In Conan Exiles, your adventures begin as a criminal who is crucified to await death but is saved by Conan the Barbarian. You escape into the barbarian wasteland, an inhospitable region full of dangers and monsters. But this land also has a story that you can experience in the course of your adventures.

Everywhere you can find traces of an ancient civilization that once ruled over this area. Ruins, falling down towers and once magnificent bridges testify that this civilization was very developed.

The history of a lost civilization

Many statues buried in the sand show insect-like humanoids and you will surely ask yourself whether these were the once rulers of this land. What happened to them? Why did their civilization go under?

You can find references to their history everywhere and even their once powerful magic is still to be felt and keeps some of the guards still "alive". You will follow the spirits of the past and hear voices from a long past time that speak to you. So you will collect more and more information of this culture and slowly become aware of the secrets of the rich Lore.

Explore the secrets

In the middle of the country you will find the Nameless City, apparently the once capital of this civilization. There are gruesome monsters there and you expect countless dangers. However, you will also find many treasures in the underground chambers and explore ancient secrets.

But also in other parts of the country dangers await you such as the The Yog worshipping Darfari cannibals, thieves and pirates. There are wild beasts in the caves, and there will be horrors in the galleries and temples, which will scare the hell out of you.

Always be careful. If you come into contact with dark magic or with demonic or undead creatures, then that is corrupting and destroying will slowly spread within you. But all of this will be your own experience when the PC version of Conan Exiles starts on the 31st of January in the early access phase.

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In Gravity Rush 2, Kat is able to equip up to three Talismans and they add special effects to her weapons. You can equip them in the game at any time via the corresponding menu point when you press the Options button of the PS4 controller. You have three different shaped talisman slots and you have to find the corresponding talismans for each form in the game so that you can take full advantage of the slots. In this guide, we will show you how to find and use talismans.

There are basically three ways to get new talismans.

- Sometimes when mining gravity Ore.
- Reward for the completion of events.
- Reward for the completion of treasure hunts.

The fastest way to get talismans is through the mining of gravity Ore. To do this, first you should complete the side quest "Fly Me into the Storm" at Misai on the transport boat in the Banga settlement, which serves as a tutorial for the mining expeditions.

Misai accompanies her on an expedition and builds gravity Ore. In the process, you get sometimes talismans as a byproduct, which is made visible to you by a short note on the screen. However, you cannot equip them immediately and you have to complete the quest. On your return, the talisman stones are submitted for review and you can then equip them in the Talisman menu.

Alternatively, you may receive additional talismans at the end of treasure hunts and other events. Just check this out regularly in the announcements about the game menu. New events are regularly held there. Look at the rewards and see if talismans are there.

Types of Talismans in Gravity Rush 2

Talismans are available in three different forms, Circular, Moon, and Trinity of which you can always equip only one at a time.

The first talismans you will find in the game will be circular. If you choose a Talisman, the effects will be displayed on the right, one of which can have a maximum of three different talismans. It is therefore worthwhile to equip talismans with as many effects as possible.

Talisman Effects at a glance

New salvaged talismans are randomly assigned 1-3 effects. While we have not yet discovered all effects in the game, but we give you a list of effects that we have been able to find in the game so far.

- Life Extender: Increases maximum health.
- Efficient Kick (N): Reduces the energy consumption for gravity sliding in the normal style.
- Gem Attractor: Increases the radius in which gems and talismans are found.
- Power Kick (N): Reduces the damage done in normal style.
- Bounce: The target search radius of the gravity kick is increased (not stackable).

Talismans are essential to optimizing Kat’s skills. Thus, between the other missions, regular expeditions to mining sites are made to find new valuable talismans.

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In Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King, you’ll find a huge selection of weapons with different attack strengths and that also makes up almost all the criteria, which can make the best weapon in the game. Since the amount of weapons is really big, we have decided to describe the five best and strongest weapons and their locations to each character Angelo, Jessica, Yangus and your hero.

Of course, it depends on your playing style, whether our tips would actually represent the best weapons for you. Nevertheless, we want to give you our favorites, so that you can test them and be great or less great.

The best weapons for Angelo

When Angelo’s parents died, he went to an abbey to the Templars. His half-brother Marcello is also there. During your travels together, you'll find that Angelo likes to play cards and get a little too much time to drink. But his weapons are very effective. The following table shows you our selection of weapons for Angelo (AP stands for alchemy pot).

The Best Weapons for Angelo
Odin's Bow: This bow is the strongest weapon Angelo can wear. At least as far as the attack values ​​are concerned Upgraded AP recipe: Eros Bow, Cheiron's Bow and the Great Bow No
Shamshir of Light: This sword is the strongest in its category Equipped AP recipe: rune bar, light shield, shimmering dress No
Hell saber: A very powerful saber that can only be found. In order to find the saber, you have to look for a house at night in Argonia. In it is a mirror that shines and through it you must go through. No
Longbow: The second strongest bow for Angelo. You can buy the longbow in the Triangle Valley. No
Mercury's rapier: A good and fast weaponYou can buy this weapon in Dark Empycchu AP Recipe: Fallen Angel Rapier + Mercury's Bandana x2.Increases agility by 20 points when equipped.

The best weapons for Jessica

Jessica Albert is a magician, who came from a rich family but doesn't agree with the attitudes. She prefers to travel and support your heroes with her magic. She uses very typical weapons like sticks, but also whips. Below we list the five that we liked best.

The Best Weapons for Jessica
Gringham Whip: The strongest whip for Jessica. Go to the casino for baccarat. Farm a lot of chips, which you can exchange for the whip. Hit all enemies.
Liquid Metal Sword: Can also be worn by Angelo and the hero. Equipped AP: Rusty Old Sword, a Slime Crown and an Orichalcum Can cause 2 LP damage to metal Slime
Scourge Whip: Not as strong as the Gringham Whip, but a good alternative... Standard AP: Demon Whip, Sacred Heart. No
Uber Miracle: Can also be used by the hero. Standard AP: Miracle sword and + Life bracer. Heals LP about a quarter of the damage you inflict on your opponent.
BlizzardBlade: Can also be used by the hero.In Tryan Gully or the upgraded AP:Bastard Sword + Icicle Dirk + Cold CheeseCauses additional ice damage.

The best weapons for Yangus

Yangus is a loyal friend and companion to your hero. Since the hero Yangus saved the life, he remains bravely at his side. Yangus fights with axes and hammers and there are some good ones. The following table shows you the strongest weapons for Yangus and tells you how to get them.

The Best Weapons for Yangus
Flail of Destruction: The most powerful weapon for Yangus.

Go to Princess Minnie's Castle and get her the flail in exchange for medals. Hit all enemies.
Heavy Hatchet: A very strong scythe You can buy the Heavy Hatchet in Triangle Valley. No
Megaton Hammer: A massive and powerful hammer. Improved AP: Conqueror's Axe + Uber War Hammer + Orichalcum. Remember, you sacrifice the best axe in the game and not replace it. 14% on critical hits.
Conqueror's Axe: The best axe in Dragon Quest 8. Go to the Hill of Wind, next to Rydon's Tower. For this you will need the god-bird-stone. No.
Flail of Fury: A good alternative to the other weapons.This weapon you get from the red.Hit all enemies

The best weapons for your heroes

Whether swords, spears, or perhaps a boomerang? Your hero can carry some weapons. But not all are the best and therefore we show you our favorites for the main character. This is, by the way, a former guardian of the king, who can also deal with spells. If you do not just rely on the magic, try the following weapons. Heavy Hatchet: A very strong scythe.

The Best Weapons for Your Heroes
Dragovian King Sword: The best weapon for your hero.

Standard AP: Dragovian Sword and the Liquid Metal Sword -
Metal King Spear: A really excellent spear, but only available after the mainstory. Go to the Dragovian Path and search the chests on the path. Guarantee damage against metal slime.
Liquid Metal Sword: Can also be worn by Angelo and Jessica. AP recipe: Rusty Old Sword, Slime Crown and Orichalcum Can cause 2 LP damage to metal mats.
Dragon Slayer: Very strong, but not the strongest. Defeat the dragon in the Dragovian trail -
Hero Spear: A good alternative when the other weapons seem unattainable.Complete in the Monster Arena Class A.Heals LP about a quarter of the damage you inflict on your opponent.

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SIE Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush was a big hit on PS Vita in 2012 and now you can play its sequel Gravity Rush 2 on the PS4. Comic lovers will have a lot of fun with the colorful implementation. The story also link to the previous game. Again you are in Heksevill, where the reconstruction of the city is in full swing.

Gravity Rush 2 - All Achievements and Trophies in detail

In Gravity Rush 2, there are a total of 37 trophies to unlock. But before you proceed, you have to go to the search for the mysterious black cat Dusty. Without her, you cannot make use of your gravitational forces. So first you slip into the role of the heroine Kat, who you also met in the first installment.

If you found the cat, you can tackle the different challenges. If you really want to unleash all the achievements to get the precious platinum trophy, then you have to go for it. For example it is to discover all the places in each city, complete all the missions, find 60,000 jewels and kill 1,000 enemies.

In any case, something comes to you. This is the trophy distribution :

- 19 Bronze trophies
- 13 Silver trophies
- 4 Gold trophies
- 1 Platinum trophy

All trophies, Achievements and conditions of the game

In the following table you will find all 37 Trophies of Gravity Rush 2 including unlock conditions. So take up the challenge, put the gravity out of control and unlock all achievement:

Achievements Unlock Condition Trophies
A day in Kate's Life Complete 1 Side Mission Bronze
Lunar Vortex Trap 5 enemies with a single Lunar-style vortex field Bronze
Ball of Destruction Defeated 3 enemies with a single Jupiter-style derbies ball Bronze
Surge of Power Defeated 5 enemies with a single Jupiter-Style Surge Kick Bronze
New Challenger Played a challenging mission Bronze
Bronze Medalist Completed all challenge missions with bronze or better Bronze
Sacred Trio Equipped all three Talismans at the same time Bronze
Talisman Crafter Merged a talisman 3 times Bronze
Saghassi Fan Found all of Saghassi’s Paintings in Jirga Para Lhao Bronze
Saghassi Maniac Found all of Saghassi’s Paintings in Hekseville. Bronze
Tour Guide Found all places in Jirga Para Lhao Bronze
Tour Conductor Found all places of Hekseville Bronze
Camera Men Completed the men’s portrait collection Bronze
Smile for the Camera Completed the women's portrait collection Bronze
Kat Rising Returned to the Banga settlement Bronze
Gravity Test Completed the gravity shifting tutorial Bronze
Banga Sails ?Completed Banga chapterBronze
Jirga Para Lhao ? Completed Jirga Para Lhao chapter Bronze
Hekseville? Completed Hekseville chapter Bronze
Kat's daily routine Completed 20 side missions Silver
Kat Working Overtime Completed 40 side missions Silver
Cat Claw Defeated 10 enemies with one Spiraling Claw Silver
High Wind Alert Defeat 10 enemies within 10 seconds with a gravitational vortex. Silver
Event horizon Defeat 10 enemies with a black hole. Silver
Mining Instructions Reached the third level of the Delvool mines trench. Silver
Kat Versus World Defeat 1000 enemies Silver
Silver Medalist Completed all challenge missions with silver or better. Silver
Mining experts Collected 5 Talisman stones Silver
Tube Coordinator Placed 9 types of furniture in Kat’s Pipe House. Silver
Sewer Aficionado Discovered all secret warp manwhole. Silver
Power cat Raised all of Kat’s powers to the maximum Silver
Rift Hunter Defeated the five giant Nevi, which appear with mining site gravity disturbances. Silver
Lifetime Service Award Completed all Side missions Gold
Gold Medalist Completed all challenge missions with gold or better. Gold
End? Completed Eto chapter Gold
Gem Collector Collected 60,000 precious gems Gold
Ultimate Shifter Collected All trophies Platinum

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With the new Nintendo’s handheld game console Switch you can play with your friends online this is always safe. But what limitations and possibilities does online gaming offer on the new console? In this article, we give you an overview about the options available.

A Nintendo has released a table shows at a glance what possibilities and limitations the new handheld console has to consider when playing online. We have picked up the following for you and show you what you should know about multiplayer gaming .

Nintendo Switch - Online Gaming: Dates and Prices

If you want to play online with the Nintendo Switch, then you can do it free of charge until autumn 2017. After then the free trial period will end. In general, it is possible to play online Co-op. After the free trial period you have to pay a subscription, and it depends on the games. So there could be games that you can play without subscription. How much you have to pay for the subscription has not yet been announced. It is certain that this subscription applies exclusively to the Nintendo Switch and not to the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS.

Online gaming and voice chat are accompanied by a smartphone app. Connect to the Nintendo Switch and invite your friends to play online and chat. There will be a limited version of this app for free in summer 2017. The following table gives you an overview of what should be possible with and without subscription.

Online Features  With Subscription Without Subscription
Online gaming + Free Trial Autumn 2017
Online lobby and voice chat app + -
Monthly download games (more below) + -
Exclusive Deals + -
Access to the Nintende eShop + +
Register and manage your friends  + +
Share screenshots and social media + +
Access to the parent app (control of the game time) ++

Monthly download games and exclusive deals

"Monthly Download Games" means Nintendo Games for the NES or Super NES, which you may play for free as a subscription. However, this is limited to one month, so you don’t have free access to these games after the end of the month - despite subscription. In addition, Nintendo announced that you will benefit as a subscriber of "Exclusive Deals." These include special offers and cheaper prizes for selected games and content.

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The developer Studio Hi-Rez has released the new update OB41 for Paladins. The patch is now available for download and the file is about 1.3 GB in size.

- The update comprising new skins to Code Green Viktor and Genie Ying.
- There are new weapons and emotes for the champions.
- The item "Cauterize" has been adapted and now has duration of 1.5 seconds and no more 2. If you have several "cauterize" these will no longer form stacks. Many players have so far regarded "Cauterize" as too strong.
- Probably the most important thing: A new card comes to Paladins, the Stone Keep.

The developer takes the "Epic and Legendary Founder’s Pack" out of the game. Instead, Daily and Weekly get quests. With these, you can win bonus gold by taking on challenges such as First Win of the Day in the Daily Quest. With the Weekly Quests you have to do more specific tasks like playing 2 games as a flanker. The bonus is also higher.

Other adjustments: Players are no longer put into Combat mode by using sprays. And the animations of Evie Soar, Getting Pulled and Androxus Ultimate should no longer be fixed with the patch.

Siege Mode

In the Siege mode, your team will now get 300 credits if you take an Objective. If you successfully defend a payload push, there are no credits left.

Payload Mode

Here you start with 1000 credits, before it was 400. Per second, the credits were increased from 1 to 2.


For supporters, there was a big change that should have a lot of influence on the game and the choice of the role. As a support, your ultimates will be charged with healing by your team.


- Barik - Increased life-line
- Fernando - Fix MvP-Pose
- Grohk - Increased healing
- Sha Lin - Fix Impaler Arrow
- Skye - Increased ammunition „Wrist Crossbow
- Tyra - Increased life-line
- Viktor - Fix MvP-Pose
- Ying - Fix Convention 2017 Skin

New Map: Stonekeep

You can only play Stonekeep in Siege mode. In the middle of the card is a takeover point and the base of the teams is at the opposite end. In StoneKeep you will complete Stealth Grass, which will make you invisible to your enemies. StoneKeep reminds of a fairy-tale castle and is held in fantasy style.

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