Mobile Strike (Android / iOS) useful tips

Mobile Strike is the latest real-time strategy video game of the makers of Game of War and to repeat the success of its predecessor. As with other games of the genre Real-Time Strategy you have to build bases here, build units and overwhelm the enemy with your war machine. Mobile Strike also has some features from other MMOs - it is particularly important, for example, alliances with other players to forge and thereby to become even stronger.

Mobile Strike: Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike follows the rationale of other real-time strategy games: Build your base, collect resources, always buy more units and decimate your opponents.

- Take as many missions as possible: you gain by rewards that allow you more quickly build stronger units.
- Concentrate while at the beginning mainly on the missions that you propose the game: The initial missions not take long to come and offer you a great way to quickly resources and money.
- The rewards you have to pick up every time after completion of the mission in the Missions screen.
- If you complete your missions get also skill points with which you can expand the capabilities of your commander further - these points you should consume directly, before it goes into the next battle.
- Unlike other games you need to build buildings with less resources - here you can unlock materials - steam, and quickly build a lot of buildings.
- Take advantage of this feature, but it tries to keep a certain balance.
- Boost to speed up the timer, you should only sparsely used

Mobile Strike: Forge Alliance - MMO or RTS

In Mobile Strike you have to work together with other players. As a team, it is easier to fight.

- If you join an alliance in Mobile Strike you will get immediately a gold bonus.
- In addition, this new missions are unlocked - the focus is on raids against other human players.
- If your colleagues working in the Alliance an In-App Purchase all benefit in the alliance.
- Also you can connect Mobile Strike with your Facebook account - this will open the Gold Mine.

Who wants it more simply, set out to search for enemy bases that have been abandoned by the Player. The attack does not cost anything and the victory is almost certain - also you don’t have to worry about any retaliation.

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