FIFA 18 is probably the most comprehensive football simulation game in the entire series and brings even more realism, gripping games and over 700 playable teams. Besides, it is still possible to unlock Adidas and MLS teams, available in the item catalog. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock these two teams.

The MLS All-Stars team has top rated players from the North American football league, especially Kaka, David Villa and Giovinco, while he Adidas team has players sponsored by the brand such as Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale.

Here is a Step-by-Step guide on How to Unlock MLS and Adidas All Stars Team

First, you have to open the main menu and then go to the last tab on the right and select the catalog.

FIFA 18, Main Menu Image, catalog

Then on the gameplay tab, you have to look for the MLS All-Star Team and Adidas All-Star Team. (The requirement to unlock these teams: complete at least level 7 and 8).

FIFA 18, Main Menu Image, Gameplay

Next, press A / X and then click on redeem to unlock them in FIFA 18.

 FIFA 18, Main Menu Image, catalog

Now, these two teams will be available in the league "Rest of the World" and they can be used in friendly matches and customized championships of the game.

FIFA 18, MLS, Adidas, All Stars Team, Menu Image

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In ELEX, Jax can recruit a total of seven companions namely Caja, Arx, Falk, C.R.O.N.Y. U4, Duras, Ray and Nasty. These companions offer you some tricky and dangerous quests, and successfully completing them will not only your followers get more combat power but also increase your relationship with them. You can also develop romantic relationships with some of these companions.

In fact, you can start a romantic relationship with only one companion namely Caja. With her, you will have a long companion quest to search new Elex deposit. For this you need mana to give her. And also you must defeat a few monsters near a world heart. You should have better armor to complete this quest quickly.

You have to do the following to start a romance with Caja:

- Travel around with her and take her as a companion for the most part of the mission.

- Complete quests with her.

- Choose dialogues that she likes.

- Join the Berserker faction. You should join this faction Berserkers so that Caja may like you.

ELEX, Romance Guide, Caja

If you managed to persuade her to a romance, she will ask you almost at the end of the game if you can imagine a life after the fight against the Albs.

As mentioned above, in her quest you must visit Elex deposit and each place is guarded by strong monsters. At the same time, more powerful opponents are spawning than before. That is why you should always be well prepared and above all be well behaved. Besides, you should have made enough progress in the main mission to visit certain areas in the quest.

Locations of all companions

ELEX, Companions, Locations Map, Caja, Arx, Falk, Drone, C.R.O.N.Y. U4, Duras

Caja - In Domed City
Arx - In Domed City
Falk - In Edan
C.R.O.N.Y. U4 (Drone) - In Goliet
Duras - At the beginning of the game and in Goliet
Ray - Sandy Pines motel
Nasty (Angry Girl) - In The Fort

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In South Park The Fractured but Whole, you’ll find 21 toilets or bathrooms and every building / residence has a comfort room, except Kenny. When you sit on these toilets you’ll be bale to unlock the achievement Crappin’ Forte.

If you are in the beginning of the game, then it is best to search and use them, because for some you need special allies’ ability. Below we’ll give you all toilet locations in South Park Fractured but Whole.

- Women's / Ladies / Girls toilet in the community center - For this you need your ally Toolshed’s ability - Sandblaster Buddy Power.

- Men's / Gents toilet in the community center - You need Fart Pause to cross the electric puddle and to activate the switch for the electric supply.

- Bebes House - On the first floor far left

- Kevin Stoley's house - You needed to get across the roof of the garage into the house

- Clydes House - On the first floor far left

- Craigs House - On the first floor far left

- Henrietta's house - On the first floor far left

- Jimmy's house - On the first floor far left

- Toilet in your house - On the first floor far left

- Butters House - On the first floor at the first door on the right

- Cartman's house - First floor to the left

- Stan's House - You need your Ally's ability - Sandblaster Buddy Power

Toilet Location, South Park Fractured, but Whole, Stan's House Toilet

- Kyle's House - On the first floor far left

- Gents Toilet (Police Station) - You can reach it over the break-room.

- Ladies Toilet 1 & 2 (Police Station) - Go to the right of the men's toilet through the hole in the wall

- Freeman's Tacos - You have to go through the door on the far right in the restaurant

- Big Gay AI's House - Walks across the living room through the hallway in the middle and then left

- Nichole's House - On the first floor far left.

- Peppermint Hippo - The toilet is on the right in the Strip club.

- In the South Park Mall - In front of the construction site.

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After completing the main mission In South Park: The Fractured but Whole, you can take the side quest Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats where you have to find six missing cats for Big Gay Al.

You can find Big Gay Al in the north-east of your house. Just go to the playground to locate his residence. Note that you can only begin this quest once you have mastered the Timefart skill. Otherwise, the cats escaped you.

Below you will find all cat names and their locations.

- Big Gay Bono: Look west of the church at the fast travel point. Bono is sitting in a tree, so you have to take him down with a firecracker before you start the TimeFart.

- Big Gay Kirby: This cat also sitting on a tree branch close to Bebe’s house. Use the firecrackers again to break the branch.

Big Gay Al, Cats Locations, South Park, Scavenger Hunt

- Big Gay Loki: Look for the construction site next to the South Park Mall, but don’t go too close to it, otherwise the cat will run into the bushes. Instead, use the TimeFart as soon as you see Loki.

- Big Gay Shadow: You can find this cat sits near Tweek Bros Coffee shop or in front of the Bijou Cinema. Again don’t go too close to the cat as it disappears into the bushes.

- Big Gay Bogie: If you follow the road from the Hillvale Farm and the Canadian Wall northeast, you will find this cat on a tree branch. Use the TimeFart pause and push the basket with member berries to him, so he cannot block you anymore. In the next area, Bogie is already waiting for you.

- Big Gay Blossom: You can find Blossom in SoDoSoPa camp area. Here you need to get some help from Kyle, with the Fatkour skill you can catch the cat.

Once you have completed this side quest and bring all the six cats to Big Gay Al, he will reward you with cat costume as well as the snowcat costume.

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In South Park The Fractured but Whole, you will find Morgan Freeman on the main street in South Park. He operates the Freemans Tacos and teaches you about crafting so don’t start a fight with him now. You should challenge him if you have at least 800 Might.

You must meet the following requirements before you attempt to fight against Morgan

At the beginning of the game you must pick a white character if you want to start a fight against Morgan Freeman as he fights only against white characters. If you have picked a black person in order to get the achievement The Token Experience, you don’t have to restart the game as you can change your race at any time at PC Principal in Crunchy's Microbrew.

The best thing to do is to complete the main story as it raises your might level to over 800. Then go to Freemans Tacos on the main street in South Park. Go inside and behind the counter you’ll find Morgan Freeman, you can hit him to start the boss fight.

How to Beat Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a tough boss to deal with as he has 9999 health points. Morgan Freeman has the following abilities / skills.

Beat Morgan Freeman, Guide, South Park The Fractured But Whole

- Morgan has a powerful fart attack that hits several characters
- From time to time, he summons a young Morgan who fights for him as Minion.
- He has a melee combo attack that causes high damage to a character.
- With his charm, he charms enemies, who then fight for him

Tip: Since the battle takes considerable time in SPTFBW, you should equip your character with the Ultimate Power "Nature's Gift" of the class "Plantmancer".

When choosing your party or team members for the fight you are relatively free. However, the following characters are recommended.

- Call Girl: She can always attack with one of her abilities, no matter where she or the opponent is on the battlefield.
- Mosquito: Through life, Mosquito can heal itself with every hit and does not have to be healed all the time.
- Fast pass: With one of his abilities, Fastpass is invisible after the attack and can survive longer.

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In Middle Earth Shadow of War you’ll encounter five locked Ithildin doors and each of them has a poem with missing words. In order to open the door and get the Legendary weapons and armor for Thalion, you must find and fill the blank or missing poem word and solve the puzzle.

Ithildin Door - Missing Words Locations:

If you are unable to locate the missing words to open the Ithildin Doors, then we recommend that you use the Haedir Towers. Once you've spotted them, you'll find them on your map. Set the marker to get the order. Now go to the location and trigger the view through the wraith world. Now you have to enter the correct word to complete the poems and solve the puzzles to open the Ithildin doors.

Below you can find all the missing words for the Ithildin doors and the rewards you get once you open these doors.

Missing Poem Words:

Minas Ithil - Shadows, Drums, Cadence, Land, Wrath and Dooms

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Missing Poem Words, Minas Ithil, Shadows, Drums, Cadence, Land, Wrath, Dooms

Nurnen - Iron, Serpents, Avail, Woe, Hordes and Claim

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Missing Poem Words, Nurnen, Iron, Serpents, Avail, Woe, Hordes, Claim

Seregost - Slumbers, Nest, Poisoned, Trapped, Comes and Base

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Missing Poem Words, Seregost, Slumbers, Nest, Poisoned, Trapped, Comes, Base

Cirith Ungol - Rises, Fires, Night, Beacons and Marching

Middle Earth,Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Missing Poem Words, Cirith Ungol, Rises, Fires, Night, Beacons, Marching

Gorgoroth - Lurk, Bulwark, Impervious, Powers, Vicious and Fail

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Missing Poem Words, Gorgoroth, Lurk, Bulwark, Impervious, Powers, Vicious, Fail


Minas Ithil: Bright Lord's Armor

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Minas Ithil, Bright Lord's Armor

Nurnen: Bright Lord's Bow

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Nurnen, Bright Lord's Bow

Seregost: Bright Lord's Dagger

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Seregost Bright, Lord's Dagger;

Cirith Ungol: Bright Lord's Cloak

Middle Earth, Shadow of War, Ithildi Door, Cirith Ungol, Bright Lord's Cloak

Gorgoroth: Bright Lord's Sword

Middle Earth; Shadow of War, Ithildin Door, Gorgoroth, Bright Lord's Sword

Legendary Bright Lord’s Rune - (you need higher score or bronze in Shadows of the Past missions) with this you’ll get 176+ maximum focus, more wrath in killing enemies, produces per kill focus.

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