If Dawn of War 3 does not start, there may be different reasons. Pre Order buyers had the problem that they won’t be able to enter the game, but this should have been fixed by the first patches since release. In this guide, we will give you fixes for all other familiar and common problems.

Problems with the Multiplayer and the Connection

If you are into the game and have no problems in the singleplayer, but you may encounter errors and crashes in the multiplayer

- Thrown Out From the Multiplayer Lobby: It can happen that you are thrown out of a lobby and afterwards cannot join. At this point, only a reboot of Dawn of War 3 will help.

- Network Problems: You should verify that your RelicDoW3.exe is not blocked by your antivirus program.

* In addition, TCP ports 443, 27017-27030, and 50000-50010 should be open.

* The IP address should be white listed.

Game Does Not Start or Other Problems

If the connection is intact, and problems still occur, these steps can help you

- No sound: Check if your desktop remote applications will not block the audio output.

- Low memory: DoW 3 can occasionally crash if you run too many programs in the background. Close them and restarts the game.

- Driver Problems: Check your drivers from Nvidia and AMD for their updates.

- Poor Performance: Even if you meet the system requirements, it may happen that your system is using the dedicated GPU (if there are several). Go into the settings of your GPU and list RelicDoW3.exe with the desired GPU in the games.

- Problem Despite Current Drivers: If you have running programs, you should disable them to verify that the problem persists.


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The latest entry in the Dawn of War game series, has a lot of familiar game aspects from the predecessors. In addition there are new ideas and game content, which both do well to the game.

In Dawn of War 3, the cover mechanics have changed. You cannot find any additional protection by being entrenched in craters or behind barricades. For this, protected areas were integrated into the game, which either provide you with a shield or cover your units from the enemies. We start our list of tips with few basic information and follow the tactics.

- There are three different resources in Dawn of War 3 that are important to your strategy and are created by taking special points on the map.
- Requisition: Main resource for the production of infantry and its upgrades.
- Energy: Main resource for vehicles and their upgrades.
- Elite: With these points, you can recruit the best units in the game.

You earn these resources by taking and holding certain points on the map. On these points, you should purchase generators and upgrade to increase resource production.

- Before each game you can choose between three elite units, which can strengthen you with different doctrines.
- You get doctrines through the ingame currency skulls that you get through level upgrades of your elite units. With this you can unlock additional doctrines, provided that you fulfill the prerequisites.

General Tips for the Waaagh!

As soon as you have internalized the control and get the Waaagh budget going, you should focus on the tactics. Dawn of War 3 provides a good mix of great battles and small battles. At the same time, the speed of the game also changes, that battles can be slow and cumbersome, or lead to rapid organization.

Master the Basics

At the beginning of your experience, don’t be hesitant to use the easy difficulty level in singleplayer or bot games. See this as a good preparation and exercise for the multiplayer. Test all three factions to find your preferences, but specialize in one of them. The campaign will guide you through the factions.

Space Marines Are a good start, since they are neither weaker nor stronger than those Orks or Eldar. However, they are easier for beginners to handle. By their abilities, they can quickly enlarge their troops and enjoy tactical advantages.

Attack Is The Best Defense

Even more important than the capture and establishment of own points is the destruction of enemy supplies. If you destroy the point of an enemy, its economy is greatly weakened. Even if you cannot take the point, it will cost your enemies precious time and resources to restore the starting point. In addition, enemies will try to defend themselves, allowing you to attack other targets.

Vehicles are vulnerable when they have to retreat. While infantry can quickly change locations, many vehicles require a brief moment before moving. Therefore, tactical maneuvers are rather reserved for the foot soldiers and machines should be used with power and mass.

Tackling is Called Weighing

You cannot hold the entire map, but focus on individual points. Dawn of War 3 is not designed to build a complex defensive line before you gradually move to other points. Therefore, you should take the risk now and then resolutely attack a hostile resource point.

The recipe for victory is more to keep more points than your enemies. An overpower is very difficult to maintain, but even if you can only hold one point more than your opponents, you have enough advantages to win the battle.

Rush or Wait?

In general it is difficult to do a good rush in Dawn of War 3. You must first destroy a shield generator and then fight against a strong guard tower before you can attack the central core of your enemies. These are protective mechanisms to prevent a hasty victory in multiplayer. Nevertheless, a mini-rush is very helpful. When you destroy the shield generator of an enemy, you gain Elite Points. These points can be invested profitably in strong "heroes" and thus get an early advantage.

Elite Units Tactics

Don’t wait too long for your elite units. It is important that you harmonize with your team. If your team provides sufficient support, you can save on expensive Elite units. Otherwise, you will lose too much power if you leave out the good units. They help you further and offer a strong front for the beginning, until more expensive troops are available.

You can be a very good player in multiplayer even without the best elite units. If you decide before the start of the game for the three best elite units, you can strengthen your army very early and overrun your enemies by this advantage.

Troops House

Increasing troops is cheaper than lifting new troops. Don’t sacrifice too many units, as you will consume more resources than if you recruit individual soldiers. So be more of a flight, because as soon as you can see that a fight is lost, this can happen very quickly. There will be few surprises if you are in an under-performing situation. If allies should be on their way to you, you should run against them and beat the enemies together.

We hope that our tips help you get started in Dawn of War 3 or even provide some good hints for experienced players.

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In Dawn of War 3, the Eldar are a fragmented culture created by the ancients to win the war against the Necrons. They are an awesome civilization, but through divisions during the war and the overstrained use of warp technology, they no longer form a unity. Their technology and understanding of military leadership make them a strong faction.

The Eldar Units

Before the civilization of the Eldar was splintered, no one could reach them. Because of their lack of presence, it was possible for the Empire and the Space Marines to build such a powerful empire. However, the Eldar is strong enough to become a threat even with a small number of troops. So they try to win the upper hand in the race for the spear of the Khaine.

Bullets / rockets: who needs them when you have perfected plasma guns and energy clusters. We show you the units of the Eldar and introduce them a little closer:

- Bonesinger: Your unit, which can teleport and reveal hostile units.

- Ranger: Sniper rifles with high damage at great distance. They need some time to make a shot. Through upgrades they can uncover enemies.

- Dire Avenger: The normal Eldar ranged infantry unit can throw grenades. They remind the Guardians of earlier parts, but they are a little stronger.

- Dark Reaper: Fire support squad that can do area damage with their weapons. However, they need a short recharge time for their attacks.

- Shadow Spectres: Soldiers with jetpacks, which can be very effective against enemy vehicles. The longer they target their beam at a target, the higher their damage.

- Howling Banshee: A group of melee fighters with huge damage. However, they have little armor, but they can slow down enemies and start a storm attack.

In addition to their balanced infantry, the Eldar have strong vehicles and Mechs. These are both strong in close combat, as well as at a distance. We list the units that belong to our list:

- Vyper: A fast vehicle with good range and a time bomb that can slow down enemies.

- Falcon: Medium hovercraft tank and all-rounder. His weapons are used to hit infantry and vehicles with the same hardness, and the Falcon can also be used as a squad carrier.

- Wraithblade: Heavy melee mechs with swords and mocking ability. They move very slowly, but can spontaneously start a quick storm attack and slow down enemies.

- Wraithguard: A remote combat version of the Wraithblade. But before they can fire, they have to recharge their weapons.

- Fire Prism: Very powerful hovercraft tank, which has crushing blasting weapons and can break armor. Its rays can lead to an explosion which also damages the surrounding infantry.

Tactics of the Eldar

Eldar's own national capacity lies in its warp technology. With it, they can simply teleport their buildings from one place to another. In addition, they can build portals directly between the buildings, with which they can quickly re-station their troops.

- War technology: With this ability, you can provide a steady supply of troops or just keep pushing enemies.

- Reach: The high range of the Eldar can be used to take away opponents at a distance and then retreat. This allows you to weaken the hostile lines with little patience without having to accept losses.

- War Cries: Use the abilities of Banshees to strengthen your troops and engage enemies. By slowing your opponents, your range is even more effective.

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In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, healing items are essential to survive. If you survive among the 100 players who are on the map in the game, you will have to heal from time to time. In doing so, you should know exactly about the healing objects and boosts and use them in the right situations. We explain how the healing system works in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Healing Items and Their Effects

You will find healing items in the form of bandages, first aid medicine or med kits. While you are searching houses for weapons and equipment at the beginning of a round, you will inevitably encounter healing items. The effects of the items are as follows:

- Bandages: These items are the weakest healing items and regenerate 10 life points in use. They can only be used if you have less than 75 HP and they don’t heal you beyond that value. It also takes 4 seconds to use a bandage. In this time, you are at the mercy of hostile attacks.

- First Aid Medicine: The First Aid kits have a much stronger effect, which can heal you up to 75 HP. Just like the bandages, they don’t heal you beyond this value. It takes 5 seconds for you to use a first-aid package, so you'll be covered!

- Med Kit: This is the strongest cure in PUBG. You’ll find Med Kits on the map rarely and with good luck. But they heal you with 100 HP and should also be used only in safe cover. The use of a med kit takes 6-7 seconds.

Boost Items And Their Effects

In addition to conventional healing, there are also so-called boost items such as energy drinks or painkillers, which have extremely useful effects. Through the use of such a boost, an additional energy bar is filled, which consists of three bars. Each additional bar will give you a bonus effect.

- Tier 1: When you fill the first bar, you activate healing over time.
- Tier 2: The second bar increases your speed and you can sprint faster.
- Tier 3: The spread of the weapon is reduced and your weapon precision is increased.

As you can see, the boosters are pretty powerful and you should look for these items in the game world, which are available in three different forms.

- Energy Drink: Increases your energy level by 40 points and also regenerates some health. You can have a maximum of four Energy Drinks with you at a time.

- Painkillers: Increases your energy level by 60 points and also regenerates health. You can take a maximum of ten painkillers with you at a time.

- Adrenaline Syringe: Injection with adrenaline is particularly powerful as it allows you to move at normal speed, even if you are injured. This can make a difference in difficult situations.

Note on the use of boost items: Use the items when you are out of the game area. This allows you to sprint faster and compensate for the damage effect caused by the blue flashes outside the game area. This gives you time to advance to the center of the map.

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In Outlast 2, you'll be out in the role of Cameraman Blake Langermann. His wife, Lynn, is a passionate revelation journalist, and so it's no wonder that she wants to get rid of the mysterious incidents surrounding the murder of a pregnant woman. But right from the start, you got involved with the whole thing. Your helicopter crashes and Lynn has just disappeared. Let's go the uncanny search through the sect village in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Here it is clear that you are not alone. You are watching and chasing soon. You will see horrible things and face images of the past. Blood, corpses, occult altars and surely you are also wondering: Why is Blake still knocking on the doors, even though one of his adversaries could be behind?

Your weapons are your camera, bandages, and legs. As in the first installment you cannot defend or fight. From time to time there will be a few action scenes, but here you cannot intervene. Your task is quickly described in Outlast 2: Either you hide or you run away. You need to find documents and make video recordings and achieve the various goals. Sounds quite simple, does not it?

Tips and Tricks To Survive in Outlast 2

Save your gameplay, so you can quickly return to the point where you died. However, you also have the option to create manual save locations and access them later.

The following tips and strategies help you to quickly understand the game mechanics and not to die too often:

Camera : The camera is your friend, especially because of the night vision. You can also take pictures with the camera. If you are on a conspicuous scene, it happens that a red circle is filling. Continue until the circle is fully filled, which takes about ten seconds. This recording ends up in your saving, where you can watch these recordings later. You should also get this because you get more info, because Blake says a few things to what is seen, which in turn can be important for you.

Batteries: For the night vision function as well as the microphone of the camera to function, you need batteries, which you find in different places on your way. Only the night vision consumes battery. If you look normal through the camera, then you don’t use batteries. We recommend that you use the night vision system sparingly and turn it on and off at the secondary speed since you don’t need it permanently. There are rooms with enough light or the moon, which lets you see everything important. Look for enough time, if you have the time and don’t have to run straight away. As a rule, batteries are next to radios, flashlights, etc., where they are theoretically needed.

Collectibles: Everything that is to be collected, ie documents, batteries, dressing material and occasionally also key or similar will be whiteness for you in the dark. So you can hardly overlook it. But you should not leave a door, a house or a corner, because here a Collectible could be hidden everywhere. There is no "inventory", by the way. To find out how many batteries and how much material you currently have, go to the mode where you want to watch the recordings. At this moment Blake looks down, you see the camera in his hands and his jacket. Look closely - In the right jacket are the bandage rolls, of which you can take a maximum of three, and in the left are the batteries, of which you can take a maximum of eight with you.

Documents: Also documents, letters or similar can store in camera. Often these documents are placed on tables or on shelves. Read them quiet, even if it takes a little time, but they tell you more about the history and the background.

If I'm Dead: if you die, you may have to make a little bit of a path again. You don’t have to record any documents you have already found here, but you will lose batteries and bandage material. Otherwise you will not be harmed if you are killed, except that it may hurt your ego. You may die as often as you like.

It Doesn't Go Any Further: If you don’t get further, because about all doors are locked, then go back again. Have you done everything that the game demands from you? For example, did you take the photo, so that something else was triggered? Sometimes Blake says something or something and then it goes on.

Hide or Run Away?: The strange sectarians will search for you. Since you cannot fight because you have no weapons, there are only two possibilities. You can run away from evil or hide from evil. When hiding, however, there is a problem: Don’t hesitate too long, because here they will find you after a while. Use the hiding just to check out the ways to escape, and then sneak around them. You can also hide under beds, in cupboards or in barrels. It is also possible to dive if you are in the water or simply just behind objects remain hidden. Running away is also a good alternative. However, after a while, your stamina will be affected by running. This is also the case with long swimming.

Enemies: You should never jump directly to NPCs. As a rule, they will then attack you and, unlike them, you have no machete. Better be in hidden, so as not to be seen, otherwise they will open the hunt for you. There are only a few NPCs that don’t attack you directly, but are just a little disturbed in a corner squat or stand up and brave any psalms. The AI is not very clever, in fact you can partly very well at them. But if you touch them or get into their field of view, then it means: Race, what the stuff holds!

Doors and Windows: When you enter a house, you have the possibility to close the door lock. Similarly, you can close the windows to hide from your enemies. This is only partly useful, because the AI can also break through locked doors, if he has discovered you. After all, they will also see you through windows, if they are looking for you and you are unfavorable, then they will not stop a locked door. But first of all you are more secure if you lock the doors behind you, if you want to look for the appropriate house in peace. In addition, you should always open and close doors slowly, so as not to be too loud and draw attention to you.

Sound Recording / Microphone: What is new is that you can now also use your camera to hear noise through the microphone. On your screen on the left side you can see the ripples of these noises. Depending on how high these are, the more clearly you can hear what has been said. So you have the possibility to listen through walls, what is said or to hear better things at a distance. In addition, this can also indicate to you how far away the enemies from you.

Bandage: Were you hurt, but could escape? Then you can use one of the collected associations. Blake will then wrap him around the arm and you're already "healthy" again.

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Guts and Glory is a video game that challenges players to complete the course while avoiding various dangers. The game is still in early access on PC (Windows ) and Mac through the online Steam store and there are planned versions for PS4 and Xbox One later in 2017.

How to Play Guts and Glory

Your goal is to go through the stages and tap the checkpoints along the way, marked by lighted circles. All of these points are required, but the yellow ones only mark the places that the player needs to go, while the oranges also offer points to resurface. This means that you can return to these orange points by dying elsewhere in the phase or by pressing V.


- Move: arrows;
- Camera: Q, E and X;
- Restart: V;
- Turbo: Shift;
- Adrenaline: C;
- Maneuvers: W, A, S, D.


Currently, there are three characters available in the game, each with its advantages and disadvantages. John and Jimmy, a father and son who share a bicycle, are the most versatile, especially for maneuvering, but they are also the most fragile and can easily be knocked over or taken off the course by hitting something.

Earl drives an ATV so it is more resistant to knocks, but it is more common for one of its wheels to have some problem and make it tricky to drive straight. And the Yang family has a convertible with good resistance, but their specialty is skidding, which makes it a bit easy to lose control of the car.


A detail worth mentioning is that the characters don’t have to get integers until the end of the route, just like their vehicles. In cases like John and Jimmy or the Yang family, only the father has to come to the end to count as a win. This also holds true for parts of vehicles.

Turbo and Adrenaline

In addition to the basic commands, you have access to two extra useful skills. The first of these is the Turbo Shift key, which allows you to accelerate to escape dangers or make more leaps. The amount of Turbo available is indicated by the yellow bar in the lower left corner. Already the power of Adrenaline in the C key leaves the game in slow motion for an instant and allows you to perform movements with greater precision, without limit of use.


It is possible to perform some maneuvers during the courses to recover some of your Turbo energy bar. To do this, simply use the W, A, S, D keys to rotate your vehicle and loop while it is in the air. It's a good idea to use the Turbo to jump higher and have more time in the air. The Yang Family's drifts also count as a maneuver.

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