Punch Club all Flower Locations guide

In Punch Club, Roy’s Sister Adrian will ask you for a favor to find flowers for her. Finding all 6 flowers will lead you directly to win her heart. Love makes you happy and happiness makes you healthy. The locations of all flowers at Punch Club we show you in this guide.

Close to Adrian and win her "Love" means that you can train for four days with bonuses as support.

This means that you will in a pub and generally not as tired quickly and that your hunger will not rise as fast. In these four days you will therefore save a lot of time and food, because you can eat more and exercise less. The following list explains you the locations of all six flowers.

1. The first flower you will find pretty quickly, because it is located in the garden of the two siblings Roy and Adrian. It is the purple flower at the round flower bed on your left.
2. Another flower can be found in the café. If you're there, then looking up to the left in the corner. The flower is between the two men and the refrigerators.
3. The nearest flower at Punch Club can be found in Mick's office right behind him.
4. If you are in your house, then looks at the kitchen counter, because there you will find another flower.
5. If you are in the abandoned warehouse, look identical to the right next to the entrance. There you will discover the next flower.
6. Behind the bar, where you will also find Tyler and his Street Fights, waiting for you the last flower. It is directly on the bin left of the entrance.

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