover, which makes this class rather inflexible.

- Flame Trooper Elite Class: Can be found next to the half-destroyed building near Capture Point B. This class uses a flame guns and fire grenades and is particularly effective against infantry. The gas mask restricts the visibility somewhat, but the man-stop effect with the flame thrower is the same.

Keep in mind that only an elite class can be active at once. In addition, they are highly specialized soldiers who should be deployed according to their abilities. The best way to do this is to have them in the team.

Soldiers On Horseback: Focus On The Rider And Not The Horse

The new iconic features in Battlefield 1 include the mounted battle. With the saber in hand, you can surprise many players. However, dealing with horses is not so easy. If a hostile rider meets you, aim at the rider and not at the horse.

You can also hurt the horses, but they have much more hit points than soldiers and armored enemies. If you have defeated a rider, you must be careful and take care of the free-running horses. It can kick you down and even kill you.

A Good Weapon For The Start: The Beretta Model 1918

If you play often with the Assault class, the Beretta Model 1918 as a starting weapon is particularly well worth it. There are three variants of the weapon. Once with reduced hit accuracy but increased fire rate when shooting from the hip. A version is also available at the beginning for 40 War bonds. The best variant turns it off when Class level 3 is reached.

Makes Use Of Smoke Grenades In Rush Mode

The value of smoke grenades compared to normal shells is often underestimated. Especially in the rush mode, they are useful to quickly and unharmed into enemy territory. Each class in the game can also take smoke grenades into the battle. If you have played a lot with the medic, you will later also unlock a gun that can shoot smoke grenades.

Order Artillery Strikes As Defenders

As a defender, you must defend telegraph masters in rush mode, which can be used to order artillery strikes. Make use of it whenever you can and don’t forget it when defending. Specifically, the artillery shells cannot be used by you. It only triggers them and the game decides by chance where they end up. The attackers can place sprinkling sets for destroying the masts. However, these can be defused by the defenders.

Don’t Go Directly After Taking A Point

Battlefield veterans may already know this, but it always makes sense after taking a point on the map to linger briefly and don’t immediately proceed. This is the reason why usually new vehicles spawn at a freshly taken point. For example: these include vehicles or tanks with which you can advance faster and faster.

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The UNUM is an application that serves to measure the audience of Instagram accounts. The use is simple and the app provides interesting data that tell you success in the social network, as what was your best shot, the more tanned or commented, average "likes" and even the best time and day of the week to make a new post.

To access the UNUM it is necessary for the user to enter their Instagram login IDs and passwords. The application redirects the user to an Instagram page to enter their personal data, then it is possible to safely process. Then just start using, based on the guide given below:

Top Posts

Top Posts: The user can check his most talked post. It details, in the ranking, all that registered more activities and interactions. It makes you easy to think of a similar post / picture in the future. You can filter the most tanned photos of all time, a month or a week. The results should vary according to the selected option.

Organize Feed 

In the application, the user homepage can check your latest photos and place them next to be loaded. The idea is to get a sense of how they will be organized in the feed of pictures that appear in each user's profile.

Post Reminder

Still on the home page when you tap the hourglass icon in the upper right corner of the screen, the user has the option to program and view reminders of future publications. The application does not schedule automatic posts, but has a way to help with this. In "Reminders" you check already created and can create one by touching the screen, choosing the date.

In "Custom Post" you can create a custom reminder, writing even what kind of picture you should publish on a particular day or time. In "Calendar" visualize the reminders set in order, ideal to organize.


Here you can check the detailed data of the Instagram account. Followers, number of Likes and comments, best times to post new content and hashtags that give more results.

All data is consolidated into a single page, but they can be detailed by pressing the corresponding option. So you can check with more information, and improve your online interaction.

Best Time To Posts

In "Best times" the user verifies the best day and time of day to publish new posts on Instagram. The dots that appear represent the activity and interaction that your pictures received.

The larger the dot, the picture has more interaction that day and time, the lower represents the opposite. You can check every 24 hours of the day and all seven days of the week.

Best Hashtags

In "Best Hashtags" the user checks which hashtags brought more returns to the account, always with results calculated based on the overall average.

You can drill the selected hashtag and check which photo it was used. It is recommended to use the hashtags more tanned photos, for even more results in the future with other posts.


Finally, the UNUM has a useful area of own setting, click Settings in the menu that is in the application's icon on the home page - the top left corner. The settings allow customization of basic elements such as colors of the app and the data list.

The UNUM helps monitor your Instagram and set reminders to create posts on time, according to the basis of your busiest times.

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Battlefield 1 is officially released and available to all gamers. However, many players have reported numerous problems including bugs, errors or crashes. There are some issues that you can handle with simple workarounds, while for others you have to wait for a patch from the developers. In this guide we will give you some useful tips to fix most common problems in Battlefield 1.

- PC Crashes: The PC version often annoys you with crashes and sends you back to your desktop. If this is the case, then try to turn off the Origin Overlay. Just go to your settings and "Origin in the game". It could also help to update the graphics card drivers manually or to disable the DirectX 12.

- Xbox One - If you purchased the Early Enlister edition of Battlefield 1 and played on the Xbox One, it could happen that your pre-order bonuses or Battlepacks do not show up. If this is the case then try to fix it with this trick: First Finished Battlefield 1 and uninstall all add-ons of the Deluxe Edition, but not the main game itself. Then reinstall all additional content and restart the game.

- PS4 Pre-Order Codes Are Not Working: Before the release of Battlefield 1 this was one of the main problems of PS4 players. Pre- order bonuses could not be redeemed. But now after the official sales start the problem should no longer exist. Just type the code again and try.

- PS4 / Xbox One - "Multiplayer Privileges Unavailable in Battlefield 1": This error message may appear when you try to connect to the multiplayer mode on the console. In this case, check the validity of your Gold or Plus membership and extend it if necessary. If this is not the case, you must contact the support of Microsoft or Sony.

- PC Lags and Frame Rate Dips: if you face with this issue then try the following: Update your graphics card drivers manually, then lower the graphic quality via the settings and close all unnecessary applications running in the background during the game. Now go back into the game and open the Task Manager where you set the priority of Battlefield 1 to "high" (via processes).

Input Lag For The PC Version: The only thing you can do with this problem is the stopping of DirectX 12.

- Matchmaking Problems And Server Lag: The rush on the servers of Battlefield 1 is as big as with hardly any other game. Therefore, you can just try again and hope that it will work. Unfortunately, there will be no other solution for now.

- Where Is The Hardcore Mode? : The hardcore mode desired by many fans is not yet included in Battlefield 1 when it is sold. It is to be integrated shortly after the release into the game. Until then you have to settle for the regular settings.

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Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy C9 Pro, the first own Android smartphone comes with 6 GB of RAM. The Android smartphone has the new Qualcomm chip Snapdragon 653 as well as a 4,000 mAh strong battery on board and offers a 6 inch full HD display.

Samsung has introduced the first Galaxy smartphone with a 6 GB memory. The Galaxy C9 Pro has the new Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 653 with octa-core processor according big.Little principle, Adreno 510 GPU and connection to 6GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage and a slot for a microSD card for memory expansion up to 256 GB. The battery is built into the metal housing and has a large capacity of 4,000 mAh, but the Galaxy C9 Pro has a large current starter due to the 6-inch full HD screen.

Other features of the new Samsung Pharets are two 16-megapixel cameras with f / 1.9 aperture on the front and rear as well as data interfaces such as a USB Type C connector, NFC, WLAN a / b / g / n and LTE. As with the iPhone 7 (Plus), the phone speaker is also used for sound output when playing music or video. Ex factory, the device is delivered with Android 6 Marshmallow and Touchwiz UX.

The 6.9 millimeters thick and 189 grams heavy Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro can now be ordered in the Chinese online shop of the manufacturer in gold or rose gold for 3,199 yuan.

A few days ago Samsung had the first LPDDR4 DRAM with 8GB presented which will be used in upcoming flagship smartphones. Whether this already included in Galaxy S8 is unclear.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Unboxing and Overview

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In Rimuldar, Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2, you have to face an outbreak and you fight with medicine, food and drink. The cheeky little folks want special dishes such as cod. On the other hand it is clear that the patient must drink a lot, and that in such cases, water is essential.

Find Cod

Morten talk to you quite early in the chapter on that he would like an Angel. Since his request is very reproachful and cheeky, one tends to refuse his request. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t, because you will need later on cod, sardines and other fish. A small sickly boy in your hospital needs cod to recover from his illness.

The picture below shows you the bird's location. This island you reach through the blue portal. If you have repair the roof then from there, you nee to go to south-east until you come to the stone structure in the picture. On this water you will have great chances to catch a lot of cod.

Find water and build chamber of cool water

The beauty of this room is that it produces fresh water within the contaminated area directly from the soil. This allows your small inhabitants to produce objects that are related to water. If you want to build this chamber of the cool water, you have the items put in an empty space, the Casey enumerates you. However, the problem is the water block. This is simple water that should fill 10 blocks. The guidance of Casey (these you get after the construction of the chamber) includes:

At least 10 blocks of water
Two pots
A Wash
A Comfortable Stool
A Chest
A Light Source
A Door (is not in the manual)

Since you already have in your settlement a small source of water, you need to extend this only. Simply beat the earth blocks around the water, and so increases the source on 10 blocks.

As you can see, you get to the building of the Chamber of cool water. Bring this water to the sick in your village and help them get well.

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