The ranking system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a little bit confusing. In the game, the higher your card rank is, the more star cards you can equip and the more you win in missions, again you can climb up in class rank.

Your general rank is shown in the main menu. You can improve it by earning XP in multiplayer missions. These are provided by supports, hits and kills. The accumulated combat points correspond to the experience points you receive after a match. On the screen you see how many points you still miss to the next level. Also, your rank decides when and how you can upgrade star cards.

Class and star card rank

Unlike the general rank, the so called star level is divided into the respective Trooper classes, vehicles, special characters and heroes. Class rank is determined by the star cards you have in your deck. The method to level this rank seems a bit confusing. In order to equip more cards, you must have a higher card level. To increase this, you have to unlock star cards in the corresponding category. You can get these either through crates or by crafting them through crafting parts.

Star Wars, Battlefront 2, Rank System, Level Up Fast, Tips

Due to the rarity ranks of the cards, your card level is put together, in other words: For each unlocked card, the score of the card moves to your star card rank. For this, the card doesn’t have to be equipped! All existing cards are added together and then give their very special card rank in the respective class, with the vehicles or the heroes.

Level up quickly on and off the battlefield

While you can only influence your card level with the use of the cards, it is best to go hunting for crafting parts. You will earn these through certain milestones. But you also get them through crates, which you can buy again if you have enough credits. We recommend that you complete the campaign early, as you will be rewarded with a lot of crafting parts through collectibles and credits.

If you already have some duplicates with the cards, then it makes sense to exchange them for credits and get hold of loot boxes. Concentrate on the cheapest crates, as there are often duplicates, crafting parts and some credits, so the price is the most economical for you.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is all about building friendships. You should invite as many villages as you can to your camp. The degree of friendship is very important here and you can build it by fulfilling your villager’s needs. If you give them the right gifts on their birthday, then there is not much in the way of your success.

The first inhabitants in ACPC are still easy to satisfy. It's enough for you to fill two hearts, which is done very quickly. Later, there are some villages who have higher requirements in terms of friendships.

Friendship and Rewards

If you always talk to the residents and fill them with all your wishes, and then give them some great gifts, then you've done everything to build your friendships. Of course, once you have reached a certain level of friendship, you will also receive rewards.

Level 7 - The villages will give you a copy of their outfit and a glittering stone
Level 9 - You’ll receive another valuable material / glittering stone
Level 10 or 15 - The blueprint for the favorite piece of furniture of the villagers
Level 20 - A photo of the villages

Once you have arrived at the third milestone and addressed the villager, he will ask you to make his favorite piece of furniture. This is a difficult task because it requires a lot of time and materials. Once you have completed the furniture, place in on the campsite and talk to the villager. He will give you a reward and your friendship will be 10 points stronger.

List of all villages in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Kid Cat

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In Star Wars Battlefront 2, you can select between four different classes, Assault, Heavy, Specialist, and Officer, that can offer you special advantages in combat. Each era has its own design in the classes, but the skills remain the same. Separatist, Empire, Rebel Alliance, Republic, Resistance or First Order - you can always pick between these four classes without the use of combat points:

Assault: This class is well-balanced. With its blaster rifle, you are quick and take large group of enemies at medium and near range. The attack starts with these abilities: Thermal Detonator, Vanguard and Scan Dart.

Heavy: This class is not the fastest one on the field, but a heavy soldier can take a lot. With his laser machine gun (heavy blaster) he is a dangerous melee opponent. The skills of the heavy class are Impact Grenade, Sentry and Combat Shield.

Specialist: Especially as a sniper, this unit is well usable. The specialist can also perform well camouflaged stealth attacks with long range blaster. This class can support your squad with the skills of the specialist: Shock Grenade, Infiltration and Thermal Binoculars.

Officer: You should not get too involved in the battle with the officer, since he can take little damage. But he can support your squad with his fast firing pistol, increase the life energy of the cronies and reduce the cooldowns of the skills. An officer uses Flash Grenade, Battle Command, Blaster Turret.

Classes, Special Characters Guide, SW Battlefront 2

To bring even more variety in a squad, star cards should be used, on the one hand support skills or boost new skills. This will improve your abilities of the selected class and increase your chances of collecting many battle points to battle with in the next spawn with a special unit.

The special characters and their skills

Each unit from the different Star Wars saga has two reinforcement classes that you can unlock with sufficient combat points if you don’t want to save on a hero or a vehicle. They can each be divided into Jump Troopers and Death Troopers, the Jump Troopers can attack by their jetpack from the air and Death Troopers bring special attack strength.

Jet Trooper (Republic) : DC-17 Handblaster
Wookiee Warrior (Republic) : Wookiee Bow Caster
B2 Super Combat Droid (Seperatists) : Dual Wrist Blaster
B2 Rocket Drosides (Seperatists) : Dual Wrist Blaster
Rocket Jumper (Rebels) : EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle
Wookiee Warriors (Rebels) : Wookiee Bow Caster
Rocket Trooper (Empire) : DL-44 Blaster Pistol
Death Trooper (Imperium) : DLT-19
Wookiee Warrior (Resistance) : Wookiee Bow Caster
Rocket Jumper (Resistance) : EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle
Rocket Trooper (First Order) : SE-44 Blaster Pistol
Flame Trooper (First Order) : D-93 Incinerator

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In Star Wars Battlefront 2, you need both currencies Battle Points and Credits to unlock vehicles, special characters and improve heroes.

Earn Battle Points

Due to the fast pace of a gameplay it is difficult to earn combat points with good strategy. However, you will be rewarded with almost any action in the battle with the currency - you just have to know what gives you the most combat points. So don’t just concentrate on killing enemies, but follow a bigger plan:

- Headshot Kill: If you manage to land the fatel hit on an opponent, you will earn far more combat points than if you only make one shot that will injure. Particularly effective are the headshots.

- Team Spirit: Help your squad members / ally and get some Battle Points. Not only do you support your squad, but you also get closer to reinforcements.

- Complete your missions: Complete the respective tasks in the mission and bring your squad closer to victory to get neat combat points, because that's what it's all about.

- Be a Survivalist: The longer you stay alive in one round, the higher your Multiplier will be for the points.

- Use Star Cards: Especially the Bounty Hunter star card rewards you with extra combat points. But other cards can also support your combat skills and passively score more points. You can get star cards either through loot boxes / crates, during gameplay, or you can make them yourself.

Heroes, Squad, Star Wars Battlefront 2

- Focus on Killing AI Enemies: This will bring you around 600 per kill. In the Starfighter Attack and Galactic Attack modes, if you plan on attacking the TIE Fighters and shooting them down for a while, even though your main target is the other players. With each kill you collect around 600 battle points and the AI enemies spawn regularly.

Earn Credits

To get more credits in the SWBF 2, we recommend you the loot boxes, there are daily crates that you should always open. They contain credit and even give you crafting parts to make or improve the best star cards for your heroes.

Crates, Loot Boxes, Star Wars, Battlefront 2
Also you should check out single player. With a playing time of 5 to 7 hours, you’ll be able to earn around 9,000 credits. In addition, you can open crates in the missions, which also give you 175 crafting parts. Especially, the single-player campaign helps beginners to familiarize themselves with the game. You will receive 5,000 credits through the campaign crates, which await you after completion of the single player under milestones. However, after completing some missions, you will receive another 500 credits each.

- Multiplayer mode: The PVP mode brings you fastest credit. With kills you get the most points. But also assists pay into your credit account. If you manage to maintain a particularly long kill series, you’ll get more credits increase at the end of the round. Also, don’t forget to complete the tasks the game gives you. If you defend a certain place and do so, there are additional points.

- Arcade mode: In this mode you fight against bots. Here you can easily and quickly farms credits. Every day there are about 200 credits per round. You can only play five games per day in arcade mode. After that it will be suspended for 14 hours. The good thing about this mode, though, is that you can play and test all your heroes once and then be prepared for multiplayer.

We also recommend the milestones. If you achieve these goals, you will get credits, crafting parts, weapon upgrades, and loot boxes. After unlocking them, don’t forget to pick them up in the menu.

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Gambler chips and billboards are some of the collectibles in Need For Speed Payback. There are 100 gambler chips and 30 billboards to be found in the in the Fortune Valley game world.

Actually, it is not that difficult to find them on the map as the billboards will be shown on the map as soon as you are near to them. The chips will also be displayed if you are really close to them.

Your collectibles will be shown in the Journal under the Collectibles tab. Here you can see how many you already have collected and how many are missing. All collected ones are marked on the map with a green tick. Once you have collected all gambler chips and billboards, you'll also get the achievements and trophies All In and Does Not Obey.

Through the billboards you always have to drive your car or rather jump. Some of the chips can also be reached only via jumps, but they are also often found easily on roads, in barns, settlements or simply scattered in the wilderness. Incidentally, you will also often find gambler chips near the derelict cars.

On the following map you can see Fortune Valley with all the chips and billboards listed.

Fortune Valley can be divided into different areas via the color coded areas. Below video shows you the exact locations of the chips and billboards in detail.

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The most popular racing video game franchise, Need for Speed, is back with a new entry, Payback, but with a few bugs and errors that can affect the gameplay and your overall experience. Especially when NfS Payback simply crashes, no derelict cars, shows a black screen or freezes and stops responding. In this troubleshooting guide, we share you some known NfS Payback problems and give you solutions to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Derelict Cars Are No longer Available / Disappear

If NfS Payback crashes, then the collectibles can suddenly disappear. There is no proper fixe for this yet. However, we will update this guide as soon as there is a solution.

Steering Wheel Controllers are Not Working

Unfortunately, some of the steering wheels are not compatible with the NfS Payback, especially the devices from Thrustmaster. So far, there is no real statement from EA.

No Sound or Voices in a Conversation

If you're in a conversation but cannot hear the sound or the voice, then you need to change the language of the game. This problem seems to be particularly noticeable on the consoles. Search for language in Preferences and change to English (United States). This is best changed in the console settings and then starts the game again.

NfS Payback, Fix No Derelicts, Sound, Loading Screen Stuck
Mission Freezes or Stuck at Loading Screen

Some missions can only start if you have a car in each class. So if you sold less cars or even the last one from a certain class, then some missions won’t load. Restart the game and just buy a car so that you have one in all four classes.

Black Screen and Game Crashes

Here, you have to make sure that your graphic cards drivers are up-to-date. Also, check if you have the latest updates and patches from NfS Payback installed. If everything is correct, then you have to check whether your PC meets the minimum system requirements.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3 6300 (3.8GHz) or AMD FX 8150 (3.6GHz) with 4 threads
Graphic card: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, AMD Radeon HD 7850 or a comparable graphics card that is compatible with DX11 and has 2 GB of memory
Hard Disk: 30 GB
DirectX 11
192 kbps or faster connection

If your PC meets the above requirements, then you should check if Origin needs an update. With a black screen can also help that with Alt and Enter at the same time between the full screen and the window mode changes.

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