In Final Fantasy 15, Survival is a skill just like cooking or fishing that you can develop in ten ranks. This not only gives you one of the trophies and achievements but also increases the rare items that Gladiolus can regularly find after a battle. In this guide we show you how you can increase the survival skill quickly.

To increase Gladiolus' survival talent, you need nothing more than moving your party around Eos and collecting footsteps. With every step your party makes, Gladiolus collects talent points, which are well written to him at the next rest. If you want to increase this talent, let the Regalia just stand and walk to the next quest goal.

In addition, there are two more tricks to increase your survival skills.

- Endless sprinting: When you sprint, you can logically gather more steps. With a trick you can also sprint endlessly. Simply press and hold the Circle / B button to jump, and then release it before the stamina bar is almost empty. The bar is then immediately filled again and you can continue sprinting. The stamina bar over Noctis' head can be shown about the game options.

- Sticking an analogue stick: An even more convenient method is sticking the analogue stick so that you endlessly circulate. You can simply go away from the console and do other things. But make sure you use this method only in places, otherwise you will be killed by monsters that appear at night.

Bonus tip: Ignis can also prepare the recipes Thick 'n' Juicy Steak or Paella, which will give you endless endurance for a short time. You can get the recipe for the Royal Road Paella in the wooden hut east of the Coernix gas station, if you look at the magazine cover. You can prepare the Thick 'n' Juicy Steak after you have eaten the jumbo steak in the Hammerhead restaurant.

The rare items can be found in Final Fantasy 15

If you have defeated all the red-marked enemies in a combat area, you will occasionally receive an indication that Gladiolus has found items above the health display on the right. The rarity of these items increases with each rank in survival talent. Only from level 5 you can get elixirs or phoenix down.

The following table shows all rare items and probabilities

Gladio Skill Level 1

5%: Glass Gemstone
15%: Beetle Shell, Shell/Antidote
25%: Fossil Shell
40%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 2

10%: Panacea
15%: Beetle Shell, Fossil shell
20%: Antidote
40%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 3

10%: Antidote, Beetle Shell, Fossil shell, Rare Coin
15%: Panacea
20%: Superlink
25%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 4

5%: Fossil Shell
10%: Antidote, Rare Coin, Silver coin, Beetle Shell
15%: Panacea
20%: Ether, Hi Elixir

Gladio Skill Level 5

10%: Antidote, Rare Coin, Silver Coin, Beetle Shell
20%: Ether, Elixir, Hi Elixir

Gladio Skill Level 6

5%: Glass Gemstone
15%: Antidote, Beetle Shell
25%: Fossil Shell
40%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 7

5%: Beetle Shell
10%: Panacea, Ether, Banknote, Rare Coin
15%: Elixier, Hi Elixir, Phoenix Down

Gladio Skill Level 8

5%: Beetle Shell
10%: Elixir, Debased Banknote, Glass Gemstone, Rare Coin
15%: Super Elixir
20%: Megalixir, Phoenix Down

Gladio Skill Level 9

5%: Final Elixir, Beetle Shell
10%: Elixir, Debased Banknote
15%: Megalixir, Hi Elixir

Gladio Skill Level 10

5% Glass Gemstone/Platinum Ingot/Beetle Shell/Megalixir
10% Rare coin/Debased Banknote/Elixir
20% Phoenix Down, 15% Hi Elixir/Mega-Potion

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In The Last Guardian, the relationship between the boy and Trico is the center of the game. In the game you encounter riddles, overcome obstacles and contest battles. In this guide we give you start-up assistance and show mechanics, which the game does not show you.

The Last Guardian: General tips for your adventure

- The Last Guardian is frugal with screen inserts and there is no such thing as road markers. If you're not sure where to go next, watch Trico and the boy. They usually look in relevant directions for objects or puzzles.

- Relatively early in the game you already make acquaintance with the armor in the game. These are enemies of stone that will lift you up and bring you to the blue doors that are everywhere. If they do that, means the Game Over. Pack yourself one of the armor, hammer on all the buttons of your controller to free you. Then run to Trico to make a brief trial with the enemies.

- The game world is largely linear and there are only few dead-ends or branches. In most cases, it is only a matter of reaching an elevated position. Always remember that you can easily reach high platforms via Trico. Sometimes you have to stay on Trico's back so he can jump over an obstacle. Trico calls you in such a case and howls.

Tips for Dealing With Trico

Trico is the focal point of gameplay. He is like a big dog and will show different emotions depending on the situation, which in turn require actions from you so that Trico soothes, jumps or attacks. As Trico just feels, you can recognize not only in his body language, but also in the color of his eyes. The different colors have the following meanings.

- Dark Green eyes: Normal state and ready for commands.
- White/Yellow eyes: Trico is distracted or fascinated by something.
- Pink eyes: Trico is hostile and even attacks you under certain circumstances.

Trico also gives different sounds depending on the situation. So he'll always moan if you're too far from him or not in sight. In addition, he will cry when he is ready to jump over obstacles with the boy to get to the next level. From a certain point in time you can give Trico in the game even commands. These are as follows.

R1: Trico call
R1 + X: Trico Jumps
R1 + Circle + Directional: Trico moves in the direction indicated
R1 + Triangle: Trico comes and stands on the hind legs
R1 hold + X: Trico Sitting/To scold
R1 hold + circle: Trico to get up/praise
R1 hold + triangle: Trico stomps to the ground
R1 hold + square: Trico makes a wiping suit

However, some of the maneuvers don’t work if Trico has too little space. In such a case, he will cry.

Keep the following tips in mind when dealing with Trico.

- After fighting, Trico is always upset and has to be soothed by stroking. This works best on Trico’s neck or back (keep the circle button pressed).

- Trico's tail can be used very often as a rope and even swing on it to reach certain places.

- You can help Trico in the fight against armor. If he has knocked you, you can snatch them from the helmets. In addition, you can jump on their backs to prevent them from throwing spears to Trico.

- Make sure that after each battle, you will scan the body of Trico for spears and remove them.

- Depend on certain areas for a while. Will give you the narrative stems from the off tips for further action. There is even a trophy for you to listen to all of these hints in the game.

- Barrels are the only collection items in the game. You can give them to Trico and if you find them all, there is also a trophy for them. Trico is doing better with every other barrel, and his horns and wings even grow. If you are near a barrel, blue butterflies will follow you. You're right there before you follow three butterflies. Even more butterflies mean even more barrels nearby.

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With the release of new and third Midnight Update for The Resident Evil 7 demo, many mysterious puzzles are finally solved and the meaning of the voodoo doll is now clear. If you solve all the puzzles of the RE 7 demo, you will finally get the Dirty Coin, which will unblock you for the main game when it appears on January 24, 2017. With our Walkthrough, you solve all the puzzles.

The following basics are important to get the Dirty Coin at the end of the demo 

- You must find all five murder scenes (by showing the doll finger).
- You must find the notebook.
- You have to hear a giggle at five different parts of the demo (Five entries / messages in the notebook).

Without proper knowledge, what you need to do at specific points in the game, it is almost impossible to come up with the solutions of the individual puzzles. Thanks to diligent users on Reddit, most of the mysteries have now been solved and we will now present to you all the steps necessary to solve all the puzzles and get the Dirty Coin in the end.

Find a Notebook

- After the demo start activate the lever in the fireplace behind you to open a secret door in the next room.
- Grab the lock from the table on the left in the secret room and go back again.
- Put the fuse in the box and then leave the starting space through the door into the hallway.
- Walk to the right and through the moldy door.
- Walk down the hallway and halfway grab the empty notebook from the chest to your right.

Doll / Dummy Finger and Dummy Hand

- Go back to the entrance lobby and grab the doll finger from the drawer to the right of the stairs.
- Now go up the stairs and use the switch to activate the staircase leading up to the attic.
- Go up through the first door to the right and continue through the ruined wall.
- Here you will find red writing on the wall. Press the X key to hear the first giggle / laughter. This also gives you the first entry / message in the notebook.
- On the left hand side of the book you will also find the object of celluloid, which you must use in combination with the doll finger to complete the doll hand.

Check The Basement For The Valve And The Floor Key

- Now take the cellar key from the table on the other side of the room.
- Now go to the cellar. You will find this as you continue along the corridor, where you have also found the notebook.
- At the end, open the gate with the key and go down to the cellar.
- Then go through the door on the right and pick up the valve, which you can see directly in front of you on the stretcher.
- Go to the back room, where you find the key for the attic window on the shelf beside the doll.

Attention! In the cellar, you will be attacked by one of the Shadowed (Molded). Try not to engage in a fight, but run and try to leave the cellar as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you are also stopped on the first attempt of leaving through the door of the old Baker. Just try it right again and you come out. In addition, you can miss the fun pack to stop the shadow creatures for a moment. If you have been hurt by shadowing, you will be infected, which affects one of the demos.

Bolt Cutter And VHS Video Tape

- Now go back all the way to the entrance lobby facing the stairs. Turn around and point the dummy finger at the hand of the overturned cupboard in front of you (First Crime Scene). You have done everything right, if you can hear the overturning of the cabinet.
- Continue through the kitchen into the hallway on the other side. Go through the door at the end and grab the bolt cutter, which is in the animal carcass.
- Use the bolt cutter directly on the cabinet as you go back through the corridor to the end. In it you can find the VHS video tape.
- Now go up to the attic, but this time past the door, continue along the path that leads to a nailed door to the right. Here, you can hear the second laugh. This gives you the second entry in the notebook.

Axe with the Dietrich

- Now you have to go back to the cellar. Don’t worry, shadowing is no longer here and you can take your time.
- Before you go through the door to the cellar, take the Dietrich with you on the left.
- Now go through the door and point the puppet finger on the corpse bag, which is lying on the stretcher. You should then hear gun shots (Second Crime Scene).
- Now you need the axe you can find it in the kitchen. Use the Dietrich on the left of the drawer in the kitchen cabinet.
- The axe then uses to hit a painting hanging from the stairs in the entrance lobby. It is the painting of the woman with a white covering over her head. You hear another laugh and get the third entry into the notebook.

Flashback Sequence And Doll Bug

- Now you must enter the bathroom right under the stairs. Point the puppet finger on the nailed door until you hear the corresponding noise (Third scene of crime). Maybe you need to point a little further down than usual.
- As soon as you leave the room and stand in front of the mirror, a 180 degree turn (analog stick down circle button) and you hear another laugh for the fourth note book entry.
- You can find another crime scene in the attic. Go to the room after the broken wall and point with the puppet finger on the black pipe slightly left in the room. You hear again a corresponding noise (Fourth crime scene).
- Now go back into the starting room and use the video tape with the TV (optionally you can still interact with the cooking pot in the kitchen).
- Now you have to play back the Flashback sequence. It does not matter whether you interact with objects or not.
- After the sequence, go back to the cellar where you found the key for the attic window. On the ground you find a doll that you cannot take, but you hear the last laugh and get the fifth entry into the notebook.

Attention! This part of the demo seems to be somewhat obscured. So it may be that you cannot hear a laugh at the doll or it is heard very late (after about 30 seconds). If this is the case with you, you must use again the video tape with the TV and play the sequence again. Try this until you hear the laughter at the doll.

Open Locked Door And Find Dirty Coin

- You find the last scene in the kitchen now. Point the doll finger at the cooking pot until you hear the sound (Fifth crime scene).
- Now go one last time to the attic, where the hitherto locked door is now blood-stained and open.
- Go inside and you will find a rocking chair with a plaque on the "You’re the best ever!".
- The dirty coin, which you can now take, sticks to it.

The dirty coin can be transferred to Resident Evil 7 by item transfer as soon as this appears. To do this, you just have to leave your save with the coin on the console so that it can be retrieved at the start of the game as soon as you start Resident Evil 7. What the Dirty Coin brings to you is not yet known.

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The best thing about the Outfits in Final Fantasy 15 is that you don’t have to pay them with your money! Unfortunately, Gil is usually very tight and you need enough for the weapons in FF 15. Generally, new Outfits can unlock by playing the main story. However, there is also a pre-order bonus or you have to go into a certain area to unlock outfits.

There is a big difference between the Outfits of Noctis and his companions. The main character can get a total of nine outfits. Two of these are part of the pre-order bonus. Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus have seven outfits that all three of them can wear. The unlock conditions are by no means secret and you are not in danger of missing something.

With the new outfits you can influence the status values of your characters and thus achieve optimal values with the right combination of weapons and accessories. In some parts of the game, you will have to change your clothes spontaneously, so that you can adapt to the respective situations or hunting assignments.

In our table below we show you all outfits, the unlock conditions and status values for Noctis.

Status Values
Unlock Conditions
Casual Outfit Protection from fire, frost, shock and attack and mollified protection. Available from the beginning.
Casual Outfit (without Jacket) +20% Critical hit rate. Available from the beginning.
Prince's Fatigues +20% HP. Available from the beginning.
Princes Fatigues (without Jacket) +20% Strength and +20% Magic. Available from the beginning.
Thermal Suit +20% HP and protection against fire. Complete missions and hunting orders in the power plant.
Royal Raiment +25% HP and +25% MP. Pre-Order bonus
Royal Raiment (without Jacket)  Infinite stamina and +30% Magic. Pre-Order bonus
Kingly Raiment +20% spirit and +20% vitality. Play the main mission "Reunion".
Kingly Raiment (without Jacket)  MP-Recovery Rate +6% and HP-Recovery Rate +3%. Play the main mission "Reunion".

Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus

There are fewer outfits available for your companions, but you can distribute them among each other arbitrarily and thus assign the appropriate roles.

Status Values
Unlock Conditions
Casual Outfit Protection from fire, frost, shock and attack and mollified protection. Available from the beginning.
Casual Outfit (without Jacket) +20% Critical hit rate. Available from the beginning.
Crownsguard Fatigues +20% HP. Available from the beginning.
Crownsguard Fatigues (without Jacket) +20% strength and +20% magic. Available from the beginning.
Thermal Suit +20% HP and protection against fire. Complete missions and hunting orders in the power plant.
Kingsglaive Garb +20% vitality and +20% spirit Play the main mission "Reunion".
Kingsglaive Garb (without Jacket) MP-recovery rate +6% and HP-recovery rate +3%. Play the main mission "Reunion".

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In Final Fantasy 15, there are several ways to level up fast and earn XP. With the experience points you raise your level while you can unlock skills. Unlike other modern RPGs in FF XV, all the accumulated progress must be saved manually. This means that the saved experience points will only be applied to the characters when they rest in a camp, hotel or trailer.

XP are gained by winning battles and exploring the open world of Eon. For example Killing a tricky "Behemoth" or completing a main mission are tasks that give you a lot of XP, but you have to rest so you don’t lose everything that has been won.

On the other hand, the rest points are signposted on the map with the design of a bed and are always close to parking places. At each stop to replenish "Regalia" - the group car - buy supplies and start new activities, be sure to visit the adjacent shelter so experience points are counted.

"Altissia Hotel" and "Galdin Quay", both safe locations unlockable at advanced plot times, are the best options as their XP bonuses are unbelievably high.

Choose the ideal place to relax

Although points are saved at any resting place, from trailers to distant camps in forests, there are establishments that award higher bonuses. There is no cost when camping, but the characters are without the valuable XP.

Trailers are intermediate settlements they offer XP bonuses, even if they are modest sums. However, Noctis must pay in Gil, which revolves around 30 coins for each rest.

Hotels already have the greatest experience multiplier, although the value is different from hotel to hotel. Road side establishments, for example, naturally give less XP - and are cheaper - compared to the luxurious options allocated in major cities.

At the beginning of the adventure, it is highly recommended to seek camps and trailers when completing important tasks. That's because Noctis and his friends will have difficulty accumulating Gil on low-level missions.

Complete secondary missions

Just like in every game of the genre, Final Fantasy XV concentrates much of its content in parallel activities that complement the story. There are hundreds of tasks scattered across the vast map of Eon, and you must complete all of them if you want to evolve the characters quickly.

In addition to basic missions to bring items from point A to point B, there are more demanding goals that give you more experience points. Visit the local restaurants and start the hunting activities to progress without major efforts.

At the end of the battle, a note is given by the group's battlefield performance, considering time, perfect trimming runs, well-executed attacks and combos.

To get more points, strive to end the battle with maximum score, as it makes a considerable difference in time to multiply XP in the safe place. There are detailed tutorials, accessible from the game menu, which show how all mechanics work, from spells to certain locks, so it pays to devote to learning all the characteristics of combat.

In FF XV, foods are an important addition to the journey as they elevate character attributes temporarily. This makes battles much easier, as the group gets stronger, absorbs more damage and ends the battle faster.

All proven recipes are saved in Ignis's diary, which can later use to cook the dish at a camp. It's important to be aware of Noctis's requests, as he often complains when he feels hungry. Give food to the group and perform better in duels.

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The new Pokémon GO tracker is now available. However, many players are confused with the new system. This quick guide will show you how to use the tracker properly.

The new tracker is located at the bottom right of the main screen. This gives you a list of 9 Pokémon, which are close to you. In addition, you get a picture of the PokéStop, where the Pokémon are the closest.

These Pokémon appear on the tracker

Some trainers claim that most common Pokémon appear on the tracker. The "near" feature probably will not help you find the Pokémon you really want to have. The rare Pokémon you will still have to find by aimless wandering around. Some Pokémon will appear or disappear while you use the tracker. It happens more often that a Pokémon disappears again before you have found it at the PokéStop.

Pokémon GO: How to use the new tracker

If you click on the PokéStop with the Pokémon you want, the Pokémon will be displayed on the map. Beside the PokéStop appears a small bubble with footsteps. The number of footsteps should tell you in theory how close the Pokémon is to PokéStop. Some Trainers have already seen three footsteps and have caught the Pokémon right next to the PokéStop.

So just go to the PokéStop with the Pokémon, which you want to have and run a bit back and forth until the Pokémon appears.

The tracker works best in large cities, where many PokéStops are located. If you are on the hunt for rare Pokémon, you should wander around and don’t rely on the Tracker. But that's part of the real PokémonGo experience: to go without a goal and to look for a little adventure.

The new tracker does not work according to the wishes of the players. That is why a few fans have joined together and made a suggestion for their own tracker.

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