In the latest installment of the Titanium video game series, Titanium 2, the functions of the Titans has changed compared to its predecessor. It is a completely new mechanism introduced Rodeo and loadouts and chassis are replaced with preset configurations. The game will be released on October 28, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Titanfall 2 offers you a complete single-player campaign in which the first impressions shows a special relationship between Titan and pilots. There are three new Titans have been confirmed. In the first part of the series, players were able to set themselves the equipment of their giant robot. In Titalfall 2, there will be six chassis and they are attached to specific equipment and armaments.

The three new Titans in Titanfall 2


- Armament: Splitter Rifle - An energy weapon, which consumes Titan’s energy and can fire in rapid succession by three projectiles.
- Titanium core: core laser - Your Titan fires a powerful beam from his chest.
- Tactics ability: Tripwire - you can lay mines, which not emit a laser beam which can trigger detonation when a mob touched this.
- Offensive ability: Laser Shot - Ion placed a laser on his shoulder, which is particularly effective against infantry.
- Defensive Ability: Vortex Shield - It creates a shield which collects ammunition and shoots back at your enemies.


- Armament: Lead Wall - A shotgun which shoots bullets that can bounce off walls and obstacles.
- Titanium core: Core Sword - You gain extra attacks with the sword and the combat power and capabilities to be strengthened.
- Tactics ability: Phase Dash - Ronin disappears for a moment and will not be visible.
- Offensive skills: Arc Wave - Slows enemy units and adds them to electrical damage.
- Defensive Skill: Sword Block - Reduces damage suffered by Ronin holding the sword in front of him and projectile deflect.


- Armament: T-203 flamethrowers - Scorch throws grenades that set the environment in flames.
- Titanium core: Flame Core - Push a wave of fire that causes very strong damage and spreads quite slowly.
- Tactics skills: Incendiary Trap - You throw a gas canister, which can be brought by all fire skills Scorch an explosion.
- Offensive ability: Firewall - your spread a wall of fire in a straight line. This causes damage when passing through.
- Defensive Ability: Heat Shield - You can absorb enemy attacks and spread damage on opponents in the vicinity.

The new Rodeo mechanics in Titanium 2

In the previous installment, you could jump on the back of Titans and stock up its sensitive electrical components with firing bursts to disable him. Now you can easily snatch the Mechs battery to harm him. This will get the battery of the enemy and should make you out of the dust. However, he can track using his interfaces and will certainly chase you.

However, if you manage to mount the battery to another Mech, you get a shield bonus which is equated to the damage taken of the original Titans.

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Is your PC ready to play the Farming Simulator 17? Meanwhile, the official system requirements have been published and you can answer this question for yourself. We give you the official system requirements for the FS 17 below, and show you what hardware specs you need to run the Farming Simulator 17 smoothly on your PC.

The Farming Simulator 17 is slated for release on October 27 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and many hobby farmers are wondering what are the minimum PC specs for the game. However, the developer Astragon comments that all system configurations cannot be covered and it may still be compatibility problems in individual cases. In general it can be said that the specs are not too demanding and should present no great problems for most PCs.

Operating System - Windows 7, 8 or 10
Processor - 2 GHz dual-core Intel or equivalent AMD processor
Memory - 2 GB RAM
Graphic Card - Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 Series, ATI Radeon HD 6700 or better (min. 1 GB VRAM)
HDD - 6 GB free hard disk space
Sound card
Internet connection is required for activation, updates / patches and multiplayer game

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What's new in FIFA 17? Very much! There are changes in all possible areas. There are new and improvement in the following areas:

- Set Piece Rewrite
- Player Intelligence
- Physical play
- Moves and tricks with the ball
- Frostbite Engine

Improvements in the standard situations (Set Piece Rewrite ) in FIFA 17

The player in FIFA 17 now has much more freedom. If there is a penalty or a free kick, then the player can move to any point. Here you can let him run back and forth, send backward and then release either run on the football slowly or quickly. It is the same at the ball.

Regarding the corner kicks, now there is a yellow cursor, with that you can control the corner joint yourself, and affect that.

In addition, players behave in the penalty now much smarter in their behavior.
FIFA 17 builds a refinement and improvement in the player intelligence

The player intelligence has been ratcheted up, so that they can analyze the pitch and the rooms there much better. This makes them smarter in the game. Particularly benefit from this, the offensive players, because they can move their defenders cleverly and so can play out opportunities that would have previously not given. A clumsy straight by storm no longer exists now.

Furthermore, the player now adapt to given situations. If you get the tactics, the player runs without stopping in the middle of his running motion.

Players in defense also act smarter. Since the player intelligence in 16 FIFA had not yet matured to the right, EA Sports has now properly retrofitted with FIFA 17. Since players are now running in vacant / uncover areas in which already reside other footballers, the physical interaction has vastly improved.

Modernization of the physical game

The reaction of virtual football on physical contact with counterparties is now sharpened. So there will be balance mechanisms in FIFA 17, reflect the very realistic interactions with other footballers. Players who are currently in possession, recognize and respond now approaching players on the pitch. Then they turn the other player in the way and you can cover them better.
In addition, you can look forward to new, great animations with the footballers. Also in terms of dispossession, there are interesting situations here.

FIFA 17 brings innovations in tricks and moves with the ball

FIFA 17 brings you new moves. So now you can exercise with the ball, thus playing the opponent against the wall blatant tricks:

- Shots
- Passes
- Headers
- Drop Kicks
- Goalkeeper

Even shallow goal kicks are now possible. They replace the same old, dreary old kick.

Modern FIFA 17 - Now comes with the Frostbite Engine

EA Sports has now decided to use the Frostbite engine for FIFA 17, as even in games like Battlefield or Need for Speed. Everything will now look in more detail and finer. So the movements of football will be better and smoother. The reality is evidently in FIFA 17 collection: hair, eyes, and facial features - they are more real than ever before.

In addition to improvements and innovations in gameplay, FIFA 17 also brings exciting new content with it. These include the following:

- Story Mode: You're Alex Hunter and play in single player mode, the story of the young Kicker. Here your choices affect the career of the Premier League footballer.

- Coach / Trainer: All 20 Premier League coaches are now found in FIFA 17th

- Ultimate Team Mode: It is not yet officially confirmed, but perhaps you can look forward to a new Ultimate Team mode, which bears the name FUT 5-a-side. This could be a modified FIFA Street mode.

- Exercises are now second playable in charge mode.

- Women's football teams: even women's football has available in FIFA 17. This includes Arsenal, Orlando Prode, Liverpool and Boston Breakers.

- New leagues: There will probably be some new leagues. Confirmed festival is so far the Japanese League J1. The Chinese League CSL has managed the new FIFA 17 but according to a survey by Fifa Play gamers want including the Turkish league, the Israeli League, the Egyptian League, the Hungarian League, the third Bundesliga or the third Spanish league.

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Mighty No. 9 is an action video game, developed by Comcept and Inti Creates, in the classic mold Mega Man includes several new features over the old formula, as a Dash system and several extra modes. Check out how to play the game, from basic controls to advanced maneuvers, and see which weapons to use against the bosses.

How to defeat the bosses

As in the classic Mega Man, Beck can gain the weapons of the bosses, the other robots in Mighty No.9, after defeating them use their weapons to exploit the weaknesses of the next. The order to face them is Pyrogen, Cryosphere, Battalion, Seismic, Brandish, Dynatron, Countershade and Aviator. It is not mandatory to start with Pyrogen, but he is one of the easiest. His weakness is against the Aviator weapon.


PlayStation 4 / PS3

Move - Left analog Stick
Attack - Square
Jump - X
AcXelerate (Dash) - R1
Reshape - Triangle
Choose form (Up) - L1
Choose form (Low) - L2

Xbox One / X360

Move - Left analog Stick
Attack - X
Jump - THE
AcXelerate (Dash) - RB
Reshape - Y
Choose form (Up) - LB
Choose form (Low) - LT

Using the Dash

The great advantage of Mighty No. 9 in relation to Mega Man is the introduction of mechanical "Dash", here called AcXelerate. Shoot the enemies until they are destroyed -takes a long time, but you can weaken them with a few shots and then absorb them with your Dash.

Once absorbed, each type of enemy offers a bonus for the attributes of the protagonist Beck. Red increases your attack power and make the shots cross targets, Yellow reinforce his defense, Green leave Beck faster and Blues meet the energy tanks booking, AcXel Recover I and II.

An important detail is that Dash can be used several times in a row. In many areas of the game you need to master the technique of cross large chasms or dangerous parts with several Dash, one behind the other.

Advanced maneuvers / Controls

In addition to the basic controls, Mighty No. 9 has some more complex maneuvers for players who want to maximize their performance. The first is a variation of the common Dash. Pressing down before using a Dash, you can direct your Dash, which can speed up the fall of Beck or absorb enemies below him. However, it does not stop until it reaches the ground, then beware of the abyss.

The other two maneuvers are performed with the "Action Shift" button, the right trigger (R2 / RT) of video games. Combine it with the attack button as R2 + Square / RT + X, and Beck will jump back while shooting down diagonally. Use it with the jump button, R2 + X / RT + A, and Beck will just jump back.

Different Approach

The campaign game (Main Game Mode) is the main highlight, but there are still other ways. In Challenge you face several rooms with their own specific challenges (Solo) or with a partner (Co-op). The rooms come with adverse conditions such as cannot shoot or use the Dash.

In Boss Rush mode you can challenge all the bosses of the game in sequence, without having to go through the steps to meet them. In the Online Race Battle can play races with players around the world, with options such as time limits, possibility of combat and sudden death.

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Resident Evil 7 was one of the biggest surprises of E3 2016, not only by the announcement and drastic change in style of play, but also the launch of a mysterious demo along the lines of canceled PT / Silent Hills. In addition to horror and several different endings, the demo also brings Easter Eggs and secrets for the most dedicated fans. Check out some of them below:

The Dummy Finger

Since the release of the demo, fans have discovered countless secrets and hidden items that trigger new events, but one of them remains unknown - the finger dummy. So far no one has discovered what it's for. On examining it, some users have seen that it is made of flammable material, but failed to take the idea forward.

Message on the paper

There is a piece of paper in the room you wake up, among the first items that the player can find in the demo. It contains a phrase that read: "I shall dash them against the stones." However, after watching the VHS tape, the same paper appears with some alteration: "I shall dash YOU against the stones."


Players might not have noticed, but as the demo PT Silent Hills, photograph of the demo of Resident Evil 7 changes as you play. Frames with people suffer deformations or drastic changes, while objects may change or disappear from where they were before.

Helicopter with Umbrella Logo

There's a picture next to a phone with a helicopter that has the logo of the Umbrella Corporation, big villain of the Resident Evil series. He appears in one of the alternative end of the demo. On the back of the photo you can read details about the company we have investigated the inhabitants of the house.

Hidden Serial Number on the VHS Tape

This is a curiosity to longtime fans of the Resident Evil series, Hidden Serial Number that appears before the VHS tape begins to be displayed. On the left side there is a sequence of apparently random numbers, but players have found that it is the serial number of Resident Evil: Director's Cut of the original PlayStation One.

Moving Mannequins

One of the horror genre cliches, the demo of Resident Evil 7 has ghoulish mannequins on the second floor of the house. However, not all have noticed that the mannequins is moving when you are not looking at it, as a "Weeping Angel" or “Lonely Assassins” of the TV series Doctor Who.

The Strange AX

Another item that increases the mysteries list is an ax that the player can equip. However, there is no harm that it is really able to do in the demo. While no mysterious was found for the ax, it can be used at least to dismantle the scary mannequin on the second floor.

"Ghost" on VHS tape

One of the most interesting moments of the demo is to find a VHS tape and can play the events that happen in it. But on the tape, there are many times when a ghost appears at a glance - the figure of a woman who disappears after one second. Apparently it is the same creature that attacks the player at the end of the demo.

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Hearts of Iron 4 (HoR4) is full of content and options, especially in the beginning you are confronted with many new information. If you already have experience with strategy games from Paradox Interactive, then you are already familiarized with their mechanics and the user interface. Here, we summarize the different items together for you.

The Values and Figures

Manpower / Strength

This value indicates how many soldiers available / recruited for ground, air and naval forces.

National Unity

This one measures the willpower in your nation to go into a war. If this value is high, a country to be seen later arise. If it is lower, then a nation is very fast lay down their arms. By special government officials you can increase this value. Fundamental to this value is the national spirit property, which can affect by people, actions, characteristics and properties.

Political Power

The leader of your faction gains political capital with time. This can set their national priorities or recruit consultants for scientific and military. Per day you will receive two points Political power and they can spend on diplomacy or law.


There are three kinds of factories: civilian and military factories, and shipyards. There are orders available for your country.


These convoys can transport both units and resources.

Military Experience

This indicates how much experience your army, navy or air force has. This can explore your new units or develop existing troops.

World Tension - Global Value

The World Tension appears you in the upper right of the screen. With a percentage indicate in a luminous circle and you can see how it looks in the entire world. For certain actions, a certain value is required. If this is reached, you can run the respective diplomatic or military action.

Information about the nations in Hearts of Iron 4

If you click on the flag of your nation in the top left corner of the screen, then you get all the information on your faction. There you can see the portrait of your leader and you can scroll to the National Focus / focal points. These take 70 days to complete and can be compared with a technology tree.

Production and Research

Improve your research in order to improve both the industry and the military. The research can be improved with the help of theoreticians and give you as bonuses to combat and weapon systems.

Government and Law

You can use three policy advisers, so that you get bonuses to the laws. These focus on three areas:

- Economic laws: laws of this section affect your manpower, military production and consumer goods factories.
- Building and Research speed, and the availability and amount of resources.
- The Conscription Law: Defines and promotes the amount of manpower in your nation.

Military Leadership

You can choose to have a military leader, who becomes the commander in chief of your forces. Decide whether you want to put him in the Navy, Air Force or Army, because you can select only one area.


Generally you have three to four research slots. You can further unlock by National priorities. There are eleven categories of research, which can explore during your scenario.

- Artillery: Provides new features for artillery, tanks and air defense.
- Aircraft: Explore your unit types of bombers, fighters and hunters.
- Industry: Increases productivity and resource degradation in your faction.
- Infantry: Turns infantry types freely (eg paratroopers, mechanized infantry, and Marines.) And enable bonuses for your divisions.
- Country / Land doctrine: Gives you strong combat bonuses. But you have to decide between doctrines.
- Air doctrine: Gives strong combat bonuses. You can select only one doctrine.
- Marine: Turns warships, convoys and submarines free.
- Marine doctrine: Like the other doctrines, battle bonuses will be granted and you can choose only one doctrine.
- Panzer: Turns different types of tanks free.
- Technology: Allows the use of various technologies, such as radar systems, nuclear bombs or computer technologies.
- Support: You gain supporters for your forces, such as medics, engineers or mechanics.

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