Licenses Rewards

National B License: Gran Turismo Racing Kart Junior (5,000 Cr.)
National B License (Gold): Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 T Sport '09 (28,500 Cr.)
National A License: '06 Honda S2000 (37,800 Cr.)
National A License (gold) KTM X-BOW Street '12 (85,000 Cr.)
International B License: Volkswagen Scirocco R '10 (51,500 Cr.)
International B License (Gold): Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG (R230) '02 (125,000)
International A License: Range Rover Evoque Coupe Dynamic '13 (60,000 Cr.)
International A License (Gold): High End Performance G37 (Cr 200,000.)
Super License: Tesla Roadster '08 (Cr 100,000.)
Super License (Gold): Audi R8 LMS ultra (Audi Sport Team Phoenix) (400,000 Cr.)

Career Mode Rewards

Novato (all stars): Renault Sport Clio RS '11 (36,400 Cr.)
National B (half the stars): Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione '91 (54,500 Cr.)
National B (all stars): '91 Acura NSX (80,000 Cr.)
National A (half the stars): Dodge Challenger R / T '70 (75,000 Cr.)
National A (all stars): RE Amemiya RX-7 FD3S (Cr 100,000.)
International B (half the stars): Jaguar XKR-S '11 (175.00 Cr.)
International B (all stars): Lamborghini Diablo GT2 '98 - (Cr 300,000.)
International A (half the stars): 2013 Jeff Gordon # 24 "Drive To End Hunger" CHEVROLET SS (Cr 500,000.)
International A (all stars): Ferrari Enzo Ferrari '02 (Cr 1,000,000.)
Super (half the stars): McLaren F1 '94 (Cr 1,000,000.)
Super (all stars): Audi Quattro S1 Pikes Peak '87 (Cr 1,450,000.)
Add to my tricks

Goodwood Festival Rewards

1-1 A110 (Gold) 1-2 X-BOW (Gold) 1-3 Dino 246 GT (Gold): Light Car Company Rocket '07 (Cr 100,000.)

2-1 507 (Gold) 2-2 Lotus Europa S.2 (Gold), 2-3 SLS AMG GT3 (Gold): Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster '60 (. Cr 1,000,000)

3-1 Quattro S1 Rally Car (Gold) 3-2 One-77 (Gold) 3-3 GT40 Mark I (Gold): Chevrolet Corvette StingRay Racer Concept '59 (Cr 500,000.)

TZ3 Stradale 4-1 (Gold) 4-2 Countach LP400 (Gold) 4-3 Stratos (Gold) Cizeta V16T '94 (Cr 636,660.)

5-1 Nismo GT3 GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport (Gold), 5-2 R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest) (Gold) 5-3 Red Bull X2010 Prototype (Gold): GT by Citroen Road Car (1,450 Cr. 000)



Graduation rookie
Complete the Rookie class in Career Mode

Professional: National B
Complete the National Class B in Career

Professional: National A
Complete A National class in Career Mode

National B License gold
Get a gold award in all tests of the National B license

National A License gold
Get a gold award in all tests of the National license A

International B License gold
Get a gold award in all tests of the International B License

Estrellita: 25 stars
Earn 25 stars in total

In stars 100 stars
Earn 100 stars in total

Star attraction: 200 stars
Earn 200 stars in total

Star attraction: 300 stars
Earn 300 stars in total

Lunar Mission completed!
Complete all missions of Lunar Exploration

Regular Goodwood
Participate in Goodwood Hillclimb with various cars

The first of many!
Win your first race

Champion Series
Become the winner of a championship

2 car garage
Buy your second car

Crazy speed
It breaks the barrier of 300 km / h with a car that is not specific to this type of career

111 meters per second
Breaking the barrier of 400 km / h with a car that is not specific to this type of career

Round trip
Travels 100 km in total

Route Master
Travels 2451 miles (3945 km) in total. The length of the infamous Route 66 American

King of the Autobahn
Walking 12,718 km in total. Autobahn length

Amateur Collector
Gather a collection of 10 cars

Serious collector
Gather a collection of 50 cars

Fanatical collector
Gather a collection of 100 cars

Valued Customer
Spend a lot of modifications and maintenance credits

VIP Customer
Spend more credits modifications and maintenance

Major investment
Spend an astronomical amount of credits on modifications and maintenance

Gather a collection of 5 uniforms and helmets racing

Fashion Fanatic
Gather a collection of 20 racing uniforms and helmets

Accident Prone
Bump into cones or other obstacles 500 times

Andante Danger
Bump into cones or other obstacles 5,000 times

Who's laughing now?
Get the final round of a tournament in third place or worse, and ends as a champion

For very little
Get to the finish and win with 1% or less fuel in the tank

A half second
Get a period of a minimum of 0.5 seconds faster than the target time in any license test

Game Doll
Win a race with a limit equal to or exceeding 550 PR with a car that has at least 50 PR less than the limit of the race

David and Goliath
Win a race with a limit equal to or greater than 620 PR with a car that has at least 100 PR less than the limit of the race

0.01 seconds!
Win a race by a margin of less than 0.01 seconds

Three laps miraculous
Recorded a lap time that is in 0.2 seconds or less from your best lap time in 3 consecutive laps

Registers a lap record in the 3 digits after the decimal point are equal

Jumps and stays in the air for a second or more

Win a race without time limit overtaking a car to go around behind you

Great-brand win
Comes from behind to win right on target in a one-make race

Old dog, new tricks
Win a race in a car manufactured in 1959 or earlier

Hidden Treasure
Strikes painted with blue Gran Turismo 6 tires that are on the side of the track in one of the circuits

A big leap
Takes a huge leap of 3 seconds or more in the reduced gravity of the moon


Professional: International B
Complete the International class B in Career

Unlock the final video

International A License gold
Get a gold award in all tests of the International License A


Professional: International A
Complete the International Class in career mode

Grand Final
Unlock the long version of the final video

S License gold
Get a gold award in all tests of the S license


Platinum trophy
Get the rest of the game trophies

For More Info

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Xbox One) Keys, Codes, Secrets, trophies, achievements and advice.

There is large number of unlockables available to us in the second installment of the Resident Evil Revelations series and we list below the achievements and how we obtain them:

Penal colony: Complete the first episode.

Sprinter (Episode 1) Complete the first episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 1) Complete the first episode in Invisible mode.

Bounty Hunter: Get a total of 50,000 PB.

A flamethrower: In the first episode of Claire escapes from prison unused bust flamethrower.

Cure for the Afflicted: Defeat 100 Afflicted in Campaign mode.

Harvest Revenants: Defeat 100 Revenants in Campaign mode.

Sharpening: Defeat 100 enemies with the knife in Campaign mode.

Stick to your guns: Defeat 50 enemies with physical attacks in Campaign mode.

Rest in peace: Perform 50 hits lethal in Campaign mode.

From the Shadows: Defeat 20 enemies with stealth attacks in Campaign mode.

Go toward the light: Use the flashlight to dazzle Moira 50 enemies in Campaign mode.

Weapons: Complete the first episode of the main campaign alone with the knife.

In row !: Defeat two enemies with a single shot in Campaign mode.

Disarming: Destroy 30 armed arms Revenant.

A misstep: Shoot 30 Afflicted in the air while jumping in Campaign mode.

Friend Indeed: Rescue your partner 10 times in Campaign mode.

Arded damn !: Defeat at least 5 enemies with a homemade bomb or a Molotov cocktail in Campaign mode.

First assault: Complete a mission Assault mode.

Nostalgia: Evaluates an object in the Assault mode.

Contemplation: Complete the second episode.

Sprinter (Episode 2): Complete the second episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 2): Complete the second episode in Invisible mode.

Insecticide: Defeat 20 Glasps in Campaign mode.

Judgment: Complete the third episode.

Sprinter (Episode 3): Complete the third episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 3): Complete the third episode in Invisible mode.

Good thinking: Get the object behind the gate in the third episode of the Campaign Barry.

Metamorphosis: Complete the fourth.

Sprinter (Episode 4) Complete the fourth episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 4) Complete the fourth episode in Invisible mode.

Wayfarer, there is a path Complete the two paths through the landfill in the fourth episode of the Campaign Barry.

Good ways: Defeat 50 enemies with the lever Moira in Campaign mode.

Brick by brick: Defeat 20 enemies with a brick playing as Natalia in Campaign mode.

Teamwork: Disables an enemy with Moira to Claire gets a physical attack in Campaign mode.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Complete an operation in the Assault mode.

Sorry, Pedro ... Defeat Mutant Pedro in the second episode of the Campaign Claire.

Trauma exceeded: Make Moira finished with Neil in the third episode of the campaign Claire.

Sight ...: Defeat 6 Glasp on the monument, fourth ep. Claire campaign, in diff. Normal or higher.

Decorated (Episode 1): Get all the medals of the first episode.

Decorated (Episode 2): Get all the medals of the second episode.

Decorated (Episode 3): Get all the medals in the third episode.

Decorated (Episode 4): Get all the medals fourth.

If you know more tricks of Resident Evil Revelations 2 xone not hesitate to share them with us. The whole community will thank you.

Write down your tricks in the comments box

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The martial arts star Bruce Lee will have an official biopic, according to his daughter Shannon Lee announced last Friday.

Despite his death occurred in 1973, at age 32, Bruce Lee helped create and popularize a genre that still influences characters in films such as "Fist of Fury", "Way of the Dragon" and "Enter the Dragon".

Bruce Lee Entertainment will produce the film in collaboration with Lawrence Grey ("Hope Springs") and Janet Yang ("The Joy Luck Club").

In a statement Shannon Lee said that the film works written by his father and his philosophy, besides his stardom in martial arts are explored.

So far she has not elected a director or cast for the film. The 1993 biopic "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" was based on a book by his widow, Linda Lee Cadwell.

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Resident Evil - Revelations 2 (PC) Episode 1, all 8 Tower Emblems locations

The upside down suspended type with the key falls down. You go through the halls and climb down the ladder. Behind is the first emblem. Now take the stairs.

The second emblem on the ceiling where Claire must use the gear.

The third emblem is on the torture machine in the missing gear was hidden.

To catch it you need to go on top of the "balcony".

The fourth emblem is under the bridge before the radio tower.

The first four emblems you bring with Claire. The next 4 emblems bring with Barry.

On the way from the beach in the system there is a place where 2 large boxes are a target. Behind this emblem is in section 5.

At the agency at little girl for the first time myself play can switch back to Barry. The zombie from behind do. Now 2 times right around the corner and behind the shelf emblem is in paragraph 6.

In the section you walk by with Barry through a long dark forest and times to find now and then a box (mostly connected with a fight) are in a box and a pair of drums and at the back is the emblem of paragraph 7 below.

In the crane with the tree trunks are three barrels in a corner. Behind this emblem is point 8 below.

Anyone who has ever played Episode 1 should reasonably know which locations I meant.

For More Info

Get the first Dragon Ball quickly

Since some certainly don’t know how to get the Dragon Balls here some useful information to collect all.

1. The Dragonballs you get at the PQ tasks in the city, whether you play online or offline.

2. Do you get it after fighting the random spawning time Patroller.

My variation on Dragon Balls farms:

1. Start the PQ task number 2 Attack of the Saiyans.

2. Defeat Yamcha, Krillin and Tien.

3. Look at the entrance to the palace of God whether there is an NPC.

4. Speak to him and accept the challenge.

5. Defeat him and see if you get the 1x 1x material and key object.

6. Once you get 1x 1x material and key object you completed the mission.

Congratulations the first Dragon Ball is now yours.

This can be repeated as often as desired. Have fun and good luck with your search for the Dragon Balls!

Parallel Quest Victory Conditions

Here is the hidden victory condition, which gives you a higher chance to receive a list of skills.

There are always 2 other conditions that are listed here with each other.

01: Finish in under 5 min. (Piccolo comes after 3 min only)

Defeat Piccolo.

02: Finish in under 5 min.

Defeat Goku.

03: Raditz HP over 50%.

Defeat Gohan.

04: Finish in under 5 min.

Defeat Nappa.

05: Defeat all Saibaman (No one should escape)

Defeat all revived Saiyans.

06: Nappa must survive.

Defeat the revived Goku.

07: Exit in 10 minutes.

Defeat the time Patroller.

08: Defeat Guldo only.

Receive all 7 Dragon Balls.

09: Vegeta’s HP over 50%.

Defeat revived Goku.

10: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat Ginyu Burter and Jeacy.

11: Guldo’s HP over 50%.

Defeat Ginyu.

12: Complete in under 5 minutes.

Defeat Friezer.

13: Finish in under 5 minutes.

Defeat Frieza and revived opponents.

14: Defeat Goku Krillin.

Defeat Super Saiyan Goku.

15: Finish in under 3 minutes.

Defeat the Patroller.

16: Help Vegeta and Vegeta must survive.

Defeat Vegeta SSJ.

17: Mr.Satan hp more than 50%

Defeat revived Vegeta.

18: Complete in under 5 minutes.

Defeat Friezer.

19: Complete with Vegeta and Gohan Transformed.

Defeat revived Gohan.

20: Complete in under 5 minutes.

Defeat Cell.

21: Defeat Piccolo and Goku before Gohan.

Win without defeating the Cell.

22: Defeat all appearing opponents.

Defeat all revived opponents.

23: Complete 3min below.

Defeat revived Cell.

24: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat revived Gohan and Cell.

25: Defeat Vegeta and Piccolo must survive.

Defeat Android 17 and 18

26: 17 and 18 shall survive.

Defeat Trunks.

27: Defeat all Cell jr.

Defeat Cell and revived 17 and 18th

28: Defeat all Cell jr.

Collect all 7 Dragon Balls.

29: Complete in under 5 minutes.

Defeat all the enemies that appear.

30: Great Saiyaman must survive.

Defeat the revived Friezer and Cell.

31: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat Majin Buu.

32: Complete in 5 min.

Defeat SSJ3 Goku.

33: Stop in 5 minutes

Defeat revived Piccolo.

34: Majin Buu’s HP must be over 50%.

Defeat revived Hercule.

35: Complete in 5 min.

Defeat Ultimate Gohan.

36: Complete in 5 min.

Defeat Hercule and revived Majin Buu

37: Super Buu’s hp 50%.

Defeat Super Vegito.

38: Majin Buu must survive.

Defeat Kid revived Buu.

39: Defeat Videl and Piccolo before Gohan.

Win without defeating the Cell.

40: Clear without any Ally KO

Defeat Whis.

41: Defeat Gotenks before Vegetto.

Defeat SSJ3 Gotenks and Super Vegetto.

42: Complete in 3 min.

Defeat revived Goku.

43: Defeat 3 enemies.

Receive all 7 Dragon Balls.

44: Complete in 5 min.

Defeat the revived Beerus.

45: Complete in 5 min.

Defeat Goku and revived Gohan and Vegeta

46: Complete and defeat all enemies.

Receive all 7 Dragon Balls.

47: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat Gotenks and Vegetto.

48: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat revived Friezer, Cell and Kid Buu.

49: Raditz Nappa and must survive.

Defeat Vegetto.

50: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat Bardock, Raditz and Goku

51: Goku must survive

Defeat revived Broly.

52: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat time Patroller.

53: Defeat Broly with Gohan must survive.

Receive all 7 Dragon Balls.

54: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat all revived opponents.

55: Complete in 10 min.

Defeat Gohan, Broly, Bardock and less than 5 min.

Dragon Balls and Shenlong (wishes)

As everyone knows you need all 7 Dragon Balls to summon the beloved dragon.

Here's a trick I got the "fast" together:

1) PQ 4 launch (where you fight Andren on god platform against Tenshinhan and 2)

2) Kill all, wait until the portal opens

3) Flying above rum, there should be a time traveler (with call sign) against which you can now fight, which then also properly drop a Dragon Ball and item

4) Quest normally make ready. Repeat until you have all 7 If a traveler appears, simply restart quest.

Now to the wish:

1) Money (500,000 Zeni)

2) Items

3) Equipment ("Journey of the west-Set")

4) Z-soul

5) EXP (but only to the next LVL)

6) Ultimate Skill (1 time: Flash Light Ball, the 2nd time minus energy powerball

7) Special skill (1 time 3 skills, the 2nd time again few skills)

8) New characters (1 time: SSJ4 gogeta, 2 times: SuperC17, 3 times: omega Shenron

9) Parameter reset (Who verskillt is, or want to play differently very nice!)

10) Appearance (name can not be changed, but everything else!)

General Information

PQ = Parallel Quest

AI = Rechargeable, the yellow bar under the live display

Endurance = you need to teleportation, etc. but also for Kaioken

1) You can create at the beginning only 1 char. The remaining slots will be opened only when playing through the storyline with the 1

2) If you are not the char name it is automatically "TRAVELLER" called

3) PQ 9 = Here you can get the 20xKaioken (songoku must be transformed into one, with luck skill you get at the end of the struggle

PQ14 = SSJ1 skill! Ordering: Picollo - Gohan - Vegeta - Krillin - Son Goku

Then Goku should turn into a SSJ, with luck erhällt to the skill

4) Each master can always be replaced.

5) Vegeta SSJ4 it is not so provide, really only pre-order code

6) Many Skills (SSJ / Kaioken), after the storyline progress in the business also enabled.

For spec I can not comment too much so, as each plays differently.

My 1 Char was a Saiyan, and I love to stay in the SSJ mode.

Yet this I am more in close combat, so I Skille much on AI / melee.

(Who had better spiellt on Kaioken give a lot of perseverance, and you should, of course, a little on his HP skillen)

For More Info

The following Beginner's Guide to Total War - Attila we would like to explain the battles and the normal game play and the individual fractions.

Table of Contents

Note: The guide is under construction. The "Tips - [Group]" section is general in nature and does not address specific moves, but serves you as a guide.

Aim of the game
Battle - Speed and Morality
Horde Mechanics
Politics - Family Tree
Politics - Political Power
Politics - Rule & Control
Political Actions
Tips - Eastern Roman Empire
Tips - Western Roman Empire
Tips - Visigoths
Tips - Ostrogoths
Tips - Franconia

(This guide is currently under construction, we are constantly working on new content for "Total War - Attila" to produce)

Aim of the game

The goal in Total War: Attila is not well defined. Each faction in the game gets certain goals in the campaign and these are based on historical facts.

The objectives in the game can be found below.

Battle - speed and morality

The speed and morality are important factors in the fight - that is, in the Total War typical battles.

You can increase the speed of your armies in battle. Normally, the troops at normal speed, you may be able but also can run. The course will take you time benefits and you are faster at the opponent. The disadvantage is that they tire and thus are more vulnerable in combat.

Finding a good mix between the Army speed and regenerates their endurance by tarried for a while at one point.

The morale of the army is decisive for how well you will do you in battle or troops. This of course also in every respect the opponents. With "attack tactics", for example seizing the enemy forces of two or more sides flanked and lets start running more troops of you on the opponent, breaking the morale of the enemy troops (of course, vice versa) quickly.

Factors of morality are the skills and the rank of General, the Army tradition, technology and the Beast Level of troops (forces weak are more susceptible than more developed troops).

Horde mechanics

The hordes mechanism in Total War: Attila represents an innovation which relates to the nomadic groups and of course the Huns. The hordes consist of one or more armies can turn to camp (on the Build menu).

In the camp you can then build buildings or upgrade to boost the economy and food production. Of course one can recruit more units for the army. If you want to explore another country or conquer cities, then you can resolve the settlement again and move on.

Accesses a certain fraction and let you down in the conquered city, then the hordes lose their status as Horde until you have the last city of a fraction besieged or destroyed. Means losing status that you can no longer camp. The Huns are not affected by this situation.

Politics - Family tree

Let's look at the green boxed area. Each faction has a "family" screen, which you can access via the Group icon at the bottom of the screen.

You see then (in green) the pedigree of its own family, and left the list (green arrow) with candidates or other family members. Remember this: on the left you will see only characters that belong to other families. Also, you can see the list of candidates: This means that you can assign offices these characters (click on them and you see right if certain fields are not grayed out = Office may be occupied).

Politics - Political Power

In the red box you see three components of your current political existence.

Political power: This is the most important point in this screen. Here you can see by a bar, how big your political power is now. This depends on two factors dominate and control. Of course, common sense would say, then I have to get the full bar! But I was wrong. The bar should be kept in the central area to prevent larger Mali.

- In the middle area you have little or no bonuses / Mali, do not complicate your politics much. If the area is, however, moved further to the left or far to the right, you'll get more Mali (ie negative effects) as bonuses.

For example, you get less loyalty and political order, which are also very, very slightly offset by minimal integrity or growth rates with full bar.

Politic - domination and control

Rule: The rule specifically reflects the influence of your family. So you marry someone from another family in, then the influence and domination drops decreases and thus affects the political power. Ideally, you do not come here less than 50%, otherwise it will be difficult to control to obtain a balanced political power.

For example, family members (my own family) 1 and 2 together = 50 influence. Family members (Other Family) 1 and 2 together = 25 influence. Say 50% rule for you.

Control: The control reflects the success rate of political action again. Do you want to kill a general example, because its loyalty is too low, and it goes wrong, then you lose control. The other way round: it kills the General successful, then the control increases.

In more specific political actions are taken.

Political actions

Political actions give you into Attila - Total War some ways to steer your "empire". Every action costs "influence" depending on what position is it you and this influence can hold through the offices of (quite typical: the governor) or by the successful conduct of battles gain.

Tips - Eastern Roman Empire

When should I play the Eastern Roman Empire?

You're a Total War expert and have also been with Total War: Attila had good experiences.
You need a challenge that you can not offer other realms.
You are open to direct a large, well-established kingdom.
You're good at diplomacy or will it try to be.
You want the history of Rome lead to an end.

Tips & Hints:

Go directly to the game start you will see scurrying about a few fractions in their own territory. In order to keep the economy stable, it is important to stir up on all fronts there are no conflicts. So get set possible diplomatically to the wheel. The Greeks should be brought on board as an ally, so they can not be dangerous to you. Work with a strong defense to accrue at the borders the barbarians. The problem is likely to be only the Sassanid Empire - mobilize your troops and try here no major offensive actions. Wait prefer strengthened to your economy and your armies are reinforced to strike.

Tips - Western Roman Empire

When should I play the Western Roman Empire?

You're a Total War expert and have also been very good experience with Total War: Attila
You need a difficult challenge that you can not offer other realms (even the Eastern Roman Empire not).
You are open to direct a large, well-established kingdom.
You're not afraid to give up things and losses are also an option for you.
You want the history of Rome lead to an end.

Tips & Hints:

Jump to start of the game stands out: a great empire exists. But there are not enough forces to protect less to manage because a few of the cities. This problem should resolve it by withdrawing its military forces from the UK and Africa and those stationed in the Rhine and the Alps to proceed there against barbarians. The waiver of towns or settlements is better than if one wants to defend it with sorrow and distress. However, do not overdo it, to avoid any risk uprisings. The Eastern Roman Empire should at least accept a just and then it is time to consolidate in Southern Europe and to protect the borders. Only then you should really have to make progress in the field of business & technology care.

Tips - Visigoths

When should I play the Visigoths?

Do you have a desire to try the new Horde mechanics.
You want a normal challenge - not too heavy, but not too easy.

Tips & Hints:

As a pure migration culture, it is naturally first open, where we are headed. Since it is in the vicinity of the Roman Empire, one should rather concentrate on the west and vanquishing individual settlements (but you should avoid for the time being Konstantin Opel). Degree from the Western Roman Empire let off and grab some of cities. But take care that you do not too far leaning you out of the window. The Romans and Sassanids pose a constant threat.

Tips - Ostrogoths

When should I play the Ostrogoths?

Do you have a desire to try the new Horde Mechanics.
You want a normal challenge - not too heavy, but not too easy.
You want to have the ability to assimilate you into Roman territory.

Tips & Hints:

Technically position you are in the more exposed north of the Eastern Roman Empire. Here you should take the chance and conquer cities. This has the advantage (fraction bonus) that you can then train Roman units in the local Roman buildings. This also reduces the anxiety which is caused by the occupy the area. Make sure that the Visigoths and the Huns too much is left of the Roman territory. So quickly builds on this, making her your Roman cities brings economically into shape and tidy recruited units.

Tips - Franconia

When should I play the Franks?

You're a Total War expert and have also been with Total War: Attila had good experience.
You feel like the whole campaign traditionally as "A-Town" to begin fraction.
You need a challenge that you can not offer other realms.
You take it in stride to take risk sometimes in the battles.

Tips & Hints:

Important among the Franks, it will be to face up reasonably well with its Germanic neighbors. With the armies that you have, you can not inflict too much. Should you want to attack, then remember, to send the Marine unit earlier on land. Protect your capital and meanwhile also build here on, will be needed to upgrade strong militarily. Diplomatic relations should be maintained.

For More Info
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